Who is the so-called Instagram Mastermind, Ksaveras Jancauskas?

Ksaveras Jancauskas is one of the most successful Instagram growth and monetization expert in the world. Apart from being the most sought after Instagram expert he also helps non-profits such as RepresentUS and GivePower Foundation to grow the number of supporters on social media. Today, Ksaveras is a world traveler and business coach to hundreds of people worldwide. 

Ksaveras Jancauskas turned a simple dream and ambition into a passive income which has given him the freedom to travel the world and teach others who are financially struggling in their lives.

Exhibiting Focus

When he started his agency, Ksaveras made a choice to specialize on one platform, Instagram. He chose Instagram because it is arguably the most credible and best – known social platform to this day.

With just a simple direct message, you can connect with great entrepreneurs such as GaryVee, Grant Cardone,  and Daymond John.

It simplifies the processes involved in networking with A-list individuals.

Thoughts On Having A Brand Presence On Instagram

Ksaveras believes that an Instagram presence is a source of credibility. As a business owner, you should understand that trust plays a major role when it comes to making sales. 

In today’s digital space, it’s hard for a customer to identify who a real professional is from a con artist. So every bit of brand presence counts. Another major thing is the number of followers a brand has. Believe it or not, but customers have started looking at the number of followers you have as a means of knowing whether they can trust you or not.

Most brands have acknowledged this already and have already started spending six figures monthly to build their followers and social presence.

Getting Results

By leveraging his systems, Ksaveras and his team have grown the presence of their clients on social media. This has resulted in offers to speak on large stages, inbound leads, podcast invites, and networking event requests. 

Ksaveras also grew a brand to 221,000 targeted followers in just a space of 10 days.   


Facebook: Ksaveras Jancauskas


Brad Pitt devotes his best-supporting actor Academy Award to his children

Brad Pitt is an Academy Award champ once again.

Pitt won the Oscar for a best-supporting actor on Sunday for his role as stuntman Cliff Booth in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.”

“They told me I only had 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” Pitt said as the crowd erupted into applause. “I’m thinking maybe Quentin does a movie about it and in the end, the adults do the right thing.”

Pitt proceeded to express gratitude toward Tarantino for casting him in the film.

“Quentin, you are original, you are one of a kind … I love the ethos you gave Cliff Booth. Look for the best in people, expect the worst, but look for the best.”

At that point, he shouted out to his co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Leo, I’ll ride on your coattails any day, man,” Pitt said. “The view’s fantastic.”

Pitt dedicated the award to his six children.

“I’m not one to look back, but this has made me do so. I think of my folks taking me to the drive-in to see ‘Butch and Sundance, loading up my car and moving out here, Geena [Davis] and Ridley [Scott] giving me my first shot. All the wonderful people I’ve met along the way, to stand here now, once upon a time in Hollywood. Ain’t that the truth. This is for my kids, who color everything I do. I adore you.”

Regina King, who won the award for best supporting actress Oscar finally year’s ceremony, gave Pitt his trophy.

Pitt, 56, previously won an Oscar in 2013 as a maker of “12 Years a Slave.”


Kelby Dishman Earns The Trust Of Weary Online Models

Kelby Dishman has been managing talent for almost 10 years now. As he sits drinking his morning coffee you can see the years of doing what others wouldn’t have worn him down a bit. The fire in his eyes though, that passion? It’s gone nowhere.

Starting out managing DJ’s and Producers, while organizing and managing electronic dance parties, he eventually moved to his true love of managing rappers.

As his notoriety and experience grew, so did people’s trust for him. That’s when he found something very peculiar.

Doing the EXACT same work, his efforts for local model @Bonital0lita produced 5-6x the results with NO change. This motivated the creation of Polaroid Lollipop, a new-age modeling & influencer agency started in Houston Texas. Kelby has now worked with notable talent and industry leader @lissaaires, the absolute queen of Fashionova @jojo_babie, and Columbian Goddess @havaryk.

If you’re a model and would like to grow your presence or monetize the presence you already have, feel free to shoot him a DM!

