Yungg FaZzy, the next future rap star!

Meet Yungg FaZzy, a rapper who uses storytelling and instrumentals as an escape from reality! At only 18 years old, with no manager or label, Yungg FaZzy has grown his music to nearly half a million streams and half a million views on SoundCloud and Instagram, respectively. In his songs, Yungg FaZzy preaches motivation and an attitude of always striving to become a winner, saying he always had to do things himself to ultimately lead him to where he is today. He uses factors in his life such as haters and other peers to motivate himself to become somebody, more particularly, become Yungg FaZzy, a hustler who can never take a loss. I am going to continue watching how hard he works, and how someday he is going to make history in the music industry and the world of rap and hip-hop, and you could join today to watch the rise of a future legend!

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SoundCloud – Yungg FaZzy
Instagram – @realfazzy
Twitter – @reallfazzy


Mariana Donnelly Is Thriving By Doing What She Loves Most

When finding a career in what you love doing, it can be challenging. But for some, the right choice just clicks. For Mariana Donnelly, an up and coming top influencer, she managed to find her calling at a very young age. 

Mariana was born in Minneapolis, MN and has been brought up in a close family atmosphere. Her parents noticed that she had a lot of natural passion for dancing and modeling, so they put Mariana into dance classes and signed her with a modeling agency when she was just two years old!  Later, the family moved to LA and Mariana also became interested in acting. Since then she has been building her career path as a well-known model, actor, dancer and influencer.

Some of her greatest accomplishments so far has been working with well known celebrities such as Tiffany Haddish, Afro B, French Montana, Pentatonix, Whitney Houston, Travis Scott, and Rosalia. 

For now, Mariana is located in Los Angeles, CA, and is furthering her career as a TikTok sensation. We asked Mariana what is the most rewarding part about what she does. She said, “The most rewarding part about making content is that I love the fact I can just be myself and make products come to life”. 

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Vanessa Donnelly Builds Her Skills To Gain A Place In the Fashion Industry

When starting out on your own journey towards success there will be without a doubt obstacles for you to overcome and use to your advantage. In Vanessa Donnelly’s case, she very much had her fair share of misfortune but managed to build her future on a strong foundation.

Growing up, Vanessa Donnelly started her journey in Providence, RI and moved to Jacksonville, FL soon after. At the age of ten, she was uprooted again to Minneapolis, MN where her mother found a job as a librarian. This change led to Vanessa becoming interested in the fashion industry and molding her future career. 

When coming across a wall or obstacle there are a few directions to pick from. You can either decide you do not want to face the wall or find a way around, above, or through it. Vanessa faced her first wall as soon as her interest peaked in the fashion industry. She started by asking questions and getting help from those who had already started in the path. Shortly after though, they started “giving her the run around” and didn’t help at all. Vanessa then decided to bust through the obstacle by teaching herself how to sew and finding her own way in the industry. 

Vanessa is now a well-known fashion designer not only in Minnesota but also in LA. She has designed clothing for various celebrities and is continuing her career to pursue her clothing line of Zenobian Moxis.

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A Short Tale From Broke To Riches By Clark Williams

Influencers today are taking over the world in such a quick wave. In our time stamp 2020, being a YouTuber/Influencer/Entrepreneur is not only now a worthy career option but also something most kids dream of about becoming when they grow up.

A successfully scaled growing YouTuber goes to the name of Clark Williams, also known as OprahSide.
Clark considers himself just a normal kid born in Illinois, United States. He first began his career with YouTube back in 2016, when he would record himself playing video games online because of how talented a video gamer he was. Continuing on with his journey it did not take him long to reach 600k followers! Motivated by this early success he moved to California in 2017 and made a second YouTube channel in the sports reaction niche. Clark claims that although this genre of videos is very popular now, it was originally his idea long ago.

The monetization gained from sports reaction page brought much notoriety and led him to gain around 2 million subscribers! Same year, breaking records he then became a part of Faze Clan known as a professional gamer’s group. Later in 2019, Clark went a step further and launched a clothing brand named “Likemnds”. This was completely different than just regular YouTube merchandise. Clark then realized that clothing designing / creation was something more that he wanted to do forever, even after YouTube. “Likemnds” clothing brand dropped 2 seasons last year being in June and also December. Clark expects to grow and expand into a major streetwear brand over the next coming years. He says he’s known for many appearances some being as the basketball sports guy on YouTube, funniest tweeter on Twitter with over 300M impressions a month, and the guy with a lot of style on Instagram.

