TaeeFye Becomes Known In Brunswick, GA But Stays True To His Roots

Nowadays, music has taken a drastic turn, heading in a direction of rap being mixed with multiple genres. With this happening, there have been very few artists who have kept an authentic hip hop sound. TaeeFye on the other hand has done exactly that and kept the sound that many have forgotten about.

Ever since TaeeFye met up with his producer from his city “Puku,” he started making noise. When the two released the song “Feel,” which was a remix of a famous Kendrick Lamar song, TaeeFye started gaining traction fast. Word got around first starting in the rapper’s hometown in Brunswick, GA. He began getting on local Soundcloud playlists which allowed his music to spread even further across the state.

Now with all the exposure, TaeeFye has become a local celebrity in his hometown but still plans to give back to his community. In a national interview with Medium, TaeeFye said, “I want to get into real estate investments back in my hometown (Brunswick, GA) to build up the community.” From this statement, it’s clear the rapper doesn’t plan to leave his hometown but instead make his area better. The wellbeing of his city is the primary reason he continues to do music. In another interview, TaeeFye said he wants to “build the mind for younger artists” which truly shows the heart behind his music. 

With all the rap culture pressure, many artists seem to change themselves in order to become successful. TaeeFye on the other hand has managed to remain the same by keeping his flow and style to reflect who he is. On top of this, the rapper still holds his hometown close and plans to invest in his community after the fame. 

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