Instagram: influenceconsultant


LUNA13 – Blackened Bass Music hits the Metal World

With the grace and subtlety of a starved, rampaging horde of dark witches, Cleopatra Records, LUNA13 perpetrators of audio torment maintain their hot streak on “Wicked Gods’” which invigorates brutality with a glorious symptom of the bizarre. This blackened bass metal project would appear to have everything going against them, they are female-fronted and have created a new sound out of two genres that are worlds apart. LUNA13 flaunt a knack for songwriting that can disorient and surprise, with a headlong drive that rarely looks back, but chugs on from one infectious bass riff to another. Damn is LUNA13 heavy. I heard their songs on my phone and didn’t get a lot out of it but when I put the headphones on their music blew my mind. Songs retain layers of personality and can be recalled for not simply one key section, but many in an unceasing array. This gives “Wicked Gods” a more-than-usual replayability factor.

The death swagger in a song like “Serpent” is electrified with an unorthodox style of play that gives Wicked Gods a particular character that skews from anything conventional. Another great example is the spinal riff in “Leviathan,” which seems balanced on a wire, on the brink of falling off, before it sticks the landing and punches you in the gut. “Blood Bath” cannot go unmentioned; it’s a downward tumble into the grimy depths, excreting groove and momentum.

Taking the lumbering weight of the band Vader with an alien edge of bass music, LUNA13 infuses a heightened vitality into their craft that never strays too far from the dismal heaviness, but neither is it content to sit idle on what is expected. Lilith Bathory’s screeching vocals and Dr. Luna’s death bass production gives you something new to listen to. Although I don’t know if the elitist Metal fan is going to be buying bass music from LUNA13, they seem to be hitting Metal hard and collecting the eclectic blackened fan. We need some new stuff out there and LUNA13 is that for sure. I found myself wanting to listen to their songs over and over and Dark Funeral is my favorite band these days. Go figure.


The famous “manwela cherkaoui” performed on Friday in the city of Kenitra, a ceremony in honor

The famous “manwela cherkaoui” performed on Friday in the city of Kenitra, a ceremony in honor of her husband “souhaib”, in the presence of a number of her colleagues in the field, where he gave him a very luxurious car of the type “Mercedes”, valued at 64 million centimeters.

“manal lemzamzam” stated in an interview with “Akhbarna” on this occasion, that she is very happy and she shares with her husband the joy of achieving a number of goals that were previously, dreams, praising the great efforts that they shared together before reaching this social level.

Instagram: manwela.cherkaoui


Meet the DJ: Michael Insigno

Michael Insigno, aka Emicii, is one of the coolest names in the panorama of the dance music for many years. In these years of career, Emicii has done everything: he has produced many remixes and original productions who became big hits. Today we asked him to share some tips with us on how to make success in this field.

This is the context in which most producers and DJs find themselves in difficulty. The newbie makes a classic mistake which is to see the competition in the other DJ and not an opportunity for further engagements. But let us examine some basic rules to follow in the console, shared from the international Producer Emicii:

  • Take at least 10 to 30 minutes to check the necessary. Inform the colleague when we will get in the way. Tell him that you are only preparing things in advance, but there is no hurry for him. Take advantage of times when your DJ colleague is not mixing to perform small operations, but do not disturb him in any way.
  • Never prepare your equipment during the performance of the other DJ. Performing the setup during the work of the colleague can generate a lot of tension in the console and leave the colleague kind of angry at us.
  • If it is not possible to perform the preparatory sound check, bring a short mixed cd to mix the last track of the disc jockey that precedes us. After, run the setup while the mixed cd is playing and, in any case, only after the colleague has left the console!

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Get to know better the multitalented Greek artist Dimitris Kapetanakis

Dimitris Kapetanakis is a Greek pop singer, songwriter and music producer based in London. He was born in Thessaloníki and from a very young age started engaging with singing and songwriting.

He did his first live performance at the age of 17 in one of Greece’s biggest venues named “BOOM” in his hometown. He performed in venues and sold out clubs all over Greece and London with Greece’s biggest names of the music industry and wrote and produced songs for many albums and cd singles in various genres such as pop, dance, jazz, rock, etc, one of them certified gold in Greece.

The Grammy award nominee Milcho Leviev was featured in one of the songs that he wrote and produced with Sokratis Papaioannou. The name of the song is “O Klooun” (the clown) and the jazz legend played the melodica and left his mark at this production. He released songs with Heaven Music, Warner Music, Spicy, Minos Emi and Nota Rec as a singer and a songwriter.

Instagram: dimitriskapetanakis_official


Lord Conrad is a unique personality in his genre, full of artistic and musical talent

Lord Conrad is an effervescent personality, who obviously can not attract the gossip and gossipy voices of the environments most frequented by VIPs.

