Tips on time management from Mojtaba Shahdoost, Iranian entrepreneur and investor

Tips on time management from Mojtaba Shahdoost, Iranian entrepreneur and investor

Mojtaba Shahdoost, born April 1, 1991, is an Iranian entrepreneur and investor.
Chairman of the board of directors of Sharin, pharmacist Shaygan and
He is the CEO of maftol City and the CEO of ahan 118.

In the following, we will examine the points that Mojtaba Shahdoost has said about time management.

We all know that poor planning and time management can cause us many problems; Of course, sometimes we mistakenly attribute our challenges and other issues to poor time management.

The most important thing to learn in a set of time management and personal discipline courses is that time management is a very general topic that can cover a wide range of challenges, skills, and issues.

Many people who believe that they have a weakness in time management or that they think that they need to improve their time management skills may have other problems and challenges that eventually manifest themselves in the form of weakness in time management.

Do you really need time management skills?

Mojti: Some terms have been lucky enough to become more popular among the people, and time management seems to be in the same group. Danger of overpopulation of some letters and terms

“When I think about what my clients are saying, I feel that most people recognize only two serious problems in the mental and behavioral spheres: depression and hyperactivity,” said a psychologist.

Many clients simply state in their description of one or the other: “I have no particular problem; “Only depression has ruined my life.”

Or they say, “My friend / spouse / co-worker is hyperactive.”

Seeing two or more problems bigger and more serious than other weaknesses and problems may lead us to find a solution to a wrong problem.

Mr. Shahdoost, why do you think we are short of time?

We do not all run out of time for the same reason.

Before we can think about time management and solving our time constraint problem, we need to recognize why we are running out of time.

Big dreams and unrealistic goals

Some of us feel that we are running out of time because of the big dreams we have.

When we decide to become a great human being. When we think of the industrial and economic giants of Iran and the world. When we want to make a lasting impact on ourselves in the field of science and knowledge and culture and art. One of the first things we remember is the time limit. Especially if we think and feel our age, we have not used enough of our life and time to the point that we have come to this point..
. Lack of time may be due to difficulty in prioritizing tasks and activities.

Sometimes, we may feel that the volume of activities is high and we do not know which one is better to set aside for the benefit of which. Or which one to prioritize. I want to study and get the best grade at the end of the undergraduate course. I am also worried about the senior entrance exam and I see that I do not have enough time for it. I have heard that after school I have much less opportunity to study and I want to use this period to learn and develop my knowledge. On the other hand, I work or want to work to pay for my education as well as to gain experience. I feel that all of these are in the same priority and important, or if their priorities are different, I do not have the knowledge or courage to prioritize them. I hope to create a space through time management that achieves all my desires.