Best Bedsheet Deals of January 2020

Grab on to the Best Bed-Sheets Deals for this January 2020!

With a new start to the year, shouldn’t your home get a new-look? What about some fresh linen for your bedroom?

Well, we’ve heard your call. Look into our offering! We have some of the best bed-sheets deals to help you stock up that linen closet!

Our weekend sales period is live. This means one thing – it’s time to buy bed-sheets online!

Our best bed-sheets deals are available on most of our collections. That means slashed down prices on all of them!

Expect up to 50% off on all your favourite bed sheets online.

We’ve mentioned our top 10 best bed-sheets deals in this list. We hope you’re in the mood to shop till you drop!

Best Bed-sheet Deals – Up to 50% Off

1.      Archie Collection

Our Archie collection of bed sheets online is currently selling like hotcakes. With 50% off, this collection has something for everyone.

This Archie collection is a perfect blend of two – floral and Indian motifs.

Guess what, they are available in vibrant and eye-catching colors.

With a 43% discount, the floral motif bedsheet is an ideal purchase. Pretty on the eyes and the pocket! 

Archie BedSheet King Size – Rs. 1699

2.      Brushstrokes Collection

The offers on this have set its sale on a rapid-shopping round! At a 50% discount, they seem to be the apple of every linen lovers’ eye!

It comes with neutral, cool grey colour, accompanied by that artistic aesthetic of brushstroke print. It is sure to give your room a modern yet eclectic feel.

Soften up the grey by adding throw cushions in vibrant colours.

At Rs 2000, this king-size bed sheet set is a steal! Get your bedsheets online now!

Brushstroke Bedsheet Set King Size – Rs 2000

3.      Eldora Collection

The Eldora collection is perfect for the whole family. From dreamy water colour inspired prints to traditional and intricate motif bedsheets – this set has everything!

Such linen collection pleases both the younger and the older demographic. The one pictured here is 50% off and graces any master bedroom! So, why the wait – buy bed-sheets online today!

Eldora Bedsheet Super King Set – Rs. 1600

4.      Imprints Collection

The Imprints collection is ideal for those looking to buy bed-sheets online for regular use.

This collection is on 50% off, which makes it one of the best bed-sheets deals we have on offer. Soothing colours add on to the sophistication of the room and lift the mood to hit the eloquent benchmark!

So, what are you waiting for? Add to cart now!

Imprints Blue Bedsheet Set – Rs. 1500

5.      Melange Collection

The Melange Collection is a heady mix of brooding colours with a strong masculine aesthetic. That makes it perfect for a bachelor pad or for someone who wants to balance an overly feminine room.

If you love plaid bed sheets, then look no further than this collection. The set pictured above is on 50% off, so get your hands on it soon.

Count on it to be one of the best bed-sheets deals that we have on offer today!

Melange Super King Bedsheet set – Rs 1650

6.      Mix It Up Collection

This playful collection brings a youthful touch to any room. Quirky motifs such as clouds and origami animals in dreamy pastel shades will lull you to sleep once your head touches the pillow.

Currently, the bedsheets online are 50% off making this collection all the more attractive!

Mix It Up Bedsheet Set – Rs 900

7.      Vienna Collection

Want a European touch to your bedroom? We’ve got just the thing – a collection inspired by Vienna.

Quaint modern prints in soothing colors to brighten up any bedroom and bring out a lively mood. The bedsheet set picture above has a great color palette that will complement other accessories in the room.

 This ‘best bed-sheets deals’ on this collection is 50% off – so, get ready to shop!

Vienna Queen Size Bedsheet set – Rs 1050

Best Bed-Sheets Deals – Up to 25% off!

8.      Blossom Collection

Think Indian tropical, and you’ll be thinking of the Blossom collection.

Easy-on-the-eye colours with palm and floral motifs! This is what you can expect with this collection.

You can also expect the best bed-sheets deals with all the bedsheets in this collection at 25% off! ]

It’s easy to buy bed-sheets online when they look this pretty and are this affordable!

Blossom Fitted Sheet Set – Rs 1200

9.      Codes Collection

Still in #BossMode when you go to sleep? Then the Code collection of bed-sheets online is for you!

These minimalist prints will give your bedroom that sophisticated, appeal that leans towards minimalism.

They’re currently on 25% off, so don’t miss out on one of the best bed-sheets deals this season.

