Josh Kilby Brings The Energy On ‘Ease’

Josh Kilby Brings The Energy On ‘Ease’

  • Music
  • December 20, 2021

Josh Kilby has found success as an entrepreneur. The real estate investor and motivational coach has now taken interest in a new venture: breaking talent.

Kilby started releasing music earlier this year in an effort to showcase some of the talent he knows. Most recently, Kilby released ‘Ease’. The track features the vocals from one of his talented friends, offering an up-tempo vibe from start to finish. Kilby leaves the second verse open to anyone listening to spit their own bars over. “I just wanted to release something other people would have fun listening to,” explained Kilby.

Kilby has amassed hundreds of thousands of impressions on his own personal social media accounts. He wants to continue to leverage his platform to push more talented individuals.

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