Subtle Premiers Its New Bag Collection named ‘Mainstreet’

World leading urban outdoor brand ‘Subtle’ announces the launch of its new bag collection named Mainstreet on Dec 3, 2018. Mainstreet will be available for sale across the globe from Dec 3, 2018.

It has been an incredible year for the Hong Kong based urban outdoor brand ‘Subtle’ as they’ve grown their customer base as well as a fast growth in providing quality outdoor products for its clients across the globe. This milestone achievement has paid off immensely as the company CEO announced that the company’s new bag collection ‘Mainstrret’ has already earned a place in the hearts of consumer’s selection before its launch.

In a digital age where most things are made convenient and formidably on point, a blistering new bag collection comes to clarify the needs of consumers been able to secure their belongings during outdoor adventures and urban life.

Subtle is always known to create well constructed and fashionable pieces that blend urban/street aesthesis and outdoor technical functionality. “We created Mainstreet to enable individuals all over the world to secure their belongings with ease. Also the new bag collection comes with quality designs, styles, color and detailed parts” said CEO/Founder Subtle.

Over the years Subtle collections have become a reliable and affordable means of covering people’s carrying needs from urban life to outdoor adventures, currently the latest craze is Mainstreet. Mainstreet includes five different types of bags such as side bag, crossbody bag, pouch, backpack and rucksack.

Each product of Mainstreet has an intrinsic characteristic that is peculiar to them. Mainstreet comes with amazing and beautiful color options like Malachite (green), Topaz (yellow), Scarlet (red), Obsidian (black) and Tanzanite (purple).

Subtle- manistreet-1

Subtle Mainstreet backpack is built to an urban commute companion and outdoor adventure. Crafted in water proof, durable tarpaulin, it offers three zip compartment that keeps ultimate safe of peoples belongings. Mainstreet backpack comes with intriguing features such as two large compartments, easy to carry everyday belongings, water resistant, zipper, zinc-alloy buckle with laser-etched logo and adjustable embroidered belt.

At Subtle they make sure their products are well redefined for customers to receive the very best and brightest collections. Their talented team of experts works day and night to provide its clients the best quality products and a free flow service 24/7.

Get covered today with Subtle’s new bag collection ‘Mainstreet’ and experience formidable protection for your urban/street style outfit, outdoor adventure and travel convenience.

About Subtle

Subtle is an urban outdoor brand founded in Hong Kong in 2014. The label expects to animate the outerwear from a street/urban perspective, subtly fusing both style and substance to enlighten young city goers as to a new concept of movement. Its mission is to be the most trusted outdoor brand in the world.

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A Hero Without a Cape, Here to Make the World a Better Place

Already leaps and bounds ahead of his generation when it comes to working for the greater good. Most of us today are way too much invested in our own life and the social circle around us but this young Indian lad has shown his prowess and ability to tackle one of humanities is biggest difficulties today, i.e malnutrition.

Providing his expertise and guidance to The  Intergovernmental Institution for the use of microalgae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM) Roy has been an active campaigner in his fight against malnutrition. His greatest ability is that he organises and curates campaigns without drawing an iota of attention towards him because it is all for the greater good and he is here to serve. A man of profound thinking and a vision for a better tomorrow surely comes across as figure the youth should look upto. Being a protocol officer by profession he is frequent contact with presidents of various nations and personally takes care of each and every thing for a said event. As a Member of the IIMSAM Secretariat as a Goodwill Ambassador, H.E. Fernandes expanded the IIMSAM Network to further the Institutional Development of IIMSAM which has helped to reach out humanitarian activities further. He setup the IIMSAM Flagship Programme the “Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Free Spirulina Feeding Centre” in Kisumu, Kenya is one of the renowned free feeding centers serving thousands of people since it was found in 2009. In conclusion one could say, Roy is leading role model in today’s times and deserves more appreciation and acknowledgement.

Media Contact
Company Name: United Nations
Contact Person: Media Relation
Country: United Arab Emirates


Cybersecurity May Soon be the Best Paid Job in the US

Geopolitical volatility as well as heavily divided camps that represent different interests at a national level, coupled with more connectivity than ever before all lead to one consequence: increased cybersecurity threat levels. Such is the seriousness of cybersecurity risk that companies like Tesla are said to pay hackers between $2000 and $15,000 to carry out a penetration test. The leading cybersecurity training companies in the US are gearing up to produce enough consultants to help tackle the rising threats.