Something many people don’t realize about Clark is his passion for success in fashion design. Clark is aiming to be considered amongst the biggest fashion designer in the world one day. Clark’s potential throughout time is what keeps him so motivated to work hard and do well. He looks forward to not only the potential his clothing brand holds but also to all potential in new endeavors on YouTube.


Is Pneumonia Contagious?

Pneumonia is an infection that attacks the lungs causing difficulty in breathing for an infected person. The infection can spread through certain types of virus, bacteria, or fungi, making it contagious. When a person spreads the germs, causing pneumonia, the recipient can develop a range of respiratory infections, including common cold & flu, to severe pneumonia. However, fungal pneumonia can be contracted through environmental factors, and not from one person to another.

According to the Centre for Disease Control in the US, pneumonia can be life-threatening. These days, any respiratory infections, including pneumonia, can be a matter of concern, as it brings the looming threat of Coronavirus. However, not everyone is at the same risk of developing pneumonia when exposed to the virus and a lot depends on a person’s immunity system.

How does Pneumonia spread?

There are various factors behind the transmission of bacterial or viral germs, including;

  • Sneezing and Coughing
  • Sharing same cups and utensils
  • Touching the same un-clean surfaces
  • Not washing hands after attending an infected person or after coughing/sneezing

The topmost risk factor is inhaling the virus through droplets in the air after coming in close contact with the cough or sneeze of a person infected with pneumonia. Children and aged people should maintain distance since they are more prone to such infections.

The virus can also be transmitted through the mouth or eyes, when a person touches a surface that an infected person may have used recently. Also, if the infected person coughs into their hand and then shakes hands with others, it can increase the risk for the second person if they touch eyes, nose, and mouth without washing their hands. 

People can be quite unaware of the term Aspiration Pneumonia, which usually affects adults, particularly those who have a chronic disease or suffers from some neurological issues like stroke, CNS disorders, or Parkinson’s disease. In such cases, people can contract the disease when the intestinal tract passes the pneumonia viruses through food particles or other irritants.


Always seek medical attention when you think any symptoms are similar to pneumonia. Contact the doctor when you experience:

  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath
  • Continuous Chest Pain
  • On-going coughing for weeks
  • Pain around the ribs
  • Fever over 100.4˚F (38˚C) for more than three days
  • Symptoms get worse even after OTC medications

Which types of Pneumonia can be contagious?

According to experts at AMRI Hospitals, bacterial and viral pneumonia are most common and contagious, making most people prone to the disease. Pneumococcal bacteria is the most common cause of infection in the spread of Bacterial Pneumonia. Another form of the disease is ‘Walking Pneumonia,’ which is also a form of bacterial infection with mild symptoms similar to common cold, low fever, fatigue, loss of appetite/taste, and shortness of breath.

Viral Pneumonia is the second most common cause of the infection seen in children below the age of five. However, vaccines are administered after a child’s birth to prevent these kinds of viral infections. Flu and common cold are the foremost causes of viral Pneumonia, whereas SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is a severe condition of pneumonia in adults.

How long is Pneumonia contagious?

Any individual is likely to be contagious with pneumonia for around 7-10 days. Doctors prescribe antibiotics that can decrease the effects of contagion butt, if the duration of illness increases with time or fever returns, one must seek the advice of a doctor.


Manzil Pathan – The World Belongs to that Who Hustle

The name Manzil Pathan is ab big one when it comes to the automobile industry or more like the ever-evolving industry. Being in this field is certainly not a simple work. You need to continually keep yourself refreshed about all that is going around on the business grounds. Simply the most elite can ascend on top and one of them is Manzil Pathan and his venture Custom Car Wheel Studio.

Raised in a business class family, Manzil Pathan was well aware of how the market capacities. He generally had this energy and interest when it came to cars, he became hopelessly enamored with vehicles when he was only a child. He would invest the vast majority of his energy finding out the most recent buzz about vehicles.

He has started his up the hill journey from scratch, and now he has become a powerful young business visionary. The 31-year old has accomplished a great deal in a brief period, the energetic soul was continually enchanted by means of vehicles that as of now has driven him to be the owner of a compelling automobile manufacturing and processing unit. Wandering into this settled market was not as straightforward as it seems now. In the year 2007, he started working with TATA SKY groups, in order to gain a deeper insight into the workplace. He began working at a youthful age and found a few solutions concerning different things about the universe of business. Manzil Pathan has never deferred about work, and his reliability drove himself to surpass desires. With various improving experiences and his energy in the field, he began to recognize to build up his business, and with just a few thousand in his pocket, which started from his bike that he sold in the year 2011, he layed up the foundations of his domain. He began his business with 20,000/ – rupees when he sold his bicycle in the exact year.

