Power Sportz: Sting Operation Shocking Revealment!!!

Power Sportz: Sting Operation Shocking Revealment!!!

Don’t miss to know all about the sting operation shocking revealment of doping nexus in India and how it is affecting India’s sports community!! In a shocking revealment, on how school kids are testing positive on drugs in sports? How athletes testing positive on drugs in India? Via PS Twitter handle we got to know that Power Sportz has done a sting operation on India’s doping nexus and the channel is going to reveal about the nexus and the people behind it tomorrow in its very popular talk show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi,”.

To crack down on Dope cheats, NADA has launched a program on Athletes Biological Passport, but the question here is….Is NADA equipped enough to do a good job? Is there a genuine effort to make India a clean sport country….Who is leading the nexus… who all are behind all this…. let’s wait to get the full scoop on Talking Turkey with Kanthi D Suresh tomorrow (Friday, May 17, 2019) LIVE at 8.00 pm on Power Sportz. In case you miss it, check the PS VOD 10.00pm onwards. 

The voice of the sport is once again ready to amplify its voice against the heinous crime, will expose all who are involved in it. IT WILL DEFINITELY BE INTERESTING TO WATCH!!

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