Ali X Going Above and Beyond to Woo Fans with New Soundtrack “Happy Anniversary”

In the music industry, one has to earn their way to the top. For Hip Hop musicians, the road to success in this portion of the music industry begins with a passion for their sound.

Upcoming artist Alderson Exantus, also known by his stage name Ali X, is a Haitian independent Hip Hop Rapper and Recording Artist residing in New York. He was born on February 9, 2001, in Brooklyn, New York, and raised on Long Island. Ali X hails from Uniondale, New York, and was raised in a single-parent home. He was raised by his mother and older sister alone. The musician has amassed an audience and received social media recognition as a result of his most well-known hit, “Beast.”  Do check out here –

He developed a passion for music and poetry at a young age, determined to make his mark. He attended Uniondale High School throughout his adolescence, where he first developed a following. To build a broader audience, he began booking events at local locations.

He wanted to be a great poet since he was a child. The musician’s current route began with him entering poetry contests and obtaining excellent ranks with no notice. He started a new chapter in his career after being inspired by underground freestyle rappers!

Freestyle rapper musicians frequently struggle to develop their sound. The music industry has changed over time. It’s become a competition to see who can come up with the most memorable sound bite to entice the millennial generation. This shift in sound causes conflict in Hip Hop musicians’ work since they must accommodate their fans’ new musical tastes while maintaining their sound.

Ali X is, all set to release his Extended Play music album called “Happy Anniversary” on September 3rd 2021. This song is based on a general person’s real experience with a toxic relationship, making it highly relatable to his audiences. It is about an artist pouring his heart out upon the outcome of a toxic relationship. The song talks about abandonment, loneliness and hurts feelings. It is an inspiration to find our worth and value ourselves enough to not get back into toxic situations.

The real and authentic compositions of this aspiring hip-hop artist are refreshing to hear. It aspires to bring about the much-needed change in the hip hop community.

The Complex and nuanced musical arrangements, voice prompts, and exquisite lyrics are all jam-packed into the song, with tonal consistency and unique rapping abilities making it a mesmerising song with gorgeous ambience.

Alderson Exantus AKA Ali X is a name to look out for!


Roxé Rises Gospel Hip Hop to Prominence

With talents and skills, you’ll go far. With talents, skills and faith, you’ll go even further. Roxé, a rising artist in the music industry, proves this to be true. Roxé writes songs about faith, love, and Christ. Straight out of West Chester, Ohio, Roxé started performing at the age of 7. Being surrounded by family musicians and performers, it greatly influenced his inclination towards the music industry. Roxé later attended Full Sail University at the age of 18 where he jump started his career to a professional level. He went on from there until he was able to perform tours and shows.

Roxé continues to write music grounded on faith. Among many others, he will soon be releasing a song called “Adios” – which is not a typical break-up song. Roxé fans will surely be on the lookout for that. Roxé has also produced a song titled, “Jesus Kingdom Of Love”. Upon writing, he claims that he knew he was embarking upon a global mantle God meant for him to carry. Other than music, he saw clothing as another medium for him to spread the Christian message in a form of art. Roxé launched his own NHNV clothing, which is deeply inspired by the movement he advocated himself, “No Hate No Violence”.

Currently signed under Top Shelf Music, this promising artist gets his music inspiration from Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. No wonder he has such great taste in music. He also wishes to work with Justin Bieber someday, on a sick collaboration to make gospel and R&B music.

Far from the mainstream, Roxé takes risks in an unexplored subgenre in the music industry. He feels honored and privileged seeing people sing along to his lyrics and dance with the melodies. He wants his fans to know that they can have as much fun and positivity when listening to music about Christ and faith.

Now, he will be remembered for bringing gospel hip hop into the limelight. And we know there are more things that we will be looking forward to with him. Let’s sit back and relax. Stream his songs and watch him build an even bigger empire in the industry!

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AustinTheManager’s Skills In The Music Business Are Unmatched

Music has always driven AustinTheManager. The independent, self-made Long Island native has always pushed music to be his home base. As he moves through his life today, AustinTheManager always moves in a way that still keeps music, and its overall importance to him, ahead of everything else.

