Bread Boi Is Looking Make His Name Known In The Music Industry

With full swing and cockiness on this single, Bread Boi is taking names on his release of “You Broke”. Quite literally in the title, Bread Boi aims to those who lie to themselves about who they really are. By showing love and respect to those around him, Bread Boi aims to remove the fake and the hate.

Coming from Detroit, Bread Boi has become a staple of the music scene and this track has only solidified his spot. For him, his music is his life and his true purpose. By telling his story and laying it all out in a verse, “You Broke” has become a hit for him as an artist. This track came as a surprise as it sounds wildly different from previous releases this year. This track has become a huge selling point for Bread Boi.

If you haven’t given “You Broke” a listen, be sure to check it out and play it at the next function. As fans, we currently can’t wait to see what’s to come next for Bread Boi as an artist. With tons of anticipation, all we can do right now is enjoy the work he’s given us this year.

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Capturing Creativity: Kaile Goh on Picking Producers

Choosing who to work with can be the life or death of an artist in any field. Musician, singer, writer, and model Kaile Goh understands this personally as she navigates a transition in her music career in looking for a new producer. After becoming successful at a young age, she mutually parted with her record label and, following a fruitful pursuit of modeling, she is looking to revamp her career once more. In an interview, she described the processes of finding a new producer and some of the challenges that face artists. She explains, “Literally everything [is hard]. That’s why artists have managers because it’s actually close to impossible to do this on your own. Right now, I’m trying to get my music out there. I want people to hear my music and feel what I felt when I wrote it, so I think that’s the hardest part. Just getting people to listen.” And Kaile revealed, “I don’t produce my own music and I’m not working with anyone right now. I’m on the hunt for a good producer that can get my demos out there and my new songs I write in my room, sounding better than the last. I’d love nothing more than to release music but like I said I’m on the hunt.” Despite being currently unsigned, Kaile sits perfectly poised to jump at any opportunity or trend with her backgrounds in music and modeling and her undeniable talent.

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Mpee$ Debuts With ‘Ready To Go’ EP

Mpee$ has always been known for his high energy music. The artist began his career under a different name, only releasing tracks on SoundCloud exclusively in the early stages of his career. After utilizing the platform’s underground playlists, Mpee$ started to gain traction on his work.

Now, almost 2 years after disappearing from all social media, the artist has made a full return with an EP titled ‘Ready To Go’. The project lasts just under 10 minutes in run time, featuring 4 up-tempo songs on the disc. The artist sticks his doubters with lyrics about getting to the bag and running into good looking woman, all part of the artist’s fast life.

The release has fans eager to hear what might be next from the artist. It’s only a matter of time until his old supports find out he’s dropped more music.

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Josh Kilby Brings The Energy On ‘Ease’

Josh Kilby has found success as an entrepreneur. The real estate investor and motivational coach has now taken interest in a new venture: breaking talent.

Kilby started releasing music earlier this year in an effort to showcase some of the talent he knows. Most recently, Kilby released ‘Ease’. The track features the vocals from one of his talented friends, offering an up-tempo vibe from start to finish. Kilby leaves the second verse open to anyone listening to spit their own bars over. “I just wanted to release something other people would have fun listening to,” explained Kilby.

Kilby has amassed hundreds of thousands of impressions on his own personal social media accounts. He wants to continue to leverage his platform to push more talented individuals.

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Knzoo Rushes Onto The Scene With ‘Kryptonite’ EP

Rushing onto the scene, upcoming singer and songwriter Knzoo has been catching fire with his newest release ‘Kryptonite’. The 3 song EP marks the artist’s debut to all major streaming platforms.

On ‘Kryptonite’, Knzoo showcases his wide variety of sounds and styles that he is comfortable working with. For example, the project’s intro track features a slower, more melodic combination of sounds while the last track on the EP is driven by a drill beat.

Not everyone has heard of Knzoo yet, but the artist says he has big plans for next year. Having a number of different songs in the vault, we can only imagine what the next song will sound like.

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Luhanna Mostajo Debuts ‘Cloud 9’ EP

Influencer and model Luhanna Mostajo recently released a 3 song EP titled ‘Cloud 9’. Although the release came a surprise to many, it isn’t something to be surprised about.

Mostajo has always had a passion for music. Her busy day to day keeps her away from creating art, sometimes holding back her musical abilities. ‘Cloud 9’ gives us a small sample of what Mostajo has been working on. Each of the 3 tracks on the project offers a unique vibe, featuring a vocalist over Mostajo’s production

Luhanna Mostajo’s Instagram page has grown to over 300 thousand followers to date, only amassing more people day by day. It hasn’t been made clear whether or not new music will be released, but it did sound like Mostajo had a blast creating it with her friends.

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SheSoVegann Is Up To Something In Her Artist Career

By being influenced and inspired by Hip Hop and the club dancing culture, SheSoVegann has created some of the best dance club music we’ve heard in years. After releasing four singles this year, SheSoVegann has been the center of many DJ sets as well as the pinnacle of club dance sets across the globe for the past year. 

Since she has only been creating music for less than a year, there is still so much we’re waiting to hear from SheSoVegann. With the success of her current releases, we can only guess that the music will continue to get better and better. If you have not already, check out SheSoVegann as well as all of her most recent releases!

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Army Wayne’s “PurpleHeart” Has The Music Industry Buzzing

Wayne Green, aka Army Wayne is set to release the biggest album of his career. Army Wayne grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and has been infatuated with music ever since he was a young man. Wayne started writing his own music at the age of 7 and has been improving upon his craft ever since. To date, Army Wayne has previously released 7 projects which has earned him the reputation of being a lyrical genius. 

“PurpleHeart” will be Army Wayne’s second project release thus far in 2021. Previously, he dropped “The Chase” which generated major numbers and gained attraction from several big players in the industry. In “PurpleHeart”, Army Wayne tells the world through his own perspective about major life circumstances that he has gone through and grown through. Listening to this album gives you a much clearer view on who Army Wayne truly is. He intends on creating a sequel to “PurpleHeart” which has been extremely hush-hush and has no specifics on when that project will drop. Currently, you can listen to “Purpleheart” on all platforms, so make sure to check it out. Army Wayne put his heart and soul into this project and there are multiple songs you are guaranteed to vibe with. This is just the beginning for Army Wayne so be sure to follow him on all platforms and get the specifics behind his next project.

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Thejakesullivan Releases ‘moving on’ Beside Newman

Thejakesullivan teamed up with Newman to release the ending track of their most recent EP ‘Finesse of all kinds’. The last track of the project is called ‘Moving On’, offering sentimental bars about the journey the artists have been on together thus far.

The artist enters an almost Kid Cudi like flow, tip toeing over the funky beat Thejakesullivan cooked up. Newman gives his future plans for his career that he is manifesting, putting out positive energy for prosperity. A catchy, lyrical hook, and elegant cadence make this track one you can’t miss when checking out the EP.

Thejakesullivan made his debut earlier this year with his EP ‘Here For It’ and has been on a mission to release a solid catalog since. You can expect to hear more from Thejakesullivan soon.

You can listen to Thejakesullivan here:

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D-Lea – ‘Rackz All Up In My Pocket’

After years of working on his sound, upcoming hip hop artist D-Lea has released a new single to follow up his debut track.

The new released, titled ‘Rackz All Up In My Pocket’ features heartfelt lyrics, interesting melodies and a passionate vocal performance. D-Lea lets his listeners know what life has been like, explaining in his own voice what he’s been feeling.

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