Why Luke Acree Gets in the Trenches with His Team

What does your company do?

Reminder Media is a sales and marketing company that helps small business owners keep in touch with their database of clients and prospects. 50% of all leads are never nurtured, which means businesses are throwing money down the drain by acquiring leads they never follow up with. But when businesses do try to follow up, their systems are too complicated. So we provide three things: one, we provide them with the highest quality marketing touchpoints, so they can send out the best follow-ups to their clients. Two, we automate their marketing systems so that they don’t have to worry about how often to reach out or what to send. Three, we are a relationship-focused business that provides true ROI.[1]  At the end of the day, we want to make sure customers get the return-on-investment they need from their marketing.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

I’m really proud of when we made the INC 5000 for the fourth year in a row. But going deeper than that, I’m proud of two things. I’m proud of building out our sales team. We went from basically no callers on the phone to over 100 and had to figure out how to take our business from outside face-to-face sales to this inside on-the-phone sales focus. The other thing I’m proud of is that I’ve been in the trenches since I joined the company. I did sales calls to teach my team how to do them. I worked with clients to teach my team how to handle them. I’m proud to have been this hands-on through the entire process.

How do you define success?

Success is freedom. It’s getting to do the work that makes you happy and having choices in the work you do.

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The Best Music Marketing Company for Independent Artists

Being an independent artist has never provided more opportunities, nor has it ever been more competitive than it is right now. With so many platforms to share your music on, artists are now more accessible than at any other point in history.

For artists, navigating this notoriously tough industry and now saturated and competitive landscape calls for skills and strategy to stand out. Finding a strategic platform like Spotify often helps independent artists stand out from the crowd. It is suggested to go for the Best sites to buy real Spotify plays for a wider engagement.

Enter De Novo Agency for independent artists.

De Novo Agency is the brain child of the co-founders James Landry and Elliot Tousley. The two talented entrepreneurs both came from strong music and entertainment backgrounds with the goal of working with independent artists and helping them build their careers.

Certainly, no small goal.

Before we dive into all of the ways that they help their artists, let’s get their bio on the record.

“DNA partners with musicians at all levels and assists them in getting more business opportunities by utilizing data-driven music marketing. DNA has partnered with dozens of independent playlist curators who operate hundreds of targeted playlists on Spotify. They leverage these playlist placements for musicians in order to reach an audience, gather unique data and demographics, form a target audience of similar fans to market to on social media, and capitalize on business opportunities by leveraging the metrics and data they receive for the artist. DNA helps artists in any stage of their career–whether they are releasing their very first single, or trying to negotiate a sought-after record deal.”

A core belief of DNA is that artists have to approach their music with the mind of a marketer, and they help them see that, plan for that, and execute on that.

Okay, let’s turn our attention to just how they achieve this and more specifically, how they help independent artists like you.

Spotify Services for Independent Artists

As of Q1 2020, Spotify was home to 286 million active monthly users. Being on that platform and being strategic with your approach is critically valuable for independent artists.

De Novo Agency knew that it was imperative for them to help artists be successful at this. Like any offering they have, there are multiple packages that artists can choose from and they can pick the right one for their needs.

While each package varies from the next, here is the crux of what you as an independent artist can get.

  • Data-Driven Music Marketing
  • Organically Place Your Music in User-Curated Playlists on Spotify
  • Locate Your Unique Target Audience
  • Build a Custom Marketing Plan Based on Data
  • Verifiable Data Guarantee

As an artist in the most competitive era of music, the onus is on you to make your music stand out and to get it in front of the right audience. DNA partners with you to help with this.

“DNA placed me in seven playlists on Spotify and about 10 days later I was organically added to 30 more! I was in front of 900k listeners and earned 100k streams in less than a month!”

CURTI$Y – @TheRealCurtisy

Learn more about De Novo Agency’s Spotify services.

YouTube Services for Independent Artists

If you were surprised by the number of active monthly users on Spotify, then the 2 billion that log on to YouTube each month will surely blow you away.

