Collison resigns from NBA at 31 to focus on faith

Veteran guard Darren Collison has decided to retire from the NBA after 10 seasons primarily to concentrate on helping the less fortunate through his Jehovah’s Witnesses faith, he told .

“While I still love basketball, I know there is something more important, which is my family and my faith,” Collison said. “I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and my faith means everything to me. I receive so much joy from volunteering to help others and participate in a worldwide ministry. The joy I feel is unmatched. With that being said, I have decided to retire from the NBA.”

The 31-year-old, who has made $43 million during his NBA career, was on focus to verify a $10 million to $12 million yearly pay in free agency this late spring, as indicated by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. In any case, after long consultation with operator Bill Duffy, Collison at last settled on retirement.

Collison arrived at the midpoint of 12.5 focuses and 5.0 assists 708 games through 10 seasons. The 2010 All-NBA new kid on the block determination played for the New Orleans Hornets, Dallas Mavericks, LA Clippers, Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers. He is one of 26 players in NBA history to average at any rate 10 points and 3.5 assists per game in each of his first 10 seasons.

Collison expressed gratitude toward a few teammates and NBA stars who inspired him during his career.

“I’m also appreciative of that great friendships that I have earned from my teammates, coaches, and front office personnel that I will treasure for a lifetime,” Collison wrote Friday. “Players such as Victor Oladipo, Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James that had a major impact on me competing at the highest level. I either have a close relationship with those that I have mentioned or they inspired me to work harder.”

Oladipo was among Collison’s former teammates to wish him well on social media on Friday night.

Collison said in the letter that while he had done his best to help the less fortunate, he will now have the ability to do more in retirement. He also plans on spending more time in ministry in his Jehovah’s Witnesses faith, which he says has made him a better person.

“Basketball has been my life since I was a child,” Collison wrote Friday. “I could never imagine finding anything that brings me more joy than I get from playing the game.”

Collison strongly thanked Duffy for his years of services. His biggest expression of gratitude, however, was directed at his wife, Keyosha.

“She has guided our family through everything you could imagine during the many NBA seasons,” Collison said. “From the amount of moves that we’ve made, the day-to-day challenges we faced and all the while dealt with the emotions of an up and down season. She is our strength.”


Angels take 4th straight as A’s get their Andersons Tanned

Angels 8 Athletics 3

The Angels respected the scalding Oakland Athletics back to the Big An on Thursday evening with a pail of ice to the face. The A’s were coming in fresh off a two-game scope of the St. Louis Cardinals helped by a shutout from Mengden and Co., however would wind up emblematically marginalized by their hosts.

It wasn’t a simple begin using any and all means. For the second successive begin, Griffin Canning failed to secure the absolute first player of the game for 10 pitches. He would enable a stroll to Matt Chapman a short time later, lastly strolled off the hill after 26 pitches aggregate. It was the sort of inning that can get a person, a team, and a fanbase down.

As though to affirm that everybody should feel awful, Ramon Laureano opened the following inning by drawing another long full tally before propelling one toward the stones. Canning figured out how to escape the second without permitting whatever else, however had officially tossed 42 pitches. Things did not turn upward.

Obviously, the lineup had something to say about that as they so often have in the month of June.

Justin Upton faced Tanner Anderson and nobody anticipated much. Anderson has been a righty serial killer, so observing Justin Upton ground the ball to Marcus Semien was obvious. Nonetheless, the bat broke and the barrel came flying at the shortstop’s face, making him duck (I’m glad he did because it looked like it was going to impale his eye socket). The delay allowed Upton to reach first after he ran hard down the line.

After a wild pitch brought Upton to second, Kole Calhoun put the screws to a baseball and never gotten back to it. The Angels were up 2-1, and this lead would not dissipate.

Griffin Canning, overflowing with freshly discovered resolve, followed in the third inning with his initial 1-2-3 inning of the night. The Angels did not go 1-2-3 in the following side.

