NJ Web Series Lands at Balloon Festival

The Quick Chek New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning draws huge crowds

Mikala Moss, Miss Universe Bahamas 1999-2000 Vandia Sands Miss Earth Bahamas 2013-2014

Last weekend was the 37th year for the Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning. It’s one of the biggest events of the summer that draws tens of thousands to the Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ, to watch more than one hundred hot-air balloons take to the sky.

It’s a breathtaking experience for revelers of all ages and has food and other vendors lining the festival from one end to the other.

At the festival, a new web series set to air on Apple and Roku TV called NJ Primetime accidentally collected some good video for their show, which is a 13-week series based on what’s happening in and around the Garden State. The show is based on a radio show that discusses events and commentates on them with special guests appearing weekly.

The producers of NJ Primetime were filming vendors when some proprietary secrets of a popular underground company called Jersey Plate Art were filmed. The custom plates made from recycled material was so interesting that onlookers flocked to The Plate Art maker and the film crew had to make a hasty retreat.

Vandia Sands Miss Earth Bahamas 2013-2014The excitement really took off with the film crew interviewing the marketing representative from the Bahamas tourist office. Vandia Sands is known stranger to lights, camera, action as she has held pageant titles for the Islands in the past. With crowds gathering and cameras rolling, festival-goers got to hear how spectacular the Bahamas are. Footage airs on Roku TV, Sunday, August 11th 8 pm. What a great getaway destination!


Two Expert Committees Open the Door to Therapeutic Cannabis

An independent committee, set up by the Medicines Agency, considers it “appropriate” to authorize the use of therapeutic cannabis. And the Ethics Committee of the League Against Cancer sees no reason to oppose it.

One after the other, two expert reports are slowly opening the door to therapeutic cannabis in France. State after State in the US has already gone through massive changes relating to therapeutic and recreational uses of cannabis. In the 31 US states in which cannabis legalization has occurred, cannabis businesses are moving to make the most of growing consumer demand. In a perfect example of the marriage between helping people in need and shrewd business sense, West Coast Ventures Corp. (OTC: WCVC)’s Illegal Burger brand offers CBD-infused edibles to customers across the US.

As well as a business success story – one of Illegal Burger’s flagship restaurants is set to exceed $1 million in sales this year – it’s a personal story that highlights growing public awareness of therapeutic cannabis. CEO Jim Nixon was inspired to provide CDB-infused food by the dramatic, positive changes he saw in his son Jordan who took CBD to help manage his multiple sclerosis.

Businesses are watching eagerly to see if similar changes may take place in France. Neither the expert group set up by the National Health Products Agency (ANSM) nor the Ethics Committee of the League against Cancer appear to wish to stand in the way of introducing therapeutic cannabis.

Two products authorized in France

For years, French patients have requested the use of cannabis, particularly to relieve chronic pain in diseases such as cancer, AIDS, or multiple sclerosis. A first breach was opened in 2003 when Marinol was authorized for those suffering from neuropathic pain. But this product can only be obtained through a rather complex administrative procedure.

In 2014, a milestone occurred with the marketing authorization (MA) for Sativex, an oral spray for patients with multiple sclerosis and very painful muscle contractures, spasms and stiffness. It contains two cannabis derivatives: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Four years later, however, the drug remains unavailable in pharmacies because the Ministry and the laboratory have not agreed on a reimbursement price.

Last May, Minister of Health Agnes Buzyn said that therapeutic cannabis could be authorized after the “different institutions that evaluate drugs” have updated her with their knowledge on the subject. It was then that the ANSM set up the committee of independent experts, which, on Thursday 13 December, deemed it “appropriate to authorize the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.” It stipulated that this was reserved for specific clinical situations in which patients were not already sufficiently relieved by the available treatments or in which they tolerated them badly.

No smoked cannabis

According to these experts, cannabis could be used:

  • for pain refractory to other therapies
  • in certain severe and drug-resistant forms of epilepsy
  • in supportive care in oncology
  • in palliative situations, and
  • in the painful spasticity (contractures) of multiple sclerosis.