Though Austin moves through different markets like investing and social media outlets, AustinTheManager still always keeps music involved. Whether it’s creating it or managing it, music is what does it all for him. With the creation and release of his EP, Archives, Austin put hours and hours into this project to show what he’s capable of, as well as, with this being his first official release, what is to come next.

“Archives is my first project so this is my greatest achievement so far as a musician. Being able to work with artists and producers who trusted my opinion and saw my vision is pretty cool considering I’ve never done this before.” Austin said about the project.

Upon its release, Austin moved to celebrate its coming out quickly but then right away turned to create whatever is to come next for Austin. For him, Archives was a long time coming. Whatever is to follow will be more impressive than ever. AustinTheManager is surely a name to keep an eye out for as this year moves forward. With one release already in the books, Austin is on his way to create and master a second one.

Be sure to givethe newest project from AustinTheManager, his EP Archives, a listen through on Spotify here and you can check out and keep up with AustinTheManager daily on Instagram here, watch his personal YouTube channel here, as well as watch his TikTok channel, here.


RealXman Is Prepared To Take On Anything On His Path To The Top

Breaking into the mainstream music industry is a task in and of itself for a young up-and-coming artist. With 60,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify daily it can be easy to get mixed up with the slew of other artists posting their songs up for the world to stream. For RealXman, he has been in the game for a little while now and knows how it goes. That being said, he is taking a stronger approach to getting his name out there and is gearing up to make a big push in taking his career to the next level.

Always feeling as if he was meant to entertain, RealXman knows that he was born to do this. He dedicates all of his time and resources to bettering himself at his craft and will stop at nothing to reach the top. His unique melodic flow and upbeat melodies create for a listening experience unlike any other artist in the game today. With his raw ability and smart marketing approach, RealXman is excited to see what’s in store for him in the year to come. 

As time goes on and RealXman sharpens his skill set, there is no telling the accomplishments he will be able to achieve. He is hungrier now than ever and has his mind set on one thing, making it to the top. Make sure to stay tuned in with RealXman as you’re not going to want to miss a second more of his illustrious journey.

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Ohio Artist Joseph Toth aka DJ Collab Is Breaking The Status Quo and Pushing For A Career In Music

Having always been the outgoing and spontaneous one who would bring people together, Joseph Toth, aka DJ Collab, is now applying those qualities to his musical career. Ever since his deployment in the US Navy, where he first got into music, DJ Collab has been going all-in on his music career and leaving no stone unturned along the way. He is giving everything he has to this career and lifestyle and even recently moved out to LA to pursue his dreams harder. He is locked in and ready to make a name for himself in the world of music.

Gearing up to take his career to the next level, DJ Collab has been working on his artistry over the last couple of years to get it just right. He has his aesthetic down, and the music is now starting to shine through. He pulls inspiration from artists such as Chris Brown and uses his music to guide his melodies and creative aspect behind it. After listening to his music, he wants people to have a lifted mood and vibe with the up-beat tempo that his songs come with.

DJ Collab is making great progress in his career, and it is going to be exciting to watch him continue to grow over the next few years. There is no doubt that if he keeps applying pressure, he will become a big name in music. It is only a matter of time before his name starts to pop up everywhere, so be sure to stay connected as you won’t want to miss out on the progression of his young career.  

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Is it enough to have talent in singing? Part of the speeches of “Hadi Hamrahi”, a famous Iranian musician and singer

Music, like all arts and all occupations, has its pros and cons. Professional singers and musicians do not become overnight stars and have to sacrifice part of their lives to music. But one of the advantages of music, especially for those who love music inherently, is that music, like meditation, can separate people from the material world and relax them. In addition, research has shown that music has positive effects on the health of body and soul.

If you are one of the people who are involved in music, you have the chance to learn and progress music sooner than others. You also subconsciously tend to spend time with people who love music. But do not forget that learning music requires learning music reading and music theory

. Sometimes some people think how to become a reader to read and solve the challenge? In their existence, they must teach various instruments, including guitar, piano, and so on. Although learning these instruments can improve your level of singing, there are other lessons you need to put on the agenda for singing. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Singing.

