Construction Labour Supplier Launches ‘Top 5 by 2025’ Diversity Initiative

A leading supplier of labour to the construction industry has made a five-step pledge towards boosting diversity in its ranks and creating opportunities for people in diverse groups in the sector by 2025.

Fortel, which supplies more than 2,000 staff to infrastructure projects with major contractors across the UK, has unveiled it’s ‘Top 5 By 2025’ initiative, after updating its Social Value and Diversity and Inclusion strategies in 2020.

Targets set by the West Midlands based business include increasing workforce diversity by 25%, launching a Diversity and Inclusion steering group and providing work placements for people from underrepresented groups within the industry.

Amar Sandhawalia, Fortel EDI Lead, said: “We have always put great emphasis on the importance of Diversity and Inclusion.

“Recently, we have launched our enhanced Diversity & Inclusion strategy which will be supported by our Top 5 for 2025 initative.

“2020 was a year where calls were made far and wide for progress – from industry associations and business leaders to education bodies and eminent individuals – but we do believe that we are at the start of a change in attitude and culture.

“We want to lead from the front in this and play our part in creating a more diverse talent pool, the impacts of which will be transformative for the industry.”

The full ‘Top 5 By 2025’ initiative is as follows:

  • Increase workforce diversity by 25% by 2025*
  • Launch of a Diversity & Inclusion training and assessment scheme
  • Quarterly Diversity and Inclusion focused events arranged by Fortel
  • Creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group
  • Work Placement initiative for people from underrepresented demographic groups

*At present, 60% of the Fortel workforce come from minority ethnic backgrounds, therefore the increase will focus on other demographic groups.


Fortel one of the largest supplier of labour staff in the UK

Fortel is the leading supplier of highly talented and professional staff in the UK.

The reason behind this is that the Fortel team knows its business inside out.

The company is helping contractors and managers in private and public sectors to hire permanent, contract positions, or temporary labour staff.

They do their maximum to find, train, and provide the right labour staff for the right jobs. Fortel helps talented and experienced people to find their right position in the industry, so that they can grow their careers effectively.

Fortel is based in the West Midlands, and provides more than 2000 workers at more than 130 locations all around the country. Fortel offers a higher supply volume of labour staff and responds across the entire spectrum of trades, labourers, and professionals to the construction industry.

Sat Nijjer, CEO of Fortel, understands the fact that clients can be anywhere in the UK. Therefore, it offers its services in different areas around the country to ensure quick availability of staff needed.

Unlike other labour suppliers, Fortel isn’t a CV farm. Rather it pays attention to the selection of each candidate individually, so that they can form an effective part of their labour network in the best possible way.

Fortel has been trading since 1998, earning a reputation across the country due to its positive ethos and values throughout the business. By improving its workforce, it is investing more effort into the businesses of its customers.

Over the years, Fortel has built three unique operating models as given below:

Teams and individual labour staff will work under the supervision of their contractors, delivering specific contracts at an already agreed price for projects. Fortel also delivers ongoing support for continuous labour requirements.

Managing trained and specialized staff is pretty hard, Fortel helps dozens of contractors in the construction industry to help them in building and maintaining high-profile labour staff in the UK. It contains a talent network of labour staff. Fortel understands the uniqueness of each construction project and offers high-quality, specialized, expert, and relevant talent to provide the experienced contractors and managers can rely on in the best possible way.

Fortel holds a massive workforce and aims to offer improved human resources to businesses so that they can effectively deliver their projects. Its services are not only meant to save an organisation time to search for the right talent for their project but can also make it more affordable to businesses. Surprisingly, entire operatives are certified with additional training, experience, and talent. However, the availability of a complete portfolio of individuals makes it easier to understand their specs in the best possible way.

Fortel is always providing a reason for contractors to come back with its high-quality services.


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Fortel works with Constructing Rainbows to promote diversity in Workforce

At Fortel, we are committed to diversifying our workforce and creating a safe space for all minority communities. 

Recently, we worked with @Constructing Rainbows to help fulfil this commitment and continue to put social mobility at the heart of everything we do.

Constructing Rainbows is an award-winning diversity and inclusion specialist that offers expert training and advice, with the aim of making the construction industry more inclusive.

Through implementing all their valuable training here at Fortel, we are looking forward to welcoming a lasting, positive impact.

