Barllina, the expansion of Saudi fabrics around the world

As a clothing and dresses brand, Barllina sells and delivers the latest fashions of women’s garments all over the world due to its successful plan with a full online service.

The company that started in 2004 in Jeddah, the center of commerce of Saudi Arabia, went from being a multinational company with several stores in the Asian country to a business dedicated to providing high-quality dresses produced with Saudi fabrics.

These fabrics are weaved out with an experience of decades in designing and producing women’s dresses with this family enterprise run up by its first owner Abdul Kareem Thabet Saleh, a merchant of Jeddah, and maintained by the next generations.

That converts Barllina to a specialized company, has been offering for more than 10 years a variety of elegant and simple garments that are suitable for every occasion, making the woman look impressive at her workplace, parties, day-outs, and even day-ins, and allowing their consumers to feel and look like princesses, as suggested by the brand’s name (Barllina is an English name for ‘Princess’).

Each customer can find the different categories of Barllina’s products on the website (, where each customer has available pay online services for any number of orders, a unique platform of customer service to reply to the clients around the clock, a fast dispatching and delivery process of its products, and a set of prices that are budget-friendly and suitable for everyone.

The catalog of products made up in the textile factories of Barllina in Saudi Arabia, includes many types of dresses, such as a dress with embroidered lobes in black jazzer fabric, a distinctive design dress in a victorian tree, a long dress with distinctive victorian design, and material, and a soft cotton dress, embroidered from the chest and shoulder.

Even though all of their dresses are being ordered frequently, there are some popular dresses that are being ordered more often, such as a wide clutch, wide on the chest and sides, a dress made of taffeta and stretched with a gorgeous classic style, giving an attractive look, a dress made of taffeta is stretched with a wonderful classic character, giving an attractive look, a dress in raw taffeta, with pleated shoulders and cheekbones, to flaunt the dress.

These products pretend to generate identification with each consumer. That’s why the dresses of Barllina are inspired by all types of customers around the world and fit all the cultures from east to west, assuring diversity of products and traditions. Some of them are designed as per the Saudi tradition and heritage, like the embroidered traditional jalabiya, and the dress with a loose-fitting lace, lined with a belt, with a traditional design.

With their goal to expand the firm, Barllina established a successful promotion process with its social networks, achieving more than 300K followers on Instagram, more than 90k followers on TikTok, and more than 5K followers on Snapchat, due to the publications of many customers’ experiences and the adaptability to the major trends and hashtags that are related to their merchandise.


Fashion model Bipasha Banikya on prime wardrobe essentials

In the world of fashion, it is always recommended to abide by a sprinkling of essentials that will design your outfits for the maximum occasion. Agreeing to this, fashion influencer Bipasha Banikya with her extraordinary stylishness and deep understanding of fashion lays down the most necessary clothing items that every female should have.


A pair of demins always save the day as they can be put together with almost everything and anything. Plus, they are super comfortable and also stylish. Thus, Bipasha considers it to be the most fundamental of a wardrobe.


What will you wear for dates and parties? For such events, hopping into jeans and a t-shirt is not a fashionable choice. Therefore, one must also consider adding a few dresses or one-piece to their wardrobe.

Lightweight jackets

Don’t you follow the art of layering up? Bipasha does and suggests including a lightweight-cozy jacket. Always settle on a bold color she says, as it will complement other colors from your closet.


From generation to generation, the primacy of t-shirt remains the same. Bipasha deems them as a base for classy street style outfits and also an ‘all-set for casual day’ outfit.


Every wardrobe needs livable foot ware that also matches the overall outfit and a pair of trendy shoes can never flunk you on that.


Being voguish cannot allow you to bypass handbags. Bipasha opines handbags as most essential for a woman. It has utility purposes but is also stylish.


Accessories are often overlooked but they are the most vital, notifies Bipasha. A simple dainty chain can completely ace your all-around appearance making you look more fashionable.

Button-up shirt

From full-sleeves to roll-up and knit knots, these shirts can be paired with everything yet bestowing that classy look. For multiple dressing, a button-up is a must says the influencer.


