Disneyland will launch a new annual pass membership program this year

This year, Disneyland will launch a new membership program to supplant the annual pass program that was canceled in January of worry that demand by 1,000,000 passholders could overwhelm the parks once they resume following a yearlong Covid closure.

Disneyland resort president Ken Potrock said on the D23 Inside Disney podcast that the new membership program for the Anaheim theme parks will be launched for the current year.

“We’re working on that right now and we will clearly be launching something before the end of the year,” Potrock said on the D23 podcast. “It’s going to be an exciting program that people — our biggest fans, quite honestly, our most loyal fans — I think are going to be very responsive to.”

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will resume at diminished limit with rides and attractions on Friday, April 30 after a 13-month pandemic conclusion.

“We thought this was a great opportunity for us to reimagine the annual pass program that wasn’t just built on the last couple of decades, but was built on how our guests and our fans want to use the parks,” Potrock said on the podcast.

Beginning on April 1, California theme parks could return at 15% participation limit in the red/significant level 2, 25% capacity in the orange/moderate level 3 and 35% capacity at all prohibitive yellow/negligible level 4 under rules in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy.

“We’re still operating under pretty intense capacity restrictions,” Potrock said on the podcast. “So there’s going to be a lot less people in the parks initially and quite honestly, hopefully, a lot less people in the parks as we manage capacity to enhance the guest experience as we go forward.”

Disneyland stunned fans by dropping its four decade-old annual passholder program in January and reporting that a new membership program would be divulged sometime in the not too distant future.

The assumption has consistently been that the new participation program would be carried out at some point after Disneyland and DCA resumed on April 30.

“We’re just trying to have the time to create a new program that allows us to create something that we think is more customized and more appropriate going forward in this new normal,” Potrock said in January.

Potrock said in January that he wanted to launch the new membership program when Disneyland and DCA resumed.

“Our hope is to be ready for this whenever we’re allowed to open. That is our hope,” Potrock said in January. “We are working all hands on deck to develop this as rapidly as we possibly can.”

Disneyland authorities will not say the number of individuals have annual passes, yet amusement park industry onlookers have assessed the number to be 1 million.

Annual passholders contained an expected half of Disneyland participation, as indicated by UBS financial analysts.


Spotify starts updated ‘Your Library’ with a new grid view, dynamic filters, more for iOS/Android

Spotify has reported an update today for the two iOS and Android that brings an upgraded “Your Library” tab. Changes incorporate a new grid view, dynamic filters, improved sorting, and more to all the more likely access the entirety of your music and podcasts in a single spot.

Spotify reported the update in a blog post today with the progressions beginning to carry out now to every mobile client.

Here are the features of the new “Your Library” tab:

A streamlined way to browse and look through your whole collection—both music and podcasts—in one spot.

New dynamic filters to help you browse that collection. Pick between album, artist, playlist, or podcast to see the audio you’ve saved that matches. At that point, in case you’re in a hurry, just tap the Downloaded filter to view all your content accessible offline* at once.

Better sorting options. Pick between review your audio alphabetically, by recently played, or by maker name. Well, that is coordinated.

More control and simpler access to what you listen to most. Pick up to four playlists, albums or podcast shows to keep pinned for instant access so you can rapidly jump back into that work playlist or sleep podcast. Essentially swipe directly on these items to see the “pin” option.

Use the new Grid view to sort through your liked content in a more visual way with an enormous tiled album, playlist, and podcast cover art.

While Spotify says the update will be rolling out beginning today, it makes reference to it might take over the “coming week” to get it.


Google updates most recent Chromecast with more HDR controls and improved Wi-Fi performance

Google is carrying out another April update for the Chromecast with Google TV that launched a year ago. It’s a genuinely huge update for a streaming gadget — adding up to 166MB on Chromecast — yet incorporates various enhancements.