As a BAME owned company,  Fortel is committed to implementing impactful initiatives that welcome people from underprivileged communities into the industry.

Our leadership and senior staff are encouraged to build self-awareness of their own biases and continue to educate themselves, as we recognise that Diversity and Inclusion is an ever-evolving landscape.

CEO, Sat Nijjer, says: ‘When people with different experiences, from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value – for our clients, our people and our communities’


Fortel represents Construction Sector with Social Value Award Nomination

Fortel are proud to have been shortlisted for a major national business award recognising our positive social impact.

Our community and charity work, focused on delivering tangible benefits to those in need within the West Midlands, wider UK and India, coupled with proactive community engagement and an ethos built on diversity and inclusion, helped us to claim a place amongst 10 finalists in the Positive Social Impact category of the Lloyds National Business Awards 2020.

Previous Lloyds National Business award winners include fitness sensation Joe Wicks,

Timpson CEO James Timpson OBE, DPD UK, Hotel Chocolat and dementia newspaper Daily Sparkle.

Fortel CEO, Sat Nijjer, said: “Since our inception, social value has been a top priority. We want to create a lasting legacy alongside the work we do.

“Our company values focus on people, promise and progress – with social value at the heart of our promise.

“With the continual development of our workforce and the engagement of local communities, we are able to reach the talent pools that are hard-to-reach and underrepresented and bring them into the construction industry.

“Diversity and inclusion coupled with fairness and respect ensure we retain the best workforce from the UK now and going into the future.”

Sarah Austin, Lloyds National Business Awards director, said: “When it comes to business recognition, the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards are the ones to win. 

“They allow any successful organisation to tell their story, from large private and public

companies, to thriving entrepreneurial businesses, promising start-ups and established SMEs.

“Winning a Lloyds Bank National Business Award comes with significant business benefits,

including increased brand awareness and reputation among customers and partners, valuable insight into best practice and employee recognition and retention.”


Fortel Playing Football Match against Balfour Beatty for Charity

Unlike many big brands and businesses, Fortel is different in so many ways. Not only in its business, but in terms of its charity work too. The company is going out of the way to help its people so that they may not feel left out or alone.

Now, apart from their work in dealing with COVID-19, collecting charity for different trust and agencies, and help in preventing some major diseases, the company is heading towards gaining charity by arranging events.

Well, recently, Fortel has decided to play a football match against Balfour Beatty to collect charity money. It is a practical step which is entertaining as well as useful for society. We should, as a society, appreciate and contribute to this cause by participating in the event a player or maybe as a simple audience. Both ways, you will be able to help the company achieve its ultimate target.

Well, Fortel is doing everything very wisely. It is working not only for the benefit of the society, but also for giving itself the chance to keep it simple, safe, and secure. This is how smart their plans are, and how effective the output is for the society they work for.

The simple way is the best way of doing anything. Well, this is also true when the charity work is done. Too many complications can ruin the main idea behind the whole plan, so Fortel is keeping it simple so that the main purpose can be focused. 

The way Fortel is working on charity work is fast. Well, if we evaluate the football match of Fortel against the BalfourBeatty for charity, we come to know that it is a very fast way of collecting money. In every match they play, the collected money is transfer directly to the charities. It should be adopted by other people too who want to give their contribution to charity. They can either play the game with Fortel employees or they can come as an audience.

When any type of charity work is done, there are many points where things can go wrong, and even against you as the one who is doing this work. So, Fortel is keeping this process very simple and easy for itself by arranging the events, play the game, and then collecting money which is given to the trusts or agencies right away. In this way, they do not face any complications.

Fortel is bringing life-transforming changes in the community of its country. On its own, the company is working all day and night in collecting money, helping people by giving physical assistance, and much more. It is all that one needs to do when there is a capacity of doing something big enough. We can learn from Fortel, and that would be more than enough to come up with our ideas for bringing change in the society we are living in.

About Fortel

The Fortel is one of the UK’s largest labour suppliers of professional blue and white-collar resources. The Group consists of a number of subsidiary businesses, including volume labour supply and management, professional recruitment, security services, turnkey concrete design and builds works, and bespoke IT solutions.

Our work with our clients and partners has resulted in a number of awards and nominations. These include; MSDUK ScaleUp award, Walsall Works Silver Partnership award, in addition to becoming finalists in The Growing Business Awards The British Construction Industry Awards.