Having a content plan for YouTube will help your music reach a large audience and grow your following. Just like with Spotify, it’s helpful to have a partner, and luckily De Novo Agency has your back on this too.

Again, DNA gives you options and packages to chose from to give you the most control possible will building this partnership. Here are the details on their YouTube offering.

  • Data-Driven YouTube Marketing
  • Design & Run Ads for Your Video on the Google Ad Suite and Point Them at Look-a-Like Audiences
  • Take the Data Available About Your Audience (From Spotify, Instagram, Etc.) and Target Similar Users on YouTube.

Running a data-driven ads campaign on YouTube and letting data drive your future decisions is a great way to create a competitive edge in the entertainment world.

Learn more about De Novo Agency’s YouTube Services.

Blog Placements & PR Services for Independent Artists

The last piece of the puzzle here is blog placements and PR services for independent artists. As an artist or an entrepreneur, the packing (AKA your brand) means a lot in the public eye.

Crafting that public image and properly creating your marketing narrative has become an increasingly important part of being an independent artist. And as the more things change, the more they stay the same. If you have a new piece of music, a new album, a new video, or anything else new, then you need a press release.

In 2020, you want that press release on blogs with audiences. Once again, that’s where De Novo is there to help you. And, again they have multiple packages to choose from which puts the control in your hands.

Here is the main offering for their blog placements and PR services:

  • Help You Create Your Marketing Narrative
  • The DNA Team of Writers Will Interview You and Help You Craft an Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • You Get a Unique Press Release That You Can Keep and Send to Whoever You Want
  • They Write and Publish Articles About You and Your Music Business

Essentially, this service helps you round out and build your brand.

Learn more about De Novo Agency’s Blog Placement & PR Services.

Why Having an Agency Partner Matters

Just in these three areas, you can see just how much work there is to do as an independent artist to create the successful career that you want. It’s not easy, but nothing worth doing is.

However, De Novo’s goal is to work with you to make it easier.

For you, picking the right strategic partner is as crucial as the decision to have one in the first place. Part of knowing that you’re working with the right agency is understanding the process.

In the case of De Novo, they use a six step process:

  1. You Submit Your Music
  2. DNA Analyzes Your Music
  3. Placement/Design
  4. Data Collection
  5. Consultation to Build on Results
  6. Create More Opportunities

In short, the process is hands on, they take personal interest in you, and it’s a real partnership. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some artist reviews.

If you are ready to get started and partner with an agency, then you should reach out to De Novo Agency today.


Ranjot Singh Bisla

Today we are telling his life journey which he has created and is a big insperation for all of us.

He started his journey from a small platform and has secured a high level position by his achievements. He has done a lot of achievement in his journey but from it , the biggest one till now is that “HE WAS NOMINATED FOR 3 YEARS CONTINUOUSLY FROM GOOGLE FOR THE MOST VIEWED BLOG AND HAS ALSO RANKED IN SINGAPORE ” and from other side he is also a brand promoter of “ CALVINKLEIN”& “toni & guy ” and more others.

By this all he has not stoped but he worked harder and working for his success.


The Rise of Top Talent Management

Over the last five years collab houses, known as content houses have become an established tradition in the influencer world. As the popularity of TikTok continues to rise and it’s content creators continue to gain mass followings, different content houses are coming together to allow content creators to even further their positive influence and following. One content house that was created in August 2020 and is now trending and garnering millions of views is Top Talent House. 

The mastermind behind Top Talent House in Nour Khodr. Nour was born in Florida, and grew up with a love for music and medicine, often accompanying his dad to work as his dad worked in the medicine field. Shortly after Nour realized his love for helping others achieve their goals, he started Top Talent in May 2020, initially managing a few friends he met on social media while he was a pre-law student in college. 

Nour saw his management company grow exponentially over the next few months so he began funding collaboration trips to help his influencers grow and build a sense of community among the Top Talent influencers. Nour’s initiative in creating Top Talent was to build a community that was very welcoming and allowed content creators to reach their full potential. 