Italy is known for the great amount of talent that many artists have in the various options available on the market. There are in fact multifaceted and incredible personalities in our country that allow the public to continuously enjoy great works of success.

Obviously the sectors in which it is possible to act to achieve this kind of result are many, but among the most profitable there is obviously that of music. In fact, music makes it possible to express itself in the best way by also transmitting important messages to its audience. There are experienced musicians of different genres, as many as the musical genres present. Obviously not everyone is able to better manage the opportunities made available by the market.

It is necessary to be able to make the most of one’s skills and abilities, but above all to be able to combine more ideas and techniques to emerge in a sector characterized by great competitiveness.

Lord Conrad is a unique personality in his genre, full of artistic and musical talent.

Only those who can reinvent themselves in a particularly complex and generic market can succeed in establishing themselves as a famous person worthy of the name. One example is certainly that of Lord Conrad. He is an expert musician of quality who has long conquered the sector and now is able to gather the appreciation of thousands of fans in Italy and abroad.

Lord Conrad, however, is a complex personality, a multifaceted artist.

The expert is not only a musician, a DJ and a composer, but also much more. Observing Lord Conrad, it is first and foremost clear how handsome he looks. Conrad is known for his muscular and athletic physique, which makes him extremely attractive to the female audience.

Lord Conrad

The famous VIP is in fact famous for its beauty, which continuously guarantees opportunities in fashion. There are numerous photos available online that portray Lord Conrad in particularly sexy poses. Even in the various music videos in which he presents his songs, the well-known musician often shows his athletic skills and is surrounded by beautiful-looking models. An example is certainly the video entitled Touch The Sky, where the ability to compose songs by Lord Conrad is combined with his acting skills, which sees him as the protagonist of a real short story of action, full of twists, models and intriguing moments of tension.

His Attractive Aspect Made him a Sex Symbol and a High-Level Model in Italy.

Lord Conrad’s dj skills allowed him to take part in numerous exclusive events, above all in Milan’s nightlife. Lord Conrad is in fact highly anticipated in all the most famous Italian clubs, given his manhood, his appearance, but above all his innate talent for music and for his role as a songwriter.

Lord Conrad’s YouTube channel is a perfect business card that clearly shows all his best hits. The artist is obviously also present on SoundCloud, but also on Spotify and all social media. His online presence is very strong, a clear sign of his skill in the field, which is continually recognized by many other artists.

The artist is often a guest of the best evenings of the Milan Movida.

Lord Conrad is obviously also a real influencer. His role in the world of fashion and style is made evident by how he presents himself to the public, who continually follows him on every profile to emulate her advice from a beauty guru.

ord Conrad is an effervescent personality, who obviously can not attract the gossip and gossipy voices of the environments most frequented by VIPs.

Being such a multifaceted and unique character and a man of such a beautiful appearance, it is understandable that many are those who aim to discover all the hidden secrets of his private life.

His native name is Corrado Garibaldi and He is born in Milan Italy

A multitalented artist, Lord Conrad has made his mark in almost all forms of art. While he leaves his listeners in awe with its touching music as a songwriter, composer and DJ, he is equally at ease on the ramp as one of the hottest models. Moreover, the Italian artist is also a fabulous dancer who effortlessly sets the stage on fire with his electrifying grooves.

He evokes the substance of an artist; making music around him personal life experiences and all other topics which seem boundless.

Lord Conrad burned the ramps with his modeling, and as a dancer and PR specialist, earned massive appeal in clubs across Milan. Music turned out to be his ultimate life turning mission, where he saw a medium and a catalyst for self-expression as well as sharing of positive messages with fans all over the world.


The music of Lord Conrad can be described as the ultimate sound from Olympus. It also carries his deep personal philosophy of helping and listening to others. A professional dancer who specializes in video dancing, hip hop and also the Michael Jackson style, Lord Conrad has a proven talent in modeling too, working with top photographers across Europe. On top of that, he is an actor, personal trainer and a trader.

Lord Conrad is a symbol of glamour, sex appeal, fashion, style, and most importantly music. He is one of the fastest rising stars of the 21st century with global popularity and this popularity is increasing worldwide each day as he is getting featured on international media outlets and magazines.

