KFC drops Finger-Lickin’ Good slogan in the midst of coronavirus

Global fast food goliath KFC says it is stopping its “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan offered the current hygiene guidance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment,” the company said.

It has modified its packaging with the phrase obscured however KFC said the phrase would return when all was good and well.

KFC outlets shut incidentally in March, yet most have now resumed.

The organization uncovered its new glance through a YouTube video, demonstrating the motto pixelated on posters and its food “buckets”, saying: “That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now.”

A few people remarked via social media the slogan was not a health risk as you were at that point eating with your own hands.

Be that as it may, the finger-lickin’ message has caused worry since the pandemic started. In March, the Advertising Standards Authority got 163 complaints about a KFC TV advert which included individuals licking their fingers.

The complainants considered the advert was irresponsible in light of the fact that they thought it supported conduct that may build the odds of Covid-19 spreading. The advert was pulled back by KFC.

KFC, which was established during the 1930s by Harland Saunders, opened its first franchise during the 1950s and has used the Finger Lickin’ Good slogan from that point forward.

It dropped the slogan in the last part of the 1990s yet brought it in 2008.

KFC has 22,500 outlets around the globe – 900 in the UK and Ireland. It is possessed by Yum! brands, which likewise possesses Pizza Hut.


PM Boris Johnson reports end to facilitating lockdown in England

The United Kingdom has reported a deferral in moving back coronavirus lockdown limitations in England.

Head administrator Boris Johnson was set to keep facilitating the measures occupants have lived with for as long as barely any months, however worries over an expansion in cases constrained him to delay any such plans, the BBC announced.

“On Saturday 1 August we had hoped to reopen in England a number of the higher-risk settings that had remained closed … Today I am afraid we are postponing those changes for at least a fortnight,” Johnson said at a news conference, according to Reuters.

“I know that the steps we are taking will be a real blow to many people … I am really, really sorry about that but we simply cannot take the risk.”

In the following stage, gambling clubs and bowling alleys were scheduled to revive, and limit with respect to weddings was set to increment to 30 individuals.

Experimental runs programs permitting restricted limit with respect to sports scenes and meeting focuses additionally are postponed. Face covers would be required for indoor settings, for example, spots of love and films.

The choice follows reports of an expansion in positive tests across parts of the nation.

Wellbeing Secretary Matt Hancock additionally declared in a tweet on Thursday that the administration intended to expand lockdown measures in parts of northern England, including Blackburn, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle and Rossendale.

“The spread is largely due to households meeting and not abiding to social distancing,” Hancock said. “So from midnight tonight, people from different households will not be allowed to meet each other indoors in these areas.”

Friday morning, he added, “We take this step with a heavy heart, but it is so important that people follow the social distancing rules so that we can control the virus & save lives.”

Johnson said the legislature would begin implementing rules for face covers beginning Aug. 8.


U.S. consents to pay Sanofi and GSK $2.1 billion for 100 million dosages of coronavirus immunization

The U.S. government will pay drugmaker Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline up to $2.1 billion to create and deliver 100 million doses of their potential coronavirus antibody, the organizations declared Friday.

The greater part of the $1.5 billion will be utilized to help further improvement of the immunization, including clinical preliminaries. The rest will be for assembling and delivery of the 100 million doses, the organizations said. The U.S. will have the alternative to arrange an extra 500 million portions, they said.

“The global need for a vaccine to help prevent COVID-19 is massive, and no single vaccine or company will be able to meet the global demand alone,” Thomas Triomphe, executive vice president and global head of Sanofi’s vaccine division, said in a statement.

“From the beginning of the pandemic, Sanofi has leveraged its deep scientific expertise and resources to help address this crisis, collaborating with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to unlock a rapid path toward developing a pandemic vaccine and manufacturing at large scale.”

Public health authorities state there is no coming back to “normal” until there is an antibody against the coronavirus, which has contaminated in excess of 17 million individuals worldwide and executed at least 667,808, as per information gathered by Johns Hopkins University. In excess of 150 immunizations are a work in progress, as per the World Health Organization, with 25 as of now in clinical preliminaries.

It’s a record-breaking time span for a procedure that ordinarily takes about 10 years to build up a powerful and safe immunization. The quickest ever antibody advancement, for mumps, took over four years and was authorized in 1967.

Sanofi and GSK declared April 14 that they had entered a consent to mutually make a Covid-19 immunization before the following year’s over. To make it, Sanofi said it would repurpose innovation it utilizes in influenza antibodies while GSK would give adjuvant innovation intended to upgrade the invulnerable reaction in immunizations.