In fact, 1-2-3 runs scored due only to Angels bats and 2 more were included by the exemplary Athletics resistance bug. Tommy La Stella singled and Shohei Ohtani did the unfathomable once more.

That contribute was down and. That was ostensibly as difficult to hit well as the one he squashed off Luis Severino in 2018, with the exception of he hit this one to OPPOSITE-FREAKING-FIELD. What even..?

Justin Upton then singled again without the utilization of a sharp wooden shot. He kept on running the bases well, be that as it may, after another wild pitch escaped. This time, he accepting two additional bases as he never dithered circumventing second. Kole Calhoun was then deliberately strolled to set it up for Albert Pujols.

The thing is, he lined it into center for a solitary. It unquestionably ought not have been. Possibly the third run shouldn’t have scored in light of the fact that Laureano has a freaking laser cannon. In any case, Laureano attempted to get this show on the road extravagant and let the ball drop before him so he could go after a fielder’s choice (and possibly the most strange LIDP you’ve at any point seen) at second. He tossed way offline, and Upton scored as Pujols chugged into first for a single that could have easily been a lineout.

The inning got considerably progressively fun in some way or another. Andrelton Simmons hit a long foulout to right field and both runners advanced. Truly, Pujols was sheltered in the wake of labeling up and sliding into second. This aggressive and alert baserunning paid dividends when Luis Rengifo found a hole to score both of the men in scoring position.

And afterward it was never a competition again. Griffin Canning locked in and transformed the frustrating and short appearance into a quality begin, with just 3 hits permitted, 2 ER on 2 solo shots, 6 strikeouts, and that first inning walk. He left with 91 pitches tossed after an entire 6 innings and most likely could have returned out for the seventh. Completely staggering.

The Angels would score one more off brand new A Brian Schlitter who allowed an RBI single to Trout and Luis Garcia and Luke Bard would combine to not totally collapse. Tanner Anderson got whupped and Getty Images had the perfect photo to get that point across.


Xanax Abuse & Addiction Affecting Startup Tech Workers

Xanax was introduced into the U.S. market in 1981 and was designed as a safer, less addictive alternative to the more traditional “tranquilizer” drugs that were on the market already such as alcohol and barbiturates. Xanax is often compared to other benzodiazepines such as Valium, yet Xanax (known by its generic name alprazolam) often will differentiate itself by having a shorter half-life, meaning that it rids itself from the body’s system a bit quicker. Xanax usually stays in one’s bodily system for about 12-15 hours at a time. In addition, Xanax shows quick symptom relief – typically within one or two hours after you’ve ingested it.

Like other benzodiazepines (benzos), Xanax is used to treat anxiety and panic attacks since it enhances the effects of GABA, a chemical found in the brain that creates a calming effect over someone. Xanax can be a very addictive prescription drug not only because of the chemical reaction it affects in one’s brain, but because it creates a very calming feeling that those who suffer from anxiety enjoy, such as startup tech workers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere around the world who work very long hours and are constantly under high stress due to their positions, workloads, and other factors affecting their performance. This often leads to these tech workers abusing Xanax and it often leads them down a road to no good.

Xanax is seen as a “quick fix” to help relieve the suffering associated with a generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. In addition, those who take a high dosage of it may experience a high that can help them overcome the downward feelings they encounter at work or off work hours from high anxiety being in the tech world. With this comes working many long hours daily and weekly, where startup employees can often work over 80 hours per week and constantly pushed to work harder.

When Xanax is properly prescribed, used properly, and used with the appropriate medical supervision, it does have meaningful use in therapy. However, the Xanax is often used by those without a prescription, used in ways other than directed, and/or used with other potentially deadly substances. Many times co-workers or friends share their prescription Xanax meds with friends in need, often creating a cycle of prescription drug abuse that is now so common in America.

