Characteristics of a Good Singer from the Point of View of Yashar Prn, a Popular Iranian Singer and Musician

Characteristics of a Good Singer from the Point of View of Yashar Prn, a Popular Iranian Singer and Musician

The home movie of Red Square Bar is different this time with Yashar Prn, a rap and hip-hop singer born in Tabriz, is going to sing the opening and closing credits of this movie. Yashar Prn, who was an actor in this movie, is going to play a role in episode 2 of this movie as (an actor, and singer).

Yashar Prn is going to act in the movie Last Arrow which will be released on December 14, 2024, he will play the role of a retired policeman who is thinking of revenge and this movie has a lot of waiting.

‎‏During an interview with The Odyssey Online group on September 8, 2022, Yashar Prn discussed the problems of rap in Iranian society and youth as follows: Rap is fully established in the society, but it is still done underground and without issuing a license, he added, why should all styles of music be free, but rap, which is made from the heart and problems, is still not explicit and without Issuing a license. He added that young people are influential in this field and many of them have unique talents, but they are not supported.

According to statistics obtained from reliable sources, Yashar Prn 18 tracks have been released in the genres (My Life, Romantic, Social, and Deep House/R&B), which shows that he always considers the bad mood of society and tries to understand them with music.

According to IMDb sources and information: Yashar Prn has a brilliant resume and statistics in the field of acting and his rank on the site and reliable sources are of high value.

‎‏ The crime and drama film Last Shot will be released soon, he announced in an interview that this film will be at a high level among Iranian films in terms of the roles played and the story of the answer, and according to his statement We will see an interesting Daram movie. Yashar Prn will probably take charge of the music of this film according to what is said in the credits and interesting scenes.

According to information from her Instagram, a concert will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on June 7, 2024, where 9 songs will be performed by Yashar Prn.