What is the Best Beauty Routine to Adopt?

Cleaning the epidermis is one of the most important steps, said Kirk Briefly, head of skin care training at Johnson & Johnson. I therefore recommend washing the epidermis twice a day, morning and evening, with an oil-free product or specially created for skin prone to acne. Then, once or twice a week only you must avoid stimulating the production of sebum at all costs, you can use an exfoliating scrub to cleanse the pores in depth and reduce their size. Finally, do not forget to moisturize your skin with an oil-free treatment to nourish the epidermis in addition to fighting the signs of aging wrinkles, sagging, brown spots, dull complexion, etc.

What are the ingredients to look for?

Sulfide, salicylic acid, alpha and lipo-hydroxy acids and benzoyl peroxide decongest pores, remove debris and dead cells, prevent bacteria from growing on the skin, reduce appearance of imperfections and even out the complexion without irritating or drying very sensitive and acne prone skin, says Dr. Alia Ahmed. For his part, Kirk Briefly suggests using products based on soothing ingredients such as green tea, cucumber and chamomile in order to calm virulent skin inflammations. And to combat pimples and the signs of aging, we follow the advice of Charmaine Cooper, director of education for Dermalogica: “You just have to opt for treatments enriched with vitamin A, carbon or white tea,

Tinted: Kearny tinted correction stick, by Decay.

Specially designed to act on the imperfections associated with oily and acne-prone skin, this treatment helps to dislodge impurities and reduces the oily, irritated and inflamed aspect of problem skin. For best results, Aveda skin care specialists recommend a series of three treatments. “Infusion of oxygen serum is a gentle treatment that detoxifies and hydrates the skin, in addition to soothing the inflamed epidermis by the effects of acne,” said Marilyn Gage, president and founder of Derma pure clinics. The oxygen that is sprayed onto the surface of the skin using a sprayer improves healing of the lesions and thereby reduces the risk of scarring.

Thanks to its active ingredients such as retinol and atelic acids and Konica, which are infused deep into the epidermis using the oxygenation process, this treatment helps to stop Propionic bacterium acnes, the bacteria responsible for proliferation acne, says Catherine Gobies, specialist in medical-aesthetic care at the Pause clinic. Thus, the treatment allows a tightening of the pores, an improvement in the texture of the skin, a lightening of the complexion and a reduction in the appearance of small superficial acne and skin care.

This 45-minute treatment is specially designed to resolve the main skin problems such as acne, dehydration, hypersensitivity and aging. After the application of different active concentrates, processes such as micro current, galvanic and ultrasound are used to promote the penetration of the active ingredients. Result? The epidermis is much smoother, uniform, flexible and luminous.


The magic of Zeeba White – Explore the beautiful curve on your face

A to Z about teeth Whitening 

Beauty standards are quite often counted over a smile. The brighter, the better it gets. The most airbrushed characters in the world are shown to have the brightest and cleanest smile. It has got a true connection. The more healthy your smile gets, the better it build your identity. The most commonly used method to get this flawless smile is artificial teeth whitening procedures. The basic concept about this method lies in using thin plastic strips, coated with a thin layer of whitening gel. This strip, when placed and kept pressed over the teeth lining, the gel penetrates the enamel and clears off all patches and stains from the teeth. That’s how easy it is. However, at times these easy methods gets problematic. There aren’t any insurmountable negativity related to this, but there are some you could avoid if you know them better. Risks of teeth whitening strips are quite common. The most complained of them are sensitivity issues. The majority of the dental strips contain whitening gels with peroxide as the prime ingredient. Either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used in these gels. These are not only corrosive to the enamels but also invades the dental nerves and create sensitivity problems. The next potent issue can be gu problems. The bleaching agent used in the gels can be harsh on the gums and can cause irritation. The chemicals also tend to erode the enamel and make a way directly to the roots. This can increase the chances of tooth decay and severe tooth damage sometimes. Uneven whitening can also be a reason to have a negative thought about teeth whitening strips. However, you can refrain from all of these, just with a single solution. 