Some Signs of Xanax Abuse to Look Out for

Both those with and without a prescription can still become addicted to Xanax, and these are some common ways Xanax is abused:

  • You have a prescription for the drug but take more than the prescribed dosage.
  • You require more and more of the drug to feel the effects (i.e. you’ve developed a tolerance to the drug).
  • After developing a tolerance to the drug, you continue to use the drug in order to “act normal.” At this stage, you’ve developed a dependence on the drug.
  • You use Xanax with other drugs and/or alcohol to feel the “calming” effect.
  • You inject or snort the medication.
  • It’s taken recreationally, often obtained by someone without a prescription.

Whether someone develops a Xanax addiction will often depend on the individual. Not everyone who uses it develops an issue with misuse and abuse. The time it takes for a Xanax addiction to develop will often vary from person to person and depends on a variety of factors such as frequency of use, personal brain chemistry, dependency/use of other drugs, and quantity of use – not to mention amount of work stress that often comes with startup life at tech companies.

Drinkers and/or former drug abusers experience significantly greater mental impairment when taking alprazolam compared to others in this category. These individuals are often at greater risk of abusing Xanax and may experience more severe adverse reactions if they do endugle in the drug too.

In addition to this, it’s very important to keep your eye on adolescents ages 18-25 in the startup space and workforce too. According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the rate of Xanax abuse for that group (10.3%) is almost double that of those 26+ (5.7%). These are often recent college grads entering startups or junior managers moving on up the ladder. They’ll often encounter high anxiety and are more prone to abusing Xanax.

Symptoms of Xanax Abuse to Look Out for

In 2010, over 49 million prescriptions for alprazolam were written, making this Xanax the second-most prescribed psychoactive drug that year (hydrocodone was the number one prescription). Not only is this prescription drug widely prescribed, it’s one of the top three prescription drugs abused to make its way to the black market. Although legal prescriptions for benzos have slightly decreased over the past few years due to the amount of increased regulations around the country, illegal drugs like Xanax imposters are increasingly finding their way on the streets.

In addition to the general lack of interest toward work, school, family, hobbies, and/or basic daily responsibilities, other behavioral symptoms to look out for in people abusing this include:

  • Risk-taking behaviors, like driving while using Xanax
  • Obsession over taking Xanax
  • Inability to stop taking the drug despite a desire to
  • Need to take an increased dosage
  • General loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities

Physical symptoms to look for in regards to Xanax abuse include:

  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity, agitation, heart palpitations, mania
  • Dry mouth, slurred speech
  • Tremors, dizziness

Overdose symptoms to look out for in a possible abuser, especially when taken with other drugs and/or alcohol too, or if Xanax was taken crushed up or chewed as opposed to swallowed whole by one:

  • Confusion, extreme drowsiness
  • Slowed heart rate, difficulty breathing
  • Fainting, loss of balance, muscle weakness
  • Coma

Finding Addiction Treatment for Xanax Abusers

Xanax is an addictive drug and treatment for this addiction is available. Many of those friends or family that are addicted to Xanax are able to successfully rehabilitate and live a healthy, sober life with the assistance of professional, medical guidance at an inpatient drug rehab program.

Since Xanax is most often misused with a combination of other substance abuse drugs such as opioids and/or alcohol, it is best to seek out addiction treatment while under medical supervision at a residential treatment center.

If Xanax is the only drug abused by you or a loved one, it is still recommended that the addiction treatments involve a medically-trained professional. Going “cold turkey” is not recommended for kicking this drug. The withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and their severity can vary quite a bit too. Convulsions are possible, and in this case, withdrawal from Xanax can be deadly. With the help of an expert trained staff, the Xanax detox and withdrawal process typically involves reducing the dosage of Xanax at first, then gradually tapering one off of the drug, and other combined therapy to help address the situation over the long-term.

Overall, a medical detox combined with an individualized addiction treatment plan is the best option for someone looking to recover from a Xanax addiction and live life sober and happy. If you’re trying to be the next Steve Jobs in the startup tech space, Xanax abuse and addiction will most likely derail you from your dreams.


