A fresh face in the world of young entrepreneurs – Hafeez Kudroli

When a problem arises, most of the people tend to discuss, but there are rare who consider searching a solution for it. Those who work for solutions, up-to-the-minute ideas and fresh concepts are just a synonym of entrepreneurs.  Hafeez Kudroli is one such young entrepreneur of the many who is at such an early age of his life proving the worth through his work.

The 24-year-old Business Entrepreneur is also the CEO and Managing Director of KUDROLI WORLD – A business company with interests in Infrastructure, Building, Commercial Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Building Materials, Apparel & Fashion for Men, Women and Kids, Hospitality, IT, Services, Entertainments, Events, Sports, Food etc.

Hafeez is born in Kasaragod and brought up in Goa. He has made smart investments in the field of fashion with tailored men’s designer brand – The Lapel Couture.

The young entrepreneur is also venturing into media with ‘Human Times’, a news media and broadcasting firm on the digital platform.

Having a business mind, Hafeez has also run an event company ‘Kudroli Events’ to manage the events like Digital Awards, Luxfest and International Fashion Runaway League. A true entrepreneur like him even cares for society and helps people. Hafeez also heads the charitable section of the group Kudroli Foundation that focuses on education for the underprivileged, supporting the girls and also caring for Geriatric patients.

An entrepreneur is not just about great ideas, but also about taking the care of society, and Hafeez Kudroli surely comes in the list of those young entrepreneurs who invest well and spend well.

To learn about Hafeez Kudroli checkout his website:


Baylor NCAA tournament second-round prediction: If Bears need to irritate Gonzaga, they have to recreate this from win versus Syracuse

While this season should as of now be seen as a triumph for Scott Drew and the Bears, regardless they have bounty more to pick up. A success over Gonzaga would not exclusively be a program-changer, however it could change the manner in which the Big 12 is seen around the country. In any case, Baylor has accomplished more than it was required to with the wounds it was managed this season.

For Gonzaga, not making it past the second round of the NCAA tournament would be a calamity by the program’s elevated requirements. Gonzaga hasn’t been thumped out in the second round since losing to Syracuse in 2010. Joined with how in need of help the Bears’ roster is, a misfortune to Baylor would be a humiliation for the No. 1 seed. Gonzaga has substantially more to lose.

With Tristan Clark out, Baylor will run its offense through watchmen Jared Butler and Makai Mason. Since it was effective and brought about a success over Syracuse, anticipate that the Bears should do likewise against Gonzaga. The pair consolidated to shoot 12-of-25 from the floor for 36 points and counted five takes against Syracuse on Thursday. They should do likewise against the Zags.

As a group, the Bears will likewise need to imitate the 3-point shooting achievement they had against the Orange. Baylor shot 47 percent from 3-point extend, driven by four makes by Mason and Butler and three each from King McClure and Mario Kegler. To hang with the best offense in the country, the Bears should do it by advisory group from 3-point range.

Touting the country’s best scoring offense, Gonzaga will be extreme for the Bears to stop protectively. The Bulldogs normal a DI-leading 88.8 focuses per amusement and are tops in the country with a 1.76 help to-turnover proportion. Gonzaga likewise shoots more than 50 percent from the floor and 36.5 percent from 3-point range.

Gonzaga’s offense is driven by Rui Hachimura, who midpoints 20.1 points and 6.6 bounce back per diversion while shooting more than 60 percent from the floor. The 6-8 forward has likewise moved in the direction of adding a 3-point shot to his collection. He’s solitary endeavored 32 this season, however is making them at a 47 percent clip. Gonzaga additionally has fit scorers in Brandon Clarke (16.6), Zach Norvell Jr. (15.3) and Josh Perkins (10.8).

What Mason and the Bears did in the first round is something to be pleased with, yet it’s the stopping point for Baylor. Gonzaga’s offense is troublesome for any group in the country to hang with. That could demonstrate doubly-so for a Baylor group missing some key benefactors. Baylor will set up a battle like it has all season, however Gonzaga’s ability will win the fight.

Score: Gonzaga 80, Baylor 67

Business Education

Interview with HR Strategist Manasi Rathod

“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”


  • Tell us a bit about yourself? What exactly you do?

Well..!I am very passionate and an innovative Human Resource Professional with an experience of more than a decade in driving strategic HR business partnering and organisational transformation to make it a better place to work.                   

As an HR, I have been involved in recognising talent within the employees, organising various strategic development, organisational transformation, employer branding, multiple employee engagement programs.

Having HR qualities within me, meeting people and solving their problems have become an important part of my life.  Listening without judging is what I personally follow.