The magic of Zeeba White- Explore the beautiful curve on your face 

Zeeba White considers a smile to be the most impeccable curve on the face, that can turn every other aspect into a straight line. To say it in a better way, your smart and confident smile can change the entire ambiance around you. Thus, Dr. Sadri has intensively worked on these probable problems and created a solution, that is effective against all sorts of dental problems. The Zeeba White Dental strips are easy to use and most importantly safe on your gums and enamel. Here is zero content of peroxide, thus rendering it the safest way to provide you with a white smile. Zeeba Strips are also thein and convenient to use, thereby lowering the risks of uneven whitening. The mild ingredients do no harm to your gums and are thus the most appreciated product in the market. Like every other individual, you might also want a whiter and brighter smile. The staining and patches, that has built up over years, can be quite stubborn to get off. To cope with these stains, Zeeba White can be the aptest choice. There’s no doubt that these strips will work wonders on your dental setting and leave behind a flawless and natural smile.


Medical Company that holds key to Coronavirus Killer Enlists UK Brand Builder David Connor to Help Reach New Heights

Biosan LTD an early-stage sanitization company focused on developing and commercializing treatments for cleaning and personal sanitation needs in immune-mediated dermatological diseases and conditions, today announced that David M. Connor has been appointed to the Biosan Board of Directors effective May 10th, 2020.

“We are thrilled to welcome David to the Biosan Board,” said Mike Fowler, President, and Chief Executive Officer. “He is an exceptionally talented Board Director and industry executive with over a decade of experience in legal, corporate, and business development. David’s wealth of experience in building and growing successful companies will be invaluable as we continue to advance Biosan into new markets”

“I am delighted to join the Biosan’s board at this exciting time,” said David Connor. “I look forward to contributing my expertise, specifically within the brand building and growth development, to help them build a market-leading company.”


World Laparoscopy Hospital has opened its Branch in Florida, USA

When we talk about the world-class academic medical center which provides the best training, treatment and research in laparoscopic and robotic surgery; World Laparoscopy Hospital is the name that tops the list. After India and the UAE, it has opened its branch in Florida, United States of America. The Laparoscopic surgery training course in Tampa is created and designed in a very scientific manner. In other words, after the laparoscopic surgery training program is done, surgeons and gynaecologists get the opportunity to do all the taught laparoscopic surgery on their patients.

World Laparoscopy Hospital is a NABH accredited hospital which has been doing the best laparoscopic surgeries for more than 20 years. The laparoscopic training given to the students is totally candidate centred and the training session is aimed at imparting basic in addition to advanced theoretical and practical experience. More emphasis is given on daily laparoscopic surgical problems encountered while operating on patients. Besides this, it is the government recognized university course and diploma certificate will be issued by UGC recognized university. Giving the students a complete exposure about laparoscopy, the institution is endorsed by many international organizations including WALS and ICRS.

With continuous quality assessment, World Laparoscopy Hospital has a dedicated and hardworking team of highly qualified surgeons. They provide the best minimal access surgical care by using the latest techniques and technologies. Established by Dr R.K Mishra in 2001, the medical institution has an outstanding team of doctors, scientists and researchers. They are nurturing all the aspiring surgeons with providing the right knowledge about laparoscopy and robotic surgery. More than 11,000 surgeons and gynaecologists have been awarded Government Recognized University Fellowship and a diploma in laparoscopic surgery by this international institute.

To know more, check the website

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Here Are 3 Ways The Coronavirus Will Wreak Economic Havoc

Unless you were living on a secluded island for the past three months, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Governments across the globe are instituting mandatory shutdowns and enforcing social distancing. These measures will save lives, which is fantastic, of course. It’s becoming more evident by the day that these measures will cause significant economic pain, once the pandemic subsides and people can return to their regular lives.

While nobody has a crystal ball, most experts think that we will be in a recession once commerce resumes. Here are three ways the economy will likely suffer at the end of this lockdown period.

The Coronavirus Will Cause High Unemployment

With 3.3 million jobless claims filed after the first week of lockdowns, the unemployment rate now sits at 5.5%. This number is likely to rise significantly as more people get laid off and file for claims. There are already anecdotal rumors of overloaded unemployment websites and phone lines that have so many callers that it’s impossible to get through.