The Changing Face of the British High Street

It was Napoléon Bonaparte that said of Great Britain that it is a nation of shopkeepers. Indeed, arguably one of the UK’s most prominent Prime Minister’s Margaret Thatcher, was the daughter of shopkeepers. However, the British High Street is changing at a rapid rate as shoppers prefer to do much of their purchases online.

Figures from the Local Data Company in 2017 revealed that there was only one town throughout the entire UK that did not have any vacant shops. Meanwhile, almost a fifth of all shops were empty in high streets within Yorkshire.

If the current trend continues, the high street shop vacancy rate looks set to rise above the national average of 15%. 

According to data from the Ordnance Survey, Estate agents, travel agents, building societies, recruitment companies, off-licenses and pubs are disappearing the fastest. Bingo halls are another fixture of the high street that have been in decline. From over 1200 bingo venues in the 1990’s to around a third of that number now, UK bingo news is filled with bingo halls are being turned into accommodation or pubs up and down the country.

Although Britain has officially yet to leave the European Union, the effects have already been felt. In UK investing news, consumer confidence is down and business confidence has been stuttering. Retail outlets have been bracing themselves for Britain’s divorce from the EU and this has involved cutting costs and closing stores. 

Consumer Spending Habits

A big factor behind the changing face of the British High Street has been the changes in consumer spending habits. Whilst we no longer feel the need to book a holiday through a high street travel agent, we certainly like drinking our coffee or visiting a discount store in our high streets.

The number of coffee shops, discount stores and charity shops has risen, particularly in Wales. socially minded consumers are turning their backs on larger brands (but still buying their coffee in American branded coffee shops). Online spending is increasing every year as we get more and more used to buying online. Weekly shops via out of town superstores or online are changing the dynamics of the high street visitor. These offer no parking issues, no weather concerns and often, can work out cheaper.

Getting high-quality independent shops and boutiques back into the high streets is a challenge the local councils must tackle. Rent subsidiaries and incentives must be given in order to prevent every other shop being a fast food establishment, a bookmaker, or a generic American coffee shop. We as consumers need to rethink our shopping habits too. Support the local shops and the high streets will thrive more.

Business Politics

H.E. Dr. Dario Item presents credentials to the King of Spain Felipe VI

It is in the Official Chamber of the Royal Palace where the new ambassador presents the Letters of Credence before His Majesty the King. After a brief meeting with the Head of State, the ambassador leaves the Royal Palace in the official vehicle to the sound of the Spanish Anthem.

Felipe VI received in the Royal Palace of Madrid the credentials letters of the ambassadors of Antigua and Barbuda, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Uzbekistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil and Senegal.

The first to present his credentials to the King was the Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, Dario Item, followed by the Ambassador of Kuwait, Ayadah M. A. Alsaidi; the Ambassador of Costa Rica, Ana Helena Chacón Echevarría; the Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Jakhongir Ganiev; the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Louise Nzanga Ramazani; the Ambassador of Brazil, Pompeu Andreucci Neto; and the Ambassador of Senegal, Mariame Sy Epse Sy.

The presentation of credentials to the Head of State is a necessary requirement for the full incorporation of ambassadors into their respective legations. The seven new ambassadors arrived successively at the Royal Palace in a carriage following a protocol with National Heritage civilian personnel dressed in period costumes. Upon arrival, a detachment of members of the Royal Guard welcomed them to the Patio of the Armory to the sound of the national anthems of each of the countries.

The protocol establishes that the King waits in the centre of the room for the announcement of the name of the new diplomatic representative, who stands in front of Felipe VI and gives him his credentials. He then introduces him to his collaborators, who are also present at the ceremony.

Josep Borrell, Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Jaime Alfonsín, head of the King’s House, Alfonso Sanz Pórtoles, diplomatic adviser of the King’s House, and the field assistant of the Military Chamber are usually witnesses of this moment. 

Subsequently, the new ambassadors hold a meeting with the King in which they discuss bilateral relations and other matters of interest.