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Fortel Creating New Jobs in the Construction industry

Fortel mission is to provide the best construction labor for construction and civil engineering projects. To compete with the challenges of the construction industry, we prefer to hire professional construction engineers, civil engineers, data science specialists, and other construction labor to provide excellent services and for the good management of our civil engineering projects.

Fortel priority is to manage projects of our clients with great reliability, feasibility and consistency and all these things are possible due to our experienced and professional workforce. With the progress and expansion of our business, we regularly hire workers to meet the challenges of the construction industry.

As a professional company, Fortel hire competent workers in various sectors. Our professional workforce can work in varying circumstances and our professional teams competently complete projects and task with reliability as we excellently equip our worker with modern-day construction equipment to meet challenges and demand work. Fortel mainly hire construction workers, security guards, groundworkers, security officers and cleaners and train our candidates according to respective domains. Fortel hire qualified CCTV operators, excavator operator cleaning operators, and general operators and train the workforce for the job.

Fortel frequently hire professional workers in the following domain.

Fortel hire civil engineers, data science experts, drones’ operators, data collection experts, and mechanical engineers that work in a land survey. We don’t believe in a manual survey of the land. Fortel focus on the use of the drone for the collection of visual data from different construction areas of the construction site and our software operator convert the data into different types of map. Our workforce can generate multiple maps through a quick land survey in very less time duration. Our drone operator manages the flight time and other technicalities for with we train our drone operators and other land survey staff for excellent performance in real-time visual data collection and map generation.

Fortel mainly focus on quality control and time management is due to our inspection department. We hire skilled inspection officers, data engineers, civil engineers to focus on the reliability and safety of our civil engineering project.

The progress of the construction project is monitored by a separate team that analyzes the speed and safety of ongoing work on the construction sites. Our inspection department fully cares about the safety and reliability of the project. Real-time inspection requires trained and experienced staff and professionals that can analyze and control the progress of the construction project in real-time. For this purpose, Fortelhires qualified staff to meet the demands of Inspection department.

Fortel offer industry leading conditions and wellbeing package to our workers with multiple facilities. We provide highly demanding education, training, health and wellbeing packages and insurances to our workers. 

Fortel have set exceptional trends in market that are being followed by our competitors now. We are providing different testing services to examine performance demands for our workers that includes alcohol and drug test. We constantly upgrading and supporting our teams with professional staff and operators for which jobs are being created to meet the challenges and demands of construction industry.

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Fortel’s Evolving Service Models to Offer Breakthrough Labour Solutions

Fortel is working from day one about the labour solutions and they truly believe in giving relief to them. Unlike the other business units that are working hard and fast just for the development of the business, for their progress and the revenue generation, Fortel is the one that is thinking about the labour problems and their solutions very seriously.

If you are also starting your business, of any kind or form, you can learn this from Fortel to be good with your labour force because at the end of the day only they will provide you will the whole business progress that you are seeking.

In this article, we are going to share with you the veracious service models which Fortel has been using to provide the breakthrough labour solutions. Let us get started with that in detail now.

When it comes to the recruitment of the labourers, they face so many issues in the process. Well, Fortel has come up with the solutions for them right from the start. They give a very clear description bout what they want from the labours and if they can provide, they are ready to join them. There are no long applications to fill and interviews that ask various questions.

Management issues arise many times in companies that are working on big projects like Fortel. But this company has worked out the solutions for its labours so that they ever feel that things are done haphazardly and they can adopt that attitude too. Well, they have the central management system in the company that is helping very one working in their space, they know what they need to do, whom they have to report, and much more.

Workplace issues take place in every organization, but Fortel is making this sure that the people working in their company never feel that they are not getting the right which they have to work in this company. Also, they have a nice and comfortable environment to work in. No one is ruling on anyone else and there is no distribution of power in between them. They work as a team and each one knows that they hold great value this workplace solution that Fortel is giving is matched to very few organizations in the world.

Anything which Fortel needs to do is what they are doing for so many years now. As you can guess from the section given above that they are working for the wellbeing of their labourers in many ways because they care about them, so you are supposed to just keep in mind the fact that you follow them the way they are doing these things. Your whole information source could be their online website where they have given every bit of information about it in detail. We wish you good luck with your similar endeavors about labour solutions and hope that you will be as successful in them as Fortel is for a very long time.