Sanofi is leading the clinical improvement of the likely antibody and anticipates that a beginning phase human preliminary should start in September, trailed by a late-stage preliminary before the year’s over. On the off chance that the antibody ends up being sheltered and compelling, the organizations hope to demand administrative endorsement in the principal half of 2021.

The declaration comes under about fourteen days after the U.S. government said it would pay Pfizer and biotech firm BioNTech $1.95 billion to create 100 million portions of their immunization in the event that it demonstrates protected and powerful.

On Thursday, senior organization authorities at the Department of Health and Human Services said on a phone call that Pfizer and contender Moderna, which started a stage three preliminary for its driving immunization applicant on Monday, have just inoculated “several hundred people” within the first few days.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in an announcement Friday the arrangement of antibodies being gathered for the U.S. expands the chances that “we will have in any event one protected, viable antibody when the finish of this current year.”

“Today’s investment supports the Sanofi and GSK adjuvanted product all the way through clinical trials and manufacturing, with the potential to bring hundreds of millions of safe and effective doses to the American people.”


Gold costs surge to record high in the midst of coronavirus stresses, U.S.- China tensions

Gold contacted record costs as stresses over issues, for example, the coronavirus pandemic as well as U.S.- China strains burdened investor sentiment.

Toward the beginning of the day of Asian trading hours on Monday, spot gold traded at about $1,931.11 per ounce after prior trading as high as $1,943.9275 per ounce. Those levels overshadowed the past record high price set in September 2011.

Gold fates were additionally up 1.54% to $1,926.70.

In a note flowed before the new highs, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Vivek Dhar said the fall in U.S. 10-year real yields has been the “most important driver” among different factors, for example, a debilitated U.S. dollar and safe-haven demand being lifted.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note last sat at 0.5856%. Against a basket of its peers, the U.S. dollar was at 93.906. The Japanese yen traded at 105.60 against the greenback subsequent to reinforcing forcefully before the end of last week from levels above 106.40 per dollar.

“The negative relationship between long term US real yields and gold futures has held up fairly well over the longer term. That is because when long term US real yields increase, gold is less attractive relative to US interest bearing securities since gold has no income earning ability,” said Dhar, who is a mining and energy commodities analyst at the firm. “The fall in US 10 year real yields is primarily being driven by an increase in US 10 year inflation expectations.”

Johan Jooste of The Global CIO Office told CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Monday that the “opportunity cost of holding gold is virtually zero” with Treasury yields at their present low levels. All things considered, he included that there’s an “horrible feeling of chasing it a bit after the fact” if investors enter the gold market now.

“We’ve said buy on dips, but … it’s a difficult thing to do now because … you probably have missed out somewhat,” said Jooste, who is chief investment officer at the firm.

The moves in costs of the precious metal came as strains have been warming up between Washington and Beijing. China reported on Friday that it ordered the United States to close its consulate in Chengdu, following the U.S. demanding the conclusion of the Chinese consulate in Houston.

Going before that, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo likewise slammed China in a speech on Thursday. He said Washington will no longer endure Beijing’s attempts to usurp global order.

Then, the quantity of coronavirus cases comprehensively keeps on rising. In excess of 16 million individuals around the globe have been tainted by the coronavirus, with the U.S. representing approximately a fourth of that figure, as indicated by information gathered by Johns Hopkins University.


Coca-Cola signals recuperation after ‘most challenging’ quarter as coronavirus lockdown

Coca-Cola Co (KO.N) said on Tuesday demand for its sodas was improving in the wake of announcing a 28% slump in sales in one of its “most challenging” quarters of the year because of coronavirus-led closes of restaurants, theaters and sports venues.

Shares of the world’s biggest soda producer rose about 2% before the bell as it likewise beat second-quarter benefit estimates.

Coca-Cola produces a sizeable portion of its incomes by selling its soda drinks and thinks to restaurants and theater operators, for example, McDonald’s Corp (MCD.N) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC.N), however a large portion of them needed to close a few or the entirety of their activities because of the health emergency.

The Atlanta-based organization said unit case volume trends, a key demand pointer, improved consecutively, from a decrease of about 25% in April to a fall of about 10% in June as lockdowns eased.

Volume trends for the month f July to-date was down mid-single digits all around.

For the June quarter, it declined 16%, with trademark Coca-Cola falling 7% and sparkling soft drinks dropping 12%.

Unit volume of teas and coffees tumbled 31%, to a great extent on account of the transitory conclusion of Costa stores in Western Europe.

Opponent PepsiCo Inc (PEP.O) likewise announced a fall in beverage sales in North America, yet a lift from at-home consumption of snacks helped the organization beat quarterly income estimates.

Coca-Cola revealed balanced income of $7.18 billion, to a great extent in accordance with estimates as indicated by IBES information from Refinitiv.