The customization of Manzil Pathan’s vehicle workshop gives the old vehicles another look. The workshop of Manzil Pathan’s vehicle gives exceptional hugeness to the condition of the vehicle through fitting channel and customization. His association ensures that the customers will get the best vehicles in a sublime condition that barely depicts being its old version.

According to him, collecting immense proportions of cash has never been something he expected to achieve for the business. He is someone who may keep rising above everyone since he talks it into the real world and thereafter follows up on it. His work has paid off and his success legitimizes itself with genuine proof, proceed to check it for yourself on his Instagram handle @manzil_pathan.


Samsung is jettisoning the bean design, keeping ANC for its next pair of wireless earbuds

Samsung divulged the Galaxy Buds Live, its most current pair of wireless earbuds, back in August. We were enormous enthusiasts of the Buds Live and their novel plan, yet not every person likes vegetables. Presently it would seem that the organization’s next pair of Galaxy Buds will carry a re-visitation of the customary in-ear form factor — as well as some nifty upgrades underneath the surface.

Another report demonstrates that the next generation of Galaxy Buds will continue in strides of the Galaxy Buds and Buds+ with a comparative sealed in-ear design. Like the Buds Live, the new buds will offer active noise cancellation, but since the design differences, it should sound better and block out noise all the more adequately. There will likewise be enhancements in audio quality alongside a vastly improved surrounding mode to permit outside sounds to come through loud and clear.

While the specific release date for Samsung’s next-gen earbuds is obscure right now, gossipy tidbits highlight a concurrent debut close by the Galaxy S21 lineup ahead of schedule one year from now. The Galaxy Buds+ were disclosed at the organization’s Unpacked event simultaneously as the S20 series, so it appears to be likely that we’ll witness a comparable thing once more.

Galaxy Buds “Beyond” is probably one of the product names being thrown around for the upgraded buds. Notwithstanding what name Samsung ends up promoting the new Galaxy Buds under, it seems like they will definitely deliver some invite upgrades with regards to the audio experience.


Norilsk ecology will be reviewed by ERM, the independent environmental company

The ecological incidents happening worldwide nowadays are under discussion as people start to care about the environment. Norilsk ecology has suffered from a massive fuel spill happened in the region and now this case is under investigation.

Some authorities keep blaming Nornickel for the tragedy that occurred in Norilsk, however, it has already been proven that the melting permafrost was the main cause of a diesel spill.

Norilsk Nickel pays attention to ecological issues and that is why it started to eliminate the consequences of the incident immediately. Moreover, Norilsk Nickel has asked ERM, the independent environmental company to conduct transparent research and find the real reasons for a spill.

The article will discuss the main ecological activities led by Norilsk Nickel and show that the industrial giant takes care of nature preservation on all levels.

Norilsk Ecology is Damaged by a Massive Fuel Spill. Norilsk Nickel and ERM are Investigating the Incident

As mentioned above, a massive fuel spill is a huge ecological catastrophe that had a bad impact on Norilsk ecology. Although Norilsk Nickel is not in charge of the incident, Nornickel has started clean-up works immediately in order not to waste precious time.

It has already collected a huge amount of leakage and it is estimated that the damage may cost about RUB21.4BN. Nornickel states that it is ready to cover all the expenses and provide full assistance in order to eliminate the consequences of a fuel spill.

However, Norilsk Nickel assumes that it is blamed for no reason and it wants to investigate this case properly not only for clearing its name but also for preventing such incidents in the future.

That is why Nornickel asked ERM, an international environmental specialist, to help with this case. It will provide an independent review and suggest possible measures that will help to avoid such ecological issues in the future.

Nornickel mentions that it wants to have a transparent and open investigation that will help to protect Norilsk ecology and contribute to nature preservation in the region.

It also notes that ERM has been chosen because:

  • it is a big corporation with than 5,500 people in over 40 countries
  • it provides high-quality consultations in the spheres of environment protection, health, safety, and risk consulting
  •  it has experience of working with top mining companies

However, even though the incident with a massive fuel spill is the major Nornickel’s concern now, it still continues working on other environmental projects in order to protect Norilsk ecology and preserve nature in regions of its operations.

Nornickels Ecological Projects and Main Activities Devoted to Nature Preservation

Nornickel pays special attention to the protection of water, air, biodiversity conservation as well as to the investigation of new ways of recycling and using waste for various purposes.