About Fortel

Fortel based at Willenhall, United Kingdom established in 1998 is one of the largest suppliers of agency labour staff for the construction sector across the nation. They offer high volumes of labour with a very fast response across a broader spectrum of labour, trades, and professionals.

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Fortel Civil Engineering Experts Suggests to avoid certain mistakes

The process of working with civil engineers of Fortel is not easy. They are very professional and trained people, so they also demand that kind of response. Therefore, the projects they select are very close to them and they work for them with all heart if some mistakes are not made. Here is the list of those given below.

1.    Bad Communication Skills

The worst thing that you can do while working with civil engineers of Fortel is that you do not communicate with them in the right way. It is important to be skillful in it because you are the one who has the project, and you have an idea in your mind according to which you want the construction. The civil engineers of Fortel would not know it in advance, so you have to communicate with them will every possible detail so that they can come up with the project output as per your expectations and dreams.

2.    Poor Services

Well, poor services might sound weird to you because when you hire the civil engineers of Fortel, it is they who provide you services and not you giving them any sort of services. By this, we simply mean that the resources you provide them in terms of money and construction material along with many other things they need onsite have to be provided them at the right time and in the right amount. Never provide these services in a short amount and never ignore their importance. This is a big mistake that you can make while working with the civil engineers of Fortel.

3.    Ignorance about Bigger Picture

While working with the civil engineers of Fortel, one more important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you never ignore the bigger picture of the project. So, what happens actually is that people like to do their projects in as much less amount as possible. So, they try to give their suggestions to the civil engineers of Fortel that they have to cut things from one place or another. So, this kind of ignorant attitude leads to bad impressions and bad work output in the long run. SO, try to avoid doing it and let them do the work they want, and in their own way as they are enough trained and you can trust them fully.


Now through the information given above, you must be very sure that how you have to deal with the civil engineers provided by the Fortel. They are working professionally, and they train people who are sent to you, so it is also your responsibility to take care of them. So, try to keep the above-mentioned points in mind while dealing with them. Sat Nijjer, CEO of Fortel says that clients should never make these mistakes while working with them because it will not only make then angry but also the output of your project will not be as you expected it to be. So, keep in mind everything, and then hire them. Simple care can bring so many benefits to you, so make it your focus and forget the carelessness.

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Fortel, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of professional blue and white-collar resources Joins Plant Construction Careers Day at Millennium Point, Birmingham

An Eventful Day where Aspiring Talent Meets the Giants of Construction Industry – Sat Nijjer

Fortel, the largest supplier of labour for the UK’s construction industry are extremely delighted to share that they were invited to be a part of the Plant Construction Careers LIVE conducted by West Midlands Combined Authority in partnership with CITB, CPA, CECA and Construction Gateway. The Career Day was conducted earlier this month on the 4th of February 2020 at Millennium Point, Birmingham.

The team, which consisted of a recruitment specialist, the head of our training academy, a recruitment director and one of our own apprentices were able to offer invaluable advice and guidance about the industry, training and apprenticeships, qualifications and the work that we do nationwide with our clients“, – well said by Sat Nijjer, CEO of Fortel.

The event allowed hundreds of aspiring young talent meets top employers from across the nation and also participated in the plant simulators session. Fortel was also one of the invited employers and it was a great turnover as Fortel witnessed the future generations of the construction industry meet here at this turnkey event.

Fortel had welcomed over 200 visitors to the stand ranging from 16 to 18 years old; some of them are still in the process of completing their academics while some are looking for a career change.

“The enthusiasm shown on the day by all involved was extremely encouraging showing that the future of the construction industry looks bright” – further added by Fortel owner, Sat Nijjer.


Fortel is one of the largest suppliers of agency labor in the United Kingdom to contractors in the construction industry. Fortel is also a diversified business with subsidiaries in labor supply and management, professional recruitment, concrete design and building, security services and bespoke IT solutions. The Group with their thorough partnerships with both their workforce and their clientele base has enabled them to excel in every field with multiple awards and nominations – MSDUK Scale-up Award, Walsall Works Silver Partnership Award and becoming the finalists in The Growing Business Awards and The British Construction Industry Awards.

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Wolverhamptom, West Midlands WV131AE
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