Kay Sukumar – keeping creative during COVID-19 Lockdown

Kay Sukumar – keeping creative during COVID-19 Lockdown

The recent wave of the spread of COVID-19 has affected us all, including all businesses, the entertainment industry, creatives, forcing everyone to retreat and stay in isolation indoors to flatten the curve. But how does one stay in isolation, still keep their spirits high and still keep creative. Kay Sukumar has the answers, from interviewing top creatives on his Instagram live addressing this topic to shooting virtually through the internet and web cam. Proving that humans are capable of so much more in times of need.

International fashion photographer Kay Sukumar has constantly kept busy during this lockdown period and this whole climate of COVID-19, not by risking everyone’s health but by staying indoors in his home using the endless power of the internet.

I think its very fair to say that, “if you have been putting something off due to lack of time, this is the best time to pick it back up and get good at it, weather it may be, your ideal body, learning a new language, cooking, painting, exercise or whatever your heart desire”.

Kay Sukumar has been inviting creatives from all over the world to discuss this issue of how to stay creative during this pandemic and come out of it with a new and improved skill set, whatever it may be through Instagram live. It is very interesting to see how a lot of the top creatives are coping with it all and it is very important to have an open discussion about it as most of us are living with the fear of uncertainty and the unpredictable nature of the lockdown has left us all a bit anxious. Through Kay’s interviews we find that a lot of people around the world are taking this time to document their own city. Also, as creatives its very important to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and work towards it.

Addressing important topics such as diet, exercise, tips for aspiring models, how to keep safe when moving to a new country as a model, discussing money management and most importantly, how to approach an agency to get represented and finding which agency is best for you amongst the endless list of agencies out there.

Kay Sukumar has also come up with a technique to shoot online through the internet with anyone in the world. So far Kay has done a few shoots through the web cam and we think they look great. With a combination of well-planned ideas, hair, make up, styling and the power of technology, Kay has so far created some beautiful fashion editorials for magazines.

Follow Kay Sukumar on his Instagram: @kay_sukumar, to watch all his live interviews with top models, photographers, hair & make-up artists and to also see his live photoshoots that he has been doing over the internet. We are very glad to see how Kay Sukumar is encouraging and motivating creatives from all over the world to keep doing what they are doing and come out of it with a positive skillset.

Website: www.kaysukumar.com