What does an ambassador do?

In simple terms, an Ambassador must:

  • Represent his Country and protect its interests;
  • Establish and negotiate relations with the political class of the accrediting State;
  • Face and try to contain possible crisis situations;
  • Promote the image of the Country;
  • Exercise the functions of the Consulate (in Countries where there is none);
  • Study political and commercial problems and prepare cooperation projects with different countries.

Nigeria vs Guinea, AFCON 2019: Prediction, head-to-head, Match details and live streaming

The build-up to Nigeria’s 2019 Africa Cup of Nations conflict against Guinea was loaded with drama.

Players refused to face the media and appeared late for preparing due to not being paid a portion of the cash they had been promised.

Officials later said that the matter had been resolved. The money owed to players was for daily allowances and for their win against Burundi.

Yet, there is some good news for the Super Eagles.

Samuel Kalu, who crumbled during preparing a week ago because of extreme lack of dehydration, is completely fit to play in Wednesday’s Africa Cup of Nations game against Guinea, mentor Gernot Rohr affirmed.

“The very good news is that Kalu did again yesterday in Cairo an MRI and it is now 100% sure that he is fit and he will be available for the game,” he said.

“He already started training with the team so we are happy about that because everybody was a little bit scared when this happened.”

The Bordeaux player was hurried to hospital Friday suffering from severe dehydration due to severe heat. Temperatures expected to hover between 35 and 38 Celsius (95-100.4 Fahrenheit) over the next month in Egypt.

He missed Nigeria’s 1-0 win upon Burundi on Saturday in the opening match in Group B in Alexandria

Guinea, in the interim, will be reinforced by the arrival of Naby Keita.

Hurt during the primary leg of Liverpool’s Champions League semi-showdown with Barcelona, Keita spent nearly two months out before making his comeback in the final 30 minutes of Saturday’s 2-2 draw with a plucky Madagascar.

“He gives a lot, he’s a leader in his own way. We need him. He helps us benefit from his experience in big matches. It’s a bonus to have him,” forward Sory Kaba, scorer of the first goal against Madagascar, told AFP.

Guinea drew 2-2 against Madagascar. While still top picks to progress from their group, not losing is as significant as a success.

Prediction, head-to-head and TV stream


It’s a tight call. Nigeria’s likelihood of winning is hit into half. The draw is at 31% while Guinea have an insignificant 19% shot of winning.


The different sides have met 17 times. Nigeria have won five and Guinea have won five. The seven other matches ended in a draw. Their most recent meeting was in 2011. That ended in a 2-2 draw.

Where and what time to watch

Kick off is at 16:30 SAST.

In Africa, SuperSport 4 and 10 will broadcast the match and the opening ceremony.

Elsewhere: Eurosport Player (UK) and beIN Sports Connect (U.S.).


CISI Training: Methods for Dealing with Inflation Risk

Relevant to the following CISI qualifications: ICWIM, ICAWM, Securities, Risk in Financial Services


Inflation risk can be defined as the risk that the value of physical or financial assets will be eroded by inflation. To protect against that loss, investment managers need to employ one or more of several tried and tested methods.

Investors generally choose investments that offer “insurance” against inflation risk. However, it is important to remember that the overall risk of an investment comes from all risk sources, not just the risk of inflation.

Inflation hedging, which takes into account the co-movements of inflation rates and asset returns from period to period, is one of the most commonly used methods for managing inflation risk. The less influence the rate of inflation has on the real return of an investment, the more effective the inflation hedge will be for the investment.

Popular hedges against inflation include property, equities, or commodities that generally have a rising value. Studies of periods of high inflation in the 1970s and 1980s show that, in the mid-term, earnings and the dividend growth rates of equities at least kept pace with inflation.

A popular method for managing inflation risk is the use of inflation protection, which examines the inflation risk of an asset and assesses whether that asset’s real return will be lower than a specific target return (such as zero) at the end of a determined investment period. One downside to using this risk metric is that it only takes into consideration the probability of negative deviations from the target return, but not the amount of them.