Other than work, I love to play adventurous challenging games, travel, meeting new people and experiencing their culture is also what I crave for…. J

I praise Lord Shivaand have deep inspirational attachment towards Lord Shiva since my childhood.

  • Why is HR important for start-ups?

 Startup itself means it’s a new start and when you are doing anything new, you always end up facing various challenges, be it any business in any market.

In such challenging phase HR helps the entrepreneurs to attract and manage the best talent for the organisation and focus in setting up themselves in the market by supporting in various factors like talent acquisition, organisation structure, programs and policies and creates the right fit for the organisation.

My best strategy is to connect the dots between the hearts and minds of the people within an organisation and have seen tremendous successful results as an outcome.

  • Have you worked globally, how important is cross-cultural understanding?

Yup, I have worked for global organisations and dealt with people having different culture, values and attitude towards their work.

According to me, knowing various cultures and people needs around the Globe is very crucial. This has a major impact when a business or an organisation wants to expand themselves with diverse locations. 

Every country has their respective rules and regulations for any organisation to initiate a setup. Having knowledge of the localities culture and their interests would be the basic need and key factor that can help any organisation to kick start.

A Human Resource specialist plays a vital role in connecting these various locations by implementing global strategies, in turn helping the firm/organisation/employees to sync globally and smoothly perform the success story of their business.

I personally have worked with people from various locations with different mindset’s and believe me it’s very important to understand the differences and utilise it in a correct way to help a business have an impact in the Market.

  • Tell us something about your first consulting project?

Hmm!! Interesting question… this reminds me of a great opportunity I came across in the HR world. 

I was quite young and just graduated, and this was my very first project, I was excited and nervous too as I had to work in transforming the organisation for 15 employees.

I started meeting the employees and understanding their work, expectations and various other details. After all these details were gathered, I sat back and prepared a strategy and it took me almost a week to create an action plan.

Later, I explained the issues and discussed the broader action plan with the owner of the company which included implementation of few new HR policies & programs, working on the incentive percentage & such meaningful changes. He was quite happy and excited with the strategy. 

After an hour of discussion, we decided to implement the action plan I had prepared.

Upon the announcement of new strategy, slowly and steadily the atmosphere in the work place was changing. People were happy with new policies and the smiling faces made the environment more cheerful and sparkling. In just two months, the business achieved the highest sales in record.

This opportunity gave me confidence that I am walking on the right path and the owner appreciated me for the effort I put into his small firm to get the unexpected results.

  • Can HR help with employee engagement?

To be honest, HR role one of the important functions is to ensure employer- employee engagement. 

HR plays a vital role in connecting these ends to each other, finally resulting to a strong base. According to me, it is very important to know how much an employee is engaged to the job. 

Yes!! Employee engagement is not just the fun outing, that’s just the part of it, but it also includes the different programs, policies and other initiatives which help employees align with the business objectives. 

Every Individual wants to contribute, a HR helps them to align and understand their role in an organisation.

  • Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring HR Professionals?

Per my experience, I would say Human Resource group is a Pillar of any organisation having ability to enhance a positive work culturewhich would be beneficial for both, the organisation and its employees.

With power comes responsibility, use this opportunity in the right direction to benefit the individuals & organisation you come across. 

As rightly said by Doug Conant: 

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”


Win Your NCAA Tournament 2019 March Madness Bracket Pool With These Tips: Analytics Don’t Have To Be Intimidating

Filling out a March Madness bracket has turned into a national pastime of sorts, with everybody from celebrities to the President of the United States taking aside the effort to both lock in and share their tournament predictions.

While bringing home best honors in the ESPN or Yahoo bracket contest may feel like a crapshoot, we talked with a sports information researcher who has applied his computer-driven analytics systems to bracketology to help skew the odds in your favor.

Ed Feng of has devoted his expert career to applying data-driven analytics to sports and he is profoundly viewed as a standout amongst the best in the business with regards to college basketball predictive modeling.

Boasting a Ph.D. from Stanford University, Feng’s mathematical approach to deal with ranking and comparing sports teams is inconceivable with even the most diehard sports fans. In view of this, his book “How to Win your NCAA Tournament Pool” simplifies what could be a staggering idea for those hoping to apply analytics and big-data to this year’s NCAA bracket.

Stage 1.) Apply Basic Analytics

Amateur “bracketeers” pride themselves with accurately predicting a massive upset, but truth be told, there is little more than luck involved when you rightly select the 15th seed to advance over the No. 2 seed. While these “bracket busters” are fun to sniff out, it is also a quick way to put you and your bracket out of contention long before we reach the Sweet 16.

