Los Angeles Based Hip Hop Artist KIDJUDA Stunts On ‘Rugratz’

Los Angeles Based Hip Hop Artist KIDJUDA Stunts On ‘Rugratz’

LA based hip hop artist KIDJUDA has taken the music industry by storm, finding success as an independent artist. The artist has released numerous tracks that have taken off on Spotify. A notable track from the rising artist is ‘Rugratz’.

‘Rugratz’ begins with a vibey instrumental that quickly transitions into a melodic platform for both KIDJUDA and his collaborator Rudeboicrazy. The duo takes turns giving their listeners a piece of their mind, with lyrics about living life in Hollywood. Lasting just under 3 minutes in listening time, the track fades out with its catchy hook leaving the listener ready for whatever song is next in line.

KIDJUDA has been focusing heavily on his business endeavors this past year, starting an NFT distribution company called Hollywood Punks. The company focuses on distributing NFTs for celebrities.

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