The main project that has a huge impact on the improvement of the Norilsk ecological situation is the Sulphur project. Nornickel has been working on it for several years and has already completed some of its goals as:

  • Norilsk Plant shutdown
  • the expansion of Nadezhda Plant
  • upgrade of Talnakh Concentrator
  • the total reduction of sulphur dioxide emissions in the Norilsk residential area by 30% and in the Polar Division by 15%

Nornickel keeps working on the Sulphur project mentioning that the level of reductions should be decreased by 90% by 2025.

It also participates in the reduction of a carbon footprint and that is why it has joined the forces with the international corporation, BASF. This draft will help to supply a battery market and will contribute to the development of both industrial giants.

In addition, Nornickel understands that the Arctic region is unique in its nature and it requires special attention. Having lots of natural resources and minerals, this region attracts lots of industrial corporations. But climate change and global warming change the atmosphere and cause the melting of permafrost. That is why it is essential to pay attention to all the alterations and take preventive measures in order to save Norilsk ecology and the environment of the region in general.

Nornickel has organized the great expedition the main aim of which is to:

  • examine the region’s flora and fauna condition
  • provide information about recent changes
  •  investigate the causes of a massive fuel spill
  • provide recommendations for industrial producers

This expedition is divided into two main stages and the first one that was carried out on the field has already been completed. It let the leading scientist collect samples of soil, sediment, water, and plants and put them in the laboratories where they will be further investigated.

It is expected that the laboratory stage will contribute to a thorough examination of ecological issues in the Arctic region and help to develop the solutions that will contribute to sustainable development and nature preservation of the place.

Moreover, Nornickel plans to continue its eco-friendly policy by developing and implementing various projects devoted to environmental protection. For example, recently, it has participated in the releasing of 136000 grayling juveniles into the waters of the Yenisey River and helped to save the aquatic biodiversity of the region.

All in all, Norilsk ecology is under protection as Nornickel spends lots of time and money on solving ecological issues. It takes part in different environmental projects both locally and globally and does its utmost in order to eliminate the consequences of a massive fuel spill that happened in the region.

Nornickel does not only want to continue clean-up works but also mentions that it expects a thorough investigation of this ecological incident in order to take preventive measures and avoid such catastrophes in the future. Norilsk Nickel has asked the leading international organization, ERM, to help with this case. And while this investigation is ongoing, Nornickel keeps working on other projects the aim of which is to protect the unique region’s environment.


Rapper KILJ is Making his Name Known at the age of 16.

KILJ is a Hip-Hop recording craftsman from Atlanta, GA. In the most recent year alone, he has outperformed over 1M streams over all streaming platforms and had been featured in publications such as Banger of The Day, Disrupt Magazine, Fordham Ram, and podcasts. KILJ currently sits at about 10k followers on Instagram and has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. His most recent single “Mistakes” has been added to playlists with well over 40,000 followers and keeps growing every day. Anything is possible for the youthful rapper, and I am exceptionally eager to see where he is going soon. You can find him on Instagram @xokilj


German Home & Commercial Cleaner 1a-Gebäudereinigung now Operating in Dortmund Specializing in Covid-19 Disinfection Services

The demand for quality, affordable cleaning and Covid-19 disinfection service is high. Well reviewed company 1a-Gebäudereinigung is answering the call now serving most of Germany, with Dortmund just added.

November 25, 2020

Health concerns over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is understandably high in Germany both from people in their normal lives and for those running businesses or operating offices. Social distancing and washing hands is, of course, important but the concern about regular disinfection of homes and commercial spaces is also top issue for many. The good news is professional help isn’t hard to find. Leading home and commercial cleaner 1a-Gebäudereinigung specialize in Covid-19 disinfection utilizing a team of deeply experienced workers and professional fogger equipment. The company recently announced the launch of its 1a-Gebäudereinigung Dortmund branch, serving the extended Dormund area. The company is now able to cover much of the nation with an aim to be able to provide services across all of Germany.

“We encourage anyone who’d like a deep cleaning or who are concerned about Covid-19 to give us a call and setting up an appointment,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We understand the need to have peace of mind and we are happy to provide excellent quality services that include that freedom. It’s our pleasure to see 1a-Gebäudereinigung Dortmund now operating.”

In addition to its Covid-19 related disinfection services, other popular choices from the company include Building Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Maintenance Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Caretaker Service, Winter Service, and other building, house, and apartment cleaning services.

The feedback for 1a-Gebäudereinigung continues to be positive across the board

Manuel G., from Dortmund, recently said in a five-star review, “We have a family member who caught Covid and they had visited out home. 1A-Gebäudereinigung came in a cleaned and disinfected our entire apartment quickly and for a great price. Fully recommended.”

For more information be sure to visit:

1a-Gebäudereinigung Dortmund
Schweizer Allee 128
44287 Dortmund
0800 0009508