“Since 2002, the higher seed has come out on top in 71.7% of matchups,” says Feng, who points out that the 1,112 total NCAA Tournament games played through 2018 have seen the higher seeded team earn the “W” in 1,057 of matchups.

He proceeds to hail the selection committee for the sheer dimension of precision they apply with regards to selecting 60-plus teams, assigning the best possible seed and eventually setting them into one of four groups. In the world of sports wagering, a winning rate of 54% is considered to be a successful one, yet with information supporting the idea of basically picking favorites, you could be smart to start with that concept when it comes time to fill out your bracket and to leave the hunt for “Cinderella” teams to your competition.

While picking top favorites is going to give you leverage is smaller bracket pools, the concept becomes less effective as the size of the pool increases.

That drives us to his next point; know who you are going up against.

Stage 2.) Know the Size of Your Bracket Pool

Most of individuals enter bracket contests indiscriminately in light of just the top prize. Without a doubt, the yahoo’s $1 million check sounds pleasant, however given the sheer extent of individuals in the running, you might be better off sticking to scratch-off tickets.

Littler pools see your overall odds of winning improve before you even start to fill in your groups, however they additionally limit the probability that others will correctly predict upsets and locate bracket busters.

Utilizing his proprietary ranking system, Feng ran various reproductions to highlight the influence that pool size has on a player’s overall chances of winning a bracket tournament.

While selecting all favorites, the reenactment gave Feng a 38% possibility at winning in a 10 person pool. This rate fell the whole distance to 16% when the competition pool expanded to 30 members, and when taking a gander at a pool of 100 members, the likelyhood of winning fell the whole distance to 5%. You can just envision exactly how compelling (or ineffectual)this strategy would be if you were to apply it to a nationwide tournament, so Feng recommends this approach only when dealing with smaller groups of 100 or fewer entrants.

Stage 3.) Contrarian Approach (Go Against Your Competition)

By essentially choosing the top choices, you have effectively given yourself a not too bad possibility of contending in a small pool, however how might you develop this concept when you are in a medium sized pool? Feng proposes adopting a contrarian strategy in these situations, and this strategy requires you to know your competition.

Bracket tournaments ordinarily take a shot at a points system where effectively foreseeing the result of the opening round games merits few, while nailing your pick for the champion is worth a massive 32 points. This is where you can set yourself apart from your competition.

“Picking a champion is the most important selection you are going to make,” says Feng, “whereas any 12 over 5 (seed) upset in the first round is worth only one point.”

Let’s say you are in an office pool in Raleigh North Carolina with 30-100 people. While Raleigh is home to the North Carolina State Wolfpack, its proximity to both Duke University and the University of North Carolina makes it a pretty safe bet that many of your coworkers will back a local team to cut down the nets.

Local predisposition quite often has an influence when your average fan rounds out their bracket. Contestants know about the team names and give them weighted significance, and who wouldn’t like to see a local team perform above desires. This predisposition can be utilized further bolstering your good fortune, particularly when managing higher seeded teams.

Realizing that many are basically picking the top picks to progress in each round, the general contest standings could be truly close entering the more profound rounds of the tournament and a portion of those ahead of schedule round miracles could cause issues down the road for you. This is when you look to select a champion that goes against the consensus favorite, which could be the top-ranked team in the country or a local contender depending on your location.

Utilizing a same scenario outlined above, selecting Gonzaga to prevail upon the title a nearby most favorite like Duke or UNC could be the move you need to secure your victory. With the majority of the field relying on the same result for 32 points, a winning contrarian prediction would likely put you over the top. On the flip side, it could eventually be your demise should the accord most favorite end up as the winner, however this result would almost certainly have various members in the running and increases the luck aspect of predicting upsets in earlier rounds.

In 2010, Feng’s numbers had given the top-ranked Kansas Jayhawks a 31.1% chance to win the NCAA Tournament, a number that was over 10% higher than some other team on his projection board. The public was also aware of this team’s high probability of winning, and 41.8% of all brackets submitted to ESPN had the Jayhawks selected to clinch the title.

Feng proceeds to reference the way that his numbers additionally upheld the Duke Blue Devils as a strong threat, with a 20.9% possibility of winning. While Duke sat next behind Kansas on Feng’s boards, only 6.5% of the public had entered their name as the tournament winner.

Rounding out indistinguishable brackets with the top choices chose, recreations were kept running with the two Kansas and Duke entered as the victor. In little 10 man pools, Kansas still gave you a 38% possibility of winning your pool, with Duke presenting a 30% shot. Be that as it may, when the pool size increased to 50 people, Duke now gave you a 14.8% chance of winning compared to the 10% offered when backing the public favorite.

