Has Power News been shelved by Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz?

Has Power News been shelved by Kanthi D Suresh of Power Sportz?

The beginning of 2020 saw the Editor-in-Chief of Power Sportz, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, herself making a commitment that Power News, a political news channel was in the pipeline and was going to be launched, soon. Infact, Kanthi was seemingly very excited about the new project, as its no rocket science that any and every show she does, is like a mini political show, which can impact any and everybody in their daily lives.

While news on Power News was strongly doing the rounds, Kanthi also started getting busy with the league business, and Power Sportz Premier League division was launched. The league division is only an extension of Power Sportz and perhaps it didn’t require the kind of resources that launching a new channel, would require. PSPL, has made fast progress and is well on the verge of rolling out on ground as the current situation eases post May 3. The first set of 50 players have already been shortlisted and the next set of 50 players , we are told, are on the verge of being finalized

But, where does that leave Power News, the political channel which Ms Kanthi was always so enthusiastic about? Her recent shows on the Power Sportz Covid tracker has been judged as one of the most interesting shows that any news channel has put up till date on the Corona Virus. It came across as a high quality show which was well researched and threw up information, which has stopped many from making unnecessary remarks, thereafter.

But seems like, Ms Kanthi D Suresh is currently handling too many things alone, and is not able to provide both time and resources towards her desired Political News Channel.

Has the Power News channel been completely shelved?. As of now, yes!