Best Driving Schools In Perth Website Creates Conflict Amongst West Australian Driving Instructors

Best Driving Schools In Perth Website Creates Conflict Amongst West Australian Driving Instructors

In a market-flooded, cut-throat industry of both professionals and cowboys, there are a lot of driving instructors in Western Australia and the results can differ dramatically. With Certificate IV graduates undertaking a short course to fast-track the instructor’s license, many never being tested or audited

by The Department of Transportation on their teaching abilities, what is keeping check on who is keeping our kids safe on the roads?

One market analysis research team has taken it upon themselves to analyse pass rates, professionalism, reviews, social media, and interviewing driving test candidates to determine who are in fact the best Driving Schools and Driving Instructors in Perth, Western Australia. The results are listed here:

We expected to see the usual large franchise household names: Bestwest, Apex, Eclipse etc but they were nowhere to be found. Instead, listed surprisingly are an obscure collection of small independent schools who have hid from the limelight but have made a lasting impression on their customers and local communities.

We asked owner Henry Brawley how his research team arrived at this list and how it might impact the big driving schools in Perth: “Well, it took a lot of work, a lot of data, and a lot of phone calls, but we are satisfied with the accuracy of” “Regarding the effect it will have on the larger franchises we have already had some trying to buy in but we refused in order to keep the sites integrity. Parents may soon realise that McDonalds Hamburgers may not compare to the local Chef’s fillet steak. We suggest that when choosing a driving instructor ask if they are Department of Transport Approved and Compliance Tested as this seem to make the largest difference in quality.”

Listed highly amongst the lot is Sally Gott, owner and operator of L’s Angels Driving School (clever, innit?), located in Perth’s Southern Suburbs. But what puts Sally above the rest? “Many years experience and I am compliance tested regularly by the Department of Transport so I am up to date with any changes.” Sally told us over the phone, “I am friendly and patient. I am privately owned so you know who you are going to get when you make a booking.”

Currently rated on top of is Mike from Affordable Driving Lessons ( “I am calm and try to make the experience enjoyable. I will teach you how to drive to stay alive as well as pass today’s Practical Driving Test which is at a far higher and more difficult standard than in the past.”

And what puts you above the rest of the instructors Mike?

“I know multiple ways of teaching things because everyone is different. Steering, for example, there are various different test acceptable and effective methods, not just the out-dated and much despised-by-students Push-Pull. Hand-over-hand (crossing) is an efficient, fast and accepted method, but kids are getting yelled at by poorly trained instructors, their hands slapped and forced into a more ineffective method because some instructors don’t know any better. The only slap you will get at Affordable Driving Lessons is a high five.”

We asked Mike Anderson if he comes across ineffective training often.

“Sometimes it takes a lot of work to undo the damage caused by other trainers to bring my customers back to a standard that they were probably at in the first place.”

We asked Mike what advice he could give to parents and other driving instructors to better their teaching and customer service?

“Get to know your student and their interests, use their interests as teaching tools, get to know them as people that you like, and use positive feedback effectively.”

Will create further conflict between driving schools in Perth? Henry Brawley, site owner doesn’t seem too concerned.

“It really doesn’t matter, as long as it encourages them to be better at keeping our kids safe and producing safe and effective drivers.”