Start Dancing

Winning your bracket pool comes with certain gloating rights, but almost every year we hear stories of someone winning the ESPN or Yahoo contest based off of some absurd strategy. We all know the person who wins a cash prize after filling out their bracket based on their favorite colors or mascots.

They don’t call it “madness” for little more than let Ed Feng’s recommendation help you relieve your misfortunes and capitalize off of your wins. Stick to smaller bracket pools with less than 100 entrants if you hope to have any real shot of winning and apply these three professional suggestions to tilt the odds in your favor.


Pompeo declares visa limitations over international examination concerning U.S. military

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared Friday the U.S. will limit visas for International Criminal Court (ICC) personnel probing U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan. The U.S. has would not participate with international examiners, guaranteeing they abuse U.S. sovereignty.

Pompeo, making the declaration at a State Department briefing Friday morning, included the U.S. is prepared to take additional steps, including sanctions, if essential. It’s vague what number of are influenced by the choice.

The Trump administration has strongly criticized and questioned the International Criminal Court. One of national security counsel John Bolton’s first talks was about the ICC, denouncing its examination concerning U.S. personnel.

On Friday, Pompeo likewise censured the assaults on mosques in New Zealand that left 49 dead.

“My condolences to the grieving families of the victims in Christchurch, New Zealand. No one should have to fear such violence in their place of worship. The American people mourn this tragedy together with our friends in New Zealand,” Pompeo tweeted ahead of his briefing.

It’s been a busy couple of days for the State Department, which declared Thursday that all negotiators have left Venezuela and the administration keeps on applying pressure to the routine of Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela has encountered widespread power outages as of late, exacting hardship on an effectively battling nation.

Pompeo is dining with President Trump Friday afternoon.


The House, Senate send the same education expense plans to the governor

The state Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday endorsed indistinguishable designs for how New Mexico ought to spend a major boost in public education funding, sending the two measures to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Both Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 5 accommodate an extra $450 million in public funded education spending one year from now, including $113 million went for offering help for in danger students and an additional $38 million to build teacher pay.

While a significant part of the substance of the bills reflected before versions discussed a week ago, there was one difference: A one-time increment in yearly base pay for teachers, fixing to the level of their teaching permit, will add up to $2,000 not as much as what was incorporated into the past bills.

The original plan was to begin those teachers at $42,000 (level one permit), $52,000 (level two) and $62,000 (level three), with ensuing raises so that throughout the next couple of years they would eventually start earning salaries nearer to $46,000, $56,000 and $66,000.

Rather, under the bills affirmed Wednesday, educators would begin off gaining base pay of $40,000, $50,000 and $60,000, with no quick raises following.

That change would spare about $150 million, Rep. G. Andrés Romero, D-Albuquerque, said.

Romero, a co-sponsor of the House bill, stated, “This is a pretty big moment in public education, that we are going to be putting so much money where it belongs… for at-risk students, teacher pay increases to help retain and recruit teachers into the future.”

The bills cruised through the both chambers with little discussion. The Senate voted 37-0 for the House rendition of the bill, and the House voted 43-19 for the Senate variant of the bill.

Soon after supporting the Senate education bill, the House dismissed the Senate’s general state spending plan, leaving the two administrative bodies to work out a trade off before the Legislature defers on Saturday.

Be that as it may, the fate of the education spending plan ought not be muddied by that contention, Rep. Patricia Lundstrom, D-Gallup, stated, in light of the fact that it “will fit into either framework so it doesn’t impact it.”

The governor, just as numerous officials, have refered to public education as a best need this year as state government appreciates an income surplus from an oil and gas boom. Not exclusively is the state often ranked close or at the bottom of most national reports on public education, yet the state needs to satisfy a state District Court deciding in a claim that says New Mexico has scammed a few groups of students with the most elevated needs — those learning English as a second language, special-needs students, low-income children and Native American youngsters.

District Judge Sarah Singleton of Santa Fe said state pioneers and the Public Education Department have abused the state constitution and “the rights of at-risk students by failing to provide them with a uniform statewide system of free public schools sufficient for their education.”

Singleton did not endeavor to place a price tag on changes expected to meet her mandates. She gave the Legislature and governor until April 15 to come up with a plan to satisfy the court’s directives.


Basketball and Football Investigation: NCAA Opens Examination Concerning Kansas’ Men’s Basketball, Football Programs

The NCAA is right now examining the Kansas Jayhawks’ men’s b-ball and football programs, CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd written about Thursday.

