Sarthak Jain’s journey as a digital marketing expert and Entrepreneur

Sarthak Jain is just 17 years and he hails from Panipat, Haryana. He has been a food S.D.Vidya Mandir School, Panipat, Haryana. Born and brought up in a traditional family, he has remained fond of food that made him try the path of blogging. Besides, he being a creative and extroverted person, he always loved to talk to people and interact with them sharing his experiences. While he was in school and Junior college, he started using social media platforms and soon explored it along with a number of the tools, he got an edge on it.

He explored ideas of social media and digital marketing and got an edge to them that helped him a lot to establish himself as a competitive food blogger. All thanks to the presence of rich delicacies and food found in his place, he was able to give direction to his zest using the digital space. He soon embarked with his startup dealing in digital marketing and social media marketing services.  And being a digital marketing expert and social media marketing guru, he was able to cater his clients the best. . 

Since he has been active on social media and being an expert in digital marketing, he was able to attract several clients to run their digital and social media marketing campaigns. With his creative approach and exceptional ideas, he has come close to his target audience. He has impressed many with his exceptional skills and he is going ahead smoothly in his chosen path. He has big plans for his future and he is gradually moving ahead to prove his worth. In a nutshell, he is many things in one person like entrepreneur, digital guru, social media marketing and many more.


Enzo Savio Cusumano: Raring to reach the top of the coaching and trading space.

He has optimized every opportunity in Dubai and has risen to the top as a modern-day coach and trader.

With the dynamic changes of different business industries and various fields all around the world, we often wonder what could be the things that might have helped people to gain great momentum in their fields because the way these people and their businesses have flourished it is essential for us to understand the journeys of these people and how they have carved their paths to reach the success they have desired. The youngsters of the world, especially, have been the ones who have totally bowled over people with the kind of talents they have shown so far and knowing more about them only motivates us more to do even better in our endeavours. Enzo Savio Cusumano is one such name that has shown that a determined mind goes a long way and can achieve the desired success even at a young age. This youngster from Italy is all about his hard work and resilience.

Some people believe in exploring different things in the world only to realize what it is that they really seek in life. Enzo Savio Cusumano’s mission to do different things, learn each day and gain more knowledge helped him to shift from Italy to Germany in the year 2012. Since then, the 29-year-old has never looked back because the young talent has worked at different jobs and gained different experiences to earn some cash. People may even find it surprising that Enzo Savio Cusumano, who began with washing dishes today, has made a special place for himself in Dubai, as he always wanted to explore many other new and exciting opportunities that the place could offer him.

Along the journey, he also focused on his education and went ahead in becoming a Management Assistant for Insurance and in the finance subject area of Insurance. Even after working for a long and attaining amazing success still, he went ahead into the network marketing space and also opened many companies for his clients. Doing the same for a year, Enzo Savio Cusumano opened his own trading and coaching company, where he teaches sales and marketing to people. This has allowed him to do well with many companies and projects internationally as well.

So much of success at such a young age, Enzo Savio Cusumano did not want to stop at it and hence Dubai was where he wanted to go. In early 2021, he shifted to the place and now can’t wait to do more and be more as a trader and coach.


Raiders sign left tackle Kolton Miller will 3-year extension worth more than $18 million per year

Left tackle Kolton Miller has signed a three-year extension with the Las Vegas Raiders worth more than $18 million per year, a source disclosed to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, putting him among the top five highest-paid offensive tackles regarding average annual value.

The extension is worth up to $68.7 million, his agency tweeted Tuesday. That incorporates the $2.316 million salary from the most recent year of Miller’s rookie deal, a fifth-year alternative worth $10.88 million, and the three new years on the deal, which can be valued at $18.505 million per year on the off chance that he hits certain incentives, the source said.

The deal incorporates $42.6 million ensured at signing, as indicated by a source, and keeps the 2018 first-round pick with the group through the 2025 season.

“Raider Nation, we are just getting started!” Miller tweeted. “So excited for the future, let’s get to work!!”

The Raiders redid their offensive line this offseason, trading away center Rodney Hudson, watch Gabe Jackson and right tackle Trent Brown. Those moves saved the team $32.6 million in salary and netted a haul of mid-to-late-round picks.

However, Miller was viewed as unmovable due to his steady play and age (25). Last season, Miller posted a 72.9 grade on Pro Football Focus, permitting two sacks in 961 snaps. The team additionally re-signed guard Denzelle Good to a two-year deal and brought back 37-year-old Richie Incognito at a decreased rate.

Miller has played in 46 games in his three-year career, every one of them begins.

