Ellen Alexander was born in Moscow, in a family of physicists that pioneered space exploration

Ellen graduated from the Moscow School of Physics and Mathematics, but she realized that her passion lies in another field, she was always attracted to creativity, especially music. From early childhood, she attended various classes and courses, she was very talented at singing and choreography, which she continues to do to this day. Her discipline, always helps her to be in good physical shape and keep her posture.

During classes, five-year-old Ellen was noticed by the commercial director of one of the state TV channels and invited to a photo session. So she made her debut in a commercial, where she received her first salary, which she was very proud of.

Ellen Alexander’s parents wanted her to follow her family’s path, so, she entered to study at the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov at the Faculty of International Economic Relations. While studying at the university, she continued to earn money as a model.

The first famous magazine in Ellen’s career, for which she appeared on the cover, was ELLE. At that time she worked for modeling agencies in Moscow and studied acting courses at the Moscow Art Theater.

After graduating from university, she left for London to pursue her education at the Royal Academy of Arts, as well as an acting career. Then she moved to New York, where she took acting and filmmaking courses at the New York Film Academy, and then to Los Angeles, where she studied at The University of California.

In addition to creative activity and modeling, Ellen Alexander is engaged in the study of aging, anti-age, fertility, and the ability to have children at any age.

In 2019, she co-founded the biotech startup Create U Future: in partnership with a bioengineering student from Harvard University, she worked on a project aimed at researching the problems of aging, infertility, and prolongation of reproductive age in women. As part of the work on this project, she met with scientists, lawyers, and other specialists, was engaging in the development of the website, and the preparation of various documentation. According to her, work in this direction has already begun to bear fruit, since there are already clients on the waiting list.

As a model, she appeared on covers of the most popular glossy magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Glamor, Shape, L’Officielle, Elle, Grazia, Marie Claire, and Vogue.

During self-isolation in 2020, she starred in the video for the song Good Girl Go and Shadows, which, according to Ellen Alexander, was her first work of this high level. Initially, the song was created for her friend, who found himself in a difficult life situation. The idea of the video is that we leave the dark fog and go to the light, says the performer. With this song, she wanted to support her friend, showing him how to resolve the situation, and emphasize that she is always there for him, and he can rely on her.

Currently, Ellen Alexander travels a lot around the world, which is associated with her professional activities in the modeling business, and her life passes between two cities – Los Angeles and Moscow, where her parents live.


Tirupati Rice Bran Oil Is the people’s favourite brand

Tirupati, one of the leading edible oil brands of India has emerged as the No. 1 brand in the Rice Bran Oil category in Gujarat. With persistent quality measures and health-friendly contents, Tirupati rice bran oil has always been a highly-sought after edible oil in Indian households. Having launched Rice Bran Oil in February 2021, there is no dearth in claiming that in a shorter span of time, the brand has won the trust of consumers that has led it into the leadership position.

The launch of rice bran oil was in itself was a strategic move. While the country was passing through massive health crisis amidst COVID, people have become more health conscious. Good immunity has become a vital element of healthy life. Thanks to rice bran oil is considered to be one of the healthiest oils because of its vital nutrients. It boasts almost 29% of the daily Value of Vitamin E which is a prerequisite for good functioning of the immune system. The oil also has tocotrienols, oryzanol, and plant sterols. What’s more, studies have shown that consuming unsaturated fats in such oil improves blood cholesterol levels which is no less than boon for heart diseases.

Having earned such a notable honourin the category of oil, Mr. Priyam Patel,  CEO, N.K Proteins said, “This launch truly marks the tribute to my beloved father and former MD, Late Shri Nileshbhai Patel. He was passionate about the rice bran oil. And now that his dream comes true, I’m overwhelmed to take his vision to the next level by being the number one oil brand.”