Due to the health risks, the committee excludes smoking therapeutic cannabis.

The League’s Ethics Committee had been approached by a cancer patient who had noticed relief of her pain and nausea, and the return of her appetite while taking cannabis. She wanted to have an ethical opinion on the subject, arguing that the “illicit nature” of cannabis consumption exposed patients to “various risks, including legal risks, for use that would nevertheless improve their quality of life.”

In its response, the Committee first notes that the international scientific literature is “rather inconclusive” on the therapeutic effects of cannabis. It believes that the pain-relieving effect of cannabis is “much less than that of morphine and other opium derivatives” used in medicine.

Access supervised by health authorities

In conclusion, the Committee states that it does not “identify any reason to oppose the use of cannabis by patients who claim to benefit from it, even if this benefit is not demonstrated according to the most rigorous scientific methodologies.”

According to these experts, access to cannabis should be in a form that “avoids smoking, so as not to be exposed to the harmful effects of this mode of consumption.” And this access should be supervised by the health authorities.

“Such a framework would allow sick people to dispense with the need to use parallel channels to obtain the product from which they benefit,” the opinion notes. “It would also prevent them risking criminal prosecution for their use.”


Emre Can Ayaydin Propels Family-based Company forward as CEO Irrespective of Challenges

Strategic decision making is one of those abstract, yet insanely important aspects of the business that every CEO needs to take into account. The abstractness of the term comes from the fact that different leaders perceive strategic decisions differently, much like different businesses have different business strategies.

Emre Can Ayaydin whom joining the family biz was like a no-brainer currently holds the position of the CEO in the family-based company Goldi Group (Switzerland). Emre was able to attain this height based on the significant amount of hard work and time he had buried into the company. He joined the family business at a very young age, 14 to be exact even though he was still in high school. While most teens spend their youth honing work skills in entry-level jobs, whether that’s slinging fast food or working retail, Emre got that spark to succeed at an early age. There’s no shortage of useful advice out there to help even the very young make strong business decisions.

One of the critical, and possibly fundamental, roles of leadership is managing change. Leadership is about guiding your team forward through a shifting environment. And determining the pace of transformation is one of the key ingredients of managing change. These have Emre mastered right from childhood and he has used it to make diverse decisions that have brought success to the company.

By definition, strategic decision making is an ongoing process that involves crafting strategies to achieve goals and altering strategies based on reviewed outcomes. While it’s agreeable that strategic decisions vary from business to business, there are a number of common terms, or effective methods to influence and improve the process. Among those, probably the most notable, positive boosts to strategic decision making is experience.

Based on the trailer load of experience Emre has garnered over these number of years spent in the company, he now oversees the strategic direction of the company together with his management team who combines industry experience and visionary thinking and its has been a great success. Emer has not only learned from his mistake over the years but has learnt from others. There is a saying that goes “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself”. This is by far the best thing that one can do as a smart CEO, who understands the risks and the weight of decisions that taken, and how they impact the future of the organization.

Emre Can Ayaydin has faced lot of challenges in his lofty journey with Goldi Group from dealing with business partners to dealing with family friction and co-workers who believes that his achievements are solely as the result of nepotism. But as Tony Robbins sagely says that “it is your decisions, not your conditions that determine your destiny.” Emre has learnt how to make better decisions despite the conditions, because conditions are often unpredictable, but decisions are always under our control.

Know more about the Company:


Considering Law Schools in Florida? Here are a Few Tips that might Help

Florida can be a dynamite spot to study and practice the law. The state’s status as a center for global business, a noteworthy section point for proposing foreigners, and a prominent retirement goal imply that there are boundless open doors for legal counselors of various territories of training. One noteworthy early choice includes picking the correct Florida graduate school. The accompanying article surveys some significant contemplations in picking a graduate school and gives some helpful connects to conspicuous schools. 