The Raiders drafted Miller 15th overall in 2018, the first selection of head coach Jon Gruden’s second stretch with the franchise. Miller is the first member from his draft class to get an agreement extension. NFL draft picks are qualified for extensions following three years in the league.


Stack is a sweet new document scanner application invented by Google

Google’s Area 120 team, an in-house hatchery that creates experimental projects, has declared a new document scanner application called Stack. The application is accessible now for Android in the U.S., with no word in the event that it’ll come to iOS or different nations.

Google said it used the artificial intelligence made by its DocAI team to make Stack a reality.

“We found that by applying DocAI’s enterprise technology to personal documents, we could help people get organized,” Google said in a blog post.

Stack will permit clients to snap a picture of a document — a receipt, bill, ID, paycheck, and so on — and rapidly scan it. There are many scanning applications already accessible, yet what’s different about Stack is it will automatically name documents for you, and recommend the right category.

At the point when you scan a document, Stack can likewise distinguish significant data, including dates and amount totals. You can look through the full text of your documents, as well, not simply the title. Each document you scan can be uploaded to Google Drive, so regardless of whether you stop using Stack, the entirety of your documents will be effectively accessible.

Also, Stack supports biometric authentication, so you can require a scan of your face or fingerprint every time you unlock the app.

Scanning documents is an advantageous method to take your life digital and lastly get rid of that stack of papers around your desk. It’s likewise an incredible method to remain coordinated, and with the ability to search text, Stack will make it truly simple to discover old documents.

Stack is at present an investigation at this moment, which implies it isn’t awesome. Truth be told, Google admits that its algorithms actually misunderstand things. The search giant said it will keep on improving its algorithms, which will ideally bring about far reaching appropriation of the app. Something else, the application could without much of a stretch become another in a long line of axed Google products and services.


PGA Tour includes third South Carolina event to supplant canceled RBC Canadian Open

The PGA Tour is getting back to South Carolina for a third time this year, adding an event in the Palmetto State for June to take the spot of the canceled RBC Canadian Open.

The tour declared the expansion Tuesday. It implies the PGA Tour will play three times in the state, beginning with its regular yearly event the RBC Heritage on Hilton Head Island in April. The world’s best will play the PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island close to Charleston in May.

The latest event will be played at the Congaree Golf Club in Ridgeland, South Carolina, nearly 80 miles southwest of Charleston.

Coordinators for the RBC Canadian Open said recently the event must be canceled in light of logistical challenges identified with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tour said the new competition, which doesn’t yet have a name, will happen June 10-13, the week the RBC Canadian Open was set to be played.


Snap is supposedly working on AR Spectacles and a selfie drone

Snap is no more bizarre to hardware, having released a few versions of its Spectacles smart glasses throughout the years. The next step could be a couple with built-in displays that help augmented reality impacts.

The next-gen Spectacles will actually want to layer Snapchat lenses (or AR effects) onto the surrounding environment without the need to utilize a cell phone’s camera, as per The Information. At least for the present, these smart glasses supposedly aren’t proposed for ordinary clients. They’re supposed to be geared towards engineers and makers, the people who make large numbers of Snapchat’s most famous lenses.

It appears Snap is trusting those individuals will make new lens-style experiences for the glasses, which it might release all the more comprehensively later on. The organization is set to declare the AR Spectacles at its engineer conference in May, as per the report.

Snap’s co-founders have spoken about carrying AR to glasses, so the move is anything but a gigantic amazement. In any case, if the organization is planning to make a big appearance an version of Spectacles in May, that could surrender Snap a leg on other striking tech organizations who are dealing with AR wearables, like Facebook, Apple and even Pokémon Go developer Niantic.

In the interim, Snap has purportedly restored its since quite a while ago held designs to assemble a selfie drone. The organization is said to have put $20 million of every Zero Robotics, an organization that constructed a folding camera drone. Snap was apparently in converses with purchase the startup in 2017.

Presently, Snap hardware engineers are beavering away on their own machine with the assistance of a drone organization, as per The Information. It’s not satisfactory if or when Snap intends to begin selling the drone.


The Success Anatomy of Entrepreneur Salvatore D’Amelio

Salvatore D’Amelio is a 37-year-old Italian entrepreneur who is inspired by his father. His father was a fashion entrepreneur, he followed him in his footsteps and his influence, drawing inspiration from his work. Salvatore’s success has been the evolution of his fathers work.

Company focus 

Salvatore’s company does many things, but their main focus is on streetwear clothing. Their other main focus is iconic pieces of streetwear clothing. Their clothing is very appealing and has its own unique style of fashion. They are confident their clothes will gain attraction from others, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is made with love and from the personal style of D’Amelio.