Sweaters are always useful. They are cozy, cool and versatile. You can have a turtleneck, V-shaped or crewneck, one according to your preferences.

Bipasha Banikya with her striking style statement is already creating beneficial fashion content for millions of people. Her fashion transition reels are just unparalleled and inspiration to multiple.


How to organize your makeup

It’s understandable that organizing your cosmetics and skincare might be a challenge, and I sympathize with that. Since I was in college (really, this has been going on since I acquired my first 3 step skincare regimen, mascara, and lip gloss), I’ve been attempting to find the ideal method for organizing my items.

To arrange my stuff, I’ve spent many hours on the internet searching for the best hacks. Before I got to this point, I experimented a lot.

The following are a few crucial suggestions to help you get your organizing game on your cosmetics and skincare items with Royal Craft Wood. Ready? Let’s get started.

What do I do with my cosmetics and skincare products?

Organizing your cosmetics requires categorizing your goods. There is no need to base your decision on anything that is too strict, but your use and convenience should be taken into account while making a decision. The essential thing to remember is to tailor your organizing methods to meet your lifestyle and daily routine. A system that works for you is the goal.

How to keep your cosmetics in order

The most difficult part of organizing your makeup is deciding how to do it. Choosing a system and sticking with it is essential.

These tactics may, of course, be combined to fit your system’s needs. Use these guidelines as a starting point, then adapt them based on your own personal preferences.

De-cluttering cosmetics

The first step is to go through your cosmetics collection and get rid of everything you don’t use. As a result, it will make the process of putting things together a lot simpler. With a smaller number of goods, you’ll need less room to store them all.

Recycle outdated and out-of-date merchandise. When was the last time you purchased a new mascara? To preserve your skin and conserve space, it’s vital to get rid of your favorite items.

It’s very uncommon for us to purchase cosmetic items that we believe would work for us, only to discover that we never use them. Then why didn’t I get what I paid for?! I understand and sympathize. Let your friends, sisters, or cousins use the goods that didn’t work out for you. It should be used and loved by someone else. Makeup may be sorted by kind of component or product.

The next step is to categorize your possessions according to the kind of goods. To see how many items of each sort you have and how frequently they are used, do this. Your favorite bronzer will be your go-to for most of the time, and the others will be reserved for special occasions.

There are several ways to classify your items, such as by color or any other method that works for you.

By the date of expiry

Organizing your cosmetics by expiry date is a brilliant idea since it reduces waste and helps you prioritize using up your goods before they go bad.

Makeup expiry dates are sometimes overlooked, but this is something you should avoid doing.

How often it’s being used

Those who wear makeup to work or a similar situation on a daily basis will find it extremely beneficial to organize their cosmetics by frequency of usage. This is a useful piece of advice that may be applied to the goods you use on a daily basis.


If you have a lot of makeup, arranging it by color is a great choice, particularly for eye makeup, lipsticks, and blushes.

Your cosmetics will be more accessible in this approach, such as knowing where all your berry lipsticks and blue eyeshadows are stashed (I hope nowhere, blue eyeshadow should be used in limited capacities after 1998).

On a shoestring budget, you can organize your beauty supplies

The way you store your makeup is as unique as you are, and it is highly dependent on your own beauty regimen and collection when it comes to how you organize it. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

When it comes to arranging your makeup, there are a few things you can do. If you’re feeling the strain on both your space and budget, the following advice may help lessen the strain. Make use of a spice rack holder.

Is money concern for you when it comes to your cosmetics storage? A spice rack may save the day. These are widely available and come in a variety of pricing ranges.

You can pack a lot of cosmetics onto a spice rack that doesn’t take up too much room.

Makeup storage has never been more convenient and inexpensive.

Keeping cosmetics in desk organizers

It could be a good idea to shop for cosmetics organizers at a stationery store. Using desk organizers, pencil holders, and other stationery-related products to arrange your cosmetics is a great idea.

Although it isn’t an ideal solution, it will suffice.

Organize your cosmetics and skincare products in clear shoeboxes

Stackable transparent shoe boxes are available at The Container Store. To put away your skincare goods, they are a lifesaver. A lot of goods may be stored in them, and they’re easy to store beneath your sink or in the bottom of your vanity, or even in your closet if necessary.