Important Considerations 

Florida graduate schools offer a wide scope of choices, contingent upon what you are searching for from your legitimate instruction. A few schools have an outstanding notoriety that could prompt enormous firm business, while others may offer a progressively adaptable timetable, incredible chances to get experience providing legal counsel in lawful facilities, law diaries that are regarded inside their territory of the law, and monetary guide or a reasonable educational cost. 

As you start the quest for the correct graduate school you ought to painstakingly consider your objectives for yourself in your lawful training and the vocation that will pursue. In spite of the fact that this is genuine any place you consider, it tends to be especially useful to comprehend the way of life of a Florida graduate school before looking for affirmation. St. Thomas University School of Law is a traditionalist Christian graduate school, while the University of Florida, Levin College of Law’s understudy body is more energetic about their football crew than they are about moderate governmental issues (go Gators!). Understanding a graduate school’s way of life can help guarantee that you locate the correct condition to succeed. 

How Might I Find a Florida Law School

Florida’s graduate schools are evaluated close by the remainder of the country in the U.S. News and World Report’s yearly graduate school rankings. The University of Florida (Levin), Florida State University, and the University of Miami School of Law are inside the best hundred.

Guest Posts

Tinot Vendetta the New Challenge

Tinot Vendetta is a rapper from Mantes la Jolie near Paris, he is currently preparing a new Ep “American Dream” with American rappers as guests.

The project will be available end of the year. Following meetings with Wu members and rappers from the west coast, Tinot decided to make a dream come true, to make an album with American artists and beatmakers.

Tinot Vendetta has participated in projects and mixtapes of the Wu Tang family “Wu-Files 8 and 9” and on the project of Californian producer/rapper Spice1 “The United Underground of America 2”.

Tinot Vendetta

Tinot Vendetta has also worked with the legendary DJ Ron G (producer for Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe …) on the mixtape “they love me”.

We can also find him on the mixtape of the Atlanta crew “Traps N Trunks 141” with Meek Mill, Moneybagg Yo, Young Dolph, YG, Kevin Gates, Montana 300 … Young dirty bastard the son of Old dirty bastard (Wu -Tang) is in connection with tinot for his future project.

Tinot Vendetta thinks that the most important thing in life is to have fun, time flies, do not forget it.

Check the video out on youtube:

You can Follow Tinot Vendetta on,



Clinton Misquitta and the Story behind Kwt Today

Clinton Misquitta is the person behind one of the most visited news media platforms in Kuwait. If you are wondering about what platform I am talking about, it is Kwt Today, one of the only English language news aggregator sites in the country of Kuwait. 4 out of 5 people who visit the website of Kwt Today come from Facebook, which means that most of the visitors of this news media site come from social media platforms. Most of these visitors are young and belong to the countries of Kuwait and India.

Clinton Misquitta has a strong connection with the country of India, because he was born in that country but his parents immigrated to Kuwait when he was young. Thus, Clinton was brought up in the small Middle Eastern country of Kuwait, a country which has a very large diaspora of Indians living inside its borders for more than 50 years now. Clinton Misquitta is part of that growing diaspora of Indians who have made Kuwait their homes because of the job and business opportunities in this small oil rich country. Although Clinton started out as a digital marketer, he later branched out to create his very own news media brand that collects the most trending and entertaining news content from other sites and hosts it on its platform. Although Kwt Today currently produces less than half of its original content on its platform, Clinton is starting to focus more towards producing fresh and organic content that can bring in newer audiences from India and the Middle East.

Since the early days as a digital marketer, Clinton Misquitta realized the huge potential of social media sites on the internet, and that’s why he focused all the marketing efforts of his news media site towards the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and now he is reaping the rewards of his hard work and focused marketing efforts. Kwt Today is based out of Mumbai, where it has around 20 permanent employees. The company is in the midst of expanding its operations as it aims to hire new writers who can write fresh and original content on its platform. It wasn’t all rosy for Clinton in the beginning though. He started Kwt Today back in early 2013, but he had to struggle a lot initially in the early days as the website was new and lacked sufficient visitors on its platform. But through years of hard work and dedication, he has managed to make Kwt Today one of the best online news media brands in Kuwait. He currently focuses more on his other projects, but he still keeps track about the day to day goings of Kwt Today whenever he can. His story is a story of toil and hard work and passion, and sheer determination. He currently inspires countless youths of Kuwait and India to take up a career in digital marketing and change the world for the betterment of mankind.