As per Dodd, previous Jayhawks football mentor David Beaty was interviewed by the NCAA on Feb. 27 as a major aspect of a continuous examination in regards to “possible wrongdoing by a former assistant coach.”

Beaty sued the school this week asserting Kansas retained $3 million owed to him following his November terminating. As per an announcement released by the Jayhawks, the school found that one of Beaty’s aides may have violated NCAA rules.

The university is additionally presently under scrutiny as part of the FBI’s test into college b-ball. A month ago, Dodd announced that Kansas authorities were “concerned” that the NCAA’s investigate the qualification of Silvio De Sousa could result in infractions. Mentor Bill Self was not met for the De Sousa restoration.

The two examinations at Kansas are accepted to be in the beginning periods. It isn’t as of now known whether Kansas has gotten a Notice of Allegations for either sport.


Barcelona vs Lyon : What Liverpool fans are stating after Philippe Coutinho scores for Barcelona

Liverpool supporters had the two eyes on their Champions League conflict with Bayern Munich on Wednesday night.

Be that as it may, it appears seeing Philippe Coutinho netting for Barcelona against Lyon in the other last-16 conflict was additionally seen by a couple of them.

The ex-Reds midfielder has battled for structure as of late in the midst of cases he is hoping to leave the club in the late spring exchange window.

Coutinho has even been in contact with various Manchester United players as of late as he considers a move back to the Premier League to play for his previous side’s unpleasant adversaries next season.

Whatever happens is still in question, yet for now Coutinho remains a Barcelona player – and he guaranteed he put an exhibition in on Wednesday.

After Lionel Messi opened the scoring from the penalty spot the Brazilian doubled Barcelona’s advantage at the Nou Camp.

Strangely it was another previous Liverpool player who set up Coutinho to score: Luis Suarez. Also, well, Reds supporters really wanted to tell Twitter.

“Suarez squares it to Coutinho who taps into the open net! Wonderful! Amazingly unselfish perfect team work from Liverpool there,” wrote one fan.

While another additional: “Unselfish from Suarez. Much needed for Coutinho! Made in Liverpool. Goal for Barcelona,” and a third concluded: “That Liverpool connection.”


College Admissions Scandal: Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives star and Lori Loughlin named in US colleges cheating scandal

Affluent guardians on the whole paid a huge number of dollars to purchase places for their youngsters at tip top American universities, authorities have asserted, in charges that uncover a standout amongst the most sweeping cheating scandals in US higher education.

In a criminal protest documented in Boston, the justice department blamed 50 people – including prominent financiers and famous artists – of participating in a plan to bribe college entrance test administrators and university mentors.

A FBI affirmation documented in help of the protest recorded Georgetown University, Stanford University and Yale University among the eight institutions influenced.

Among the 32 guardians charged were Gordon Caplan, co-chairman of the law office Willkie Farr and Gallagher; William McGlashan, a best official at private value firm TPG; and performing artists Felicity Huffman, a star of the TV dramatization Desperate Housewives, and Lori Loughlin. The previous head mentor for ladies’ soccer at Yale has consented to concede to wire misrepresentation and is co-working with experts.

The plan was controlled by a college test planning administration in Newport Beach, California, called The Edge College and Career Network established by William Singer, who has conceded to racketeering.

Mr Singer’s pitch, as indicated by the affidavit, was clear: “OK, so, who we are – what we do is help the wealthiest families in the US get their kids into school,” the Edge’s founder, who has pleaded guilty, told a prospective client.


Google Doodle : WWW completed 30 years, Google created a doodle, learn what was the world’s first website

The World Wide Web is celebrating its 30th anniversary today. Yes … the World Wide Web (www) has completed 30 years. So today Google has done a doodle (Google Doodle Today). In which the earth is shown moving around the computer, which is connected only to one switch. 30 years ago on March 12, 1989, British physicist Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW, which is being used by the internet all over the world today. Actually, the WWW is an application made from HTML, URL and HTTP. Sir Tim Berners-Lee worked in the famous CERN of Europe in 1989 and that’s how he created the World Wide Web. This was followed by the first web browser released in 1991. The idea of ​​how incredible this invention could be today is to see the increased expansion of the Internet today. That same day, Google has made a doodle even on this special occasion.

This was the first website in the World:

Did you know what the world’s first website was … The web browser was first released outside of CERN in 1991. After that on August 6 the Internet came into being and the world got the first website After that the internet began, many web companies came and it has expanded extensively today.

Internet access in India in 1995:

Internet service was started in India after 6 years of the birth of the Internet. That is, Internet in India came on August 15, 1995. Which started by Foreign Communications Limited. According to an estimate, the number of Internet users by the year 2021 can be 82.9 million.