Makeup brushes may be a pain to arrange

There are instances when brushes take up a lot of storage space and roll away. If you want to keep them on your tables, you may use mugs, jars, or any other kind of container.

If you don’t use your makeup brushes very frequently, you should store them in a closed container to keep the bristles clean. If you want to keep track of your brushes without having to open your container every time, I suggest a transparent container like this one. Separating them into eye makeup brushes and face brushes can help you better arrange them as well.

To make your own DIY brush holders

Old candle jars may be used to store brushes. It’s a cost-effective and long-term solution. Repurposing an old item to meet your current requirements is a great approach to start a new habit without having to purchase anything new.

Essentials for a well-organized makeup bag

Makeup may be organized in a variety of ways, including using boxes and shelves. We like to utilize something that is obvious so that you can readily see whether you’re aiming in the right direction or not.

The container store’s transparent shoe boxes are a favorite of ours. For both makeup and skincare, they are ideal. It’s possible to utilize these boxes to divide your items into morning and night procedures.

Organizers for cosmetics

The following are a few cosmetic organizers that might aid you on your quest to a more ordered area. The tools and organizer will make it easier for you to keep your cosmetics organized and clutter-free:

Organizers made of acrylic

When it comes to cosmetics storage, clear acrylic containers are an excellent option. The Container Store’s Luxe Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer is an excellent choice for your vanity.


Caboodle is an excellent buy if you want to store your cosmetics out of sight or prefer to carry it about with you. You can store all of your cosmetics in one place and away from dust and other pollutants with a product like this one from Target.

Makeup case that rotates 360 degrees

A revolving cosmetic organizer is the best option if you’re looking for something that’s both functional and beautiful. It’s a lovely place with everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips.

Amazon customers are raving about this sanipoe product. The rotating organizer comes with a variety of sections, making it simple to keep track of everything.

Makeup Cases

There are several ways to keep your cosmetics organized, including using a bag. There are a wide variety of options available, ranging from rugged carrying cases to wall-mounted displays. Although they may be used while on vacation, they can also be used in your everyday life.

What’s the location of your cosmetics?

Is it the same for everyone? In my case, I put my makeup on a vanity, but you could keep it in your bathroom or on a desk in your room. No matter where you store your cosmetics, the same fundamental principles apply to keeping them organized.

Makeup may be stored in these places:

  • Vanity in the bathroom
  • A Mirrored Cupboard
  • Under the sink in the bathroom
  • A dressing table
  • Drawer in a bathroom or desk

The amount of room you have to work with when it comes to keeping your cosmetics is a major factor in how you organize it. You must tailor your optimization efforts to meet your specific requirements. In the event that your vanity has a lot of counter space or drawers, you may choose to arrange your goods horizontally.

In this manner, you can see everything at once and keep the clutter down when you’re doing your makeup.

But if you’re short on room, you may want to consider arranging them vertically. Organizing your items into categories and storing them in transparent containers will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Using the Container Store’s transparent dividers to organize your belongings is an excellent choice.

These may be used vertically or horizontally to separate areas. They may be used in a variety of settings and are quite adaptable.

For those who have limited room, an organizer that swivels may be the best option.

Having your most often used goods at the top of the pile will make your life a lot simpler.

The End of My Makeup Organization Thoughts

It takes time to get your makeup in order. You may choose a method today and find that it doesn’t work for you in three months. When it comes to organizing your makeup, it’s always a good idea to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Most crucial is that it serves your needs and improves your overall experience, making it a worthwhile investment.


Journey of the success of Mashawi Riley

How about you give us a few insights concerning you and your story. How you got to the top of the mountain?

Much thanks to you for having me! Indeed, I can say a ton of difficult work, tears and penance got me to where I am today. First it took trusting in myself to then leaving negative impacts around me, putting myself through High School, College, and University. Finding various religions and societies end route to turning into a dad, living, and examining in Egypt and Thailand. Also, it didn’t stop there; I was destitute living in the roads of Toronto and going to various safe houses all at once, while chipping in and acquiring Fashion Industry experience at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) as Lead Visual Merchandiser and Designer Relations Manager and showing Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising classes at the Toronto Fashion Academy (TFA).