Code Super Kings Size Bedsheet set – Rs 1650

10.  Liva Vintage Bloom Collection

If a ‘country living’ aesthetic is what you’re after, then check out the Liva Vintage Bloom collection.

Delicate floral prints in soothing colours will warm up any stark room. Soft, feminine, pretty are just some of the words you’ll think off when browsing through this collection of bed sheets online.

The bedsheets in this collection are 25% off; making this one of the best bed-sheets deals we have on offer for luxurious bed linen.

Liva Vintage Bloom Super King Bedsheet Set – Rs 1875

Those were the top 10 Best Bed-Sheets Deals of January 2020!

We hope the deals were enticing enough to whet your appetite to buy bed-sheets online.

We’ve got many more deals coming your way and the weekend sales always have additional discounts.

So, make sure you keep checking back to the Portico website to catch the best deals!



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Sean Ortiz Shares His Top Five Leadership Skills

Sean Ortiz once helped grow a company from $900,000 to over $6 million in sales with a gross profit of about 35 percent.

He says one thing that helped him accomplish this achievement was his ability to develop plans, steps, and timelines.

“I see the full picture,” says Ortiz.

Ortiz has a background in distribution management and supply chain management, a Bachelor of Business and a Masters in Leadership Management.

But Ortiz’s success doesn’t come from his credentials.

He says his success comes from habits and his natural ability to lead people.

“Leading people is something I’ve always risen to,” says Ortiz.

“I always fell into the role of people looking to me to make decisions or find solutions.”

In a world where many businesses are struggling, Ortiz has proven to be able to manage businesses, develop actionable plans and keep them moving forward.

These skills have allowed him to develop and grow not only businesses but people too.

Since Ortiz has proven experience growing businesses while maintaining leadership roles, we decided to interview him to discover his top five leadership skills.

These are skills Ortiz thinks every leader should have, or at least find and develop over the long-term.

Ortiz says the first thing leaders should do is learn.

“Leaders should always be learning and consistently improving themselves and the people around them,” says Ortiz.

“Never stop learning because there’s always something new to learn.”

Ortiz says his second rule for successful leadership is the ability to adapt to change.

“Get used to change. Change is inevitable. Once we get comfortable and complacent, we can fall behind. Look at Kmart and Sears,” says Ortiz.

Ortiz says nobody is invulnerable to change and every business needs to adapt to changes in society, technology, and consumer demands.

“My next trip is to go above and beyond,” says Ortiz.

He says it’s not enough to simply measure up.

You need to work as hard as possible if you want to be a leader and you need to surpass goals.

“Always shoot for excellence,” says Ortiz.

Speaking of hard work, it happens to be Ortiz’s fourth tip.

He says hard work is unavoidable if you want to be a leader because people are looking up to you.

As a leader, you need to drive results and hard work is what drives desired results. `

“At the beginning when you start something, you need to set the pace and set the tone.”

“You lead the way,” says Ortiz.

Ortiz says his last tip is one of the most important ones for anybody who wants to be successful in business and leadership.

“Communication is key,” says Ortiz.

Ortiz says communication goes both ways: explaining your own thoughts and ideas in a clear manner, and also active listening.

One of Ortiz’s final tips is to encourage other people to be successful and never be envious of them.

He says your goal should be to help others and be the best that you can.

To learn more about Sean Ortiz, you can visit his landing page at:


Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch Out For In 2020

2019 saw a completely new cryptocurrency market and 2020 is going to be no different. The speed at which the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing, you can expect the year 2020 to be more beneficial for the cryptocurrency than 2019. We saw some new groups and companies like Coinipop entering in the cryptocurrency industry and more mature and strong encryption technology. Overall, cryptocurrency was able to get more appreciation from the global bodies— not so far in the future we’ll see them developing their own blockchain frameworks for promoting the use of cryptocurrency.

Let’s look into some new trends that are set to expand in the year 2020.

Decentralized finance

Considering the expansive set of advantages, decentralized finance is going to be a big concept that will enter in the cryptocurrency industry. As of now, decentralized finance projects are now well over the value of $650 million. This concept was unacceptable and ignored in the past, but given the circumstances that we had to face, it is now accepted and becoming a reality.

It offers traders to integrate many options that are not possible with a centralized financial system. It can help to integrate with digital assets lending, no credit checks, instant transactions, and much more.

Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is a known blockchain platform for everyone interested in blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. Ethereum 2.0 has completed its phase 0, and we can see its launch in 2020. The development team is working hard on it and regularly updating the development process. We can say that Ethereum 2.0 could be a popular trend in 2020.

Crypto derivatives

Crypto derivates are one of those trends that are going to shape the crypto industry in 2020. Crypto derivatives exchanges like Coinipop, were previously very limited, but it is now an expanding concept. Which is not going to stop in 2020 also. We’ll observe a more competitive crypto industry in 2020.

Lightning network

Lightning network is developed for a range of cryptocurrencies that you can pay using this layer-2 payment protocol. It has proved to be a very helpful platform for crypto traders like Coinipop and many others, as it enables them to perform instant transactions at low rates.

As expected in the future or year 2020, we’ll see more nodes and channels build on this infrastructure.

Privacy in transactions

Cryptocurrency traders are concerned about the anonymity and privacy of the transactions. The year 2020 will see a huge development in providing high-class privacy tools. Companies and traders will be able to perform their crypto transactions more privately and anonymously with the privacy tools by Ernst & Young.

The purpose is to help the traders to perform secure and anonymous transactions using the public net without worrying about their privacy. You can perform cryptocurrency transactions at Coinipop with complete privacy. As the need is increasing, we’ll see better privacy tools as more companies will be coming forward in the competition to develop high-quality privacy tools around cryptocurrency transactions.

Crypto-friendly regulations

In America, a state has regulated the use of cryptocurrency by passing 13 laws related to digital currency. This is something we’ll experience even more in 2020 as the tech-giants are coming forward in support of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the governments have to look into the matter and regulate the cryptocurrency. This would help everyone to get more benefits out of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Digital assets and digital currency are already developing into a force to reckon with. The year 2020 is going to be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.


KKR India Financial Services appoints Kapil Singhal as MD

Private equity major KKR India’s credit business arm KKR India Financial Services has appointed Kapil Singhal as its Managing Director.Mr. Kapil Singhal is a former Goldman Sachs senior credit executive.

Newly appointed MD, Kapil Singhal is an IIT Delhi and FMS Delhi alumnus with a total of 25 years’ experience. Singhal was managing Edelweiss Special Opportunities Fund for four years prior to this new assignment with the non-banking financial company (NBFC).

He was heading India credit trading for nearly four years since mid-2011at Goldman Sachs. Since 1995 Singhal has worked for financial services. Singhal has worked for ICICI BankNSE -1.54 %, GE Capital and Deutsche Bank apart from Goldman Sachs and Edelweiss Group.



Immigration Office Solutions, Inc. Debuts App for H-1B Visa Employers That Helps Determine Correct Worker’s Wage for Their Position

The new app from Immigration Office Solutions, Inc. can help to determine the correct prevailing wage quickly and easily.

While the United States can be very welcoming to foreign workers there are safeguards in place to help defend the rights of US citizens employed in the same field. A chief element of this protection is the requirement of having an H-1B Visa. The H1-B Visa puts the responsibility on employers to make certain if they bring on board a foreign worker that the wage they are paid is not higher than US employees in similar positions. In exciting news, the headache of determining this wage has been largely removed by Immigration Office Solutions, Inc. The forward-thinking company recently announced the release of a new app for H-1B Visa Employers to help quickly and accurately determine the correct worker’s wage for the position. This can save employers both time and money.

“We are quite excited to see the launch of our new app knowing how much it can help employers,” commented a spokesperson from Immigration Office Solutions, Inc. “We look forward to helping users maneuver the H1-B Visa maze.”

The H1B wage level (or also known as the prevailing wage) is the average wage earned by employees in a specific area. Each type of job has its own prevailing wage for a specific area. The Foreign Labor Application Data Center stores data about jobs in America. You can go to their website and search for the prevailing wage of any type of job within a specified area.

Each type of job has four different levels of income (1 being the lowest and 4 the highest). The level implies a sense of seniority, management, or leadership associated with higher-paying jobs. You must know the level of the job you are searching for since the H1B wage level determines the prevailing wage. If an employer or immigration attorney guesses or selects a lower level in an attempt to pay a lower salary then the H-1B visa petition could be denied by USCIS.

The problem is that there is no easy way to determine the correct wage level. The Department of Labor provides a 36-page pdf buried in its website which has instructions on how to manually calculate the correct wage level.

