Beannul Harper Launches I’M ALL IN to Feed Hungry Students in California

Beannul Harper launched a non-profit organization called I’M ALL IN to feed hungry students in California and beyond.

“I just want to help people,” says Harper.

Harper says he was raised to help people, even if it’s in a small way.

“If I can just pay a compliment forward or make someone smile, it’s a win for me.”

Harper’s non-profit organization advocates for disadvantaged students in Los Angeles who don’t have access to food.

It all started when Harper’s son came home from school without money on his lunch card because he had been buying hungry kids lunch.

Harper felt that it was his calling to start his non-profit to help establish lunch programs in schools and in the community.

“Students are like sponges, constantly absorbing knowledge and trying to better themselves. They deserve to be fed and energized. They deserve to learn without wondering where their next meal will come from.”

“They are our future and we need to take care of them,” says Harper.

Harper, who works over 70 hours a week says running his organization isn’t easy, but he’s optimistic about the future.

He says running a non-profit organization is life fueling a rocket ship to go into space. You need a lot of fuel in the beginning, but after it leaves earth’s atmosphere, it floats along by itself.

“I don’t care how long it takes. I’m committed to making sure nobody has to learn hungry,” says Harper.

Harper says he’s inspired to keep pushing because of his kids.

He’s a father of eight and wants to be somebody they can be proud of and look up to in the future.

“They deserve the best,” says Harper.

“All kids deserve the best.”

If you’d like to learn more about Beannul Harper’s non-profit organization I’M ALL IN, you can visit:


Sheikh Kamal Sports Complex all set to steer Bangladesh’s sports arena

At a recently concluded memorial meeting on the 70th birth anniversary of club founder Sheikh Kamal in Dhanmondi, Salman F Rahman, Prime Minister’s private industry and investment adviser, who was invited as the chief guest said that the full- fledged works on the most coveted Sheikh Kamal Sports Complex will begin soon.

One of the demands currently spurting in South Asian nations in general is of how to enhance the existing sports facilities— given their love for the game of cricket. Practiced almost as a religion, cricket has a huge fan following in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. With the latter two already accounting for some of the most famous grounds and sports complexes like Wankhede, Galle, Colombo, Chinnaswamy, among others, the opportunity seems great for Bangladesh to become the next big Asian hub for big cricket tournaments.

Given their recent contributions to the game of cricket in form of grounds such as Bangabandhu Stadium, M.A. Aziz Stadium, the expectations from Bangladesh are sublime. That said, the country is already on its way to establish a strong sports infrastructure. A recent effort in this endeavor has been to develop Sheikh Kamal Sports Complex in Nilphamari to provide sufficient opportunities to the youth.

While appreciating Abahani Limited, Salman F Rahman said, “Today Abahani has reached this stage after it had encountered so many obstacles.” Besides Salman F Rahman, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal, President of the Bangladesh Cricket Board Nazmul Hassan, Beximco Group Executive Director Shayan F Rahman, among others were also present at the occasion.Rahman also talked about the efforts of Sheikh Kamal at the occasion, mentioning about his vision to establish Abahani club and encouraged the people by indicating the prospective modern facilities that form the part of the sports complex, which in turn can play an important role in developing the country’s sports sector.

“But what we can do is that we will preserve the photograph of the building and write its history, which would be preserved in the complex, paving the way for the future generations to know about the history of Abahani,” Salman F Rahman said.

In general, more facilities and amenities can help locate rare talents and the recent success of the Bangladeshi cricket team at the ICC tournament is no different. Thus, sports complexes like these can help fulfill the aspirations of Bangladeshi youth as they look forward to being named alongside prominent figures such as Tamim Iqbal, Shakib Al Hasan, among others at the world stage.


Tarik Manfaa’s Top Five Tips for Teachers (Tarik Manfaa Exclusive Interview)

With World Teacher’s Day approaching next month on October 5th, we wanted to profile some amazing teachers from around the world: Tarik Manfaa fits that criteria!

Tarik Manfaa has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, but most notably, he’s gone above and beyond to educate himself as well as his students.

He has worked with the school district of Philadelphia, served as a member of the World Language Department and has coached junior boys soccer.

Manfaa has also coached chess and track and field, making it to the state championships.

He’s a department chair French teacher and is also proficient in Spanish, Latin and Arabic.

He has taught Spanish and English in the past too.

That’s why we chose to interview Manfaa today for our special segment on teachers.

In today’s interview, we ask Tarik Manfaa his top five tips for teachers.

“The first rule is respect,” says Manfaa.

Manfaa says it’s important to respect students because despite their age, they have a lot to offer the world.

Many teachers treat students as if they’re inexperienced and don’t understand the world around them, but that’s not totally true.

Manfaa says although they’re learning and somewhat inexperienced compared to adults, they all possess individual traits and talents that should be nurtured by teachers.