Everything appears to be captivating and fun and don’t misunderstand me it was, however there was a ton of restless evenings, managing family dramatization, separate, kid guardianship, the passing of my dad, and not realizing what you will eat and where your resting the following day. My family was near, however they disagreed with my way of life, so I needed to sort out everything all alone. It is tough situations for everyone, except you need to put forth a valiant effort and offset and manage what you can. You simply need to remain solid, centered, keep positive and continue to go at whatever cost fundamental regardless. Simply have confidence in yourself!

What’s your best recommendation for perusers who want to discover achievement in their life?

Amazing, great inquiry! Indeed, most importantly you need to trust in yourself 100% and don’t allow anybody to let you know your not sufficient on the grounds that you are. Encircle yourself with individuals and things that motivate you to be better and improve. You ought to discover your energy, that one thing that fulfills you inside and do it however much you can. Living, all by itself, is a struggle for everybody do whatever it takes not to make too much of things, there is an appropriate setting for reality. Figure out how to snicker at yourself and ease up the heart. Life is brimming with obstructions, so consistently be prepared for the startling and expertise to travel through the disturbance.

Try not to be reluctant to investigate yourself and the world in light of the fact that each experience is awesome and that is simply the ideal way of learning and the world. Life and time are excessively short, so do not squander it do all that since you will never get it back. Make a timetable arrangement your life and objectives and recall that they generally change and that is OK. On the off chance that you do not care for your reality change it I dare you, you will be astounded by the result. The sky is the limit!

We have all close to home obstructions that we should confront assuming we need to be fruitful and it is difficult. For my purposes, I was doing combating what society, my religion and my local area expected of me. It is truly difficult to attempt to satisfy everybody and you need to understand that it’s unimaginable and you don’t have as well. We will in general come down on ourselves and we need to figure out how to give up somewhat once in a while. I needed to figure out how to trust myself and my impulses, particularly in the music and style industry in light of the fact that there are a ton of sharks out there.

Individuals and other confirmed Artists who will trick you for cash in any event, when you don’t have a lot. They will go after your blamelessness and your ache to make it in the Music Industry. They will take your guiltlessness for shortcoming. So know about different Artists attempting to exploit you on the web. I feel as an Artist, you need to put resources into yourself with your time, cash, and energy regardless in light of the fact that you truly just have yourself toward the day’s end. I think my greatest test to survive I am actually chipping away at it is having sufficient opportunity and cash to truly zero in on the music and artisanship. It is an endless loop.

We should discuss the work you do. What do you represent considerable authority in and for what reason would it be a good idea for someone to work with you over the opposition?  Indeed, as of now I am an innovative laborer working for UPS as a Delivery Driver. That is the bread and butter right now. I had many positions in the past from a Fashion Stylist to a Purple Dancing Grape Mascot and all in the middle, yet I moved on from College and University also. I went to Seneca College and accepted my Liberals Arts Diploma with Honors and after that, I went directly to York University Glendon Campus and accepted my Bilingual International Studies Degree with Honors. I was anticipating doing a Master’s Degree next and afterward working for the United Nations (UN) as a Diplomat.

I put stock in making the world a superior spot through correspondence and building solid connections. When I completed school I chipped in at Toronto Fashion Week (TFW) to find out about the Fashion Industry and not very long after I applied at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) and I got three situations there as Lead Visual Merchandiser, Designer Relations Manager and Emerging Menswear Designer Award Manager. Accordingly, you could see that I have a wide range of encounters in various enterprises. No one can tell when you will require the experience. I might want to utilize my schooling, style insight and my music ability to motivate the world and do whatever I can to have an effect.


Rocky Paul: Upcoming Fashion Model & Instagram Star From Kolkata

Rocky Paul is an upcoming Fashion Model and Instagram Star from India. He is well-known for his striking good looks, adorable smile, dressing sense, and boy next door Personality. He is concentrating on augmenting his fan base.

He is a boy with a rather driven approach and likes to paint the canvas of his dream with the colors of his consistent and persistent efforts. You will be soon seeing him in modeling shoots.