Whenever you’ve installed the new software and restarted your Chromecast, you’ll have the option to dive somewhat deeper into video settings than was beforehand conceivable. In the new “advanced video controls” area of settings, you’re currently enabled to pick your favored dynamic range format. Alternatives incorporate Dolby Vision, HDR, or even SDR in the event that you want to keep it there. You can likewise manually switch to a huge ton of resolutions at different refresh rates from this menu:

4K (60Hz / 50Hz / 30Hz/ 25Hz / 24Hz / smpte)
1080p (60Hz / 50Hz / 24Hz)
720p (60Hz / 50Hz)
1080i (60Hz / 50Hz)
576p (50Hz)
480p (60Hz)

Except if you have a good reason to roll out an improvement, keep it at whatever Chromecast selects as the default: that was 4K 60Hz for situation. Google says this update additionally improves the Chromecast with Google TV’s Wi-Fi performance on 5GHz networks and mesh systems. For the full list of enhancements. actually trusting that a way will clear the “continue watching” line, where shows and films can in some cases simply stall out — even after you’ve got done with streaming them.

Separate from this software update, the Chromecast with Google TV likewise as of late got certification for HDR10+. So on the off chance that you go over content on Amazon Prime Video that streams in that organization of HDR, it ought to before long be supported on Google’s streaming device.


Abbas Rizvi: The journey of an iconic cinematographer

If pictures are worth a thousand words and learning how to capture memories is priceless, Abbas Rizvi is a gem.
Hardworking, amiable, warm-hearted, and fun to be around, these are few words out of the long list of adjectives that describe the subject of this issue, Syed Muhammad Abbas Rizvi.

Abbas Rizvi is a talented photographer and cinematographer. His uncanny ability to capture mesmerizing moments through lenses is second to none placed him on a trajectory on becoming one the best videographer and photographers the world has seen.

Abbas Rizvi’s talent and reputation precede him!
Since Abbas Rizvi made his debut in the cinematography industry in 2013, his works and reputation have always preceded him. Today, the name Abbas Rizvi can be heard resonating around the world.
Abbas Rizvi’s success as a cinematographer didn’t just fall on his laps. It took years of apprenticeship and stewardship to garner knowledge and embolden his confidence to be who he is today.
Little wonder how Rizvi went from becoming a steward to an applauded icon in such a short space of time. With a decade of professional practice under his belt, Rizvi has built an extensive network of collaborations, making his portfolio more robust and enviable among his peers.

“I love playing with colors and making photos more beautiful.”
— Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi photography, Abbas’s brainchild, has grown into a big brand and competes with top photography studios in the industry. While some critics argue that ten years is too short a time for one to establish himself as an authority in any business niche, Abbas Rizvi has proven naysayers wrong with their claims.
Gems like Abbas Rizvi don’t stay hidden for long
As the famous saying goes, gems don’t stay hidden for long. Likewise, Rizvi’s talent and exceptional skills with the camera earned him invitations to man several highbrow events and work with renowned TV personalities, models, celebrities, and a truckload of prominent figures in the fashion and entertainment industry worldwide.
Amongst Abbas Rizvi’s tall list of clienteles is the indefectible Pakistani actress Armeena Khan, Bilal Abbas Khan, and Atif Aslam. Of course, that is not all. Abbas Rizvi’s photographs have graced the covers of popular magazines and other media outlets in the United States on several occasions. Rizvi has also been invited to render his expertise on many movie sets worldwide and recorded several concerts.

Rizvi has an eye for capturing memorable moments
Abbas Rizvi’s versatility and ability to capture notable moments made him shine through in every facet of his profession. He made photography and videography seem effortless.
You can rely on Rizvi to take amazing photographs of weddings, commercial projects, fashion photographs, celebrity photoshoots, and major concerts, among other events.

Abbas Rizvi has been applauded for his ability to instill confidence in his subject and make them comfortable during photoshoots. Rizvi also has a rare talent for helping people look beyond their flaws and tap into their inner beauty.
In his little way and through his lenses, Abbas Rizvi can make virtually everyone look beautiful and feel special about themselves — especially during today’s social media era when people have become critical of themselves and others.
With photography steering his name and passion, Rizvi is also a health and fitness enthusiast. And he still manages to steal some time out of his busy schedule to work out and play cricket. With his ability to do spectacularly well in everything he lays his hands on, it won’t be a surprise if Rizvi takes up sports and begin to reel in medals.