Achievements throughout entrepreneurial journey

Some things that D’Amelio has been able to achieve during his entrepreneurial journey is personal experience and wealth to tackle new projects head on. He also got to experience the respect and satisfaction of creating a workforce in his country. These achievements have been some of the ones Salvatore has been very proud of.

Challenges faced

Some challenges Salvatore has faced as an entrepreneur is envy at the beginning and opportunism later. People around him being envious and negative is definitely hard to deal with, and learning how to deal with this can be even harder, especially when he was younger. Having to wait for opportunities was very difficult as well, as he had to learn to trust the process and keep his head up no matter what the circumstances looked like at the time.

Main tips for successful habits 

One of D’Amelio’s main tips for successful habits is going to the gym, this will help him physically and help ease his mind, releasing stress. He then adds he enjoys listening to music in the car as it can be soothing, especially since he is a huge music fan. Salvatore mentions some of the things he loves collecting, some of the things being sneakers, luxury watches, cars, clothes, and design objects. D’Amelio comments how he loves tattoos and taking pictures. The last thing he mentions that he loves doing is shopping and looking at beautiful things.

Advice to someone just starting out

If Salvatore were to give one piece of advice to someone just starting out it would definitely be to never stop dreaming. That is one of the most important things but other important pieces of advice he added was to believe in your projects, after that he adds “as long as we are innovative and unique we will be successful.” Being patient can be one of the most nerve wrecking ones but Salvatore states how it is very much needed inorder to achieve your goals. Lastly, he ends this note on never losing your focus, no matter what.


Making your modelling dream fulfilled- Right from the horse’s mouth- Stefanie Gurzanski

Stefanie Gurzanski is popularly known as one of the most influential, gorgeous, glamorously acclaimed model with a remarkably high social media following. Well! How many of you know about the “down to earth attitude” of her?

Struggling towards her dreams, the model often kept herself in the headlines. Most of the upcoming models follow her steps to make a bright and promising career in the modelling industry. Are you one of them?

If yes! You must read this!

This blonde Canadian model, has emerged as one of the top Instagram influencers from the fashion industry. All because of her attitude and point of view towards life.

Started at the age of 17, she attains success contracts agreement with some of the fashion industry top names including Elle, Vogue & Cosmopolitan. Well! It’s not just the social media platforms responsible for her success but, the hard working model, herself.

Success couldn’t keep away from this top model, watching her persistent hard work and dedication to achieve things in life. Her first professional breakthrough came up working with Playmate.

As Stefanie joined Instagram in the year 2016, she emerged as one of the top internet sensation. Right from putting up her bold pictures for showcasing her curvaceous figure to sharing her regular life with her fans, she kept updated with her fans.

If you are an inspiring model, Stefanie can inspire you more with her dedication to work and self-motivation. The model doesn’t believe in the outer curvature of the body to attain success but, to bring out your real self even when you are on the ramp.

Stefanie had even faced wrongful criticism for being a proud owner of a perfectly carved and toned body. This came with allegation of undergoing surgeries and medication, too.. but, none of these were right!

The fitness standards and approach towards life that Stefanie carries with her has helped her attain even the impossible. This is why, she recommends all the upcoming enthusiast to work out for power and endurance, while stay true to yourself, no matter what critics have to say. Stefanie also loves gymnastics and some slow movement exercises and follows a strict gluten-free, vegan diet.

Complete involvement with a strict workout and diet plan is always on her mind to build endurance, muscular strength and be a proud owner of an attractive body. This extra-ordinary humble model strongly believes in following the work ethics, truly at every point of career.

She also suggests use of some good skincare products for a flawless skin.


InVideo Unveils New AI Technology Set To Change Video Editing Forever

A new frontier in AI is about to change the face of video editing forever.

It’s the first hands-free content creation tool on the planet that will revolutionize the film and video industry worldwide.

The very first voice assistant video editor not only recognizes your voice, but edits video, chooses your music, and personalizes your shorts without the need to touch a single button.

The revolutionary new AI tool mimics the speech and thought patterns of humans can now allow users to create videos without lifting a finger.

Created by Invideo it has taken the use of AI to a whole new level when it comes to content creation.

CEO of InVideo Sanket Shah told “We are excited to introduce a feature that will change the way our users edit their video on InVideo. It’s a one-of-a-kind AI video maker that will operate with voice command, thus making video editing possible without lifting a finger.”

IVA (Intelligent Video Assistant) can also define speed, as well as suggest the most relevant templates needed, doing all the thinking for you.

And as IVA gets to know her user, they can create voice commands she gets used to the sound and nuances of your interactions.