“I learn a lot from my students,” says Manfaa.

“Treat your students as you would treat yourself.”

Manfaa says the second rule is to know your audience.

Manfaa says it’s important to understand that teaching is still a business and you need to customize your education plan to your students particular needs.

“Just like a client is king, your student is king,” says Manfaa.

Manfaa says the more a teacher knows about his or her students, the better they can teach.

He says knowing your students also makes it easier to gear your education plan towards individuals.

“Some students are visual learners and you should know that,” says Manfaa.

Manfaa says the third rule is: ground your lessons in real life.

“You want students to want to learn the subject because they know learning the subject will allow them to better their lives,” says Manfaa.

He says languages are a great example because students can use languages to communicate and make new friends.

Learning new languages also opens doors to business opportunities in the future.

“I’ve told my students that learning a foreign language or having some survival conversational skills in world language can help them with a job application. Anything from a McDonald’s application to a medical application,” says Manfaa.

“It puts you ahead of the others.”

Manfaa’s fourth rule is: communication.

“As a teacher, you need to make the expectations clear for your students so they can follow them and know what your lessons will be like. It’s also important to make sure your expectations are clear the parents or guardians.”

These skills are important to ensure the success for the student.

Manfaa’s last tip is: positive reinforcement.

“I try my best to use positive reinforcement to help students feel a sense of pride and continue striving for success,” says Manfaa.

“I don’t find punishments work.”

“A child should learn because they want to learn, not because they are scared,” says Manfaa.

A bonus tip Manfaa has is organization.

Manfaa says it’s important to practice what you teach and to be punctual on time.

“Students are like sponges. They see everything and you’re a role model for them.”

Manfaa continues to teach students and hopes his tips help teachers make a difference in the lives of their students.

“Students will see right through you.”

“Are you there to make a paycheck or are you there to make a difference in their lives?”


Interview with India’s Leading Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist – Ritika Gulati

What made you choose this career path?
I once was obese, and during that phase of my life I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. I then decided to choose this subject to study and get in-depth knowledge to help people achieve their fitness & lifestyle goals.

What was your diet like growing up?
As I mentioned earlier I was obese and never learnt the importance of healthy eating until I started feeling embarrassed. I used to eat everything that came my way without even thinking of how bad it could be.

So what made you follow a healthy lifestyle as now you help people all across the globe?
Yeah !!! I remember we went for a vacation where everyone was super comfortable to climb up the stairs, and it took like double the time for me to reach my room I mean hotel room and I stayed inside throughout didn’t been out while all others were having fun roaming around. That was the turning point, and I realised that I missed so much fun and as soon I came back from vacation. I then started following a healthy lifestyle and left all the junk.

If you could persuade people to change ? what would that be?
Unfortunately, in India, people follow random advice, which could be dangerous. In a rush to lose weight quickly, most people take medicine or some other edibles which harm them in the long run. So I would like to say don’t rush to lose and please follow the experts and don’t take medicines for weight loss without knowing the side effect. Instead, follow a healthy lifestyle as that can make you lose kilos and will help you keep it off for life. Big No to those low-calorie Yo- Yo  fad diets

What are some of the most common nutritional mistakes you observe in your clients before they start following you?
Like missing meals and avoiding food like thinking it’s going to make them fat. Quitting on healthy natural food. People come up with myths like a banana is going to make them fat where else they are feasting on candies whenever they crave for sugar. They have biscuits or sweets, so it’s a big mistake one does. So I believe and recommend my clients to eat natural food and cut on preservatives and junk food.

What according to you, is the most important meal of the day?
Like all meals are important but yes Breakfast is most important so one should never miss the first meal of the day should eat within 1-2 hour of wakeup time.

What can someone expect to happen during your consultations?
You learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, develops the understanding of healthy and unhealthy food, and most importantly, you learn to workout without stressing and over pushing yourself. Not just this; you master the art of picking the right food options.

Ritika Gulati’s Official Website:

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The G Studio Studio Announces Name Change to Blackbird News

Blackbird News

The G Studio, the world’s first personal branding studio exclusively designed to help people of all ages and from all walks of life, has acquired the Blackbird News today.

However, “The G Studio,” is renamed and from now the trade name of the brand will be Blackbird News. The brand will operate/function under “Proficient Knowledge Group.” Proficient Knowledge Group is a media organization with its operations worldwide.

The prime focus of the organization will be to cover news related to brands, personal brands, personal branding, marketing, fashion, lifestyle, influencers’ and every kind of trending news.

Brand.Education, the world’s first and one-of-its-kind digital platform, is also the part of Proficient Knowledge Group.

Gaurav Gulati, founder The G studio said, “We are happy to acquire, we believe great platforms are uncomplicated meaningful ideas that people connect with immediately. Finally, we will be building a platform which is going to focus on brands and trending news exclusively.”