Nour brought Anna Shumate, Eva Cudmore, Katie Pego, and Rachel Brockman out to Los Angeles to start the Top Talent House. All four girls had a huge following on TikTok and Nour believed he could help the creators increase their following and foster a positive environment among the creators in the house. 

The house was set up in such a way that Nour and his staff would live in a different section of the house while the creators lived in the main house, allowing the staff and creators to have space from each other. Parents of the creators are also welcome anytime and often visit and spend quality time with their children. 

Recently, The Top Talent House has merged with Not a Content House and the announcement has received great feedback and excitement from fans. With Nour’s initiative to create a positive environment to allow content creators to collaborate, Top Talent and their content house will continue to succeed and take the TikTok world by storm.


Young actor and owner of Eklavya event company: Sachin Kumar Meena

Being perfect is very hard because one can not be perfect in everything but one can try to be perfect in every aspect of life and this is the real success. Perfection is the backbone of one profession which is acting and talking about acting and we won’t recall young budding actor Sachin Kumar Meena who is not only actor but he is also a member of Delhi pradesh youth congress and he is in  Media Marketing and Eklavya Events Company. Being the  CEO & Founder at the age of 25 he has done fantastic work in his career.

He started in 2016 as a freelancer casting coordinator work because he is interested in acting, he has done theatre also. In 2016 he started with theatre called Paltan and after that he also worked for Aahang theatre and now he give the opportunity to the new artist as per the demand and he is doing exceptionally good work through his company Eklavya events company. Now he started a work of social media marketing to help youth to earn a livelihood and gain experience in the market of social media marketing. He has started this company in 2020 itself when people are suffering from job crisis and he is actually doing well by providing services to customer as well as the employee . His company name is Eklavya media which supports digital world.

He believes in a simple life style with hard work and passion and he suggests everyone that do what you are passionate about then only you will succeed in life. He is inspired by his teachers and Punjab music industry and his aim in life is to set big video/film production house. He influences his 10K followers on Instagram with his hard work and energy and suggest everyone to do what you are made for.


Rita Pam’s Journey Coming In 2021

Back in July, Rita Pam announced that she would be making her long-awaited return to music with a new album, Journey. Set to be released by Arzzarine Records in 2021 (No specific date has been announced) the project will be the singer’s first studio album since Anna, which was released back in 2014.

No singles have been released from the upcoming album but the artwork and tracklisting for Journey were shared by both Arzzarine Records and Rita Pam on their respective Instagram pages, on July 15th. The 15-track album features space-themed artwork which may be a direct reference to the album title.

Much of Journey was written and produced about four years back with some songs said to be written even further than that and this time around, Rita is said to be collaborating with alot more people on this record.

In between her hiatus, alot has happened in the singer’s life, prominently, the child abuse rumours that surfaced about four months ago. Rita has not commented on the this yet, but fans are starting to string most of her lyrics together, alluding that ‘Change the tide’, ‘This is Love’ and in particular, ‘These days’ all talk subtly about the abuse. Her sister, Maria, is yet to talk about the abuse as well.

In recent news, Rita Pam has been devoting her time to her sister’s care. Maria, according to a source has been unwell for months but she’s not alone, as Rita has accompanied her to a few doctor’s appointments.

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Cruz Cases Top 5 Best Cell Phone Radiation (EMF) Blocking Phone Cases

Cell phone transmit powerful radio signals into cell towers. These microwave radio signals also are directed into the body of the consumer. EMF (radiation) protective phone cases are considered the solution for Mobile Phone health warnings resulting in a weaken immune system, brain tumours and other numerous health concerns. But only a few phone cases actually provide adequate protection.  Two key factors for our evaluation were the quality of the shielding material used and the case construction using the shielding material. Our safety concern was directed towards the brain of the consumers.   

Those listed below show our most effective anti-radiation phone cases ranked in order of their ability to block cell phone radiation (EMF) absorbed by the body.   