In fact, the platform means all the user has to do is tell IVA to suggest the best audio for their created video with a simple voice command such as, “Hey IVA, find me the best audio track for this promo video”, and their work is done. 

InVideo created IVA using the data of over 2 million users from over 195 countries, which they currently serve with their regular video creation service. 

It also has access to a creative of 10,000 font style choices, 10 platform preferences, and proficiency calculations.

The company has already rolled out a BETA version of its service.

Steve Gast, from Chicago, Illinois said: It’s so fast! This is such a crazy feature. It’s going to change the game.”

PrilaLoof who works with the AI Technology Division of InVideo said: “IVA works by using machine-learning algorithms and neural networking that are a direct copy of the human brain’s pathways.

“And the AI is continuously updating and growing as it has more and more users work through its voice to screen interface.”

InVideo has already seen some of its main competitors sign up to the launch of the new service.

This isn’t Invideo’s first groundbreaking launch – it was the world’s first watermark-free video editor that offered easier and quicker video creation.

The rollout is scheduled to finish at midday Indian Standard Time on April 1st.

For more information on IVA, and get on the waitlist, go to


Shrey Yadav Shares The Five Key Qualities Of Effective Multiteaming

Shrey Yadav is the youngest entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.

The world’s greatest companies -both large and small- are increasingly being built by teams working on multiple projects simultaneously and delivering the best results possible.

Organisations are being scrutinised to optimise the use of capital and labor to achieve revenue targets. More from less is the maxim of our century.

Historically, employees could work in silos and focus solely on executing tasks relevant to their specific role in the organization – epitomising Adam Smith’s view on growth being rooted in the increasing division of labour.

Fast forward to today’s workplace and we see an increasing prevalence of cross-functional teams. Individuals have multiple projects with multiple deadlines. Lines are often blurred in terms of what constitutes tasks that relate directly to the employee’s ‘day-job and that which ultimately benefits the organization as a whole.

The Phenomenon Known As Multiteaming

The phenomenon of multistreaming is defined as an individual’s membership in multiple work teams. Here, the individual benefits from the opportunity to gain access to the knowledge of others through their own skills as well as the connection to the team. In essence a bi-directional flow of skills and experience.

Despite the idyllic nature of multistreaming, there are many challenges- mostly seen through the inability of proper team management or resource management in order to achieve project deadlines.

Below are key qualities of effective multistreaming- and how to adapt them to your team environment.

1. Sequencing

First and foremost on the list is sequencing- something that should be done strategically and something that is a focal point of multistreaming. Basically, sequencing is all about picking one task and focusing on it intensely (rather than juggling through many tasks).

Here, it is the concentration and dedication that should get your undivided attention. The goal is to decide on a distinct set of outcomes that you must achieve, focus on your actions to get there, and stick to them.

2. Planning

Being focused on something requires planning upfront. For example, when you are focused on a high-priority task, you need to escape from all distractions. This can be challenging especially if you work in meeting heavy organization.

The goal here is to set your expectations, stick to your planning and communicate the progress along the way. Only this way, your team can see momentum and know how to handle similar tasks in the future.

3. Optimising

Multistreaming is not only a group of people working in a team. Moreover, it is a unique combination of experts from different areas grouped in order to contribute to each other’s success.

Now, this process requires a great deal of optimising- so that no one’s expertise is as superfluous. Under time pressure, this kind of optimizing could be crucial to the success of your actions. Think of this as a force multiplier– dovetailing key strengths found in each team member for the benefit of the whole. 

4. Resourcefulness

Designing a great team requires a lot of resources. Even the smallest incremental changes can end up delivering significant results. Resourcefulness prevents overlapping and potential loss of productive time.

It could happen that your team don’t necessarily have all the resources in place to achieve the desired outcome. In this instance, you and your team need to adopt a mindset that spurs resourcefulness. Use what you have to its maximum potential and determine whether you’ve allowed resource myopia to set in– falsely believing that certain resources are key requirements for the desired outcome. Lack of resources can be a key driver of innovation, forcing the team to be creative with its resource allocation.

5. Trust

You will be depended upon to fulfil your commitments to the team– and likewise, your team will fulfil their commitments to you. Self-interest can and will erode this trust if it jeopardizes the well-being of the team. No one wants to work in such a team or have a team member with this type of mindset. Trust is essential in multistreaming because it creates psychological safety which is a key requirement for effective teams.

Final Word

Teamwork is a cornerstone of many facets of society, and as such, organizations continue to increase the use of teams as a vehicle through which organizational goals are accomplished.

Apply the above concepts to help you and your team stand out as examples of effective and efficient multistreaming.