Now onwards the Proficient Knowledge Group’s “The G Studio” will be known with Blackbird News as its trade name while all the official transactions and operation shall happen in the name of Proficient Knowledge Group only.

Blackbird News (Earlier Known as The G Studio)
Phone: +91-7082826644
SOURCE: Blackbird News (C/O The Proficient Knowledge Group)


Leonard Sekyonda Announces the release of his new Book “Become your Own Hero Again”

This book is written keeping the millennial generation in mind. Though it applies to people of all ages this book is a must read for all the millennials. Leonard Sekyonda’s Become Your Own Hero Again truly is a ultimate success guide for the smartphone generation.

The book addresses the issues of self-imposed limitation the people put upon themselves which ultimately holds them back from achieving their goals. The writer has shared his own successes and failures and utilizing his own experiences, encourages the reader to ask themselves, how their own thoughts have created barriers for themselves that have stopped them from achieving their goals.

The book presents a series of practical steps through which Leonard helps the reader to battle negative thinking, toxic relationships, and ever expecting social conditioning. His methods help the reader to set realistic short term and long term goals which are not bounded by self-doubt, worries or fears. The writer encourages the readers to continuously challenge themselves  and then some more until the reader realizes that the barriers to their success were the ones imposed by society, social media and fake perfection society expects of you.

Let’s see what the Leonard has to say about the book, “People often have trouble thinking when it comes to their lives and careers. The more limitations we have in our mind, the less we will be able to manifest in real life. This book is designed to help you get started, because taking those first few steps is all you need to do. You are already complete and have everything you need for happiness; it’s just a matter of perspective.”

Leonard Sekyonda

About the Author:

Leonard Skeyonda is a CEO and founder of global entrepreneurial networking community Having launched in 2015, the platform now has more than 125,000 active users from around the worlds and aims to reach 1 billion users in 5 years.

Please visit the website to know more about the Author @



“As a tribute to motherhood, the tech firm Awosoft Technology launches a special offer providing 30% on its advanced iKeyMonitor app from May 11 to 20, providing mothers an assured control over their kids’ online activities.”

Mark Simson, the official spokesperson at Awosoft Technologies revealed recently about their company’s new offer, which is a ‘tribute’ to all the mothers on Mothers’ day, as they would be able to avail 30% off on their famous iKeyMonitor app which helps prevent their children from online threats. Availing the offer is pretty easy and they just need to apply a coupon code lovemom2019.

Motherhood has always stood for grace, compassion, and protection, and this app enables moms to protect their kids from threats such as cyberbullying and other heinous acts on the internet. With the updated features, the app helps you have complete control over your child’s online activities.

The Need for Spying on Your Kids:

With cyber bullying and online sexual harassment becoming major online threats these days, it becomes a prime responsibility of parents to have a look at what your child is doing online. There are multiple sites which might make a bad impact on your children’s’ innocent minds, which would result in fatal consequences, both for you and your child. Multiple reports prove that more than 65% of teens have either been a victim or have been involved in cyberbullying recently. You would surely not want your kids to turn to these ways. What’s entertainment for one might be harassment for the other. With iKeyMonitor, you can add alert words to detect cyberbullying. 

It should not be ignored that 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated on social media. Now you can use iKeyMonitor to monitor chat messages on social media and detect sexual predators.

A study has shown that 75% of children share personal information about themselves and their families online. You can use iKeyMonitor to block inappropriate apps and games so that your kids are away from the inappropriate content online.

Spying apps such as iKeyMonitor helps you keep a close eye on your kid online so that you can be assured of what your child is doing, and whether it is healthy for them.

About the Company

Awosoft Technology Co. limited is mainly a technology firm founded back in 2005 with its aim to deal with products catering to computer security. Its products usually focus on parental control or employee monitoring works. 

Visit to learn more about the features and discount of iKeyMonitor spy app.

Media Contact

Company Name: Awosoft Technology Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mark Simon
Phone: +1-844-207-5595
Country: United States


CBSE Class 12 Result 2019 Announced: 83.4% Pass Exam, Thiruvananthapuram region tops

The Central Board of Secondary Education declared the Class 12 results on 2 May. Students who showed up for the exams can visit get to their scores. More than 31 lakh candidates showed up during the current year examination, and the general pass rate percentage stands 12 CBSE board stands at 83.4 percent.

Girls and transgender students both outperformed boys. While 88.70 percent of girls passed, 83.3 percent of transgenders cleared the exams and 79.4 percent boys passed.

The best performing area was Thiruvananthapuram with a pass level of 98.2. Chennai region’s pass rate fared second best at 92.93 percent, while Delhi’s pass percentage stood at 91.87 percent.