The team at Immigration Office Solutions built the H-1B Visa Prevailing Wage LevelCalculator for ease of use. The user only has to enter the job title, work location zip code and the employer’s minimum requirements for the position. The correct prevailing wage and level can be printed and saved for the H-1B application and used as evidence to show that the prevailing wage was correctly calculated.

The H-1B Visa Prevailing Wage Level Calculator is free to use and can be accessed at


Meet Forex Trader & Entrepreneur James Warwick

How long have you been trading for?

I have been trading since 2016 on a reasonably small level, but quickly realised I was good at it. My biggest issue was always the amount of time I would have to spend on analysis, which I never had time for with my previous work schedule and lifestyle.

What were you doing before?

I was working in financial advisory before opening my own bar. After a while, in 2016, I decided to start a vodka brand, called Illuminati Vodka as I saw the great potential for growth and an almost unlimited marketplace. I built this to a level where it now does not require much of my time which is what has allowed me the ability to focus on trading full time

What do you do every day with trading?

I spend a lot of time analysing the market and media to figure out which trades are relevant at the right time. I have always subscribed to the belief of making less frequent but larger trades when I have certainty, as oppose to making lots of smaller trades just for the sake of it. This has been particularly successful for me.

What else do you do?

I spend most of my time now helping people with no experience of forex, cryptocurrencies or stocks to get into trading. I believe that there are many people out there who are just looking for that one chance to prove themselves, and this is something I am able to help with. I have always been charitable and used to work in fundraising full time for over a year, so giving back to the world is something important to me.

Follow James on Instagram @james_warwick to stay up to date with what he is doing

Where to trade Forex? Pepperstone is one good brand to consider. Here’s a review about this broker:


  • The analysis shows that the Bitcoin Loophole system can perform faster transactions than cryptocurrency traders.
  • Analysis of Bitcoin Loophole shows that the users are happy with the fact that only minimum deposits of $250 are sufficient for live trade on the platform. 
  • All transactions are vetted by professional brokers.
  • The professional brokers must be affiliated with Bitcoin Loophole.
  • It is to be considered that every user must make money when they use the live trading feature on Bitcoin Loophole.
  • Bitcoin loophole system also takes a small amount of commission from the users’ profit, after they can earn a profit.
  • Analysis of Bitcoin Loophole also confirms that the rest of the money is transferred to the users’ accounts.


The salient features of Bitcoin Loophole auto trading platforms are as under:

  1. PAYOUT: One of the salient features of the Bitcoin Loophole system includes the payout system that is accurate, having no hidden fees. Also, the payout process is quick and reliable.
  2. VERIFICATION SYSTEM: The information provided by the Bitcoin Loophole software system is verified. It includes contact information, account information and the details of the bank account. Verification of the information is necessary to ensure that withdrawal must be done accurately and to avoid loss of funds.
  3. DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWAL: It provides multiple payment options to make a deposit and also the withdrawal can be made at any time. The official team tested the withdrawal process and they found out that it can be completed in 24-hours.
  4. CUSTOMER SERVICE: The customer service that is provided by the Bitcoin Loophole auto trading platform is excellent. The official team proves that they tried it and got a very fast response. The information provided by customer service is also accurate.
  5. USER TESTIMONIALS: The official website of Bitcoin Loophole provides a column that features user testimonials. It includes those users who have become rich with the use of the Bitcoin Loophole system. The official team also tests those testimonials and come to the point that they are true. They confirm that by using Bitcoin Loophole everyone can become rich. 
  6. AUTHORIZED AND PROFESSIONAL BROKERS: Bitcoin Loophole uses authorized, affiliated and professional brokers. The key point is that they have many years of experience. The main duty of brokers is to confirm that everyone should earn a profit daily, by confirming the transactions selected by robots.


According to the official team of Bitcoin Loophole, some of the outstanding benefits of Bitcoin Loophole are as follows. They mentioned those benefits after testing the different features of Bitcoin Loophole. 

  1. They concluded that the Bitcoin Loophole auto trading platform is user-friendly.
  2. Bitcoin Loophole is the only trading program that features a demo account.
  3. Bitcoin Loophole provides a high success rate with a minimum deposit of $250.
  4. Withdrawals with the use of Bitcoin Loophole can be made within 24-hours. It is beneficial for those users who need to have access to their funds quickly. 


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