Biography of Ehsan Neyzan, Iranian singer, composer and musician

Ehsan Neyzan real name ( EHSAN NEIZAN HOSSEINI ) was born on September 21, 1981 in Boroujerd. he is an Iranian Singer, composer, musician.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Borojerd, and then began his studies in graphic arts at the conservatory, and then entered the Tehran Conservatory, where he continued his studies in the field of applied science at the music conservatory.

He started playing music at the age of 8 in Borojerd, first learning music from their father, who was both a tar player and a singer, and then continued his work with great music teachers.

From the beginning, he started playing the fiddle and violin, and continued with the classical (traditional) Iranian music and folklore of the regions and Western music with the violin.

In addition to the training he received from his father, he also collaborated with various professors. He continued to play the fiddle and violin with Mojtaba Mirzadeh, and learned the classical violin with Professor Ebrahim Lotfi.

He participated in various festivals, including the Fajr Festival and the Youth Festival, which won first place in 1999, and won first place in the Regional Festival in 2002.

In the field of music, what distinguishes him from other musicians is a special touch on the violin and fiddle, which is his own signature, which arises from the inner feeling and appears on the instrument.

In the continuation of this path, he has collaborated with great artists in the field of music, including Mohsen Chavoshi, Fereydoun Asraei, Mohsen Yeganeh, Shadmehr Aghili, Dariush, Alireza Assar, Farzad Farzin, Morteza Pashaei, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Roozbeh Bemani, Mehdi He named Yarahi and …

In the course of his artistic career, he became interested in composing, in which he composed pieces for great artists, including Moin, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Roozbeh Bemani, Mehdi Yarahi, and other artists.

He has performed in many traditional solo groups and with many artists. And then he has continued this work professionally and in 2016 he released his first official piece and now he is singing continuously and to date he has entered 8 pieces in the music market.


Biography of Mehrdad Darbuka, Iranian singer, musician, composer

Mohammad Mehdi Khodavand aka “Mehrdad Darbuka”
Born November 16th 1994
Percussionist and Drummer
Started playing the Tonbak at the age of 3
Started collaborating with professional bands like the Black Cats at the age of 16.

Collaborations with world known DJs like DJ Tarkan in Turkey at numerous clubs like the Masquerade, Teddy, Ceo, and Xlarge and in Dubai at the Armani, Billionaire Mansion, Gotha and Zerogravity as well as collaborations in Iran with different singers such as Arash & Masih, Ashvan, Mehdi Jahani, Nasser Zainali, Masoud Sadeghloo and Farzad Farzin

Date of birth:
Nov.16,1994 in tehran

I am player of Percussion and drum

I start with tonbak instrument when i was 4 years old(in 2000) and from the age of 10 (2006) i trained drum and i worked in studio and played instrument.

After that from the age 15 (2011) i training drum and tonbak myself.

From the age 16 (2012) i started to professional playing in studios for recording music for signers like Farzad farzin, Masoud Sadeghloo, Nasser Zeynali, Amir Abbas Golab, Majid Eslahi and Mehdi Jahani

From the age 22 (2016 to 2018) i cooperate with my country signer “Ashvan” on stage

At the age of 23 (2017) i start working whit Mr.Sina Shabankhani and at the middle of 2017 i started working whit Masih and Arash adlparvar group and it continue up to now.


Ohio Artist The Art Teacher Is Pursuing A Career In Music

Akron, Ohio, is home to independent artist The Art Teacher, who is relentlessly pursuing a career in the world of music. He used to be known for being a highly-skilled basketball player, but a few life decisions made that no longer a possibility. Now he is turning to his long-time passion for music and making a career out of it.

The Art Teacher makes music with an upbeat vibe that provides a positive mood. His lyricism is second to none, and his one-of-a-kind beats make him a must-listen artist.

Be sure to check out The Art Teacher, as he has a bunch of new music in the works. As the year goes on, he plans to release projects in waves to build momentum moving forward.

