Bread Boi Is Looking Make His Name Known In The Music Industry

Bread Boi Is Looking Make His Name Known In The Music Industry

  • Music
  • December 28, 2021

With full swing and cockiness on this single, Bread Boi is taking names on his release of “You Broke”. Quite literally in the title, Bread Boi aims to those who lie to themselves about who they really are. By showing love and respect to those around him, Bread Boi aims to remove the fake and the hate.

Coming from Detroit, Bread Boi has become a staple of the music scene and this track has only solidified his spot. For him, his music is his life and his true purpose. By telling his story and laying it all out in a verse, “You Broke” has become a hit for him as an artist. This track came as a surprise as it sounds wildly different from previous releases this year. This track has become a huge selling point for Bread Boi.

If you haven’t given “You Broke” a listen, be sure to check it out and play it at the next function. As fans, we currently can’t wait to see what’s to come next for Bread Boi as an artist. With tons of anticipation, all we can do right now is enjoy the work he’s given us this year.

You can give “You Broke” and all of his other amazing releases on his Spotify artist page here. As well as keep up with Bread Boi on his Instagram here, his personal Twitter here, and his Facebook page here.