To launch rice bran oil in the market, Tirupati roped in MsKareena Kapoor Khan as the brand ambassador. Talking more about the campaign, MsVibhuti Bhatt, Director of One Advertising and Communication Services Ltd, the agency behind the campaign said “MsKareena Kapoor Khan is one of the top 3 highly-admired stars in the country. So, we wanted her for the campaign. To reinforce the need for boosting immunity during pandemic times, the communication line ‘Immunity is what you eat’ was coined. It goes much beyond eating just healthy rice bran oil, doesn’t it!  Weahve used TV, Radio, OOH, Print and digital mediums to strategically maximise the campaign impact.”

Focusing upon the consumer behavior MrPriyam Patel further said, “These days, consumers seek quality without compromise. Besides, the onset of pandemic has further made us more health-conscious than in the past. Today, everyone is aware about what they’re consuming. Oil being one of the most used items in our households, consumers rightly want the best of it. We’re happy to say that our rice bran oil fulfills their need, in more than many ways. From taste to health, Tirupati rice bran oil haswon the hearts as well as satiated the taste buds of our consumers.”

The trust bestowed by consumers on brand Tirupati reinforces the quality of offerings and the foundation of the success of rice bran oil. Further to note that the brand already stands 1st in India with regard to Cottonseed Oil whilst making rice bran oil yet another accomplishment in the category of edible oil. 

“The Indian edible oil market is so immense. There are hundreds of oil brands that are available in India. With extreme care and quality benchmarks, we have come out as the unprecedented edible oil player which surely gives us solid momentum to come up with more quality products that India can be proud of,” added Mr. Priyam Patel

About N K Proteins

N.K. Proteins is one of the largest edible oil companies in India. Tirupati is its flagship brand. Besides, the brand also enjoys a market share of more than 40% in Gujarat. With the success of rice bran oil in Gujarat, the brand has made a significant leadership statement in the market. N. K. Proteins has its major presence in west & north of India, and is now progressing towards expanding its products to cater to every segment across the country. The brand has differentiated itself through high quality, trust, and transparency and continues a rich legacy of over 27 years.

*Source: Nielsen RMS Mar-Apr-May 2021


Walmart and Target declare sales events to rival Amazon Prime Day

On the off chance that you would prefer not to give Amazon your cash yet need to look for limited products not long from now, you several different retailers to go to. Both Target and Walmart have declared their own sales events on similar dates as Amazon’s Prime Day. Walmart’s event called “Deals for Days” will happen from June twentieth through the 23rd and will feature “Black Friday-like savings.”

The retailer will put items across the electronics, toys, home, beauty and fashion categories on sale like it for the most part does during Black Friday. It has effectively uncovered a handful of deals you can get, including a $50 discount on a Hisense Roku Smart LED TV and a $20 discount on a 11.6-inch HP Chromebook, however you’ll have much more deals to browse. You can likewise expect online-only discounts and in-store-only savings.

In the interim, Target’s correspondingly named Deal Days will be live on its website from June 20th through the 22nd, which is an entire day longer than its sales events in earlier years. The deals will likewise span across categories and will incorporate food and beverage for the first time. You needn’t bother with any sort of membership to take advantage Target’s deals, not normal for Prime Day sales that are restricted to Prime members.

Amazon’s 48-hour Prime Day event will begin on June 21st and end before midnight on the 22nd. It serves as a kind of reset for the event, which occurred in October (rather than summertime like usual) a year ago because of the pandemic.


Creating milestones in the vast makeup industry as a passionate makeup artist is Sabina Shafi

Sabina Shafi considers her makeup brush her sword, through which she dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming.

Today, when people speak about fulfilling their dreams, how many of them go ahead in making those necessary efforts for getting them nearer their visions and aspirations in life? Well, it is easier to talk than to make consistent efforts to listen to what the heart seeks and follow the dreams. However, some individuals have done that and achieved massive momentum and success in their respective endeavours. Sabina Shafi stands tall as one of these professionals in the makeup industry of India, who has now gone ahead to make her name worldwide as well with her makeup services.