Of course, you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. There are special educational videos for singing that have been prepared by very great and knowledgeable professors in this field. In these videos you will learn to sing from garlic to onion. Many of today’s singers have started from this level and have gone through the steps and steps of singing one after another.

Biography of Hadi Hamrahi

Hadi accompanies famous and well-known Iranian musicians in the style of pop music, he has released 3 official music so far, he was born in April 1993.

Hadi is one of the well-known pop singers and has very famous music.

In the following, we are with you with a part of Hadi Hamrai’s talk about singing


PharaDomo Sets The Bar High Moving Forward With New Video For “Gifted”

The East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York is home to ascending hip hop artist PharaDomo. Investing a large amount of his time to perfecting his craft, PharaDomo has been able to make great strides thus far in 2021. With momentum rolling in the right direction PharaDomo is looking to capitalize with the release of this newest music video for “Gifted”

The “Gifted [Official Video]” features PharaDomo flexing his new lifestyle and setting the haters straight. Emphasizing that he is truly gifted, PharaDomo shows the people who have talked down on him the mistake they have made and the spot that he is in now. He shows off his cash and the whips that he and his closest ones now have from the success as the camera captures the scene from various perspectives, adding a unique element into each scene.

The “Gifted [Official Video]” is a big play for PharaDomo and keeps the momentum from earlier this year rolling. He has big plans for the tail end of 2021, and it should be exciting to see where he goes from here on out. Stay tuned in with PharaDomo so you can watch his promising career unfold.

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New Mexico Artist notKhoi is Off to a Hot Start

New Mexico Artist notKhoi is Off to a Hot Start

Hailing from the heart of the southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, singer and songwriter notKhoi has been releasing melodic ear candy since his initial debut back in 2018. The artist has been quiet so far in early 2021, but left us with an undiscovered vibe for the summer nonetheless.

On “Thugger Thugger”, notKhoi gives us everything we would need for a summer jam. A hard trap beat, punchy delivery, and a smooth flow. notKhoi raps about driving fast cars and making lots of money. What isn’t there to love?

Fans of notKhoi wait patiently for whatever might be next from the artist. He has hinted at releasing an EP this summer with his genre-bending sounds. For now, stay tuned in with the social media links below.

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Jess Classic Releases New Album ’11’

Buffalo, NY rapper Jess Classic is back with his much anticipated album, ‘11‘. It’s been a long time coming and the wait is finally over. Six singles and a host of insane visuals later, here we are and best believe Jess is blessing us with the Summer heat. Nothing but official Summer bangers to beat out of your trunk; something exclusive for the streets.

Officially dropped on July 11th, ‘11‘ consists of 12 undeniable S’LikeDat produced tracks. If you weren’t excited before, the collab alone should elevate your adrenaline levels. If you didn’t know, ask around. A Jess Classic and S’LikeDat collab is one for the books.

Stream the ‘11‘ project below.


Spotify will currently tell you of new releases from your favorite artists

Spotify is acquainting a feature with tell individuals when their favorite artists and podcast makers have a new release to look at. Appearing as a bell icon you’ll discover at the top of the application’s home interface, the What’s New panel gathers new releases from bands, musicians and shows you follow on the platform.

Spotify says the feature will update in real-time, with a blue speck overlaid on top of the bell icon showing when the board has been invigorated with new substance. Spotify plans to carry out the feature to all Android and iOS clients throughout the next few weeks.

In purpose, What’s New is like Spotify’s current Release Radar playlist. They’re both intended to surface new substance for you to add to your Spotify library, yet the manner in which they approach that undertaking is unique. Like Discover Weekly, Release Radar utilizes a mix of human curation and software to feature the songs you’re destined to appreciate from another album, EP or single.

What’s happening, paradoxically, does without curation for thoroughness. It likewise enjoys the benefit of a committed interface component. As a playlist, it’s simple for Release Radar to get lost among the wide range of various playlists you can add to your Spotify library.