He is well-known for posting his modeling pics on Instagram. 

He was born and brought up in Kolkata, India. His Age is around 22 years old (as of 2021). His Zodiac sign is Pisces. He is Indian by Nationality. He was born on 10 March 1999.

He has worked with various Brands and Advertisements.  He is one of the Youngest fashion digital influencers.

He loves photo Editing, fashion modeling, Art, video games, and photography.

He often uploads his modeling pictures. He is Smart and Cute. He is getting highly popular among youth. He has the Chocolate hero personality.

 He is more or less 1.75 m tall and weighs around 75 kg. He has an average build. He has black eyes and black hair.

Bеіng passionate about his work and аlwауѕ wanted tо carve a niche fоr himself іn life, the spark ignited him to pursue his dreams and passion. Physical Appearance

He is Smart and Cute. He is getting highly popular among youth. He has the Chocolate hero personality.  He is approximately 175 cm tall and weighs around 75 kg. He has an average build. He has  black eyes and black hair.

He comes from Christian family. Not a lot is disclosed to know about his family and his relationships. All information about his private life is concealed.

He is a Foodie and enjoys eating various cuisines. He has collaborated with various other Musers. Rocky has never been afraid or fearful to take risks in life which will ultimately turn himself into a better human as well as successful and achieve his goals in life. He is a social Media Influencer, as well.

He got brand for hair products is helium brand and he prefers the hairstyling wax. He is an ardent animal lover. He adores to travel and explore new places. He enjoys spending some alone time in nature. He enjoys spending some alonel time in nature


“Sale Pish” by Erfun Khoshdel won the best music video at the Iranian Pop Festival

This year, as in previous years, we witnessed the Iranian Pop Festival, and all the artists had tried for a year to receive awards in this ceremony, and the new artists were waiting to be heard more by Iranian music professors.

In this tough competition, different music was heard and prizes were awarded, but the most important one, which was the best music video, marked the most sensitive moments for the candidates until the judges voted and the music video “Sale Pish” from  Erfun Khoshdel won this award this year, and this incident caused us to hear his name a lot in various news agencies.

It is a great honor and the main purpose of this festival is to hear new pop singers get in the mood and prepare and broadcast more works.

Iranian Pop Festival is one of the oldest and traditional Iranian festivals that was founded in 1999 in Iran.  This festival has been one of the most important elements in the development of pop music from two decades ago until now, and many singers of this festival have entered the music industry and become stars.

Winning awards such as the best music video will surely be a launching pad for Erfun Khoshdel and we will soon listen to various music from him.

All these honors are registered in the Museum of Music and Art of Iran to be permanent.  The name of Erfun Khoshdel was also registered in this museum forever and he is one of the more than a thousand members of this museum whose name will be immortal.


Meet Eva Menta, increasing the temperatures on social media as a hot fashion model and social influencer

This Italian talent has stunned people with her bold and attractive pictures on Instagram as a passionate model.

It is always surreal to know about all those individuals, especially young girls, who exude a different level of passion and brilliance when it comes to their respective industries. These young girls spellbound the world by pushing the envelope and choosing to do the unusual with whatever they lay their hands on. The modelling and the social media world today is rocked by many such talented beings, but one name that has been making all the buzz for all the right reasons is Eva Menta. This beautiful model radiates her passion for the niche and her prowess in social media influencing, which has earned her a massive number of followers on her Instagram, precisely 3 million.

Who is Eve Menta, you ask? Well, she was born in 1994 in Italy, and from the very beginning, she felt a close inclination to all things creative and artistic. As she grew up, she realized her passion for being a model and thus entered the industry to achieve her desired success. Today, at 26 years of age, the Italian talent is rising each day as a stunning model and also a growing social media influencer who keeps astounding audiences with her hot pictures, capable of raising the temperatures on social media.

The 5ft 8inch tall model with her brown hair and black eyes has turned people’s heads and become a sought-after model in the industry already. Her killer physique and her charming personality have made her a hot-favourite choice for many fashion brands. Her hot and bold pictures and videos on her social media has earned her a colossal number of followers. She even turned into a social media influencer, excelling in the fashion niche and promoting fashion and lingerie brands, which has also given her opportunities to work with various international agencies.