Why is there such a huge problem with cybersecurity?

The US government and businesses want to protect its intellectual property. It also wants other governments to provide equal and fair access to their markets. In some countries, for example China, the government and business are essentially sharing the same interest. This means that when businesses in such countries identify a threat or want to act underhandedly, they may well have the support of cyber divisions in various government agencies. It is more complex since countries are competing at all levels. When Apple receives more orders than Huawei, the US government receives more income tax – whereas in the case of Huawei, the Chinese government gains directly from increased sales. Apply this to electric vehicles, medical devices, PCs and a string of other appliances –it becomes clear why cyberwarfare is an issue not only for government, but also for business. It also illustrates why every industry needs to deal with this phenomenon right now.

Containing the threat of cybersecurity is complex but necessary:

Besides the impact this will have on governments and the response they need to prepare, businesses are more proactive than ever, authorizing larger budgets to be ahead of the game. Containing the threat involves a combination of cybersecurity training, recruitment to fill key job roles, regular penetration testing – and better system design. Yet this is a relatively new function for many small businesses, which raises the question: will the HR department be able to fill the void? Unlikely, which only points in one direction: increased cost.

Why cybersecurity may become one of the best-paid jobs in the US:

Already cybersecurity consultants command excellent fees for their services. Yet expenses related to this this is a confidential activity in many organizations, understandably so. Therefore, the budget companies spend on cybersecurity far exceeds what payroll data may allude to.  When assessing the best-paid positions in the US, analysts often use payroll statistics of large organizations and government. For example, the LinkedIn economist, Guy Berger, pointed out that careers such as orthopedic surgeons and senior directors of engineering were among the best-paid positions in the US. While this is true on paper, there are many niche careers where freelance consultants provide invoices to multiple clients. These astronomical bills that often reflect $1000/hour consulting gigs, go unnoticed. Examples include experts in cybersecurity, data science, cloud infrastructure engineering, medical equipment, pharmaceutical marketing and so forth.

Given the unprecedented threat levels we face in the global sphere, demand for cybersecurity experts will soar further. It is, however, the nature of the activity – and the sensitive industries affected by it, that act as key drivers to increase the cost of cybersecurity protection.

Why cybersecurity is a key activity in healthcare:

Healthcare is just one example of a sensitive industry where cybersecurity experts are working 24/7 to combat a wide range of threats. Jana White, the COO of Alpine Security, explained how people can get a cybersecurity qualification and fulfill a very valuable role in the healthcare industry: “Today, one of the quickest routes to align yourself with the lucrative industry of healthcare cybersecurity is to get a certification in cybersecurity. Less than 18% of all healthcare providers feel confident about their cybersecurity. This comes at a time when we face rising threat levels. This explains why healthcare is one of the industries that will see the highest demand for properly trained cybersecurity personnel. It is after all, a matter of life and death”.

Cybersecurity career opportunities:

Starting a new career of any sort should not only be about the money. Indeed, it seems that cybersecurity will be one of the most lucrative careers to embark on for many years to come. What would be the other perks of this as a career? Firstly, it is a truly global job for which we see demand everywhere. It also enables individuals to consult in a field where they can help protect national interest and key industries that are vital to local communities. Clearly there is a huge gap between what freelance consultants earn when compared to ordinary job roles. Already there are several familiar roles which can be used to benchmark a range of activities performed by cybersecurity specialists. These include “application security engineer”, “network security analyst”, “IS security manager”, “IS security engineer”, “Cybersecurity analyst” and “penetration tester”.

Perhaps one of the most attractive options of this industry, is that the timeframe involved to get trained, can be significantly reduced. Many consultants are properly trained industry experts without a relevant university degree – since there are industry bodies such as CompTIA and EC-Council, which map out complete certification paths to empower new careers.


Hackers ask the question: Who can we target for cyber extortion, to steal information and data – and to harm legitimate interests? On the other hand, tech enthusiasts ask: what will be the highest paying job where we can serve our communities and play a valuable role? Cybersecurity is on a critical junction where those who want to do good, will need to defeat others with evil attempts. It is, however, not good intentions that will win the battle, but preparedness – which involves training, testing, and sound policies.