The third main method is the inflation swap. Here, the swap involves the use of inflation derivatives (or inflation-indexed derivatives) to transfer inflation risk from one party to another and protect against future liabilities. The derivatives used may be over-the-counter or exchange-traded derivatives.


  • Check that the dividend yields and payout ratios of your chosen method are suitably high and at least in line with inflation.
  • Assess each method thoroughly to determine which is likely to give your assets the best protection against inflation.
  • Run full risk management scenarios that take into account all risks, not just inflation.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Take into account all risk factors, not just the risk of inflation.
  • Calculate the probability and amount of any shortfall when making inflation-proof investment decisions.
  • Review your decisions if the global economy starts shifting unexpectedly, as you may need to adjust your portfolio for the best protection.


  • Don’t assume that traditionally inflation-proof investments such as property are a safe haven. For example, during the credit crunch of 2007–08, the real value of both property and equities fell steeply while inflation rose sharply.


Taking practical steps to deal with inflation risk minimizes both the possibility of real losses and any losses themselves should they occur.


There is no guarantee that any methods used will protect completely against inflation, and there will always be a degree of risk. The real return of an investment is always uncertain, even for safe assets such as default-free zero-coupon bonds that have a maturity equal to the length of the investment period, even though the nominal cash flow is guaranteed.

Tadawul Academy is an Accredited CISI Training Partner that delivers training in English and Arabic. You can learn more at

Tadawul owns and operates the first bilingual learning portal for CISI in the world:

Tadawul delivers CISI training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Tadawul’s portfolio includes: CISI IISI, CISI ICWIM, CISI ICAWM, CISI IFQ, CISI Securities, CISI Risk, CISI Derivatives, and many more.


NBA awards: Antetokounmpo wins MVP, Doncic top rookie

Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo turned into the second European player to be chosen the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, winning the respect on Monday night at the alliance’s awards show in Santa Monica, Calif.

Luka Doncic, the No. 3 generally speaking choice who was exchanged to the Dallas Mavericks on draft day in 2018, won the Rookie of the Year Award.

Antetokounmpo, a 24-year-old from Greece, joins Germany’s Dirk Nowitzki (2006-07 Dallas Mavericks) as European NBA MVPs.

The main other non-United States players to capture the respect were Nigeria’s Hakeem Olajuwon (1993-94 Houston Rockets) and Canada’s Steve Nash (2004-05 and 2005-06 Phoenix Suns). What’s more, double cross MVP Tim Duncan (2001-02 and 2002-03 San Antonio Spurs) was conceived in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Antetokounmpo got 78 first-place votes, well ahead of the 23 for fellow MVP finalist James Harden of the Rockets, last season’s winner. The third finalist, Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder, got no first-place votes.

“Two, three years ago, I had the goal in my head, that goal to be the best player in the league,” Antetokounmpo said. “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win, and I’m going to win MVP. And every time I step on the floor, I think of my dad, and that motivates me to play harder and move forward even when my body is sore, I don’t feel like playing, I’m always going to show up and I’m going to do the right thing.”

“The Greek Freak” averaged 27.7 points, 12.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 1.5 blocks and 1.3 steals in 72 games.

Bucks general manager Jon Horst, who was selected the Executive of the Year on Monday, said in a statement, “We are beyond proud of Giannis for earning his first MVP award. This well-deserved honor is due to his relentless hard work and dedication in becoming the most impactful player in the NBA. Giannis propelled the Bucks to great heights last season with his leadership, drive and unselfish play. His grace on and off the court has made him one of the most admired players in the world.”

Antetokounmpo additionally was a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year, which went to Utah Jazz focus Rudy Gobert for the second year straight. George additionally was a possibility for the protective respect.

Doncic got 98 of the 100 votes, with Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks getting the other two. The third finalist was the top pick in last season’s draft, Phoenix Suns focus Deandre Ayton.

