Ellen Alexander – The Conqueror of the entertainment world

Ellen Alexander – The Conqueror of the entertainment world

The sky is the limit as the Russian beauty throws all her weight behind a music career that is poised to take her from the runway to the radio.

They say that to conquer the entertainment world, the right mix of moxie, grit, determination, and a bit of good old fashioned luck are necessary to break into the top echelons of the business. As a top model, Ellen Alexander has graced the covers of countless fashion magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. She has been featured in several television and movie roles as an actress. And now, Ellen Alexander wants to add another dimension to her artistic vision: singer.  

Is the cover of Rolling Stone only a few BPMs away?  

Ever after the pursuit of artistic happiness, Ellen Alexander has set her sights on the music world and her ambitious career shows no signs of slowing down as she embarks on a musical journey that she is soon set to release upon her fans. Naturally, Alexander is entering into a different phase of her career and expectations will be tested, but she didn’t come this far to stop now. We sit down with Ellen and get to the crux of her musical mission.  

What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

My first photos were in fact made by my father, which helped to kickstart my modeling career. My parents are prestigious scientists, but despite my prideful family history, I was determined to make my life the way I wanted. So after my economics degree in Russia, I realized that my real wish is to work in the entertainment industry and I was determined to do so!

What is your background in music?

Well, I have been singing since I was five years old, music isn’t that new for me. My parents used to work long hours, so I would participate in a lot of after-school activities – choir was one of them. After I moved to LA, I was in the process of signing with Warner Bros, but had a medical problem so the deal fell through.

Who were your icons in entertainment growing up?

I am not sure whom I looked up to when growing up. But now I look up to some women in the same industry; some of these women include Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Taylor Swift. I would absolutely love to collaborate with any of these great women.

Determination is key if you want to get deep into the trenches of the entertainment industry. Now that you are in it, can you let your fans know how far and deep you plan to go with your ambitions?

I am not very disciplined. I wish. Probably I should remember those ballet lessons. But definitely I still like to dance as a form of exercise and stay in shape. I still go once in a while to a dance school in LA called Millennium dance studio. It is very famous and I like teachers there. Classes are a bit too full and now it is closed because of the pandemic so I only hike for physical activity. Sometimes I exercise with my girlfriend who is a professional fitness instructor.

Now that you have set your sights on a music career, how are you approaching this latest career trajectory?

I want to build a career in music, movies, modeling as an influencer and as a brand and putting lots of efforts recently towards it. I wasn’t putting that much effort before because LA is very intense and I have lots of interests and lots of friends.

Well, now I am working on PR and press coverage, a strong online presence, and music promotion. Besides that, having many scheduled shoots, going to music studios, finishing the songs and pretty much that is all I am doing all day every day during pandemic.

Unlike many artists starting out that choose the cookie cutter approach to entering the music industry, Ellen Alexander is taking a non-traditional approach to achieve her goals of artistic control – and domination…

When you started out in entertainment, did you have a blueprint for success? Did you wish to emulate someone else’s career?

I have always followed my beliefs and built my own strategy. So no, I didn’t have a blueprint.

How are you building your musical portfolio?

Now I am continuing to work on my music, working hard on one song at a time. I’m also working on creating my music label, GDP Music Group. I decided that there is no point in chasing a record company when I can create something I truly believe in.

Rock, pop, soul, jazz, hip hop and everything in between, Ellen is unafraid to venture into all these musical genres, basking in the freedom to explore her sonic destiny with no limits…

Musically, your sound could best be described as…?

I can’t describe what is “my sound” – my music usually tends to have a romantic undertone and is what you can consider to have a mainstream sound. I have over 100 songs that I haven’t released yet and I still prefer to release them one at a time, because of how different they are. For example, when you release an album all the songs should be in one vein, but I can’t settle one just one genre though. I like my artistic freedom.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Taylor Swift. I would absolutely love to collaborate with any of these great women and talented artists.

Are there other genres you would like to or plan to experiment in?

As I mentioned before, I don’t want to put myself in the boxes and limitations of musical genres and try to unleash as much of my creative power as possible. I think that my songs could be put into the genres of EDM, tropical house, pop. Honestly, it’s a mix of everything and that’s how I think it will be.

What is your creative process like?

I spend a lot of time at the studio now. Despite having and managing my own music label, I spend a big amount of time remastering, editing and change my already existing songs. There is no limit to perfection!

The Fans and the Future

What’s the best thing about your fans? Are you anxious about them hearing your musical work?

I always appreciate the support and positive response given to me by my fans, that’s how I get reminded that I am on the right path.

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

Successful, well-known, and accomplished.

What’s next for you?

Now I am working on new music all of the time. You can definitely expect some songs before the end of this year. I spend a lot of time at the studio now, working on music and building my music label – GDP Music Group. Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on Youtube:


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