How to Get a TurboTax Discount for 2019

TurboTax is a tax service that allows you to complete your own taxes in record time. The TurboTax system has been used millions of times by different customers, and takes the stress away from dealing with taxes, without costing an arm and a leg.

In addition to the already low price that TurboTax offers, there are TurboTax discount coupon code offers that are available to lower the price even more. You can save up to $20 on your copy of TurboTax depending on the type of TurboTax that you purchase.

This discount makes the TurboTax program even more affordable than it already was. Often times, when you are filing your taxes, you will end up missing a few tax deductions that you could have claimed. The TurboTax program allows you to avoid these missed deductions, and earns you the money that you spent on the program back.

TurboTax makes filing your taxes easy, and allows you to ensure that you have not missed any deductions, in order to allow you to gain the full tax refund this upcoming tax season that you so truly deserve.

Where do I Find Turbo Tax Discount Code Coupon Offers?

When tax season first kicks off, you will be able to find TurboTax discount code coupon offers in a variety of places, such as different websites throughout the web. Some websites will have discount alerts available that will notify you when you can save as much as 20% off when you file your taxes with TurboTax.

This can be a huge relief for taxpayers who are expecting to have to pay the IRS money instead of receiving a refund. The good news is Turbo Tax has your back! Even if you do end up having to pay money to Uncle Sam they will ask you the right questions to insure that you end up paying the lowest amount possible.

Tax software like TurboTax does all the hard work for you by identifying tax credits and deductions, putting the numbers on the right form, and then calculating just how big your tax refund will be.


The Thuggizzle Life-Changing Story: Hip-Hop Philanthropist

Phillip Hodge aka Thuggizzle a hip hop artist involved in community philanthropy, victim of instability, societal neglection and abuse while growing up with siblings shares hope to the world.

December 17th, 2018 – It has been an incredible year for Phillip Hodge better known by his stage name ‘Thuggizzle’ a talented American hip-hop artist and rapper notable for his exceptional talent in rhyming freestyle rap. Thuggizzle incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs, philanthropic lifestyle and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after rap artiste in the business today.

The Texas based rapper formally known to be Young Thug but presently called Thuggizzle is highly rated for his excellent and creative rap style, little wonder how he comes about with his lyrics, Phillip would simply say “I am able to run my mouth”, literally speaking he doesn’t write his lyrics down or practice them. His popularity grew after his first owned album titled “The Chronic” was released featuring the popular rap star Snoop Dogg the then Snoop Doggy Dogg.  Phillip Hodge is widely considered a man with a heart of gold, touching lives as a community philanthropist inspired by his life’s story growing up in different foster homes facing life’s challenges unease.

Phillip was born into this world 28 years ago, growing up in foster homecare with two older sisters and a younger sister, they faced a lot of difficulties, instabilities, neglection and sexual abuse, all that could be experienced when one lacked care and moral attention. But still eager to make a meaning out of a rough life, fighting challenges of his time he ran in and out of troubles and was placed on medications, Phillip engaged in a few jobs, always ready to make ends meet. Many would say that his memories and encounters in life added to his flow in rapping.

In one of Phillip Hodge’s stories, he recounted that after getting into a number of troubles, a staff member at the Baptist children’s home where he was staying gave him some advice that changed his world, In his words “ I remembered an older staff member pulled me to the side and told me. Baby you don’t need this meds, all you have to do is balance your life style and anger. Why don’t you use your music as an outlet” this was an eye opener for Phillip as he came to the realization that he could live his life.

On an interview with Phillip Hodge, he was asked why he resisted been adopted he answered “ I didn’t want to be adopted because I felt that would spilt us up, if I had known we could have stayed together and been adopted, I would love it, I always wanted a family”. Referring to his siblings, Phillip never wanted to leave nor stay away from then as he felt it would mean him turning his back on them.

thuggizzle life

Phillip Hodge always devotes his time, talent and treasure to a non-profit organization known as ‘Thuggizzle Cares’, an organization he founded been motivated by his experiences in life and on one occasion, he watched a close relative died of cancer, Thuggizzle Cares implements more than 20 different services serving across everyone in the world today.

I let God decide who we go out there to help. At the end of the day, I’m no different than the next man except I have God in my life” said Thuggizzle. “I I have been able to open doors and help others through them” he continued. Phillip Hodge mission is to make the world a better for all to live in. Coupled with drive and passion the talented hip-hop artist seems unstoppable and as long as he is breathing he will make the world love his music.