“First of all, I want to congratulate Trae and Deandre for amazing seasons, and not just them, but the whole rookie class. I think it’s amazing, and we can make something big,” Doncic said while accepting the award.

Named Most Improved Player was power forward Pascal Siakam of the NBA champion Toronto Raptors, who prevailed upon the honor individual finalists De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings and D’Angelo Russell of the Brooklyn Nets. Like Doncic, Siakam fled with the honor, accepting 86 out of 100 votes.

Los Angeles Clippers protect Lou Williams was picked the Sixth Man of the Year for the third time, coordinating Jamal Crawford for the most occasions winning the honor. The main other double cross champs of the Sixth Man grant were Kevin McHale, Ricky Pierce and Detlef Schrempf.

Different finalists for the Sixth Man grant were Williams’ partner Montrezl Harrell and the Indiana Pacers’ Domantas Sabonis.

Mentor of the Year went to the Bucks’ Mike Budenholzer, who beat out individual finalists Doc Rivers of the Los Angeles Clippers and Michael Malone of the Denver Nuggets.

Doncic, a 20-year-old gatekeeper who averaged 21.2 focuses, 7.8 bounce back and 6.0 aids 32.2 minutes per game, is Dallas’ second Rookie of the Year champ, joining Jason Kidd, a co-victor with Grant Hill in the 1994-95 season. Doncic played in 72 diversions last season.

Youthful a point guard, averaged 19.1 points, 8.1 assists and 3.7 rebounds in 30.9 minutes per game last season. He played in 81 of the team’s 82 contests. A year ago, Young, the No. 5 overall draft pick in 2018, was dealt from Dallas to Atlanta along with a 2019 first-round pick in exchange for Doncic.

Siakam averaged 16.9 points, 6.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists over 31.9 minutes and played in 80 games. ESPN noted that Siakam, a third-year player whom the Raptors drafted with the 27th overall pick in 2016, increased his point total by 9.6 points per game over the 2017-18 season, the biggest gain by any player to have played in 40 games in the consecutive seasons.


Bermuda vs Nicaragua, Gold Cup 2019: Prediction, Preview and Match details

Bermuda will face Nicaragua on Monday at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey. Both national teams lost their initial two games in Group B and with no focuses to their names are remaining on the bottom, while Costa Rica and Haiti are on the top. With no way for movement to the knockout stage, Bermuda and Nicaragua need to play in this game for the third spot.

Bermuda vs Nicaragua Match Info

Match date: 24th Jun 2019

Kick-Off: 11.30 pm

Arena: Red Bull Arena, New Jersey

Head to Head Record

This will be the sides first head-to-head conflict ever, as Bermuda play their first Gold Cup competition ever.

Bermuda vs Nicaragua Match Preview

Bermuda and Nicaragua have both lost their chances to advance toward the knockout stages from the Group B after initial two outings, as they meet for their Matchday 3 Gold Cup clash on Monday night playing for pride and hoping to state their goodbyes in great spirits.

Gombey Warriors have put on intense difficulties in front of Haiti (2-1) and Costa Rica (2-1) yet goals from Dante Leverock and Nahki Wells still demonstrated nothing more except for comfort. They will currently need more and we expect them persuaded to get it going at Red Bull Arena despite no high stakes involved.

Nicaragua have seen a whipping 4-0 loss to Costa Rica on the opening day of the crusade and it was fairly hard to see them bounce back, where Haiti packed away a 0-2 with two first-half goals and sent them out of the competition with a game still to be played.

Blue and Whites have more Gold Cup involvement yet they’ve scarcely been on the triumphant end recently, which makes it difficult to back the famous sentiment Henry Duarte’s men are the top picks here. They should put on even more a test however regardless we don’t see them taking each of the three points.

We will subsequently go for the sides to share the focuses and back a Draw at 11/5 with William Hill, which feels like the best way to deal with the installation as Bermuda indicated all the more right off the bat in the challenge yet Nicaragua apparently have more profundity in quality and more to play for here.