1.Cruz CasesA+ Our top rated pick uses Reflectrixcore shielding material implemented very well into the case construction. Well-designed case.  
2.Radiarmor CasesB+ rated shielding material. Some radiation leaks around edges.  Construction could be improved.    
3.RF Safe Anti-Radiation Cases  B. Low grade shielding material limits radiation protection. Very good construction.
4.SYB (Shield Your Body)  B rated shield material but not designed for maximum efficiency in case construction.   
5.Safesleeve C+ low cost shielding material sewn into well-constructed case. Some protection, but not recommended for long term use.       

The best cases use the best materials for radiation (EMF) protection. Cruz cases ( topped our list of effective anti-radiation phone cases as a result of the materials they used and the design incorporation of the shielding material. The case used soft touch materials, double stitched for durability and could be cleaned with a damp cloth. Cruz also offered their superior protection into Universal cases which could be attached to many different makes and models of cell phones. Radiarmor’s case could be more competitive with some shielding material upgrades. Safesleeve’s use of the shielding material needed revamping to be effective.  Our overall evaluation gives consumers health consideration options. For our final analysis, we give Cruz a thumbs up for topping our Best Anti-radiation Mobile Phone Case List.


Introducing Ellen Alexander

Meet Ellen Alexander, a Russian model/singer set in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. She has been travelling since the age of 14 years old, realizing her dream of success Stateside. Now seeing the US as her home, she travels the world for her career, notably having worked in the US and the UK. It has been all go since her arrival, but now she has another project in sight. Because why stop at just one goal?

She started off her early days of modelling being her father’s muse, the scientist and avid photographer took photos of his daughter, which helped kick start her modelling career. She went on to doing national commercial shoots or on television. Nowadays, she’s travelling all over for all sorts of shoots – her favorite being editorial campaigns for fashion publications. You may have seen her on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, FHM, Playboy and Maxim Belgium and France but to name a few! Despite the long hours and loneliness from travelling, Ellen is more motivated than ever about her present and future projects. 

She has had a successful career in television, having featured in many TV series such as Law of the Lawless, Poor Anastasia, White Famous, A Mother’s Sacrifice and My Husband’s Deadly Past. She has also turned her hand to producing, having produced and starred in The100Jokes, showing her versatility within the entertainment industry.

Her parents are prestigious second generation of scientists back in Russia, and she strived to be different from them. Her grandfather was even a significant figure within the Russian space industry. Despite that history, she was proud to make her own way in life.

After an economics degree that her parents wished her to do, she soon realized that her real wish was to work in the entertainment industry. Although modelling didn’t necessarily impact negatively her self-image, she is very careful to stay down to Earth and natural. She is determined to stay grounded, something so important in a busy industry. In fact, despite all the fashion campaigns she has shot for, she’s most relaxed in comfortable and casual clothing – you won’t see her dressed up just to head to the shops!

Ellen’s enthusiasm for the entertainment industry shines through, and her approach to her work life is refreshing. She is determined to have fun, love what she does, and to no longer dedicate time to projects that aren’t for her. We have all spent too much time worrying, or working on things that don’t deserve an ounce of our dedication – Ellen realized this very early on in her adult life and it has since become her mantra.

Next on her to-do list? Music. At a very early age, her passion for music begun, singing in a choir in Russia and writing poetry. Today, she is slowly but surely releasing her own music. She is also a talented songwriter and producer, writing all of her own songs and creating remixes. Although she still wants to continue her modelling career, she wants to show her versatility. Her sound? A genre to match each mood – EDM, ballads, tropical house… you’ll soon find a firm favorite amongst her track list. 

Keep your eyes pealed for this lady, she means business! And her music won’t leave your playlists!

Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on Youtube: 

To stay up to date with all things Ellen, and her new music follow her on 

Instagram @ellen.alexander. and @ellenalexandermodeling

Contact Ellen for business inquiries: 




Lerato Kganyago sends a message to the intruders, you need to see a doctor

Lerato Kganyago is uninterested in residing her lifestyles beneath a microscope and hit again at folks that are usually prying into her personal life.