In comparison to 2018, the pass rate for Class 12 CBSE 2019 has improved slightly.

In the year 2018, the general pass level of students who showed up in the Class 12 exam was 83 percent, reports. While boys outperformed girls with 88.31 pass percentage, girls secured 78.99 percent.

The CBSE 12 board exams were conducted from 15 February to 4 April.

With students waiting to check their results, the circumstance will undoubtedly be tumultuous. To help the students ease into the way toward checking their CBSE Class 12 result, the steps for the same are mentioned below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the link “Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) 2019”
  3. Enter your hall ticket number; school number and centre number exactly as mentioned on your CBSE Class 12 admit cards
  4. Click on the ‘Submit’ button
  5. Check and download your CBSE 12th result 2019

A fresh face in the world of young entrepreneurs – Hafeez Kudroli

When a problem arises, most of the people tend to discuss, but there are rare who consider searching a solution for it. Those who work for solutions, up-to-the-minute ideas and fresh concepts are just a synonym of entrepreneurs.  Hafeez Kudroli is one such young entrepreneur of the many who is at such an early age of his life proving the worth through his work.

The 24-year-old Business Entrepreneur is also the CEO and Managing Director of KUDROLI WORLD – A business company with interests in Infrastructure, Building, Commercial Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Building Materials, Apparel & Fashion for Men, Women and Kids, Hospitality, IT, Services, Entertainments, Events, Sports, Food etc.

Hafeez is born in Kasaragod and brought up in Goa. He has made smart investments in the field of fashion with tailored men’s designer brand – The Lapel Couture.

The young entrepreneur is also venturing into media with ‘Human Times’, a news media and broadcasting firm on the digital platform.

Having a business mind, Hafeez has also run an event company ‘Kudroli Events’ to manage the events like Digital Awards, Luxfest and International Fashion Runaway League. A true entrepreneur like him even cares for society and helps people. Hafeez also heads the charitable section of the group Kudroli Foundation that focuses on education for the underprivileged, supporting the girls and also caring for Geriatric patients.

An entrepreneur is not just about great ideas, but also about taking the care of society, and Hafeez Kudroli surely comes in the list of those young entrepreneurs who invest well and spend well.

To learn about Hafeez Kudroli checkout his website:


Baylor NCAA tournament second-round prediction: If Bears need to irritate Gonzaga, they have to recreate this from win versus Syracuse

While this season should as of now be seen as a triumph for Scott Drew and the Bears, regardless they have bounty more to pick up. A success over Gonzaga would not exclusively be a program-changer, however it could change the manner in which the Big 12 is seen around the country. In any case, Baylor has accomplished more than it was required to with the wounds it was managed this season.

For Gonzaga, not making it past the second round of the NCAA tournament would be a calamity by the program’s elevated requirements. Gonzaga hasn’t been thumped out in the second round since losing to Syracuse in 2010. Joined with how in need of help the Bears’ roster is, a misfortune to Baylor would be a humiliation for the No. 1 seed. Gonzaga has substantially more to lose.

With Tristan Clark out, Baylor will run its offense through watchmen Jared Butler and Makai Mason. Since it was effective and brought about a success over Syracuse, anticipate that the Bears should do likewise against Gonzaga. The pair consolidated to shoot 12-of-25 from the floor for 36 points and counted five takes against Syracuse on Thursday. They should do likewise against the Zags.

As a group, the Bears will likewise need to imitate the 3-point shooting achievement they had against the Orange. Baylor shot 47 percent from 3-point extend, driven by four makes by Mason and Butler and three each from King McClure and Mario Kegler. To hang with the best offense in the country, the Bears should do it by advisory group from 3-point range.

Touting the country’s best scoring offense, Gonzaga will be extreme for the Bears to stop protectively. The Bulldogs normal a DI-leading 88.8 focuses per amusement and are tops in the country with a 1.76 help to-turnover proportion. Gonzaga likewise shoots more than 50 percent from the floor and 36.5 percent from 3-point range.

Gonzaga’s offense is driven by Rui Hachimura, who midpoints 20.1 points and 6.6 bounce back per diversion while shooting more than 60 percent from the floor. The 6-8 forward has likewise moved in the direction of adding a 3-point shot to his collection. He’s solitary endeavored 32 this season, however is making them at a 47 percent clip. Gonzaga additionally has fit scorers in Brandon Clarke (16.6), Zach Norvell Jr. (15.3) and Josh Perkins (10.8).

What Mason and the Bears did in the first round is something to be pleased with, yet it’s the stopping point for Baylor. Gonzaga’s offense is troublesome for any group in the country to hang with. That could demonstrate doubly-so for a Baylor group missing some key benefactors. Baylor will set up a battle like it has all season, however Gonzaga’s ability will win the fight.

Score: Gonzaga 80, Baylor 67