Enhancing the natural beauty of women is what Sabina Shafi has been working for and has, to her credit, incredible makeup looks that have garnered much talk and attention in the competitive industry. It is imperative to know more about these exceptional talents and their journeys so that many others can take inspiration from them. Sabina Shafi worked as a cabin supervisor in the aviation industry. Little did she know then that her job in the aviation space, where she needed to create an attractive look through makeup, would help her develop a passion for makeup and grooming.

Sabina Shafi was born in Kashmir and completed her education in Delhi. From the beginning, with her aim to fly high in the sky with her big dreams and aspirations, she pursued a career in aviation, which ultimately led her to develop a professional knack at makeup. Her makeup experiments kept growing as she travelled more worldwide as a part of the aviation industry. Eventually, Sabina Shafi went ahead to turn her passion for makeup into her profession and dived fully into the makeup industry.

To gain more expertise, Sabina Shafi started learning makeup from London and enhanced her skills by many makeup trials on her friends and family. Sabina Shafi confesses that her journey as a makeup artist has been tremendous and rewarding as she worked upon her personality and honed her skills by meeting a lot of people worldwide. She has so far got the opportunity to work with multiple renowned photographers and designers, where she earned the opportunity to present the portfolio, designer, editorial, jewellery and bridal shoots of her works.

Right now, she is a resident of Delhi and works as a well-known makeup artist in Kashmir, her hometown and providing makeup services all across the globe. She dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming with her makeup brush, which she considers her sword. Even after achieving so much as one of the best makeup artists in Delhi, Kashmir and other parts of the world, Sabina Shafi feels she has just begun. To know more, follow her on Instagram @makeupbysabinaa and visit the website,


India’s Biggest Pageant for Teens, Miss, and Mrs.

Many beauty pageants promote a narrow narrative of femininity—that a beautiful woman is single, size zero, and a runway model.

Married women and teenage girls do not often come within the purview of beauty contests. A progressive beauty platform promotes equal representation across all age groups—whether it’s Miss Teen, Miss, or Mrs.

The International Glamour Project (TIGP) is one-of-a-kind in this regard, as it recognizes women from all age groups intending to bring equity in the pageantry sector.

The International Glamour Project introduces the largest and most favorable pageant platform in India. This pageant-cum-personality platform allows any woman to register, regardless of age or height. It offers three distinct titles for contestants. Teenagers participate in the Miss teen India contest while those aged 19 and unmarried vie for the Miss India crown. Married women (21 plus years) vie for the Mrs. India crown.

This glamour platform is unique since the leaders prioritize inclusivity and believe that every woman can participate in beauty pageants.

Therefore, The International Glamour Project smashes the blinkered notion of age-specific relevance and maturity by catering to Miss Teen and Mrs.

Most platforms offer the Miss India crown. When you search for all miss India images on the web or gallery, you will find that most of them look young, probably in their 20’s or early 30’s. These findings imply that many potential women are filtered out by the pageant systems’ selection criteria.

Being in a civilized era means that we need to get over some of the long-standing misconceptions around the pageantry. The International Glamour Project is introducing India’s biggest pageant for women in all age groups. Aditi Govitrikar, the winner of Mrs. World Title in 2001, is a true inspiration to those willing to join the pageant.

Twenty years down the line, she is still a trendsetter and a mentor at India’s biggest pageant, The International Glamour Project. This shows that the glamour project is committed to helping every willing woman to achieve her dreams. At the International Glamour Project, age is nothing but a number because the project believes every woman is capable in her way.

The international glamour project does not only recognize beauty in women of all ages. Instead, it concentrates on equipping and empowering them with crucial knowledge that they can leverage to kickstart or boost their careers both nationally and abroad. Participants of this glamour project have a golden opportunity because they get mentorship and training from former winners and veterans in the pageant industry and beyond.

Breaking the age limit in India’s pageant systems can help more women to get opportunities to explore their careers. The International Glamour Project aims to eliminate this restriction by introducing several age category titles to suit participants of all ages. To register or learn more about India’s biggest international pageant, The International Glamour Project, click here.