Obtaining Very Cheap Car Insurance with No Deposit Option

Do you like to have the cheap auto insurance with no down payment? Well, you are in the right place! Most of the Budget-minded drivers in the USA are looking for the best cheap no deposit car insurance quote. Now, you can get Cheap Car Insurance in any state without any down payments and it is suitable for saving more money in the process. Normally, For the complete car insurance to be legal, it is important to pay the deposit. Until you Pay for the upfront, car insurance will not be legal. But, now you can get legal car insurance even without the initial insurance payment in any state. When you are looking for finding the best car insurance policy then it is best to choose the experts in the field. Now, you can easily take advantage of the specialists for getting instant help on auto insurance without the down payment that fits the budget.

Fast And Quick Responses:

Having the Auto Insurance is most important as it serves as the protection or security not only for you but also the vehicle. In case of any traffic accidents, car insurance is useful for you to claim the damages legally. This is also most helpful for you to arise the occurrence in a much more efficient way. Auto Insurance is also most important for getting protection against the theft. When you are purchasing the vehicle, then it is important to have car insurance. Finding the right companies providing the no deposit monthly car insurance would be quite an efficient choice and it is suitable for you to instantly saving your money.

Quick Quotes:

Even though it is mandatory for having car insurance in the US but it is important to have insurance coverage for the protection. When you are finding it difficult to get the appropriate car insurance then here is the best option for getting the right solution. Having no deposit car insurance pay monthly is a more efficient option for activating the whole coverage without paying the initial amount so it is beneficial during the hard financial times. When you make a quick search for the top companies in the interest, you could find more option but it is important to choose the experts who are offering genuine services. Your complete ability for securing the full coverage auto insurance could also be based on the numerous factors.

Flexible Payment Options:

Not all car insurance companies require a similar type of the initial payment so it is important to get the complete detailed information before applying for the best. Some of the companies are required the 6 months to the 12 months of the payment upfront. When you like to have the best car coverage at the most affordable premium then click here as you can easily get the Premium discounts for the auto insurance policies for the eligible drivers. Of course, it is a convenient option for getting the flexible monthly premium payment option.


Avail Cheap Auto Insurance With A Suspended License

Yes! It is possible to avail affordable auto insurance even when you have suspended licenses. Due to various reasons, the transport officials may suspend the driving license. The DUI/DWI convictions and unable to pay the damage cost after causing an accident for the state authorities are a major reason to get suspend the license. In that situation, the owners cannot stay idle without driving their cars in their routine life. Such owners tend to purchase the temporary cheap car insurance for the suspended license and start moving until they avail their legal license.

Why You Should Get Car Insurance When Your License Is Suspended?

Imagine that you have a car and insured policy for the respective vehicle from the reputed insurance provider. At some situation, your license might have suspended for certain reasons but you are in the middle of the insurance policy term. You cannot able to cancel the coverage or claim the insurance with the suspended license.

The gap that happens in the insurance coverage leads to higher premium rates when you avail auto insurance for the next time. The only option available to avoid the hike rates and save premium for the upcoming auto insurance is to avail the car insurance for unlicensed drivers and maintaining the policy.

How To Get Auto Insurance For Suspended License?

Find Car Insurance Provider

First of all, you have to search for the insurance agency that offers cheap car insurance for a suspended license in your locality. The reputed insurance providers take right measures to provide you the auto insurance irrespective of the reason for suspension of the license.

Apply For Restricted License

Some of the insurers will provide the cheap car insurance for a suspended license when you avail the restricted license. With the restricted license, you can apply for the car insurance policy but you have to follow certain limitations.