If the impacts of the coronavirus were short-lived, then everybody may be able to return to work. However, social distancing measures are officially in place at the Federal level until the end of April. There’s a good chance the government will extend those again. As the shutdown drags on and businesses fold, those temporary layoffs could become permanent.

Expect to see unemployment skyrocket and take some time to come back down to more reasonable levels.

There Will Be Stock Market Swings

Since this situation is so volatile, the stock market is likely to react to each passing day’s numbers differently. For many companies, this shutdown has impacted the tail end of Q1 earnings, so those might be decent. However, if the lockdowns continue into Q2 and beyond, we could see many companies reporting very disappointing earnings.

While the initial rout of the coronavirus-induced stock market appears to be over (for now), expect wild swings as new information emerges. Depending on how volatile these swings are, it could cause problems for our economy.

Financially-Distressed Consumers

Many of the relief packages that members of Congress and governors have put together delay payments but do not dismiss them. For example, many cities have enacted laws that make it impossible for landlords to evict renters who do not pay.

However, these protections are temporary, and none of them negate what renters owe. Depending on how long these lockdowns last, it’s not inconceivable that all across the country renters and mortgagees could suddenly find themselves owing the past three months of rent, without having had a job to earn that money.

If this happens, we could see financially-distressed consumers who are already wary after having been cooped up inside. Much of the economy’s discretionary spending will dry up.

Social Distancing In The Coronavirus Age Will Get The Economy Running Faster

A prolonged shutdown will wreak havoc on the economy. The sooner we can contain the virus and then re-open businesses, the better off we will all be. Not only will we save many more lives by doing so, but we’ll minimize the economic damage as much as possible. If you like this kind of quick engaging content check us out at Sovereign Media Distribution for more publications on financial matters!


AgingChoices: What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?

This is a great question and one that we hear many, many times.

Every industry has its own lingo, and senior care is no different. We understand that it can feel overwhelming for anyone starting their journey into senior care options and even for those already in the middle of their journey to grasp all the nuances and that is perfectly normal!

The good news for you is that we recorded an entire podcast that explains the difference between assisted living and nursing homes.

Our guest for this episode is Cynthia Perthuis, a certified senior advisor and elder care strategist with Senior Care Authority, serving New York City and Southwest Florida. Perthuis and her team help people sort through and understand all the care options, traverse a complex healthcare system, get accurate and up-to-date information, and connect clients to vetted local resources.

This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Nursing Home!

The concept of the nursing home has evolved a lot over the last few decades.

“We’re not talking these days about your grandmother’s nursing home,” said Purthuis. “Things are just different.”

Different indeed.

“A nursing home is just not a phrase that traditionally should be used”, Purthuis said.

Instead, she prefers to use these terms: skilled nursing and assisted living.

What is Assisted Living?

A place to assist people to live.

The concept of assisted living was born in the late 1970s as the philosophy shifted to a housing model that allowed residents some sense of privacy.

According to Purthuis, the first published use of the term ‘assisted living’ was in 1984.

The big difference between assisted living and skilled nursing is that assisted living is a social model while skilled nursing is a hospital model.

“Assisted living assists people in a social manner and skilled nursing skillfully nurses people back to health,” explained Purthuis.

What is Skilled Nursing?

A place to skillfully nurse people back to health.

Purthuis explains the two different versions of skilled nursing: short-term recovery and long-term care.

Skilled nursing for short-term care is focused on recovery in 100 days or less. A short-term skilled nursing facility helps people recover from health setbacks such as a fall.

Long-term care is dedicated for health issues that can’t be addressed in any other facility. This facility is set up for long term health issues and people who need 24/7 nursing care.

A Peace of Mind

Purthuis works with clients and families to help them arrive at a consensus decision about what’s best for the family as a whole. Making the call to move a loved one to an assisted living facility is a big decision and one that impacts the entire family.

In this episode, Purthuis shares one of her favorite quotes from a client. And this quote just happens to speak to the peace of mind that moving to an assisted living facility can bring, not just to the resident, but to their family as well.

