What do Masoud Coverlet, a popular and successful Iranian entrepreneur, say about the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

What do Masoud Coverlet, a popular and successful Iranian entrepreneur, say about the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

Some of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are related to his personality.

1. Do what you love: Ask yourself, “What am I made for?” Loving your job will help you achieve career success and wealth faster. Having a favorite job makes you feel useful.

2. Take your work seriously: To make progress on a daily basis, you must prioritize your work. Move forward with long-term vision and conscious decisions, not moments. It is seriousness at work that distinguishes between successful and failed entrepreneurs.

3. Have a plan. As an entrepreneur, have a long-term and short-term plan for your business. To succeed in today’s competitive market, you need to know what you want to do. Having clear goals motivates you to keep working. Another advantage of planning is that you can easily measure the success rate of programs.

4- Learn financial management: You may not need to manage all financial affairs yourself, but as the center of a business, you should increase your financial knowledge as needed. After all, everything you do is somehow related to finances. Familiarity with the financial issues of your business is important because it leads to better financial decisions.

5. Learn professional sales: Learn how to sell and market any service or product you have. Quality products and services can not be achieved without professional marketing and sales. Always look for professional sales techniques. Robert Kiyosaki considers sales skills to be the most important skill any entrepreneur should have.

6. Be customer-oriented: No business can succeed without knowing customers and maintaining their loyalty. This is true for start-ups to large businesses. Business growth is possible with customer orientation. Customer orientation is the best way to increase sales and business growth.

7. Support yourself: Be the best person in entrepreneurship to motivate yourself to progress. Self-motivation is a necessary skill for the entrepreneur. Find ways to motivate yourself. Having clear goals, positive inner dialogue, focusing on current developments, are simple ways to motivate.

8. Have a positive mental image of your business: Have a positive mental image of the present and future of your business to influence your performance. Either way, you need to know what you are doing and where you want to go. There was an idea before something happened to you. Influence your performance with a positive mindset to improve the quality of work.

9. Get to Know Your Customers: Know who your customers are, what they are most likely to be, and what they expect from you. In general, there are three ways to identify customers:

Demographics: place of residence, age, gender, income, occupation (who are the customers)

Psychological: Values, interests and personality (why they buy a particular product)

Behavior: Behavioral characteristics (how do they behave in front of a brand)

You will definitely become a successful entrepreneur by considering these things.