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Celebrated Fashion Influencer ‘Pauline Baly’ Shares Opinion Fashion Pressure in French Capital

It has been an amazing year for celebrated model and actress ‘Pauline Baly’. The beautiful model whose heart is that of a pure gold shares her opinion about fashion and lifestyle on her Parisian home. She is well known to have strong influence in both fashion and current issues regarding the society today such as women fashion lifestyle in Paris. Often times Pauline shares photos of herself, her wardrobe and trips on her 450+ Instagram followers account.  However thoughts and appearances can be deceiving as Pauline claims that she feels often not good when she goes for a stroll in the French capital, Paris.

Over the years harassment and mistreatment of women has always been widely known and tolerated in the world and the just fight for this cancerous growth remains the paramount do-to list for many women, especially Pauline Baly.  In one of her latest posts on instagram, she apparently brought up this growing societal phenomenon which is connotes female gender mistreatment.

In her own words she says “Recently, during a photo shoot I was a victim of provocative glances and insults because of this outfit which was deemed too sexy … I’m regularly harassed in my own hometown, whether it’s simple insistent glances or insults or persistent following in the street”. Ever since she made this revelation the post has generated hundreds of reactions many women from all over world have related to the words of Pauline and have pledged their support to change this societal mediocre.

Pauline also expresses the feeling that women are now afraid of getting pretty before leaving home. In fear of being judged or abused, they choose to hide and to comply with a certain social conformity.  “I know many women who have renounced wearing a dress or a skirt, they now dress to blend into the crowd for fear of harassment and aggressions” said Pauline.

She remains enraged by the growing number of women who are daily humiliated and assaulted and frightened by this phenomenon, which seems quite normal in the minds of stalkers.

Pauline is not only troubled by the harassment of women by men but she also raises the fingers towards the female gentry who is partly responsible for this phenomenon. “I wanted to point out that many women unconsciously support this growing phenomenon “

Pauline Baly seems to have put in her truest ideas in fighting this growing phenomenon eating up our society but on the other hand some women support this indirectly. “We all have flaws, we must learn to accept them and finally love each other” said Pauline. For women together, it is important to show feminine solidarity and be kind to each other to stop the decline of women’s freedom. I cannot stand by and watch and we must not stand by and watch. Well said indeed.

About Pauline Baly

Pauline Baly is a beautiful French actress, model and career woman who want to empower other ladies in the fight against women harassment and stereotypes. Pauline has a vast knowledge in fashion industry. Coupled with drive and passion she is unstoppable.

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UN Ambassador H.E. Roy Fernandes Successfully Carved His Name in the Market as One of the most Talented Protocol Officials & Goodwill Ambassador Working for IIMSAM, UNITED NATIONS

A fervent campaigner of The Intergovernmental Institution for the use of microalgae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM), continues shows his prowess and passion in the job having successfully carved his name as one of the best protocol officers that keep every IIMSAM event smooth and free from cultural mistakes. Roy hails from Dubai & is known for making anything possible for the people of Dubai, who are stuck in situations.

H.E. Roy FernandesDebonair that he is, Roy started at the bottom but showed passion for his visions of a better world. In no time, he has proved that he means business when it comes to fighting alongside IIMSAM against malnutrition through the use of microalgae Spirulina. Today, Roy is a well-known public figure passionately making his mark in what he is good at – helping others.

While running a charitable arm, Roy is also known to be a private man living in a gated community in the upscale market. Moreover, Roy is a man with work aesthetics that makes appearing in public a little complicated. Though he is more of a private person for a public figure, he shows he is an achiever in the truest sense.

It is evidenced with his holding the position of UN’s Goodwill Ambassador. Throughout his career, he has worked with many causes, extending help in any way he can, and also personally witnessed their successes. It is commendable that Roy can unite with a campaign without much attention to him, which helps to bring the focus more to the campaign’s cause.

Professionally, Roy is a Protocol Official whose responsibilities are many and critical. To some people, his profile is confusing, but that is because his duty is more than what the name suggests. For instance, whenever there is an event, Roy’s task is to ensure it covers the big picture and the purpose of the said event.