Versatile Male Model Youssef Taha shares what qualities can get you on Top

“Challenges and failures are chances to learn; that’s why I always try to think of them positively…..”

Multitalented, diligent, handsome, confident, strong, flexible, down to earth; are some of the words to describe the personality of famous model Youssef Taha. He has become a global fashion icon by introducing his new and unique chic. With his absolute elegant style, he has become a brand that attracts many fashion companies. Till now he has worked with many huge brands such as Fashion Nova, Nerdunit, FreshHoods, SikSilk, etc.

Breaking the rules of the conservative society of Morocco regarding male modeling, Youssef Taha adopted the profession. According to him, there are only a few from his hometown who are participating in this field; adding another quality of rebelliousness in his personality. On the other hand, Youssef Taha intends to compete in the western society of male modeling by raising the bars of his own society. He is getting successful in it as he is going to be in the movie ‘Mejdoub. The release date is not declared yet.  

How did he start?

Youssef shared that he was fond of uploading photos on Instagram of him wearing different stylish outfits. The stylish outfits in this context defined as the unusual combinations of clothes and accessories. The style got the attention of many people resulting in gaining 180k followers on Instagram. Soon he was recognized by many worldwide fashion agents and that’s how the journey started.   

Youssef Taha – Beauty with Brains 

Youssef Taha is not only a fashion model but also has excellent educational records. He is definitely the beauty with brains. Besides having handsome looks, he knows multiple languages including French, German and English. He’s got a Masters’s degree in audit and financial management from the National School of Commerce and Management. in college days, he took part in many sports.  

What is the secret of Youssef to success?

According to Youssef, to become a successful professional, first, you must become a successful human being. He also said that one should not mix success with wealth, fame, or a big house which most people fail to understand. Success is something that satisfies your own mind. A person is successful when you feel great about himself and one way to do that is by loving and supporting others. If you are only working for yourself, you will feel a void that can never be filled unless you help people according to your strength. To get on top, you must take some people with you so that you don’t have to celebrate it alone.

However to become a real and successful artist you have to be unique and original. You must have your own style and personality. One can improve it by investing time in himself/herself. Give yourself time and think about what you love and then act accordingly. Continuously push yourself, think about plans but think positive. Last but not least take risks.

Youssef Taha is an inspirational personality, very down-to-earth. Following such people in life makes your life goals more vague and easy to handle. To stay connected with him, you can follow him on his Instagram.


Tigerlily: Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Tigerlily Hill is an extremely world renown woman who set her place in the world through countless accomplishments despite her being only in her early years of life. Her experience and achievements depict multiple images of her persona, all overqualified to be a solid role model for any individual.

Island Roots and Global Brannches

 She’s a product of the Caribbean, Cayman in particular, and as a person from such a small portion of a vast world it is an amazing feat to impact the fashion world the way he has in the time she’s been creating her masterpieces.”I am from the Caribbean, so it is a dream to be showing on such a scale,” said Hill, remarking on what it means to be presenting a collection at the regional fashion spectacle. Miss Hill had a mother and father of Jamaican and British decent respectively. Her youth was  spent frequently travelling to and from different areas in the world. Being the island girl she was, the exposure to multiple different cultures and lifestyles all around her altered her perspective on life, as it would anyone.

 After some time, her parents finally decided to settle in Iowa, where Miss Hill enrolled at the University of Iowa, along with her brother Nikola. However, Tigerlily chose to complete her studies at the Richmond, The American International University in London. Despite being abroad for long periods of time Hill and her family’s hearts were still connected to the Cayman Islands. She returned to her homeland with all that she had experienced and learned abroad. She put her creativity and her intelligence and merged them into a single, intense drive and tool which she would then use to fulfill her dreams.

