David Revuelta shares his top tips on finding your singing voice

David Revuelta shares his top tips on finding your singing voice

  • Music
  • November 13, 2021

Do you struggle to sing in public but long for a music career? Spanish musician David Revuelta gives confidence-boosting advice.

New musicians suffer from those horrible balls of nerves in the pit of the stomach. If you are stricken while you sing, you may even find that your voice starts to waver as a result. This affects the quality of your performance and negatively impacts future versions at the same time.

David Revuelta is a 20-year-old musician who comes from Madrid. Although new to the music scene, he has already amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across his social media accounts. They come for his sense of humor, but they stay for his tunes. David Revuelta has songs on Spotify that attract tens of thousands of visitors each month. So, when he tells you how to get over those nerves: you listen.

Here’s what top new artist David Revuelta had to say about getting over those nerves.

Beating Nerves Like a Professional Musician

Even though he has been performing and making music since he was a child, David confesses that he still gets a burst of nerves before a big gig. However, he says that he has seen many different artists manage it in unique ways. Here are some of the ways to beat the stress of performance so you can do your best.


A warm-up is about more than just attuning your voice. When you warm up, you are also getting physically ready to perform. This means focusing your mind, calming your thoughts, and setting yourself into a specific stance that you associate with singing, dancing, or playing music. This pose can become a new focus for you. It should be second nature. Practice enough, and the carriage will dissipate the nerves on their own.


David told us about an artist he worked with at a live gig once, whom he found backstage in an interesting – if weird – position. It turned out the artist in question liked to do yoga before they went on. It helped them to remove the tension from their muscles that they then held in their voice. So try a few yoga moves that focus on the chest and abdomen areas.

Turn it into Excitement.

If you don’t have anxiety, you won’t already know this, but fear and excitement are similar. They activate the same areas of your brain and cause the same immune response. Both make your palms sweaty, give you excessive sweating, and send your heart racing. So if you can tell your body is excited for the show instead of nervous, this will work wonders to dispel those nerves.

Picture Everyone Naked

Unfortunately, this old classic is a defect. If you picture everyone naked, you’re not concentrating on what you are doing, which leads to embarrassment and further prohibits a good performance. So stick to breathing work and try not to think of anyone on the toilet…

Practice Makes Perfect

David Revuelta’s last tip for those seeking a musical career is simply that practicing will make you perfect. As well as increasing your skill level, practice will also treat those nerves, and then the world is your oyster.