The restricted license is also known as the hardship license that can be obtained depending on the eligibility and certain terms of the state authorities. Keep in mind that drivers who have the suspended license car insurance can able to drive during the daytime or for certain purposes instead of traveling to all places at any time.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Once you are decided to avail the car insurance with the suspended license you should get quotes from different insurance providers. When you have the list of agencies that provide car insurance for the suspended license you should compare them with one another. This greatly helps the vehicle owners to get the car insurance for the suspended license at affordable price and save money on higher premium cost.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have understood the perfect ways to get car insurance with a suspended license in clear cut manner. The duration of the license suspension differs from one state to another and according to the level of violation. Hence, it is better to take the car insurance policy with a suspended license and save premium rates of further auto insurance. 


Electronic Travel Authority

In 2019 the Government will introduce an Electronic Travel Authority for some groups of travellers. It is a new security and facilitation measure that will help to speed things up at the border.

  • The Electronic Travel Authority aims to:
  • enhance security and reduce immigration risks
  • address smuggling and biosecurity risks
  • improve the traveller experience
  • support New Zealand’s international relationships and agreements
  • adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the government, stakeholders and travellers over time.

The number of visitors to New Zealand has grown strongly over the past few years, and growth is expected to continue. Most short term visitors arriving by air or sea do not need to apply for a visa, which supports our tourism industry by making it easy to travel. However, when people don’t have to apply for visas, we only learn about them once they are enroute to New Zealand. We are unable to screen these travellers in advance for border and immigration risks and have a reduced ability to make entering New Zealand smoother and faster as technology evolves.

The Electronic Travel Authority aims to deal with these issues and is part of wider government efforts to make border crossing as seamless as possible.

How the Electronic Travel Authority will work

Before coming to New Zealand, travellers required to hold an Electronic Travel Authority will fill out a simple form and pay their fee online. Some travellers will also have to pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy at this point.

Find out more about the levy here:

Electronic Travel Authority applicants will need to provide:

  • name and birthdate
  • passport details
  • contact details
  • some declarations, such as about criminal conviction history and travel intention.
  • biometric information (a passport photo will be required if applying via a channel that allows it to be automatically captured).

The Electronic Travel Authority will be valid for two years. Final costings are still under development, but we expect it will cost between $9 and $12.50 per person. The Government will announce the final fee in the first half of 2019.

It will come into effect for travellers and crew in the second half of 2019.

Who will have to hold an Electronic Travel Authority

  • Most travellers who aren’t required to get a visa before entering New Zealand will have to hold an Electronic Travel Authority. This includes citizens of visa waiver countries, cruise ship passengers, cruise ship crew and commercial airline crew.
  • Australian citizens will be exempt, but Australian permanent residents will need to hold an Electronic Travel Authority.
  • New Zealand citizens and holders of valid New Zealand visas (both resident visas and temporary visas) will continue to be able to enter New Zealand without an Electronic Travel Authority.

Apply online at

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Y-Tube Player – Popup Youtube Music Player Now available for Free Download

Y-Tube Player Free Popup Youtube Music Player, now available for download Youtube music app to your android phone, listen to the music in background and watch video clips.

You can use Youtube Music app as an alternative to Spotify, Apple Music and many other music apps in your devices. In addition to dozens of different hit tracks in every country and music taste, you can use the application finding the music of popular tracks and latest video clips free of charge as non-annoying advertised.

After Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and many other alternative APK, the contents that users can’t do without listening to them are being presented all together in Youtube music app. With prepared recommendations based on the tracks you listened to, trends that the most recent albums listed in, daily renewed music lists that are hit tracks collected in, official video clips, full albums, live recordings, concert sections, and in many different categories, the application interface presenting full of content is as simplified as possible and bears Youtube mobile application design lines.

Set your favorite! View your recent and favorite music on a separate tab. Share your favorite playlists and music with your friends. Listen to Youtube music and watch videos in the background while working, writing and in another app.

YouTube Music Android Application Original albums, singles and more Suggestions based on music taste, location and time Live performances, remixes

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