On a for each share premise, Coca-Cola earned 42 cents, beating experts’ average estimate of 40 cents.

Net income attributable from the drink producer’s shareholders fell about 32% to $1.78 billion.


Eric Bledsoe has tested positive for coronavirus

Eric Bledsoe has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) however has said he is asymptomatic.

The Milwaukee Bucks guard has not been with the team since they answered to Orlando a week ago, as was first detailed by Yahoo Sports correspondent Chris Haynes who is covering the NBA from Orlando.

The Bucks started a second training camp in July yet chose for shut down practice on July 5 after somebody from the association tested positive for the coronavirus. They declined to name the individual at that point.

After the story broke that he was not with the team, Bledsoe posted on his Instagram page: “Mask up and stay safe.”

Bledsoe is among other NBA players to declare positive COVID-19 tests since teams began answering to the bubble a week ago, including Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook, Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes and Indiana’s Malcolm Brogdon.

Bledsoe is a significant contributor for the Bucks, who figured he ought to have been named to the all-star team and for the exhibition game in February. He is averaging 15.4 points 4.6 bounce back and 5.4 assists per game this season.


Saharan dust cloud hits Southern states in U.S. previously the battling with coronavirus surge

A residue cloud that floated over the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahara Desert hit the southeastern piece of the U.S., with Florida expected to be generally influenced on Sunday.

The residue contamination will probably cause debased air quality, murky skies and diminished perceivability, as per an update from the National Weather Service. Florida will most likely be hit the hardest as the primary wave comes in over the Atlantic and follows the breezes to the Gulf of Mexico.

Residue particles are required to ease on Monday before another wave is probably going to come back to the Gulf later in the week, the National Weather Service said.

Specialists revealed to NBC News that individuals with respiratory ailments could see their conditions irritated by the residue particles, conceivably putting a strain on medical clinics as of now overwhelm with coronavirus cases.

Florida specifically faces a more serious hazard as the state encounters a record-breaking flood in new coronavirus cases and it’s grown-up emergency unit is at around 24 percent, as indicated by state information Sunday. There are more than 141,000 coronavirus cases in Florida as thousands test positive every day.

There might be a connection between air contamination and COVID-19 indications, however the information is still early, Gregory Wellenius, an educator of ecological wellbeing at the Boston University School of Public Health revealed to NBC News Wednesday.

“Things like the wildfire season, hurricane season and extreme weather events, including this dust storm, may be magnified this year because resources are already stretched thin,” Wellenius said. “Just because we’re in a pandemic world doesn’t mean that other hazards that we tend to worry about aren’t happening.”

The National Weather Service said Sunday that the residue cloud could likewise add to vivid dawns and nightfalls, with more profound oranges and reds contrasted with ordinary.

Georgia’s Department of Public Health gave a warning Saturday to occupants, particularly those with constant lung conditions, to restrain their time outside in the event that they notice dim skies.

“Keep windows and doors closed,” the advisory said. “Run an air conditioner if you have one, but keep the fresh-air intake closed.”

The state likewise exhorted wearing a veil while out in the open to lessen both the danger of spreading coronavirus and furthermore the danger of breathing in dust particles.

Internet based life clients in the South started posting photographs throughout the end of the week demonstrating the cloudiness over horizons in spots, for example, Texas and Florida.


Wealth Management in Troubled Times

We are facing unique challenges today because of the Covid-19 virus and now the demonstrations currently rocking our cities.

These challenges can make investing decisions harder; however, without a doubt, the stock market has continued to meet these challenges with optimism as it has bounced significantly from its lows earlier this year.

At this time, we feel the stock market is an excellent way to invest your money for the short or the long term.

Wealth management can be tricky and can be even more so now that our world appears to be in a lot of turmoil. The key is always going to be to diversify your investments.

Where Should Your Investments Be?

At this current time, we feel that the stock market is making a good comeback, and it is without a doubt making many investors a lot of money.

There are some concerns about if the stock market will continue to boom while the economy remains recessed. We feel that those concerns are valid; however, unless another significant event happens, we remain optimistic about the current growth in the economy from its lows in March and April. 

Should I Care About Other Investments?

We feel that a diversified portfolio is the best way to go. We recommend that you hedge your investments against the stock market.

This can include holding onto cash and investment in high-yield savings accounts. While the highest high yield savings accounts return now is around 3%, that is still money into your pocket if you are okay with a small return on your investments.

Investment in Government Bonds and other Bonds.

Investing in short-term and long-term bonds to be great investments. The ROI on such bonds are usually going to be good. However, keep in mind that most bonds are not FDIC- insured, so you risk losing money if the company is downgraded or goes out of business. However, this rarely happens.