“She told me it took a set of Clydesdale horses to come to her home and drag her to assisted living and what she really wishes is that someone had brought those Clydesdale horses to her months before because her life was so easy now that she had somebody to take care of things for her,” recalled Purthuis.

Be Proactive in Your Senior Care Journey!

Purthuis breaks down the decision process to move into a senior living community into three buckets: where, when and how.

“Every family can work on the where right now,” said Purthuis.

Take a moment and think about the where bucket. Where would you or a loved one go if you needed to move to a senior living community right now?

“There are so many options and the time to figure out the options and do the homework is before someone has a crisis,” Purthuis said.

Consider factors such as location, finances and culture when addressing where you or a loved one could potentially move. After you have had the discussion about the where, Purthuis says file that information away. Having these discussions in a proactive manner will make the decision process easier if and when that time arrives.

Enjoy More Episodes of AgingChoices Unfiltered!

We’re so excited to launch our podcast featuring real talk about senior care options. Each week we discuss timely topics with industry insiders and give you an unfiltered view of senior care.

Take a listen to our other episodes:

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Episode 2–Protecting Senior Living Communities from COVID-19 In this episode, Brenda & Terri are joined by Brenda Abbott-Shultz, VP of Resident Services at Sagora Senior Living to discuss the steps senior living communities are taking to combat Coronavirus.

Episode 3-Staying Home vs. Moving to a Senior Living Community Michelle Woodbrey, Chief Executive Officer and Co-owner of 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors shares four factors to consider when considering whether to stay at home or move to a senior living community.

Episode 4The State of Home Care During the COVID-19 Crisis Brenda and Terri give you an inside look at the state of home care during the COVID-19 crisis. Guest Girish Lahoty, CEO and owner of FirstLight Home Care of Boston Northwest, shares the steps his team is taking to ensure the safety of all clients and caregivers.

Make the Right Choice!

Are you currently researching senior living or home care options for yourself or a loved one? Or, do you anticipate the need to transition a family member to senior care in the near future? Our Choice! Wizard© makes the research process super easy! Just follow our simple 3-step process to discover the recommended options that best fit your specific needs. The Choice! Wizard© is FREE and easy to use.

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COVID-19-protected coronary heart disease treatment with Dr. Allen’s Device

Dr. Allen’s Device has been proven to help strengthen the heart muscle by improving blood circulation through coronary arteries. Fine Treatment’s unique therapy with Dr. Allen’s Device is also immensely helpful during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Dr. Allen’s Device facilitates recovery after a heart attack by improving blood circulation in the heart muscle tissue surrounding the damaged area. Also, Dr. Allen’s Device may be used to prevent a heart attack, in which case its use should be initiated when the first symptoms of coronary heart disease appear. These symptoms include: chest pain, chest tightness, chest pressure and chest discomfort (angina pectoris).

Around 800,000 people die every year from cardiovascular diseases. Yet as many as 200,000 deaths from coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease can be prevented if people make healthy lifestyle changes, including the timely use of Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Allen’s Device.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Heart Treatment begins working from day one, and the users start to gain the therapeutic benefits within days of beginning to wear it. The time necessary to improve the condition of the heart muscle varies, but takes a minimum of 3 months. It is reasonable to expect the natural restorative processes within the body to take some time. This is exactly what is achieved with the Thermobalancing therapy gradually, month by month.

Signs that may signal heart trouble

In addition to chest pain (angina pectoris), various troubling symptoms can sometimes signal coronary artery disease. These may include:

– New and constant fatigue;

– Unexplained aches or pains in the shoulders, arms, back, jaw, or stomach;

– Nausea in combination with chest pain;

– Shortness of breath after less than a dozen steps;

– Swollen legs or ankles;

– Palpitations, and irregular or fast heartbeat;

– Sweating, feeling hot and clammy, and chest pain.

A recent article, ‘Chest pain, depression and anxiety in coronary heart disease: Consequence or cause?’ in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 2020, reveals that in people with coronary artery disease, chest pain greatly increases the risk of both anxiety and depression, which are usually the result, and not the cause, of heart pain in the chest.