It involves Roy to ensure the most important considerations are taken cared of such as the people who need to be invited having received a proper invitation. It is a crucial task that he personally settles to ensure everything is according to what it needs to be, which also includes the appropriate set up of the venue.

Having been in the protocol department for years, Roy has been involved in countless events with attention and coordination as expected for someone his caliber. It is his experience along with communicative skills, agility, and humility that gave him the opportunity to whittle his name in this market and be recognized as one executive of IIMSAM.

Intergovernmental Institution for the use of microalgae Spirulina for Malnutrition (IIMSAM) is an entity dedicated in the scientific research and humanitarian use of Spirulina for food, specifically in the ending of malnutrition. IIMSAM’s purpose is to disseminate Spirulina as an instrument for fighting the severe malnutrition rampant globally.

Contact Person: HE. Maradona , Secretary General.
Phone: +447988555555
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates


Keeping it Authentic – Take the Top Tips for Branding and Marketing

The key to a business’ success is branding. It creates a persona for your company that clicks and resonates with customers. It not only builds a strong following but also raises revenue through increased purchase. Hence, when you plan to hire a branding agency, it needs to chart out a course that reflects authenticity. The stories and visions your brand will project should be the ones that feel real to the customers and reflect the integrity of identity.

Research has it that reflection of a few traits in your brand image helps it project authenticity, thus, bringing the benefits mentioned above. Incorporating these tips and ideas into the brand identity will make sure it stays as authentic as possible.

Top tips to authenticate your branding and marketing:

  • Confidence tops the list

Authenticity and confidence go hand in hand. If you are not projecting confidence the right way, customers will find it hard to believe your statements and promises. So, know who you are, what you want to deliver and match it with your promises. The deviation is tempting, but its best for your brand to hold up to what you promised, which will also reflect your sincerity.

  • Understand your personality and brand goals

Whenever interacting with your audience, be it through a branding and design agency or on your own, make sure to keep it clear about your brand personality and goals. Have a clear understanding of what you stand for and what you want to achieve. Hence, whoever is spreading a message and on whichever platform, it should be in sync with the goals and nature.

  • Reflect consistency

Consistency speaks for itself; you do not need to back it up with any strategy. It sends a very strong message for the brand’s authenticity. Hence, when the hired branding agency sets a benchmark for your brand, keep the quality, branding or service as close to it as possible. In this way, customers will know what they are getting and will not have to give a second thought when interacting with your brand.

  • Ditch stock imagery, if any

Stock imageries are too formal to be authentic, with models wearing tuxedos and posing as a professional. It’s best to chuck such photos. Instead, ask your branding agency’s representative to replace them with real pictures of your working team to reflect a more authentic brand.

  • Present your audience with a story

Forming your company must have been a long journey with a lot of roadblocks on the path. Share it with your audience. Tell them what inspired you to overcome the hurdles at every step. Moreover, tell them what made you start with the company’s idea. Stories are an authentic way of making a place in people’s heart and establishing brand identity.

  • Be passionate to serve

Being passionate ensures you will take authentic steps to serve your customers and other stakeholders. Stick to your roots and the purpose you established the brand for. Incorporating these tips into creating your brand identity with the help of a branding agency will garner trust among customers. It will also help you build an authentic brand image.


Ruby Green Announces Candidacy for Public Defender

Assistant Public Defender Ruby Lenora Green has officially announced her candidacy for Broward County’s Public Defender in the 2020 election. Green, 31, a native of Pompano Beach, has served in the Broward County Public Defender’s office since 2012.

During her tenure as an Assistant Public Defender, Green has held leadership roles such as Chief of County Court, Misdemeanor Division Supervisor and Lead Felony Attorney. Green continues to handle a wide array of complex criminal cases and frequently partners with community agencies to secure housing, substance abuse programs, and mental health treatment for indigent clients.

“I have dedicated my career to public service and would be honored to serve the citizens of Broward County as their Public Defender, said Green. “I have worked in the trenches and know what it means to come from nothing. I plan on continuing to work with organizations in the community and the talented attorneys in the Public Defender’s office to erase the public defender stereotype, boost morale and promote criminal justice reform to make the system work for all the citizens of Broward County. I’m here to represent change and innovation along with equality and fairness.”

