New Single “Simple & Plain” to Drop from Anthony Kannon

New Single “Simple & Plain” to Drop from Anthony Kannon

From a young age, New York rapper Anthony Kannon has had a passion for music. Growing up in a rough living situation, Anthony would look to hip-hop to keep him going. Now, since his first releases in 2018, Anthony Kannon has been releasing his own tracks that have been gaining traction in the scene. On May 1st, we’ll be met with another release titled “Simple & Plain” from the talented artist.

“Simple & Plain” is performed solely by Anthony Kannon, and is produced by Russian producer Kisses Beats. Kisses first reached out to Anthony in hopes of collaborating on a project. Now, Anthony states that we can expect more music coming from the duo. With Anthony’s music being full of clever punchlines, memorable hooks, and hard-hitting instrumentals, the promise of a new single is an easy add to the watch list.

Starting May 1st on the release of “Simple & Plain”, Anthony Kannon plans to start a new series of releases. He promises us a fresh, brand new single on a biweekly basis. He says that this series will continue until he feels the need to work on a bigger project. Until then, Anthony Kannon’s fans are excited to see what he’ll be coming out with, and there won’t be any lack of musical content in the foreseeable future.

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