His philosophy reflects his own sweet, altruistic and sensitive character. He believes people should focus on spreading positive messages and be themselves by following whatever their passion is.
“I love helping and listening to others. I think that every single person has the potential to achieve great things. No matter what is your social, sexual, religious or any other status, we all gonna make it, just all together just be yourself follow your passion and push it to the limit!!

His debut mixtape, “Touch the Sky” received over a million and half wievs on YouTube and still growing. The track is still played worldwide on radio and TV, and the mixtape entered at 5th position on the EMERGING200 world official chart.

In september 2017 Lord Conrad – Touch The sky music single has made him famous all over the world. The single is still very hot right now, as the fans are going crazy with this amazing music and sensational video.

Shortly followed by its release on YouTube, the video has created sensational shockwaves on social media and has broken the internet with fans from all over the world going crazy. Filmed in Rome, the uncommon video that is almost like a short film is a flawless blend of action, sexy girls, glamour, unique cars, love and most importantly, epic music by the Lord of Music.

Back in action in the music scene, Lord Conrad is heatin’ it up on the dance-floor once again in his latest video/single “Only You.”

The musical multi-talent, who not only DJs but also models & dances professionally as well, continues to prove he’s got all aspects of your entertainment covered from audio to visuals. A renowned inspiration to other artists out there in the scene and people from all walks of life, Lord Conrad’s spirited energy in music always serves to transfer right over to you.

Stylish as you’d expect a hybrid talent like this gets the party started quickly on his new cut “Only You” and keeps this moment going long & strong from the time it begins

A whole team of skilled & sexy dancers turning up the sensual vibes in the video for “Only You” – this is verifiably hot stuff audibly & visually

Lord Conrad Dedicates Only You to the Victims of the Ancona Tragedy – A Powerful Message Through Music

Lord Conrad Asks for More Awareness After the Tragedy of Corinaldo.

The famous artist has deemed appropriate to dedicate his new single Only You to all the victims of Corinaldo. His latest hit holds a powerful message of hope, of strength and desire to be alive, to live a good life and to stay away from pitiful and distracting dangers. The international star gave a very relevant statement for his fans and his followers: “With immense sorrow I dedicate my music to the victims of Sfera Ebbasta’s concert in Ancona in order to help raise public awareness and I also send a message to all the youths. A tragedy of that kind shall never happen again. I join all the Italian musicians so that all that may happen no more and we will do everything, together, to increase security and make concerts safer.”

Lord Conrad then added: “What I say to the youngest of my fans is to follow their dreams with persistence, to follow their passions, put all of your effort, love and excitement in your goals in order to affirm yourself and not in dugs, violence and envy that will bring you to an assured failure.”

In the meantime, Lord Conrad is enjoying a well-deserved increase in popularity with his single “ONLY YOU” thanks to his recent selection as a representative of dance shuffle music on the famous channel ELEMENTS (a channel with more than 1 million users) next to superstars like Dj Snake and Alan Walker.

Lord Conrad’s “Only You” Video Goes Viral On The Internet

In true humanitarian spirit, Lord Conrad brings a powerful message through his new song, “Only You”. In fact, the international artist went viral with a fun video, which features an original shuffle dance choreography. With a special dedication to the victims of the massacre at the Sfera Ebbasta concert in the Italian city of Ancona and Africa’s vulnerable population, he inspires others to live day after day with intensity. Certainly, all the joy portrayed by the dancers is connected with its hopeful approach. Correspondingly, happiness is the feeling of being alive, and he wants you to stay away from the distracting dangers in order to preserve it. Well, “Only You” carries a Progressive House beat that is almost therapeutical. For sure, it can make us feel a mood uplift no matter the complications you’re used to experiencing

Latly the multitalented artist has created AN ASTONISHING NEW SINGLE TITLED ‘VIDEOGAMES’ in collaboration with the famous YouTuber gamer Pepo3393 and the song is already creating a major buzz worldwide.

“This song is a phenomenal mix between trance and hip hop, the perfect combination of European taste melted with the American style and I am very grateful to my fans from around the world for such an amazing response.” said Lord Conrad, while talking about the release of ‘Videogames’ in a recent interview. “The single also has an amazing futuristic lyrics video visualizer and I really enjoyed working with Pepo3393 for this project,” he added. Known among his fans as ‘The Lord of Music’




Terminator: Dark Fate Director Tim Miller Reveals Why He Won’t Work With James Cameron Ever Again

According to some resources, Tim Miller is seen to be pretty much hesitant about the idea of working with James Cameron again. However, the said is not because of the bad blood at all. The director shared earlier this week that he is willing to continue having control over the direction of his project from now onwards.