Dr Allen’s Device for Heart Treatment helps people to stay away from COVID-19

‘Medication does not slow the progression of coronary disease in patients with prehypertension’, states Stephen Nicholls of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, who has conducted a study to determine if renin inhibition would slow progression of coronary atherosclerosis in patients whose blood pressure was considered optimally controlled to current treatment targets.

Dr. Allen’s Device for Heart Treatment improves the heart condition by enhancing blood circulation in the coronary artery walls at the capillary level. 10-year long observations on Thermobalancing therapy in people with various chronic diseases have demonstrated the effectiveness of Dr Allen’s Device.

Fine Treatment is a London and Oxford-based British healthcare company, a manufacturer and distributor of wearable therapeutic Dr. Allen’s Devices. The free worldwide delivery of Dr. Allen’s Device is guaranteed by the Royal Mail tracking service. 

Dr. Allen’s Device is a Class 1 medical device. Everyone can use it at home without worry, as this treatment is completely risk-free. In addition, Dr. Allen’s Device for Heart Treatment is a one-time purchase. During the current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), this therapy also helps people with coronary artery disease avoid visits to clinics and hospitals, and thus minimise their risk of contracting the virus whilst also protecting health professionals.

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What Benefits Can You Get from Preventive Dentistry?

Prevention is always better than cure; this is why preventive dentistry is essential in maintaining your overall oral health. It could help you prevent oral problems such as gum disease, enamel wear, cavities, and more.

Preventive dentistry has many forms, like dental cleanings and daily brushing. To maintain your oral health, you should visit your dentist as often as he or she advised. These simple practices will help you keep a healthy mouth. Most dental clinics, like iSmile Studio, focus on preventing any dental disease before it affects your oral and general health.

Why is preventive dentistry important?

Preventive dentistry helps you to keep dental problems from developing later on; this is advisable, especially for children, for them to have healthy teeth and gums as they grow. Proper dental health care could help you avoid or alleviate:

  • gingivitis
  • periodontitis
  • cavities
  • enamel loss

Who benefits from it?

Preventive dentistry benefits everyone, children in particular. Preventive dentistry allows their developing teeth to become strong and healthy. Dentists use topical fluoride treatments and sealants to keep their teeth from decays. 

Aging adults benefit from preventive dentistry as well as it helps them keep their permanent teeth. Moreover, the health of our body is connected to our oral health. Harmful bacteria breeds in our mouth, so keeping our mouth clean and healthy is essential for our overall health.

What other benefits does preventive dentistry have?

Preventive dentistry can reduce the risk of developing gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities, and other dental problems. Moreover, a dentist can also detect other health problems that may be linked to poor oral health care, such as:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • respiratory disease
  • cancer
  • osteoporosis

Furthermore, poor oral health may also cause low birth weight and premature birth; this is why expecting mothers are advised to practice good preventive oral health. Pregnant should visit their dentist for regular checkups.

Other practices for healthy teeth

Aside from visiting your dentist, it is also important to do preventive oral health care at home.

  • Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste every day is the most crucial part of preventive oral health care. Remember to brush your tongue to remove all the bacteria from your mouth completely. However, you should replace your toothbrush three to four time a year as bacteria accumulates on it bristles over time. 
  • Flossing every day is also recommended to clean out tight spaces between your teeth. If you are wearing braces, make sure to use floss threaders to clean the spaces between the metal brackets.
  • Your teeth need the right nutrients, so eating a healthy diet is also essential. Eat less sugar, which includes simple carbohydrates such as rice and white bread, and drink lots of water every day. Vitamins are also necessary for oral health, so healthy diets where you can get different vitamins that you need to maintain your beautiful smile.

Most people will suffer from any form of oral problems in their lifetime. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. It is also believed that gum disease contributes to heart disease and high blood pressure and making it hard for patients to manage their diabetes.

Visiting a dental clinic, like iSmile Studio, that offers different kinds of dental procedures such as preventive dentistry, is highly advisable. It will not only save your smile but will also save your money from more expensive dental procedures.