Massachusetts Artist O$hak Is Ready To Prove He Has What It Takes

Massachusetts Artist O$hak Is Ready To Prove He Has What It Takes

Even before creating music himself, O$hak an up-and-coming hip hop artist has always had a passion for the art. Starting to get involved with music as a whole when he was eleven years old, O$hak quickly fell in love and found himself looking to get his hands on anything that he could. At twelve years old, he started mixing songs together with a DJ board that his parents had gotten him, and the rest is history. From that point on, O$hak has known that music was the route that he needed to go down to feel fulfillment and so far, he is killing it as an artist.

Currently an independent artist, O$hak handles his career from top to bottom as he tries to navigate his way into the mainstream music industry. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Juice WRLD and makes music for anyone going through a tough time. “I want people to know that it’s completely normal to be struggling with any form of mental illness or major challenge in their life. I want my story to be a way to spread awareness on mental health. My goal is to show my vulnerability in my songs so people know they aren’t alone. Because no one ever is,” says O$hak.

O$hak is more committed now to his dreams than ever before. He feels 100% confident in his ability to hang with any of the top artists in the game, and it will be exciting to watch him build his career into that tier of success. He is on the right path and as long as he sticks to the code no one will be able to stop his rise to the top. Be sure to check out O$hak’s music if you haven’t already as this is one young talent you won’t want to miss out on. 

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