A Fresh Approach to Fashion

Hill describes her work as classic and fun. She made it an ideal mission of her for the wearer of her designs to feel comfortable in setting they found themselves in.  Her choice of target market was particularly the women who want to be fashionable at the office as well as the ones who want the full glamour treatment on the red carpet. As a result of her self-motivation and goal oriented mindset Hill became a celebrity wardrobe stylist with her American television debut on Glam God with Vivica A. Fox. This experience prompted her to do more with her talents and therefore almost immediately following this job she created her first line of designs called the Crown Atelier. This line of clothes gave her so much recognition because they were also worn on the red carpet by well-known actors such as Keira Knightley, Hilary Duff, Taryn Manning, Carla Gugino, Maria Menounos, Catt Sadler and Haley Bennett. In fact, she gained so much attention and exposure from this job that she was high on the radars of high rolling fashion designers and gained network access which she then used as a means to land a job withVH1 fashion series and additionally Glam God and she hasn’t had a change of heart since.

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) awarded her the Star for Creativity in the Arts Gold on February 25, 2016. The award is given to individuals who have attained the highest level of merit in the artistic discipline, contributed to arts, culture and heritage in the Cayman Islands. She was also awarded by the editors of the Essence Magazine in which she was highlighted as one of the designers to watch. In June 2012 she won the Emerging Designer Award at Caribbean Fashion Week.

In a nutshell, Hill is the epitome of success through determination and strife.


Maria Slusnyte – A popular Model in the Industry

Here, you are going to find many things new about the brilliant Aesthetician and model. The stunning and famous Model Maria Slusnyte is enjoying a massive fan following since she has won Miss Europe World 2017. These days she is a part of a reality TV show.

Maria Slusnyte is playing the leading role in reality TV shows. As per sources, the reality show has made millions so far, which incorporates over millions of a broad accumulation. 

It is the show that has brought the revolution in the industry for its unique topic. The record was initially broken by it. Presently the show is at number 4 in the list with overall gross (US$60 million). It is a famous satire dramatization show coordinated by legends of the industry.

Her achievements are best performance in different reality shows and special appreciation for her performance on the reality shows. Now she has proved herself a leading actress of the modern European glamorous industry. Maria is a name of fame in the industry. 

About Maria Slusnyte

Maria was born in the small town of Kaunas in Lithuania. Becoming a Model or a Miss World was her dream. Therefore, at the age of 14 years, she had appeared as a model on the screen. On social media, she has got fame and popularity with her unique styling.

Maria belongs to Europe and is associated with modeling, acting, music, and a cosmetic line. Over her career, she did several shows and modeling shows. God gave her beautiful eyes, which are the one reason for her success. She is at # 9 in the top 10 most Beautiful Eyes female celebrities in the world.

In the European modeling industry, Maria has established her name among the most beautiful celebrities. People love her eyes very much. She won the crown of Miss Europe World in 2017. God gave her a sizeable almond-shaped eye. Maria is one of the most Beautiful Eyes female celebrities in the world.

Maria and her fitness secret

Maria is a popular name in the world of showbiz. She is famous for her modeling and fitness. She loves to follow diet tricks and workouts. She was fond of working out, and she had been doing exercises to lose weight to switch her career and passion. She is famous as a buff-bunny in the industry. She has attained a toned and attractive body by working out heavily. She had raised her muscles and attained a perfect bikini body by limiting her diet to basic food.

About her career 

Not only modeling five years back, but she has also started her cosmetic line. Yes, in London, she has opened a beauty clinic. She was looking after it in pandemic when she was unable to do the shooting. Moreover, she says that she loves to read self-healing books, fasting, health and fitness, and traveling about her personal life. There are millions of her fans on Instagram. She loves to interact with her fans and followers on social media.


4 Ways Mehendi Design Can Change Your Look

The wedding season is almost here, which means lots of shopping, makeup, festivities and of course—mehendi! It’s impossible to imagine an Indian wedding without beautiful, henna adorned hands. In fact, with the new normal, this is the best time to play up the rest of your look instead of focusing too much on your makeup because most of it will be covered by a mask anyway. So, sit back and relax because we’re here to tell you how you can take any look from drab to fab with some henna on your hands.

