New “Artemisinin” in Chinese Herbs against COVID-19

The story of Tu Youyou who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the anti-malaria drug artemisinin has inspired Chinese to search for COVID-19 drugs in the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine. How can COVID-19 be cured? Dr. Nie Leng, graduate of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been thinking. Although remdesivir effectively suppresses novel coronavirus in in vitro cell test, it has been clinically proven to be ineffective for severe COVID-19 cases by China and WHO. Acquiring knowledge through experience and understanding traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine, Dr. Nie Leng creatively propose three points of good medicine for COVID-19: (1) effectively inhibit the COVID-19 virus from infecting cells; (2) efficiently repair COVID-19 injury; (3) non-toxic and harmless, and can be made into food. Preventing coronavirus infection while repairing coronavirus injury, only in this way can COVID-19 be cured. Referring to the method of artemisinin, a natural herb was found in the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine, and then an effective molecule was separated from the herb by chromatography, subverting the COVID-19 drug screening methods of chemical synthesis and biological antibodies. The non-toxic and harmless food has high accessibility and good universality.

Nie Leng, born in Guangshui city, near Wuhan in Hubei province, bachelor of engineering/master of medicine/doctor of physics, master and apprentice of Chinese medicine, has worked and studied in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for years. Back in 2003 during the SARS epidemic period, he witnessed the CAS international cooperation on SARS virus research at the Bureau of International Cooperation Chinese Academy of Sciences. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, Hubei Province, he felt the helpless of his relatives and friends, and hoped to find home-based self-rescue herbal medicine. Non-toxic and harmless is the prerequisite for home-based self-rescue. From the Manual for Barefoot Doctors compiled by the Jiangxi Medical University in 1969, it is found that the tufted spikes of Kyllinga brevifolia Rottb. resemble the COVID-19 virus and the medicinal properties are known by its appearance. Records of Picking Herbs in Lingnan also records that “K. brevifolia Rottb. is rather effective in curing epidemic fever,…”. It is non-toxic and can be eaten by cattle, sheep and fish. It has also been reported as an ingredient of Baicao tea in Taiwan. It has a tea taste, with mild warm and slight sweating property. Dr. Nie Leng and Mr. Liang Youdong of Beijing Century Healthcare Co., Ltd. analyzed and tested the medicinal properties of K. brevifolia Rottb. and identified it as a good medicine for COVID-19. Later, with the help of professor Wang Shumei, doctoral supervisor of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chongqing Medical University, batches of K. brevifolia Rottb. were sent to Hubei province for emergency rescue in 2020. On the second day after being discharged from hospital in February 2020, the COVID-19 patient developed low fever, causing anxiety to the patient and his family. The condition was successfully controlled by K. brevifolia Rottb., and the fever finally subsided. Last spring, post-discharged patients with COVID-19 in severe condition in Wuhan suffered severe lung injury, and received significant effect in lung rehabilitation after taking five doses of K. brevifolia Rottb. In Wuhan after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, an elderly people with kidney dialysis and a 90-year-old elderly people after tumor surgery were close contacts with COVID-19 patients, but they had difficulty in quarantine in designated facilities. No one had been infected after home-based medication of K. brevifolia Rottb. None of front-line medical workers, couriers, police and other high-risk groups was infected after taking K. brevifolia Rottb. In vitro cell test confirmed that K. brevifolia Rottb. highly inhibited the COVID-19 virus from infecting cells. K.brevifolia Rottb. meets the three points of novel coronavirus food-medicine: (1) non-toxic and harmless; (2) effectively inhibit the COVID-19 virus from infecting cells; (3) efficiently repair COVID-19 injury. After the relevant results were published in Asia-Pacific Traditional Medicine, the editor of Medicinal Plant invited the manuscript in January 2021. The paper “Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 and Rehabilitation of Kidney, Liver and Cardiovascular Diseases with Kyllinga brevifolia Rottb.” begins with the three points for COVID-19 drugs.

There are large differences in pharmaceutical effect due to different origins of medicinal materials. Learning from artemisinin, finding effective molecules in K.brevifolia Rottb. is in line with the modern drug evaluation system, and it is the only way for Chinese medicine to gain worldwide recognition. Fortunately, Nie Leng found an effective molecule from K. brevifolia Rottb. in cooperation with Liang Youdong, and cell tests confirmed that it was effective in preventing novel coronavirus from infecting cells, named Coroless. In addition to the COVID-19 virus, experiments of SARS pseudovirus infecting cells proved that Coroless and K. brevifolia Rottb. had inhibitory effect, suggesting that Coroless may be universally applicable to the suppression of coronavirus. Molecular mechanism analysis imply that Coroless can down-regulate the high expression of ACE2 receptor on the cell surface of inflammatory tissue, thus reducing viral infection and injury. Coroless together with food-medicine homologous food plants are developed to plant beverage. In March, one patient had persistent high fever after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and Lianhuaqingwen capsule and ibuprofen failed to reduce the fever. The patient and his family members were anxious, and the fever was gone in two days after taking Coroless plant beverage. In April, one person who got the COVID-19 vaccine had a high fever of 40℃ and D-dimer, a risk indicator of thrombosis, was tripled the upper limit. Three days after taking Coroless plant beverage, the fever was gone. And D-dimer returned to normal later. In June, an ethnic Chinese in Dubai who was infected with COVID-19 lost his sense of taste and smell. The sense of smell recovered significantly after taking Coroless plant beverage, and no family members with close contact were infected after taking the beverage. In July, when Coroless tea was taken together with therapeutic drugs, the patient with COVID-19 in intensive care in Chile recovered significantly faster than those without taking Coroless tea, which were infected in the corresponding time period. Coroless plant beverage is being used as the prevention tea overseas where the epidemic is severe, and so far no one has been infected. Homology of medicine and food is consistent with the spirit advocated by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine – “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. Coroless combines the thinking of both Chinese and western medicine. The relevant achievements were invited to be published in the Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals. The paper “Coroless, Effective Ingredient Isolated from Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19” clearly put forward the three points for COVID-19 drugs at the beginning. On FFC 29th International Conference entitled “Can Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds Reduce the Risk of Diseases?”, Dr. Nie Leng made an academic report on “Coroless, Herb Tea for COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation”, which was the only lecture from mainland China. The beverage conforms to the international food standards and provides support for the health and life security of overseas Chinese and their families. In July, Coroless plant beverages were donated to Ehio-China Friendship Specially Clinic in Africa by Suzhou Premreg Gene Company. In August, Coroless plant beverages were donated to the vessel “Grand Progress”, which was suspended in Zhoushan, East China Sea, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the ship, to ensure the security of the sailors.

Coroless plant beverage is donated to the sailors of the vessel “Grand Progress” through public welfare

On August 16, 2021, Suzhou Premreg Gene Company and Zhongguancun Innovative Enterprise Development and Promotion Association signed a public welfare donation agreement of Coroless plant beverage, intending to distribute Coroless free of charge to high-risk population. The product is one of the research and development achievements of “Special Science and Technology Project of Novel Coronavirus Infection Emergency Prevention and Treatment in 2020 (XG32)” of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau. The first batch of products is included in the exploration of public health product system construction. The donation was completed with the strong support of Mr. Jiang Ye, executive deputy secretary general of China Foundation for Social and Cultural Development, and Mr. Chen Wen, director of Silk Road Foundation.

Hand in hand, human being would be free from the fear of coronavirus forever!


Ruslan Tymofieiev (Ruslan Timofeev): How Adventures Lab analyzes startups

According to statistics, even Silicon Valley startups show that out of hundreds of startups, there will be only a few successful ones. Most projects fail at the initial stage. There are plenty of reasons for this: unoriginal idea, weak management, lack of developing and scaling plans. All this leads to a lack of funding and prospects. Before receiving funds, each young IT project undergoes serious scrutiny by investors. Ruslan Tymofieiev (Ruslan Timofeev), the founder of venture capital fund Adventures Lab, spoke about what components include the analysis of a startup seeking funding.

First, it is legal expertise. It aims at finding similar projects around the world.

“At this stage, our specialists check whether other founders have a patent or other kinds of intellectual property protection. We determine how similar the concept and algorithms are for other similar startups. At this stage, the main task is to anticipate potential legal risks and possible copyright infringement on intellectual property objects. If you miss these issues, there is a great threat of further legal problems, litigation, and penalties that take a lot of time and money,” says Ruslan Tymofieiev.

It is also important to study carefully other similar projects on the market in order to avoid mistakes they have already made.

“Sometimes, it happens that some factors cannot be eliminated at all. Then, it is better to study the negative experience and transform the project to minimize the negative impact. Sometimes, it is better to abandon some of the projects if they raise too many doubts,” notes Tymofieiev.

Another component of the expertise is marketing research and forecasting. It includes analyzing the startup’s business attractiveness, its financial plan, and the possible reaction of competitors. The specialists also hold focus group meetings and assess the opinion of the target audience. It is also important to audit the first sales when the team has an MVP (minimum viable product) and launch it on the market. Analysts determine the risk of non-recovery on investment and ways to avoid such scenarios. Everything is considered, including the mentality of consumers, their habits, and stereotypes of behavior.

A distinctive feature of any startup is an innovative idea that serves as the base of the startup. This is what allows you to successfully promote and sell the project. How fresh the idea is, whether the technology embedded in it solves an urgent problem, whether the innovation satisfies the needs of the target audience—all this is covered by scientific and technical expertise. In addition to determining innovativeness, the expertise includes auditing the technologies used, verifying structured code and software architecture, assessing internal processes, etc.

“The founders always praise their product, call it unique, innovative, and capable to revolutionize the industry. The reality often turns out to be much more prosaic. The scientific and technical expertise allows us to determine how much the project really meets modern trends,” says Tymofieiev.

In addition to the technical component, investment fund analysts carefully study the project team. In the case of Adventures Lab, the analysts focus rather on the founders and their expertise than on the startups themselves. Ruslan Tymofieiev believes that creating a community of strong managers in the orbit of the fund directly affects the success of projects.

Note: Adventures Lab is a venture fund founded by Ruslan Tymofieiev in 2019. The main activity is investing in promising startups in the early stages. Adventures Lab systematically invests in IT projects related to marketing, education, and video technologies. One of these projects is the Ukrainian startup Reface.


Jennifer Lopez rocks regal floral-print ensemble for Dolce & Gabbana show in Venice

The “Let’s Get Loud” singer, 52, went to the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Venice, Italy, on Saturday, rocking a regal, flower print ensemble from the fashioners — complete with a coordinating with cape and embellished headpiece.

Lopez demonstrated the captivating outfit from all angles in a series of posts on Instagram, including close-ups of her hair and makeup courtesy of Chris Appleton and Mary Phillips. “That runway show glow ✨👸🏽 @DolceGabbana @JLoBeauty,” she subtitled a video showing her strutting toward the camera.

Recently, Lopez and boyfriend Ben Affleck have been getting to know one another with their families, taking a trip with their children to the Magic Castle in L.A. last week.

Several was joined by Affleck’s three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner: daughters Violet, 15, and Seraphina, 12, and son Samuel and Lopez’s twins, Emme and Max, 13, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony. Affleck’s mother additionally joined the group for the family weekend.

“Since Jennifer and Ben are in it for the long run, it’s just a natural step that they all spend time together with the kids,” a source previously told PEOPLE.

“They are not trying to rush anything, but they want all the kids to get to know each other,” the source added. “They are making the last few days of summer as fun as they can.”

Following their respective splits from Alex Rodriguez, 46, and Ana de Armas, 33, Lopez and Affleck revived their romance in late April.

They initially started dating in July 2002 subsequent to meeting on the set of the film Gigli. The pair proceeded to get drawn in that November prior to deferring their September 2003 wedding and eventually calling their engagement in January 2004.

A source told PEOPLE in May that their relationship is different this time around. “Time has passed, and they are each in a different place with children,” the insider said.


Clubhouse includes spatial audio to make more vivid audio chats

Clubhouse spins around drop-in audio chatrooms, so wouldn’t it bode well in the event that they sounded more like rooms? They will now, in the event that you have the right hardware. The organization is carrying out spatial audio support to the Clubhouse application for iOS, giving you and members a more “lifelike” discussion. You may recall who’s talking dependent on where their voice is coming from, not exactly what they sound like.

The feature will “slowly” arrive at all new iOS clients beginning today, and will be the default experience (you can turn it off in the event that you like). Android is “coming soon,” Clubhouse said. We’ve inquired as to whether you need earbuds or earphones that explicitly support spatial audio, similar to the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

This expansion most likely will not cause you to pick Clubhouse over Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms or Twitter Spaces. It might give you a reason to stick to Clubhouse, however, and it very well may be especially useful if ‘flat’ chatrooms feel excessively separated from the real world.


India’s Bharti Airtel intends to grow up to $2.86 bln by means of a share sale

Indian wireless carrier Bharti Airtel (BRTI.NS) said on Sunday it intends to grow up to 210 billion rupees ($2.86 billion) by means of a sale of shares to existing shareholders as it constructs a war chest to get ready for the launch of 5G services.

Bharti said the shares would be priced at 535 rupees each, which is around a 10% discount to Friday’s end of 595.15 rupees.

Bharti founder-chairman Sunil Mittal and others in the founder group will likewise partake in the share buy, the organization said in a statement.

The organization said that shareholders would be qualified to get one share for each 14 share they hold in the telecom firm.

India, one of the world’s greatest telecoms markets, has been overturned by billionaire tycoon Mukesh Ambani-controlled Jio Infocomm, which launched with free voice and cut-price information in late 2016.

With in excess of 352 million subscribers, Airtel is India’s second biggest carrier by clients after Jio.

Ambani has constrained a few opponents out of the market while others, for example, the local unit of Britain’s Vodafone (VOD.L) and India’s Idea converged to withstand Jio’s attack.

Ambani has likewise won the sponsorship of Facebook (FB.O) as well as Qualcomm and Intel (INTC.O) for his Jio Platforms digital unit, the parent of his telecoms venture.

Jio has developed its own 5G solution and Ambani has said the carrier will be first to launch 5G services in India.


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite drops to the all-time low cost of $71 in a one-day sale

This present time may be a decent opportunity to purchase an e-reader for school — or that end-of-summer vacation. Amazon has reduced the cost of the advertisement-supported 8GB Kindle Paperwhite to an all-time low of $71 in a one-day-only sale, well below the official $130 sticker. That is lower than what we saw only two weeks earlier, and settles on it a simple decision contrasted with the base Kindle (which isn’t discounted as we compose this). You can purchase the ad-free and 32GB variants with substantial discounts, as well.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a simple decision in case you’re either new to e-readers or intensely invested into Amazon’s ecosystem. It flaunts a high-contrast backlit display, Audible audiobook support and waterproofing for your poolside reading sessions. Pair that with the standard weeks-long battery life of e-readers and you shouldn’t have issues taking this with you on vacation.

It’s not perfect. This deal doesn’t cover the LTE model, so you will not be getting books while you’re at the beach. You additionally will not discover MP3 playback or text-to-speech support, and you probably won’t be excited to see ads on the subsidized models. These limitations are not really surprises, however, and at this price they’re a lot simpler to forgive — you can spend significantly more on readers with less features.


iPhone 13 will support satellite communications, says Ming-Chi Kuo

Noted Apple investigator Ming-Chi Kuo says that the “iPhone 13” will can utilize satellite communications, on account of a customized baseband chip.

In a note to investors, seen by AppleInsider Ming-Chi Kuo says that the Qualcomm X60 baseband chip that Apple is anticipated to use in the “iPhone 13” will support low-earth orbit satellite communications. He puts together this with respect to Qualcomm’s work with Globalstar, making the last the most probable partner for the work.

“There are many potential scenarios for Apple’s business model cooperation with Globalstar,” writes Kuo. “The simplest scenario is that if the user’s operator has already teamed with Globalstar, the user can directly use Globalstar’s satellite communication service on the iPhone 13 through the operator’s service.”

In the event that the report is exact, it will not be the first cell phone to help satellite communications, yet it will be the first mainstream model to do as such. Kuo says that different sellers that need satellite communications functions should stand by a year until some point in 2022, and should utilize the forthcoming X65 baseband chip.

It’s not presently clear how Apple will have dealt with the X60 to help the satellite communications. Likewise unclear is the thing that Apple should execute for an antenna array that is needed for the technology — and contrasts from LTE or 5G antennae. Most satellite phones take after the classic Nokia feature-phone design, with a visible antenna, and at times, another outer equipment to catch and relay the satellite signal.

Kuo additionally accepts that this is only Apple’s first foray into the technology. The consideration in the “iPhone 13” is said to “innovative user experiences that can be integrated with new products.” Specifically, Kuo takes note of that an Apple head-mounted display or Apple Car would be improved by the integration of satellite technology in conjunction with millimeter-wave 5G wireless networking.

Apple is expected to present the “iPhone 13” range in the fall, as part of its annual refresh of the product line. Past Sunday’s satellite communications report bits of gossip have additionally asserted different camera changes, including an expansion for sensor resolution, bigger lenses, and the addition of autofocus on the Pro models.

There has additionally been some discussion about whether Apple will adhere to the current 3-cameras and 2-cameras on the Pro and Standard models respectively, or will move to a 4-camera setup. In the interim, LiDAR is supposed to remain just on the Pro models for one more year.

Additionally as per Kuo, the “iPhone 13 Pro” models will add another super wide camera focal point with self-adjust, an element that will clearly spread to the non-Pro models released in 2022.


Tanisha Jamison is Empowering Women Through Her Financial Advisor Company, Hood 2 Heights

Tanisha Jamison grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in Cleveland. Surrounded by an environment of doubt, struggle, and fear, she didn’t want to become something she would regret. Tanisha wanted to see beyond those walls and make a life she would be proud of today. Although it was a difficult road, an alternative life was not an option for her. At the early age of 19, Tanisha started his entrepreneurial journey. By the time she was 28, she was the breadwinner in her household and owned multiple successful businesses. One of these businesses is Hood 2 Heights. 

Tanisha explains that people from marginalized communities are not very well advocated for and represented at administrative levels. It boils down to inequitable opportunities for those marginalized communities, which further affects their trajectory towards success and wealth. But, Hood 2 Heights is helping minorities through their expert financial advice services. 

Hood 2 Heights is an informative platform that offers inspiration, hope, and drive for people to make changes in their lives and not settle for what is in front of people. The team at H2H truly believes that no one should allow their circumstances to dictate their future, and with hard work, dedication, and a vision, anything is possible. The programs offered by the firm are curated from the desire to show women that it is possible to depend on themselves and not anyone else. By learning the process of earning money online, thinking like a millionaire, and speaking positivity into the universe, women don’t need to work at a 9 to 5 job ever again. 

Hood 2 Heights is on a mission to empower women by helping them to depend on themselves through the right education, conversations, and services to become financially successful. By minimizing the impact of any doubts or socio-economic barriers that limit them, they envision the women they teach to achieve their dreams of financial wellness and live a life that exceeds expectations. People have the power to give themselves all of the happiness they seek and more. With a community behind them every step of the way, they are not alone in what they will accomplish.

Hood 2 Heights has also published a lot of self-help passive income books throughout the years which target varied income streams. Readers and aspiring businesses can acquire and purchase those books from the H2H website. Many people who have purchased their books, studied them thoroughly, and followed all the instructions and hacks religiously have written about their excellent experience and quick effective profit made from business as testimonials available on the website. With the roadmap, support, and tools provided by Hood 2 Heights, women have the power to adjust their destinies.


Kinglory technology drives the development of blockchain ecology

KinGlory blockchain

KinGlory creates a reliable computing infrastructure and a holistic ecosystem that allows a large-scale deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The KinGlory ecosystem includes a decentralized application store, blockchain software, and the basic blockchain infrastructure.

Applications on the KinGlory blockchain are transparent and have an open-source code. This allows you to fork the code and re-use the functionality and elements of already used blockchains.

The modular system of blocks on the blockchain makes it possible, at the discretion of developers, to create and configure applications on the blockchain, depending on their own needs.

The main value of KinGlory is a secure, high-performance, and highly accessible infrastructure that can simultaneously process a large number of transactions at a speed of 1000 transactions per second.

The multi-level transaction system allows scaling, while interacting with other dapps on blockchain and making payments between dapps.

Due to the possibility of making parallel payments, even with the maximum load of the system, the transaction confirmation time does not increase and the blockchain is able to withstand the load from the continuous operation of a large number of applications located on it.

KinGlory technologies allow various dapps located on the blockchain to interact between each other. They are able to simultaneously make transactions from various applications, such as messenger, video sharing, file sharing, multi-user online meetings, etc.

KinGlory global storage

KinGlory provides high-availability global storage services to support historical, archival data, and new data created every day.

This ensures that all data is stored in a secure place, they are fault-tolerant.  KinGlory supports global storage of information by the end-user, transaction book, photos, videos, files, real-time backup of mobile data and desktop data, etc.

Advantages of KinGlory blockchain

KinGlory uses reliable cryptography to protect account information, messages, and personal data of users from hackers or other unauthorized persons.

Many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, consume energy for mining, which creates environmental problems. KinGlory has implemented a special POS consensus protocol for mining, which is characterized by low power consumption, low cost, and strong decentralization.

KinGlory supports the development of smart contracts using various programming languages, such as Java, C++, Rust, etc. which makes it extremely easy to deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

KinGlory offers the simplest trusted computing environment for dapps, which offers to install applications on the blockchain easily. Programming optimization allows simple integration of existing dapps into the KinGlory ecosystem.

KinGlory provides a universal blockchain structure and building blocks for installing dapps for all users. A universal smart contract system and a large library allow developers to deploy individual smart contracts based on templates and demo samples.

Many of these smart contracts are functional programming language components and API services are available to the public. The KinGlory architecture provides maximum separation of internal infrastructure blocks and supports flexible infrastructure updates in real-time.


The KinGlory ecosystem is based on the blockchain created by it, which allows users to safely deploy dapps, make payments between applications almost instantly, and create their own tokens.

The KinGlory blockchain is fast, secure, and cheap to use. The transparency of the blockchain lets people to track transactions in the network and increases the trust of users in the system. DAO elements offer token holders to make important decisions in the life of the project and participate in the community ecosystem.

These are just some of the elements of the blockchain that make it publicly available, secure, convenient, and easy to use. The KinGlory blockchain is suitable for both ordinary users and dapp developers.

KinGlory ecosystem

KinGlory has created a fast, convenient, affordable, and scalable blockchain to support DeFi, social networks, e-commerce, search engine, and storage.

Thanks to the presence of a modular system, block constructor and a library of smart contracts, the deployment of dapps on the KinGlory blockchain is available to all developers, regardless of their level of knowledge. All dapps are easily customizable and flexible, suitable for any needs of users.

Today, banking services are not available to billions of people for various reasons. They cannot open bank accounts, payments are not available to them.

At the same time, banking services are usually not available to the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. Many of these people are forced to leave for other countries to work and send money to their relatives.

DeFi products

The only opportunity for them to make payments to their loved ones is cryptocurrencies. KinGlory provides such an opportunity. Thanks to KinGlory’s DeFi products, all users of the system are equal, regardless of their citizenship, country of residence, level of education, and wealth.

By connecting to the Internet, anyone can send, receive, borrow, profit, and transfer funds anywhere in the world.

KinGlory gives you the opportunity to get access to “free” Internet services, safely store your information and personal data, giving up control over personal data, and not being afraid that your data will be stolen or used in any way without consent.

KinGlory services are open by default – you just need a wallet. They are free and easy to set up, managed by you, and work without any personal information.

KinGlory and its applications are transparent and open source. You can fork the code and reuse functions already created by others.


The NFT market offers unlimited opportunities for further development. Modern NFTs are not only profitable tools for authors, creators of works, musicians, players, and various collectors, but it is also an excellent mechanism for tracking and controlling any thing, document or asset.

Thanks to the tokenization of assets using NFT, you can track anything, such as a building, a car, a spare part, or antiques. By creating a unique NFT you can track any important document, or rare collectible item.

Thanks to the blockchain and NFT, nothing will be lost, and you will be able to find out the whole history of this thing, whether it is a work of art, a house, or a car. NFT authors can receive royalties when they are resold.

The possibilities of NFT are limitless and KinGlory allows you to implement them.


Triple S has always been Inspired by Adventure and Revolution

Satinder Shah Singh aka Triple S is one of the eminent Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Director. Born on 21st Nov 1989, to Father Jaswant Shah Singh and Mother Gurwinder Kaur, Triple S has always been inspired by adventure and revolution, but in Silence. The depth in his words and music makes you listen him more.

Triple S debuted with his English Song “Heart-Shaped Lips”, penned and melodied by himself. Airing on YouTube it’s already crossed 60k views. His passion for Music helps him create innovative content.
His content attracts viewers from not just a single category but is liked across ages. His single “Waqt de Panne”, had created ripples. Triple S addresses the core of the emotions and dig deep to entice the senses of his audience in such a subtle way that his listeners are awe-struck, wanting for more. The Album Screams of Silence will keep surprising fans with his new creations from time to time by releasing new compositions.

Triple S was not as vocal and extrovert as he is now today. His expressions were deep hidden with a mindful rumination on current affairs which he witnessed during his childhood and teenage. He started writing post his college and decided to express his thoughts and feelings to the world. Though difficult at first his talent was acknowledged and Triple S was all set to launch his endeavors as per his creativity and made himself a self-made independent artist.
His new song, “He Changed” is a melodious composition which expresses the agony of a lover who is being ignored despite intense feelings. The immense love is vividly described in his words and music. This melody just gets in you in to humming mode once you hear it.

While returning home via Chandigarh completing shoot of his upcoming Music Video “He Changed” on multiple locations of Manali, Baralacha La Paas and Leh, Triple S met an accident having a narrow escape while trying to save the innocent cattle crossing the highways. Agonized by the incident he pledged to make a song on the social surroundings and the loopholes.

Triple S Stays with his parents in Sahnewal, Punjab and is beating his beats to give you more of his melodies for his fans’ ears to chew!