Apart from that, Eva Menta showcases her passion for fitness on social media and keeps flaunting her perfect physique on the medium. Besides modelling, Eva Menta loves shopping and travelling and consistently posting on social media to engage more with her audiences.

To find out more about this mesmerizing beauty, follow her on Instagram @evamenta.



How did rare Jordan Sneakers become a notorious image?

The NBA truly limited the essential accentuation of Michael’s Jordans, communicating they dismissed the gathering’s standard that a shoe ought to be generally white and mirror the shades of the gathering’s shirt. Jordan was purportedly fined $3000-5000 for each game he wore the precluded Air Jordan shoes, and Nike paid the fines, happy to misuse the openness.

Nevertheless, concerning Air Jordans’ notoriety, the rest is history. The shoe transformed into a particular prerequisite to have shallow focal points of the last piece of the ’80s and ’90s—it’s everything except a street style staple today. For a youth, claiming a couple of uncommon Jordan tennis shoes is like having a lightsaber from Star Wars. “You needed that shoe to take after him. It was more than a superficial point of interest understanding that this individual was the individual.” Jordans made shoes a piece of traditional society.

Here are the few rare Jordan sneakers that can amaze people and can get their hands on them:

  • “Legends of summers”: Air Jordan

In 2013, the Legends of Summer shoe was made by celebrities like Jay Z and Justin Timberlake who collaborated with popular brands for a few select sets of rare Jordans sneakers. The grouping featured two Air Jordan 1s, and only 14 of them were made. The shoes were open to popular celebrities, friends and family, and a few fortunate fans who engaged in a forager pursuit in the most restricted period.

  • “Wings for future”

The Jordan brand teamed up with British craftsman Dave White to make these very restricted version shoes, delivering 23 sets sold at sell-off. Deals benefited the WINGS for the Future drive, a philanthropic program roused by Michael Jordan’s enthusiasm for training. The program started at Inglewood High School in Los Angeles, setting up the mainstays of “instruction, game, and movement.” The shoe configuration includes White’s unmistakable style, utilising intense, metallic tones in a paint-splattered example.

  • Exhibition art sneakers:

While this style of Air Jordan 1s isn’t uncommon, this specific pair is worth many dollars since they were worn by Michael Jordan himself during a presentation game in 1985. The shoes’ excellent grade up is a consequence of developing interest in shoe gathering as of late. The boots are likewise remarkable because, during the game, Jordan tossed the ball so hard that he broke the glass backboard.

  • “Au Revoir”

Since the Colette “Au Revoir” isn’t available to be purchased, it is the most extraordinary Air Jordan 1. The Jordan Brand created the plan out of appreciation for Colette, a France-based retailer that designed streetwear that shut down following 20 years of activity in 2017. The shoes highlight Collete’s radiant blue and white shading plan and mark spots, just as the years 1997 and 2017 on one or the other heel to stamp the event. It only states “Au Revoir” in blue content.

  • Don * Air Jordan

With just 39 at any point delivered and sold at closeout on eBay, this one is probably the most extraordinary tennis shoe around. The Don BHM Air Jordan 1 was planned by American streetwear craftsman Don Crawley, otherwise called Don C, to observe Black History Month in 2013. The high ties are made of dark calfskin, with a decorated snakeskin included on the swoosh and connection, which stands out from the dazzling orange inward covering. The tongue consists of the abbreviation “BHM.”


Danish Qureshi Skinny Model is all set to make to emerge as a sensation in fashion world || The Unstoppable Magazine

Modeling is the name of many things. You need a number of things  in order to be a competent model and this is where you have to put all your hard work in order to grow up in this field. One such name in this industry is none other than Ludhiana, Punjab based man called Danish Qureshi. He is a 21 years old man and the skinny model is of 6 feet 2 inches who is currently the makeup artist and fashion model. 

He has worked with different brands and designers doing a couple of fashion shows and other similar events. He seemed to have worked with a production company working as a Ludhiana Manager and even has worked as a Judge of the Show. He was also part of events like Runway, Designer SHoots and Bold Shoot Magazines along with Shoot Fashion Weeks. 