Green has been actively involved in the community for decades. She is currently the Treasurer of the Broward County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Community Pulse Chair of the T.J. Reddick Bar Association, where she served as the organization’s past President and Secretary. She is an active member of New Leaders Council of Broward County, the Judicial Diversity Initiative, the Broward County Bar Association, and the League of Women Voters. Green has served in various civic activities such as mentoring and volunteering with the Village Project Urban League of Broward County, Dillard Day Care Thanksgiving Reading Program, Ronald McDonald House Volunteer, Boys and Girls Club, William Dandy Middle Pre-Law Program, Broward Outreach Center and she created a Street Law program in 2015 that focused on students at Dillard High School. She is a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Notably, she was awarded Legacy Miami’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders of Today and Tomorrow, given a Presidential Service Award, has hosted various ‘Know Your Rights’ forums and Restoration of Rights Community Town Halls.

According to Green, most of her clients struggle with the long-term effects of mental illness, poverty, drug and substance abuse issues. Public Defenders are entrusted with protecting their constitutional rights. “A good defense, at times includes connecting indigent defendants with resources in the community, which reduces recidivism and which in turn reduces crime.”

Forging stronger connections with the community and the office of the Public Defender, along with Green’s passion in fighting for equality for all and upholding the Constitution, are at the heart of her run for office. “I want to put the faith back into our abilities,” said Green.

“All people should be treated fairly, with dignity, and civility as human beings. It has been said the most inspiring ideal of our society is equal justice under the law, it is the proximate cause for which our entire legal system exists…it is fundamental that justice should be the same in substance, availability, without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, the nature of charges against them or their socio-economic status, ” said Green. “The Public Defender should be a vital and active link between the community and the criminal justice system. The Broward Public Defender’s office needs change. I look forward to solving challenges together with the people of Broward County.”

If elected, Ruby Green could be the first Black woman to become Broward County Public Defender and possibly the first Black woman to take on that role in the State of Florida. Keep eyes on her for history in the making!

Learn more about Ruby Green by visiting her website.


Marko Stout is Crushing It in the Art World!

“Marko Stout’s Art is Amazing! He’s Totally Crushing It!”, says Kaya Jones the lead singer of “The Pussycat Dolls”. Kaya is one of many celebrity fans collecting Marko Stout’s artworks. New York City’s top art has been reinventing the local art scene with his recent high-profile celebrity filled shows at major NYC galleries this year. Marko Stout has invigorated and brought fresh new life into the dying New York art scene.

marko stout

Marko Stout’s 2018 shows at Caelum Gallery and the legendary Gallery MC have completely changed the way people are looking at art. The artist’s exhibitions have been flooded with young enthusiastic art fans and celebrity art collectors. The legendary famed art dealer Taylor Cohen said of the artist, “I’ve not seen this kind of excitement for an opening since Jeff Koon’s retrospective at the Whiney Museum or the Basquiat exhibition”.

Marko Stout’s celebrity fan and collectors is base extensive. Many of Marko Stout’s celebrity fans have posted brief YouTube videos congratulating the artist on his long-awaited exhibition. MTV’s Snooki from the hit series “The Jersey Shore” is a big fan of the artist and when asked she said, “I love Marko Stout, his work is totally awesome!” Carson Kressley, star of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” talked extensively in his video about being a really huge fan of the artist and quipping, “Marko Stout’s work is Amaz-Balls!” Another celebrity fan of Stout’s is “Million Dollar Listing LA” star Madison Hildebrand who said, “Thank you for sharing your art with us! The world is excited to see it!”


“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Catilyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian are also big fans and in a video they talk about being very excited for the artist’s show and can wait for his New York exhibition. “Miss America 2018” Carla Mund, is also a fan of the artist saying, “I’m also an art scholar and really big fan! Marko Stout is an inspiration for all future artists”.

The artist’s celebrity fans also include Pussycat Dolls lead singer Kaya Jones who said, “Marko Stout’s art is amazing! He’s totally crushing it!” and “The Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison who said of the exposition,” it’s so exciting! I think Marko Stout is really cool!”. RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Shangleais another big fan and wished the artist a major “con-drag-ulations” and went on to talk of Stout’s “charisma, uniqueness, never and talent”.


Despite this currently depressed art market Marko Stout remains the art world exception with record breaking sales and crowd size growing with each exhibition. He’s currently New York’s artist of the moment with many in the media are now comparing him to Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons.