The First Global Bruneian Artist “Hasdie Hasnan”

Hasdie Hasnan (born Muhammad Nurul Hasdie Bin Hasnan; December 22, 1994) is a Brunei singer and songwriter as well as a producer and songwriter at H2P Studio Enterprise. He released his first single in 2012 titled “HinggaAkhirWaktu” published by Udi Records and played on Brunei Darussalam radio, Pelangi FM, Brunei National FM, and Kristal FM.

Hasdie Hasnan was born to his mother at RIPAS Hospital Bandar Seri BegawanBrunei MuaraBrunei Darussalam on December 22, 1994. Hasdie Hasnan began his career as a singer since he was 9 years old. He continued his dream of becoming a singer to this day.

Hasdie Hasnan is Bruneian. His father is Bruneian and his mother is from Sabah Malaysia.

Hasdie Hasnan is the first Man singer released single to global first single is titled “I Love You More” and the second single titled “My World”. His First single song was released on BBC Radio in 2019.

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(DJ Press Company)
Manager: Daniel James


5 Tips to Love Yourself While Caring for an Addict

Our tips for taking care of yourself all come from the personal experience of Jimi Jones at Thai Rehab Helper. It is practical and straightforward advice for self-love in a trying time.

Are you someone who loves and cares for an addict and would do anything you can to make sure they are comfortable and okay? If so, then you probably aren’t putting yourself first. Many people who love addicts are used to trying to please others and take care of them above themselves. Their role as a people pleaser can begin long before they find themselves in love with an addict. It feels normal to them, comfortable even, to choose a spouse that needs all of their time and attention. Most co-addicts are just natural caretakers.

This isn’t healthy though, and you need to take steps to break the cycle, including;

  1. Admitting that you are co-dependent and a co-addict
  2. Acknowledging and affirming your desire to change
  3. Finding someone to support you, such as a friend, therapist, or support group. They will hold you accountable to making the changes you desire.
  4. Writing down a list of everything you do for the addict that you know you shouldn’t be doing, and then writing a list of the things that you aren’t doing for yourself that you know you should.
  5. Start out with the first item on each list and work your way through them at the same time. Don’t move on to the next point until you successfully complete the prior step on each list.

When it’s second nature for you to care for the needs of others before your own, it could take some time and practice for you to successfully break those habits. It’s important that you take one step from each list and continue to work on them simultaneously. This way you have a negative action that you need to stop and a positive action to replace it with. These actions can be as simple as you want them to be. Don’t worry about making it something grand.

For example, you could decide to stop checking your phone for late night calls and texts from an addict that hasn’t come home, and instead replace it with five minutes of meditation. What you want to do is replace a bad habit and replace it with a positive action rooted in caring and loving yourself.

Take Care of Yourself First

The first and most important step in loving yourself is to admit that you aren’t doing it. If you are able to be honest with your inner self, then you’re ready to start taking action towards solving the problem. Beginning the process of loving yourself and giving yourself the attention you deserve is one of the most empowering things you can do. It’s difficult to let go and change your behavior, but it is ultimately worth it to get rid of the illusion of control you have over an addict and take back control of the only thing you really can in this life; yourself.


Musical Artist DruJefe making waves like no other with over 1 million streams

DruJefe is a Hip Hop and R&B singer from San Diego, California. The son of a single mother and the eldest of six siblings, DruJefe listened to melodies and words at a young age to uplift and inspire him through tough times, such as his father committing suicide from within prison walls. With no father figure, he turned to and deciphered wisdom through artists, such as Tupac, Donnell Jones, and Jay-z just to name a few. 

At age 8, he became the lead singer in his church choir and often found himself chiming into projects that involved music. 

As a teenager, his entrepreneurial spirit leads him to manage his younger brother and cousin’s music aspirations. However, under the everyday pressure to financially support his mother and siblings, DruJefe strayed from music, got into trouble with the law, and was eventually incarcerated.

This turned out to be a very difficult yet enlightening period in his life. 

While singing in the dorms, he realized that if he planned to pursue this, he also needed to study the business end of music, which he did.  

In 2017, DruJefe and artist Nino Califonya created the Rap and R&B singles “Right Now”, “Petty”, and “We Know”. 

In 2018, DruJefe released “Work” and “On Mommas”.  On June 21, 2018 “On Mommas” was picked up by San Diego’s Hip Hop and R&B radio station Jammin 95.7 and IHeart media.

In 2019, His popular single, “On Mommas” Produced by ChosenOnTheBeat was picked up by Atlanta’s Hip Hop N’ R&B 96.7 The Beat and Shade 45 garnering quite a wave for himself.  

On May 15, 2019, DruJefe is set to also release his first album, which will include new songs such as, “BANG”, “Taxi”, and “Rewind & Reverse”. 

2020 Drujefe dropped a new single “pic” on all platforms and is set to release his first studio album April 10th “Born to lose, built to win “. is set to be yet another critical and commercial success.

Also in 2020 March 7th, he performed at a dash radio event in Dtla. 

DruJefe’s music can be found on all digital outlets. You can keep track of that, and all things by Googling “DruJefe” follow his Spotify, Instagram, and subscribe to YouTube with links below


Li1.lean exposes the fake gods among us in Exciting New ‘God killah ’ Video

After growing much fanfare at his Main performance in Austin Tx coliseum, Colombian superstar Li1.lean has dropped a wild new visual for his latest single, “God killah.”

The Dom Leono-directed video serves as a exposure to not let power or fame get to you. In the affecting clip, Lean is in a different planet showing his dominance as Godzilla over the “fake gods” know as rappers that think they have power. He then continues to express himself in different animated ways to show that he doesn’t need fame or features to reach his goals.

Watch a new music video directed by Dom Leono on YouTube – Lil Lean TV- God killah.

Where to Find li1. Lean
Instagram : li1.lean
YouTube: Lil Lean TV
SoundCloud: Li1.lean
Snapchat: Li1.lean


Need a Role Model or Mentor on Your Journey to Success? Introducing the Guru of it all…Terrance McMahon!

What does it take to achieve your lifelong dreams and reach the peaks of success you aspire to? Is it really attainable or should you just settle for whatever life throws your way? If you find yourself contemplating these questions, you need Terrance McMahon in your life. McMahon is a self-improvement extraordinaire and a world renowned expert in the fields of business strategy and finance.

McMahon’s Presence in the Virtual World

Looking for McMahon? That Shouldn’t be difficult at all. He’s Everywhere! McMahon is inspiring millions of people around the world to push beyond challenges and circumstances and grasp hold of the success they envision for themselves through platforms such as his website  McMahon also has a powerful presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

His Podcast entitled ‘Your Voice to the World’, which is accessible through his website, is fuelling a wave of positivity among millions of people around the world. The podcast focuses on steps and strategies people can take to improve their lives and get on a trajectory towards success.

Installments from the podcast are available on the YouTube channel which is also entitled ‘Your Voice to the World’. The inspirational content on the podcast is so magnetic and valuable that the page has gained over 280,000 subscribers and millions of views. Given the rate at which new subscribers are being added to the channel, it is expected approach the millions subscriber in the near future.

What Makes McMahon Such a Success?

McMahon’s proficiency in mentorship is due in part to his rich experiences which involved overcoming challenges such as a deadly liver disease which necessitated a life-saving transplant surgery. This experience also inspired him to adopt liver disease and transplant awareness as part of his advocacy work.

His book ‘Super Hero Self: How to Recover From Anything and Recreate Yourself’ is a hot performer on Amazon where it has been receiving rave reviews. In fact, the book has earned the title number one best seller on Amazon and the reviews speak volumes of its value.

His TEDx Talk ‘From Broken to Beautiful also chronicles his harrowing experience with life threatening liver failure while also revealing how he rose above it and how others can take a similar approach to the things that challenge them in their daily lives.

In addition to leveraging the powerful lessons he learned through his life’s challenges. McMahon capitalizes on the extensive knowledge he acquired through his over three decades of experience in the corporate world.  McMahon rose from an entry level position as a mobile salesman to CEO and wall street guru in just a few years and he shares with his mentees, the key to getting there.

The McMahon Effect

Testimonials from the millions of people whose lives have been positively impacted by this global superstar of mentorship and motivation, speak volumes of his impact on lives. People who have benefitted from his powerful messages and instructions have been lauding him for being ‘inspirational’, ‘incredibly powerful and transformational’ and ‘ absolutely enlightening.


Ralph Smart aka ‘Infinite Waters’ taking the world by storm

These days, it seems that self-proclaimed self-help gurus are a dime a dozen. Even a cursory YouTube or Google search will show thousands of results from different people, most of whom are rehashing and merely rephrasing things that have been said a million times before.

Most of these self-help guides are aimed at what the people behind them believe we want to be, do, or hear – how to get ahead in life, how to be successful at work, how to fix our mind-sets to become more productive and efficient.

Luckily, there is an exception.

Ralph Smart is one of the most popular self-help vloggers out there, with almost 244 million views on his YouTube channel, Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). His message is vastly different from what we’ve come to expect from self-help content creators: his aim isn’t to teach you how to be successful at work, but to teach you how to be free and happy.

Ralph is leading by example, as it were. Having studied a joint degree in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Westminster, he held various jobs: from working in retail and in a warehouse to a school and a hospital. But though he wasn’t overly unhappy with his 9-5 job, he decided to quit and follow his passions instead.

According to one of his videos, this decision was sparked by a piece of street art he saw in Trafalgar Square, including the words, “do what you love to do and the universe will take care of you”. This is exactly what he has done, and the universe did indeed seem to take care of him – his universal message of living a happy, free, peaceful life has resonated with millions of viewers around the world.

One of the interesting points he makes as part of his unique and refreshing take on success is in regards to what it means to be working. In today’s world, it appears as if we’re born pre-programmed with the idea that we have to go to work at some point, to have a career – that’s the end goal of our upbringing, education, and achievements up until our twenties.

In accordance with Ralph’s philosophy, it’s not the outside job that we should be focusing on. “The greatest work is the work within,” he says, referring to working on ourselves to become better, happier individuals. “The real job we have to do is learning who we truly are, learning compassion, doing what makes us happy, and providing value to those around us”.

His message is sure to hit home for most people, considering most of us become very disillusioned, very quickly when we finally reach the stage of having a stable job. Perhaps Ralph is right – wouldn’t the world be a much better place of more of us took the time to focus on making ourselves better, both for our own benefit and for others around us?

Many people seem to agree – Ralph has almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube, putting him well in the lead in the self-help and counselling category.


Gregory Brown CEO Of Stackin Up Entertainment Records

Stackin Up Entertainment is based out of Richmond, Virginia and created by CEO, Gregory 64 Brown. Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is a brand that believes in continuous growth, confidence, professionalism, learning, creativity, innovation, relationships, and support. We specialize in music entertainment, music production, recording/engineering vocals, graphic design, and web design.

Stackin up entertainment looks at longevity and wants to teach the process to other individuals who have a passion for music and turn it into a career.

Our slogan also says, “we make visions come true.” that means whatever we talk about, that is what we are about and bring it to life. We are a brand that is serious about our craft but love having fun while putting in the hard work. Stackin up entertainment is also about family and treating everyone equally.

We are very passionate about the work we put in. s.u.e has a creative roster and some individuals have had college experience, training, and some of us are self-taught. We like to put our pain, good times, and bad times in our creativity, and turn it into something positive.


Ali Gates & Newark

Newark Arts has welcomed four new board members to its leadership: attorney Onome Adejemilua, Esq.; technology entrepreneur Ali Gates; corporate executive Michele Gonzalez; and media expert and renowned
artist Dupré (DoItAll) Kelly.

“We are honored to expand our ranks with four outstanding individuals who represent diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industries. Their leadership will be integral to Newark Arts’ future as we strengthen our equity-focused mission to power the arts to transform lives,” said Jeremy Johnson, Newark Arts’ Executive Director.

Onome N. Adejemilua, a partner at McCarter & English, specializes in mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital investments, joint venture arrangements, and general corporate matters. She regularly represents public and private companies, financial institutions, and private equity and venture capital investors.

In addition to her affiliation with Newark Arts, Ms. Adejemilua is a member of the Advisory Board of NJ LEEP and provides pro bono assistance to asylum applicants, and to community reintegration programs for individuals seeking to expunge their criminal records.

Ali Gates is a technology entrepreneur and founder of Claim It!, a social marketplace for donations and promos allowing people to give away free goods and services. Claim it! also works with brand partners to help create real-time giveaways and deals with countdowns. They include Red Bull, GoPro, and Starbucks.

Mr. Gates’ was a coding and programming prodigy growing up in Harlem. After Claim it! became the first African American-founded company to present at the innovators’ lab at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Gates caught the attention of Newark Venture Partners. They led a $2.5 million series seed funding round for Claim it!, which moved to Newark, as did Mr. Gates.

Michele Gonzalez is a Senior Public Affairs Manager for PSEG. In her role, she cultivates and maintains relations with elected officials in the City of Newark, Irvington, and Belleville, striving to sustain and strengthen the
private/ public partnership. She also collaborates with nonprofit organizations in the city for community projects where PSEG and constituents work together to support goodwill and corporate citizenship.

Ms. Gonzalez joined PSEG as an engineering technician in 1989. Over three decades, she has worked alongside state and local governments, nonprofits, educational institutions, small and large businesses, and grassroots community groups.

She continues to support PSEG’s Newark Hire, Buy and Live initiative, is a Board member of the Newark Workforce Development Board, supports the Energy Careers Program @ Essex County College that PSEG funds and is
currently the lead for the Central High School Science Academy where PSEG is contributing to the development of the curriculum with Kean University.

Dupré (DoItAll) Kelly is the CEO of DoItAll Media Group, formerly known as 211 Media Group, a company that specializes in media, television and film production, as well as event planning and consulting.

DoItAll Media Group co-produces Newark’s Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival, 24 Hours of Peace Festival, and the Family Unity Festival. Born and raised in Newark, Mr. Kelly is a member of the legendary trio Lords of the Underground known for five number one hits.

As a committed community advocate, Mr. Kelly partnered with the national mentoring program After School AllStars, of which the late Kobe Bryant was an Honorary Ambassador. In Newark, Mr. Kelly ushered in a new approach linking arts, media, and culture under the umbrella of EduTainment.

Newark Arts board president Peter Englot, Senior Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and Chief of Staff at Rutgers University – Newark sees these additions as expanding the board’s capacities in different dimensions.

“Ali, Michele, Onome, and DoItAll bring exciting new perspectives to us that intersect and mutually reinforce one another from both their professional and their personal backgrounds. They’re great people with great minds,
big hearts, and a passion for the arts.”

“That these four superstars have recently joined Newark Arts is a testament to our aspirations to embolden the arts and creative community,” adds Johnson.

“McCarter & English and PSEG are two of our long-time and most steadfast supporters, so Onome and Michelle join us with legacy, as well as their own special talents and ideas. Ali and DoItAll symbolize Newark’s
a growing reputation as a magnetic home for entrepreneurs and creative businesses, all of which make our city such an exciting mecca.”

The leadership of Newark Arts includes the 19-member Board and 10-member Artist Advisory Council. The current membership includes:


Peter Englot, President, Rutgers University-Newark

Lisa D. Love, Esq., Vice President, Love & Long, LLP

Marcy DePina, Vice President, Newark Riverfront Revival

Lyneir Richardson, Treasurer, Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Rutgers Business School

Jennifer C. Critchley, Esq., Asst. Treasurer, Connell Foley

Michelle Richardson, Secretary, Hudson County Economic Development Corporation

Onome N. Adejemilua, McCarter & English

Lisa V. Chow, Esq., Prudential

Ali Gates, Claim It!

Michele Gonzalez, PSEG

Richard Grossklaus, (Retired) Integrity House

Samer Hanini, Hanini Group

Dupré (DoItAll) Kelly, DoItAll Media Group

Donna Walker-Kuhne, New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Marshell Jones Kumahor, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra/Arts Ed Newark Liaison

Marc Leibowitz, Oppenheimer & Co.

Victor Nichols, DMC Publishing LLC

Kiyana N. Richardson, FIN Business LLC

Carolyn J. Simon, Wells Fargo Private Bank


Judith K. Brodsky, Willie Cole, David Antonio Cruz, Victor L. Davson, Stefon Harris, Nell Painter, Kevin Blythe Sampson, Fayemi Shakur, Salamishah Tillet, Emma Wilcox

Newark Arts’ mission is to power the arts to transform the lives of those who work, live and play in the great city of Newark, New Jersey. Established in 1981, Newark Arts advances and expands the resources and offerings of arts and cultural organizations in the great city of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark Arts provides leadership, direction, and technical assistance through partnerships with artists, arts administrators, community organizations, community development corporations, planning groups, economic development agencies, and government agencies as well as the general public.


The Hot Rapper MPR Riche Rich

A couple of months after sharing his very impressive studio project The Mailman Has Returned, Detroit star-in-the-making Mpr Riche Rich hit the ground running. He dropped multiple new singles and visuals, “Mobster & I’m A Don.” Put together by MPRMG Films, the “1738 & Cush” video he took it back to his neighborhood and turned the block up. He brought the Bentley out to give his neighborhood another level of hope. The character he displays is on another level he has always been a popular flashy guy.

“In Detroit, you are either excepted or your not it is one of the toughest markets to capture their attention. Mpr Riche Rich previously explained to In the city magazine opening up about how he originally got started with his music career. “If you’re gonna do music you gotta give them exactly what they wanna here or they are not buying it. Being just come home from a sentence he was all in or nothing. He had something to prove amongst his peers and that he did. He went from working a temporary agency job to in the studio every day all day. He knew he got a second chance and he wasn’t letting that pass him up.

“I freestyled for a long ass time. That’s all I used to do growing up: freestyle for hours and hours, say a bunch of hard shit and then never remember it the next day,” Mpr Riche Rich added, elaborating on his start in rap. “Taking it seriously and actually rapping? While I was locked up. I was rapping with my right-hand men, Marty. He was really the only reason I was rapping for real because he just liked playing beats he had an ear fa this music shit no cap.”

You can check out Mpr Riche Rich’s new “The Mailman Why Would I Stop Now” On all streaming platforms, and stay tuned for much more from the fast-rising artist.

For more, revisit The Mailman Take Off from last year.


Dr. Khushboo Kapoor from India was invited as a Hosted Buyer at BIT Milan 2020

India’s renowned DJ, Emcee, Singer Dr. Khushboo Kapoor was invited to Milan, Italy to represent India. She has been selected for her excellent work in Tourism and events.

She was there to meet Tourism Boards representatives, Suppliers for events and esteemed DMCs from Italy. She strongly feels that Italy is a country that has a lot to offer to its tourists and is now becoming a wedding Destination hub for Indian weddings.

Prior to this event, Dr. Khushboo Kapoor has represented India at many international shows as a speaker, Emcee, Moderator, and Buyer. She has been invited by many government bodies from abroad. She has been to more than 60 countries so far for the global exchange of ideas, culture, traditions, and business.

Dr. Khushboo Kapoor hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan and she is one of the very renowned and well-accomplished names of the event and tourism industry. She is ideal for the young girls from India who look up to the profession of events and tourism. Dr. Khushboo Kapoor gives the entire credit of her success to her mother Mrs. Asha Kapoor who has always motivated her to attain success despite all odds.

Dr. Khushboo Kapoor is the only Female Global Tourism Promoter from India who has been invited to more than 45 countries on the invitation by Government bodies. She promotes the tourism of India at a global level. She is a hardcore practitioner from the Tourism and event industry. She has been recently awarded by Padam Shri Kavita Krishnamurthy Ji as the Golden Star of India.

Dr. Khushboo Kapoor is India’s most sought after Female Dj and Anchor. She is the only Female DJ cum Emcee who has been awarded by Bollywood Filmmaker Mr. Subhash Ghai as Youngest Achiever of India.

Dr. Khushboo Kapoor is the first female DJ and Page 3 Reporter from Rajasthan and has been awarded as Jaipur Ratna and Rajasthan Ratna awards.

She has been the official host for Champions League 20 20, IPL official parties, One day International Cricket Tournaments and various international cricket Tournaments of BCCI and RCA.

She has been awarded as Jewel of India by Padam Shri Bollywood Singer Smt Usha Uthup. Youngsters from Rajasthan look up to her as a source of Inspiration. She has verified Facebook account and Facebook page.