The director of Deadpool, Tim Miller directed Terminator: Darke Fate, where the first James Cameron, as well as Linda Hamilton, worked jointly since their iconic filmmakers back in 1991 film i.e. Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Critically Terminator: Dark Fate performed really well on the box office and was termed as box office bomb. During the first weekend, the film earned around $29 million in the week ended in November and after almost three weeks later, Miller dished on the experience with Kim Masters.

Tim shared that he was confident that he as well as the rest of the cast and crew can write a book on the reason why the film failed. Despite all this, Tim claims to feel pride in what he created. However, he is still not sure and is processing about what has exactly happened with the movie. He seemed to be unhappy and disappointed and he should be. Working hard and then getting nothing is not something to feel proud at or feel good about.

Observers and other analysts in the entertainment industry claim that the movie has exhausted its marketability and brand. Moreover, it remains unquestioned that November was not a great month for the action movies at all. It includes the other movies too such as Doctor Sleep and Charlie’s Angels.

Talking about the reception of the film franchise’s fans, Tim shared that, “it wasn’t within his control that people didn’t like previous characters from the first films.” He also addressed one of the quotes from James Cameron about the movie’s direction; “there was still “blood being scrubbed off the walls” from the creative squabbles.

He further shared that there have been a lot of issues between himself, Jamed Cameron, and David Ellison. Earlier Miller shared that he was unaware of how his producer i.e. Cameron will be receiving the film. James shared that when he showed it to him, “We’ve got a movie.

Moreover, Miller also shared that while creating Dark Fate he actually felt the struggle of creating the concept as he did not have control over his creative direction of the production. This is indeed one of the main reasons why several departed from Deadpool 2. Tim also had issues with Ryan Reynolds film’s vision. 

Terminator: Dark Fate Director Tim Miller Reveals Why He Won’t Work With James Cameron Ever Again but it is worth sharing that this movie was not horrible at least. It was worthy to visit cinema to watch it. Whatever the differences have been there between the caste and directors; movie turned out to be good enough if not super hit at the box office. Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming project by him.


Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure From Invictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay

Kang “The Shy” Seung-lok who is a player of the Korean professional League of Legends has denied all the rumors of him departing from his current team officially. He is working with Invictus Gaming right now. He confirmed that following several reasons, he will be staying with Invictus at least through the end of the current contract.

Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure FromInvictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay because earlier there were rumors that he will be joining multiple teams. It actually fabricated as many stories as possible. The said rumors ran rampant on the social media and to be specific on Twitter and Reddit. Following the Invictus’s statement, all the rumors have been put to bed completely.

It was shared by one of the Invictus’s official that, “The recent rumors surrounding TheShy on various online communities have all been maliciously fabricated. Currently, such rumors are affecting the players’ reputation in a negative way,” “Everyone knows how professional TheShy is, so we will be taking legal action to those that personally attack the player and spread rumors about him. All official news during the FA season will be coming from the team directly”  

Another interesting this was that Invictus has threatened to take legal action against whoever is spreading such rumors. A reddit post about the same said that, “When those spreading it are prolific figures or entire entities in the professional esports scene, sure, but do they intend to take the law over to every random making a Reddit post about TheShy? Maybe!It would make some more interesting news for sure if they will do so.”

Either the way, all these kinds of rumors have been put to bed now. There are certain following reasons for that:

First of all, The Shy is still under the contract. He is not willing to break it because of some personal reasons. The main reason however remains to be loyal to the team.

Secondly, TheShy joined hands with Invictus gaming because of his own affection for his colleagues and players there. He appreciated them so much that he did not ask them for a higher salary in his couple of years in the team.

None of the other reasons are given hence readers have been left to have an assumption that TheShy did this to ensure that his team could have as much funding as possible. He has actually eschewed his own salary for the sake.

No doubt TheShy is a young but highly popular player specifically if it is about the Korean Leagues. His professional career took a successful beginning. Being him as a primary member of Invictus, the team has stayed to be really successful. He has been on the roster for the recent victory of Worlds 2018. Also he has been there iin LPL 2019 Spring Playoffs and LPL 2019 Regional finals.

No doubt if he leaves, it would be a massive blow to Invictus. Thanfully the rumors are no more in the air however, the they are certain to find something else.