With all these things in his portfolio, Danish intends to go a long way and this has been the epitome of his life as a model. For him, learning never stops and it ends with the last breath of human beings.  So, he is leaving no stone unturned to keep himself aligned in order to grow the best. Well, lets see how things move, but at the moment things are smooth and he is ready to take a deep plunge in it.


“Ellen Alexander releases a book in honor of her grandfather Nikolai Bugaev “The Radioman of Cosmos Era”

In May, a book about Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev, a person who worked in the same team as Sergei Korolev, the founder of practical cosmonautics, an outstanding designer and organizer of rocket and space technology in the USSR, designers Georgy Babakin, Mikhail Ryazansky, Alexey Bogomolov, will be released on the markets.

Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev also organized and provided telephone and television communication with all cosmonauts starting from the first human-crewed flight of Yu.A. Gagarin and right up to the entry into space and the first manual landing of the Soviet manned spaceship Voskhod-2. He organized and conducted communications with the first deep space objects, “Moon”, “Venus”, and “Mars”.

In the middle of the last century, talk about an artificial satellite of the Earth, a man in space, the program to explore the Moon, Venus, Mars seemed to most people taken out of the context of a science fiction novel. But there were particular people behind their implementation.

In those years, not only the name of Chief Designer Sergei Korolev was strictly classified. People rarely talked on television about those who participated in space exploration with him. Colonel Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev is among them.

When our first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, German Titov, and their comrades were in space, Nikolai Bugaev was the commander of NIP-10 — the ground measuring station near Simferopol, which was established to ensure communication with space objects.

Exactly from there, on October 4, 1957, a connection was made on the reception of signals with the first artificial satellite, and exactly there were carried out tests of the first Soviet moon rover. On a specially created lunodrom, space geologists and designers created and built a moon section, similar to the real one, with craters, stones, and “moon dust” from the Evpatoria shell rock. That’s where the crews were trained to operate the moon rover.

And on October 7, 1959, the Soviet interplanetary space station “Luna-3” photographed the moon’s back side for the first time in human history, and the image was spread worldwide. “Kolya, you and I will fly to Mars and Venus soon!” – said then Korolev to Nikolai Bugaev.

NIP-10 provided radio and TV communication between Earth and space, enabling cosmonauts in orbit to communicate by telephone with the Mission Control Center. Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev is one of the two people who spoke to Gagarin during his legendary flight into space: the first was Sergei Korolev.

Later, Gagarin and Nikolai Bugaev repeatedly met, both for work and leisure.

That famous session, as well as all the following ones — during Titov’s flight and when Leonov went into open space for the first time and Belyaev for the first time performed manual control of the spacecraft landing — were successfully conducted by NIP-10.

Thanks to the flawless work of NIP under the leadership of Bugaev, many other world-shaking breakthroughs in space exploration were made. Aircraft were controlled from there, and scientific and service information was received and transcribed there. It is no coincidence that Bugaev’s home archive keeps photographs with dedicatory inscriptions of people, in whose honor stations, streets, cities, and planets are named today.

In 2021, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight, Major Publishing House published a book dedicated to Nikolai Bugaev, the radio operator of the cosmos era, who was at the origins of the Soviet and Russian cosmonautics. And he sincerely believed that in the near future, the words spoken to him by Sergei Korolev about flights to Mars and Venus would come true.

Selling points:

 “Moscow House of Books”, “Biblio-Globus”, “Molodaya Gvardiya”, “St. Petersburg House of Books”.

Book chains: “Labyrinth”, “Chitay-Gorod”, “Bukvoed”, “Gogol-Mogol”.

Online stores: “Partner I.D.”, Wildberries.

For more information, please call:

About the publisher:

Major Publishing House was founded in 2000. Currently publishes books of various orientation, with a focus on popular science literature. The Publisher’s books are represented in many large bookstores such as Biblio-Globus, Moscow House of Books, Molodaya Gvardiya in Moscow, St. Petersburg House of Books, Yekaterinburg House of Books etc.