While short-term cooperate bonds do come with added risk, the rewards can also be great as well.

Dividend Stock Funds

Buying Dividends can be risky, but can also come with tremendous rewards. The key when picking dividends would be sure that the company has a long history of producing great dividends for their investors. The dividends are typically paid out every quarter.

Picking dividends are not for the beginning investor; however, if you choose a wealth management team, they can help you pick which dividends will be good for the long-term.

Even companies with great reputations can have their dividends cut in an economic crisis, so especially while we are still in the COVID-19 epidemic, it will be useful to choose wisely when investing in a dividend stock.   

Bottom Line

Investing can be a great way to increase your wealth over a long period of time. If you have considerable assets or are just starting out, then a wealth management advisor can help you make the best decisions over the long term of how to make your money work best for you.

If you are looking for a wealth management advisor in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area please feel free to give us a call at (918) 727-7100.


Lockdown Story Time: Film director Alois Nashali Talks About His Recent CoronaVirus Diagnosis

Independent film director and cinematographer Alois Nashali, whose Full name is Alois Mulinda Nashali, currently doing his work in Ottawa, Canada, was one of the earliest  people to test positive for Covid-19. The 22 year old received a positive test result on April 3, 2020.

Speaking to us through a skype call  interview, The young film director told us how he made a full recovery and, instead of letting the illness drag him down, he decided to use  his experience to reach out to young people, like himself. “ What people take wrong sometimes is some conspiracy Perception but especially young people need to be reminded that COVID-19 does not just affect the elderly, as young people are also able to, not just contract the virus, but spread it”.

He further went ahead to  urge everyone, especially the youth of today, to be socially responsible and keep in mind that not everyone has a strong immunity that can protect them. Alois Nathali has set an example in what steps to take if you are feeling unwell: self-isolate, and be tested as soon as possible.

“I think what people should know, especially young people like me, they shouldn’t make assumptions that they are strong, healthy and young and, ‘I can’t get this infection.’ Because, for me, that was the last thing I was thinking about, for me to be a victim of the virus. I just want them to know it could happen to anybody, if it happened to me. We just have to take the precautions. Stay home and maybe we can reduce the spread.”

The Beautiful Cracked smile Filmmaker Alois Nashali endeavours to use his talents and his platforms to communicate a strong and powerful message that speaks of his very personal experience with the virus. He hopes that it will give more young people something that they can relate with.

You can find out more about Alois Nashali on his Instagram page (


2020 Formula 1 Calendar Update: Singapore, Azerbaijan, and Japanese Grand Prix have been canceled because of Coronavirus

Earlier this month the opening eight races for the 2020 season were announced, beginning with a double header at the Red Bull Ring in Austria during the first two weekends of July. Formula 1 blogger, Ragavan Sreetharan has some updates on the rest of the calendar.

While Formula 1 is confident of having between 15-18 races by the time the season concludes in Abu Dhabi in mid-December, it has been confirmed that we will not be seeing the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel racing at either Azerbaijan, Singapore or Japan in 2020.

 A statement from F1 stated: “As a result of the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19, we and our promoters in Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan have taken the decision to cancel their races for the 2020 season.”

The cancellations mean F1 has lost another three key grands prix to Covid-19 that has already claimed the season-opening race in Australia and the blue-riband Monaco event.

The historic event at Suzuka is because of Japan’s ban on international travelers while the races in Singapore and Baku cannot be held because the street circuits cannot be built in the current climate.

Suzuka resonates with drivers and fans alike as the most challenging of all tracks, while Singapore’s night event is considered a physical and mental test of endurance because of the hot, humid and bumpy conditions and length of the race.

The Azerbaijan cancellation will have financial ramifications for Formula 1 as the circuit pays one of the highest fees of all races. Fans will also be disappointed as the Baku street track, with its super-long pit straight, has become known for its incident-packed grands prix.

F1 is now looking at an increasingly Euro-centric season this year, with Ragavan Sreetharan learning that it is likely that two Grands Prix will likely be hosted at Hockenheim, which has traditionally served as the site of the German Grand Prix.

On Thursday F1’s motorsports Chief Ross Brawn explained that the plan for the second half of the season is slowly but surely coming together. “Things are moving fast, but we still have time,” he said. “We have lots of different options and we’re very confident we’re going to have a great second half of the season.

“There is a contingency to have an extended European season with another one or two races if needed. I think Bahrain and Abu Dhabi will be the backstop of the season from what we can see at the moment. That gives us 10. We’ll find at least five or six good races in the middle.”

Brawn also revealed that a number of European tracks are being evaluated, with the likes of Ferrari-owned Mugello, Imola, and Portimao, all understood under consideration.

More details on other changes to the 2020 Formula 1 season.