Follow The Art Teacher on Instagram here

Stream The Art Teacher’s Music on Spotify here 


Rocky Lee The Million Dollar Manager Gives Back To The Community To Be A True Leader

“Hard work compounds like interest, and the earlier you do it, the more time you have for the benefits to pay off.” – Sam Altman

“Don’t be a boss, be a leader” says Rocky Lee, the million dollar artist and founder of the million dollar record label. Born in Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, Lee started working in music at the age of 18 and always had a good sense of music. However, that is not enough to become established. Lee says it is incredibly important to be around people who motivate you on a regular basis and give you a deeper insight into the field you choose.
Rocky has never backed out of difficult situations and that’s what sets him apart and contributed to his immense success. It is all about taking life positively, handling situations with strength and never losing hope. The million dollar artist started his career as a DJ and worked his way from there with his charismatic personality, intelligence, hard work and great connections.

Lee created his million dollar music by practicing every day for years with seldom breaks. He says, ‘if not now, then never’. He values time and believes that the hustle must continue all our lives, not just till we reach a goal. A total self made man, Lee has worn the multitasker hat for years with organising, coordinating, planning and now the next step that is funding.

A strong believer in giving back to the community, he has been a great supporter to many young and thriving artists of New York and enhanced their careers with his expertise and financial funding. Rocky still has a long way ahead of him and isn’t afraid of the work he has to put in. Download his music already if you haven’t yet!

If you would like to know more about this person, please visit :
Instagram :
Facebook :


Film producer Aaditya Pratap Singh says, with confidence and hard work, you can achieve any goal

Bollywood film producer Aaditya Pratap Singh is an ideal for the youth. According to the information received from the media recently, he is starting some of his Bollywood projects very soon. Talking to the media, he said that there is no dearth of talent in India. Not only the film industry, but India’s youth power in all fields is doing their best.

Aaditya Pratap Singh says that if any work is done with confidence and hard work, then success will surely kiss your footsteps. There have been many occasions in life when he was depressed, at the time when his father late Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh told him about these depths of life. Let us tell you that Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh was also a good film maker. Unfortunately, he died suddenly last year.

He said that currently his production house has stopped shooting due to Corona epidemic, but he will start his project again as soon as the world gets rid of the Corona virus. He has started the option of online auditions for new talent. He said that actors, singers or people interested in any field related to the film industry can connect with him by giving online auditions


Prince Harry, Meghan, and the Bidens to show up at vaccine advantage concert

Prince Harry and Meghan will fill in as the campaign chairs of Global Citizen’s push to convey COVID-19 vaccines to medical laborers in the world’s poorest nations.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will show up at “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World,” to be taped Sunday at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles and air on ABC, CBS, FOX, YouTube and iHeartMedia broadcast radio broadcasts on May 8, Global Citizen, the anti-poverty nonprofit, reported Tuesday.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will likewise show up during the transmission as a component of the “We Can Do This” activity to build trust in COVID-19 antibodies. French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Croatian Prime Andrej Minister Plenković will likewise show up at the show, which will be facilitated by Selena Gomez and featured by Jennifer Lopez.

Harry and Meghan are likewise driving a push to fund-raise for the antibody sharing system COVAX, which desires to create $19 billion to pay for the immunizations for clinical specialists.

Worldwide Citizen said the thought is to push organizations to “donate dollars for doses,” and the world’s seven greatest economies to share overabundance immunization supplies with nations out of luck.

As of April, 60 countries had still not yet gotten any COVID-19 antibodies, Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans told the Associated Press.

The famous people will likewise ask drug organizations “including Moderna to make vaccines available at not-for-profit prices.”

Foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin and H.E.R. are additionally set to perform at the show, with has Chrissy Teigen, David Letterman, Gayle King and Jimmy Kimmel and entertainers Ben Affleck, Nomzamo Mbatha, Olivia Munn and Sean Penn presently likewise set to show up. The occasion is essential for a developing theme looking for more extensive, more impartial appropriation of COVID-19 antibodies.

“Last autumn, I called for the sharing of the doses ordered by our countries, to ensure both solidarity and health security,” Macron said in a statement. “With the European vaccine sharing mechanism via the COVAX initiative that France is inaugurating, we are in concrete solidarity in the fight against the virus, which does not care about borders. Today I call on all my colleagues to join this momentum and make a commitment at Vax Live.”