The superstar currently celebrated her birthday, posting a video of a marvel she got seemingly from hubby Thami Ndlala on a unique day. Inside the video, the superstar walks downstairs describing every one of her strengths. At the lowest, she is greeted with the aid of a room filled with balloons and the phrases “will you marry me once more?”.

The couple introduced their break up in may however shortly after had been reportedly seen together.

The birthday video precipitated a meltdown on Twitter, as humans speculated approximately the couple’s dating. Taking to Instagram memories, Lerato laughed off the comments and joked that people have been indignant at her for posting flora.

Mzansi Celebrities publish their pictures with their partners, all and sundry celebrates … I put up flowers, humans are irritated” said Lerato.

The social media star also got tongues wagging when she posted an image of her “operating at domestic” set up, with one fan admitting to looking to zoom into the mirrored image on the megastar’s laptop screen to “get a glimpse of Lerato’s life”.

The queen of comebacks decided that this troll wished a lesson.

“I can refer you to an amazing psychologist, what’s up,” she stated.

Her friend Somizi is also no stranger to snooping fans and took to Twitter to call out fans who seem too invested in Lerato’s personal life.

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Guest Posts

Letter to the World – Written by J.C R-F

Put your hand on your chest close to your heart AND feel…. hear …. your heart beat.

Think. Meditate. Give thanks you are alive.

Isolation equals anxiety due to cabin fever which is the new norm.

Sad because of COVID-19, and God bless all those who passed, God bless those who contracted it and God bless those who recovered from it.

Human beings were not meant to live in these conditions. We all were meant to be free to roam. Now that you cannot do that, and have some time in your hands, you can reflect, dream, and even consider changing habits you have created through your years of living.

The saddest part of all this is THAT no matter what the future holds, it will never go back to normal. Normal is what got us here. Instead of old school, X, Y generations and new millennials, everyone is starting over. I think and wonder about these experiences I have had growing up. Honestly, I feel lucky to have played tag, kick the can, hide, and go seek, catch, and kiss. Things like getting my ass whooped by my mom’s because I cut school, now you probably cannot cut school (thanks to zoom). No hooky parties, no smoking weed or cigarettes, no drinking. JUST the good ol’ times at least for me.

Now that we are reflecting, it would be a good time to show a little more appreciation to others. Colleagues, family, friends, nature, maybe even rekindling old relationships, old friendships and making amends. Take up and learn something new. Write a book, learn to speak a new language, numerology, astronomy, find your purpose in life. Restart your diet, fast, reset yourself as a whole.

I relate to this more than most because of some advice I took early in my life’s trials and tribulations. Alex, a brother to me, told me “look, every day you must work on you, mind, body and soul”.

Exercise the body…. make it strong…. pull ups, push-ups, dips, squats. Be responsible with your eating habits. Clean it up! Same with the mind, exercise it by learning something new like a new language, write with the opposite hand etc. Learning will keep you young and curious. The spirit is the most important muscle. Without it you are lost. It needs the most work. Faith, thinking positive every day without a flaw or negative thought.

As Human beings, we all live with regret, mental anguish, endless thoughts of “should have, could have, would have”. Free yourself from all that. Tell your loved ones that not only would you die for them, but that you will live for them. Hug them tighter, spend time together. Eat, laugh, connect the disconnect, turn off phones, TV, computers. Go back to the basic family
meals, conversations, debate.

Do not argue! You’re in isolation remember? Make endless love to your partner, open your mind, and let the endorphins in and reach euphoria. Live out your fantasies! We all have them. Spice it up… just make sure THAT together you reach ecstasy.

Don’t be judgmental. Learn to be less judgmental. be in tune. There is only 60 min. in 1 hr, 24 hrs in a day, 168 hrs in a week. Be grateful.

I never thought I would say this, but I feel lucky and you should too. You do not have to wear your boots to brush your teeth or take a shower. You do not have to carry a knife for self-defense the majority of your day. See, I know a thing or two about captivity as I am currently in prison. As I reflect, I am grateful. I won’t let this, or anything break me because all I have to do is put my hand on my chest, feel and hear my heartbeat, think and meditate, and give thanks that I am alive.