  1. Make Your Henna Truly Yours

    This detail oriented mehendi design takes customisation to the next level by incorporating your favourite memories. The arms have been adorned with monuments from cities you visited together. It also depicts a sky with twinkling stars and a plane representing the journeys you will embark on. There’s also enough space to trace the name of the groom and the bride. The rest of the mehndi design has been kept very traditional with lotus flowers, coconuts and portraits of the groom and bride. This design is the one to go for if you want to stand out!

  2. Let Your Mehendi Seek Divine Blessings For You

    Absolutely captivating, this mehndi design depicts Lord Krishna and Radha in all their glory, showering their blessings upon the groom and the bride as they perform the wedding rituals. The deities have been drawn precisely, and adorned with jewels. Mehendi is more than just a design on the hands, it has auspicious significance. And this mehendi design truly embodies that. It also features two lotus flowers in full bloom, which are a symbol of prosperity. Not only is this design a delight to look at, it will also elevate the look of your wedding dress with its mythical charm.

  3. All About the Lace

    Lace glove mehendi design has been a bridal trend for a while now, but if you want to take your mehendi to the next level, this design can be your number one inspiration. It covers the back of the palm in a sultry, delicately detailed lace pattern with close knit motifs and very precise artistry. The index finger is a focal point of interest, as it features a ring inspired design which will look absolutely stunning under an actual ring. Unapologetically feminine and extremely refined, this mehndi design is truly fit for a princess!
  1. A Medley of Motifs

    Traditions are always in style, and you can never go wrong with a good old ethnic mehendi design such as this one. It begins with portraits of the groom and the bride, and what follows is a lovely combination of paisleys, mandalas, elephants, peacocks and vines. If you are opting for a fully traditional look with a red lehenga and gold jewellery, a mehendi design that is rooted in traditional style will pair the best with your outfit and will actually enhance your look.

Well! Now you know how mehendi can totally transform your look. Which technique will you try out?


Style tips from Ellen Alexander

Looking younger is nowadays a goal for all women who are done with puberty. It’s like we’re going straight from teenagers to looking for anti-aging treatments. Or maybe it just feels like this because the 20s have a way of just vanishing in like seconds and it’s “hello 30s” all of a sudden.

Sometimes looking younger is a matter of attitude; other times is just picking the right outfit. But one thing is true for sure – if we want to look younger, we must dress according to our body type. Emphasize the physical strengths and mask imperfections. Also, it’s important not to wear clothes that are too short, too tight, or too transparent. Sexy clothes are great, but they also must be elegant and classy.
Are you ready to dive right into tips and tricks that you could really use to choose clothes to look years younger?

Shapewear for women

If you had one or multiple pregnancies, the chances are you’re not ecstatic with how your body looks now. And the same is valid if you lost some weight recently or if you’re carrying a bit more weight than you’d like. In short, for all the bulges that make you uncomfortable, there is one solution, and it’s called shapewear. With the right size of shapewear, you can do things you never thought are possible such as wearing a bodycon dress. Your waist gets an amazing definition, there is no cellulite in sight, and the thighs look slimmer and hotter.

It’s all in the color

If your goal is to look younger, the color of the clothes is crucial. Clothes that are very dark (black, brown, grey, kaki) can make you look older. At the same time, colors that are excessive, harsh bright such as red, yellow, green, and others, might make you look a little bit ridiculous.
We tend to associate both browns and greys, as well as bright red and purple, with women past a certain age, so better avoid them. What you should do instead is look for clothes in lovely, warm colors, preferably pastels. Colors like baby blue or baby pink, mint, peach puff, light
yellow, and others just like these are great choices that will take years off your face.

Go nude (for the handbag!)

While it’s not clothing per se, bags are essential accessories that can make or break the whole outfit. The black bag doesn’t go well with everything (as we were taught in the past), not if you want to look younger. Also, you can forget about matching colors for the shoes and bag. For a classy, cool, younger appearance, choose a bag that goes well with the clothes you’re wearing. A neutral color such as nude is a fail-safe option, so make sure to invest in one or two bags in light, pastel colors.

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