We’ve seen both sides struggling to keep it together at the back and we thus hope to see attacking approach on both ends, which has us hoping for goals once again and backing a Yes on Both teams to score – which comes at 73/100 with William Hill and looks a great approach to the fixture by itself.


Wealth does not mean Greed

In every society, there are different income levels and some people refer to this as the rich and the poor. The rich are often referred to as “greedy” and the poor has many labels from lazy to victims of economic inequality. Yes, there are rich or wealthy people who are “greedy” and there are poor or low income people who are systematically subjected to little to no opportunities for economic growth. However, greed is a trait that is shared by both the rich and the poor. Wealth is not greed because anyone – rich or poor can fall into the category of greed. It would be wrong to describe wealth as greed and every rich person as greedy.

Someone who spends 20 hours a week playing video games or watching re-runs on TV is quick to call other people who work an extra 10 hours per week “lovers of money” or materialistic. This is how twisted our human minds have become. Job was a rich man (Job 1:3) and God called Job His servant (Job 1:8) – not for what he owns but his mindset towards what he owns. In a place like the US, there are neighborhoods where low income people generally live in. Some refer to these places as “ghetto” or “trailer parks” depending on the color of the skin of those living in these communities. There are several reasons why people live in places like these but I’m only going to list three so I can move on to the subject of greed.

  • The individual doesn’t mind living in such community.
  • Such community is where their income level forces them to live in.
  • Some have a strategic plan for lower living expenses in order to save up money for future endeavors.

There is nothing wrong with anyone living in any low income community for whatever reason(s). At the same time, this doesn’t automatically mean that the person living in a low income community is humble or not greedy. It also doesn’t give anyone the right to label someone like Bill Gates “greedy” simply because he chose to live in a place that is not only safe for him based on his life accomplishment but he can also easily afford it without breaking the bank. Unless you have substantial proof that someone is selfish and complains a lot about what they don’t have while living a life of luxury that they cannot afford, then your claim of greed is baseless. It just makes you sound weak and uninformed. Like it’s often said: Never judge a book by its cover. It is better to read and understand its content before reaching a conclusion.

There are people in places like New York who pay a monthly rent that is more than a down payment for a mansion in some places like Texas. Not to mention the $20 Million dollar one bedroom studios in New York that is worth twice as much as ten different “million dollar” mansions combined. If someone in Texas owns and can afford five of those mansions as source of income, we are quick to call them greedy. But the New York guy who owns and can’t afford his one bedroom worth $20M is given a pass and sometimes pity for “struggling” or trying to catch up.

Jealous and selfish people like Judas (John 12:5-8) will find a way to demonize what other people do with their money by quoting scriptures that are not applicable. This is done with a covetous mindset because these individuals would rather be the ones to benefit from everything instead of someone else. You can tell from Jesus’ rebuke that Jesus knew it was pure greed and not because Judas cared about the poor deep down in his heart. And who is to say that the woman with the expensive oil(perfume) in John chapter 12 did not already give much more to the poor? We can’t judge people’s generosity or selfishness based on one act. The sad news is that most of us hardly remember to thank God for His blessings because we don’t take the time to count them. We mostly remember to pray when we are in need of God’s help. The “Thank You Lord” prayers are rare and sometimes in non-existence.

We cannot love God more or less when we have it all. We cannot need Him more or less when we have nothing. Thanksgiving and petition for strength to stay strong should be a daily thing regardless of our circumstances. Anything that we value more than God automatically becomes our idol. Things like evil desire, immorality, and greed fall into this category of idolatry – Colossians 3:5. The direction of the zeros in your bank account should not determine when to follow the direction of your hero (Jesus) because zeros come and go but Jesus the hero is the same forever. Call on Him in the day of trouble; Call on Him when you have no physical needs or the need to borrow; Call on Him when in sorrow and He will always be your hero.

Article by – Abraham Inetianbor