Power Sportz Editorial team at Work despite Corona Fear

Power Sportz Editorial team at Work despite Corona Fear

When the world is on a lockdown, its not easy to be in the news media space. Its the media that the World is turning to, for the daily dose of news and updates. Power Sportz, Indias only Sports News channel has more responsibility currently, as its perhaps the only channel in India, that is capable of giving daily sports news and updates.

Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief of the channel, we are told, has given special instructions to the team to ensure that athletes are reached out to, in this time of distress, and the sports fraternity is given a reassurance that the channel is for them, whatever the situation may be.

News and updates, and regional reporting is set to continue on a daily basis, while the safety precautions are being adhered to. It is a difficult time for all with the imposition of Sec 144 in Delhi area. As per the Haryana Government lockdown rules, essential services which include Media, are restricted from the lockdown. 

According to our sources, Team PS assembled in the office this morning with emergency instructions from Ms Kanthi D Suresh on how the execution should be planned out till the lockdown period continues. We also hear that the flagship show of the channel, Talking Turkey will also be aired this week, though there has been no confirmation of the same.

Kudos to all who choose to work with the same vigor in this difficult period