Amulets and Talismans – Do we really Need Them?

Since ancient times, people have used a variety of objects as amulets and protection from troubles and misfortunes. Using defensive magic, it turned out to endow, it would seem the most ordinary object, incredible strength. This power was used to charge various good luck charms, which allowed its owner not to be afraid of the negative impact.

Amulets and talismans: what it is and why it is needed

The main purpose of the amulet and the talisman is clear even to a child – this thing should bring good luck or something else good.

Everything is so, but if you decide to choose a talisman for yourself, then you should understand the issue in more detail.

What are an amulet and a talisman?

A common mistake of many people is to believe that the amulet and the talisman are identical things. Yes, indeed these objects of magical property have much in common, but their purpose is different.

  • Amulet. An amulet is an object that has magical properties, which positively affects the fate of the one who wears it, while protecting it from the effects of negative energy.
  • Talisman. This is a word of Greek origin, which literally translates as “enchantment.” Its main function is to attract something good into the owner’s life: luck, money, love, health, etc. But their protective function is rather weak.
  • Charm. Already from the name, it is clear that the main purpose of this subject is to protect us from everything bad. The main difference between the amulet and the amulet is that the amulet is not necessarily a small item to be worn on the body, it can be anything: a horseshoe above the front door, patterns on the wall of the house, a stork nest in the yard, etc.

NDTL suspension – Is it tailor-made for BCCI?

With less than a year to the Olympics, Indian sports has found itself in the middle of a sticky situation as the world doping body WADA suspends NDTL for six months. Finding issues at the National Dope Testing Laboratory in Delhi, WADA has imposed the ban w.e.f August 20.

Henceforth, all dope testing activities in India have become a costly affair.  The samples collected from athletes will now have to be sent to WADA-accredited laboratories overseas for testing. The real predicament is that NADA declares it doesn’t have the wherewithal to get the samples tested abroad. 

In this NADA vs WADA squabble is BCCI a beneficiary?

The NDTL ban was the topic of discussion on the latest episode of “Talking Turkey with Kanthi”, the flagship program of Power Sportz, hosted by Kanthi D. Suresh, the Editor-in-chief of the channel.

The sequence of events in the run-up to the NDTL suspension seems to be conspicuous, diverting the attention towards BCCI. Although she was wasn’t drawing any conclusion, Kanthi D. Suresh said that the events give rise to some sorts of doubts in the minds of the people.

WADA is in a huge financial abyss and is looking for private funding sources to rescue itself. BCCI, being a cash-rich body would be more than happy to lend WADA the money they need, said Kanthi.

After the suspension, NADA would again lose its sway over the BCCI, not in a position to collect samples of cricketers. So, everything is likely to come back to square one and samples of cricketers would be sent IDTL like before.

Here is the link to the video,


Omar Navarro: Hezbollah still a significant national security threat to the United States

LOS ANGELES – Republican candidate Omar Navarro, while speaking to a crowd of supporters Wednesday night in Torrance, indicated that Iran-linked Hezbollah, a terrorist organization operating in the middle east, is still a ‘major threat to American & Israeli interests in the middle east.’

“We have all of these militant terrorist organizations actively working against the sovereignty of our allied nations in their attempt to undermine American influence. We need to figure out a solution to stop them.” he added.

Hezbollah has been problematic for most western countries in recent years, acting as a proxy-military for Iran’s geo-political interests in countries outside of its own. It attempts to set up strongholds and organize political power to advocate for Iranian interests inside those countries, or they take it by force. This behavior has landed them on the list for terrorist organizations, a title they still hold today.


Who is the Supreme Patty’s artist Dracovii?

Social Media and streaming services have really evened the playing field when it comes to getting put on as an artist. Artist like Dracovii have used social media to grow their personal brands and put out quality music. The Florida artist is only 22 and has made a name for himself in the Florida music scene. 

Moving from New York to Florida around the age of six, Dracovii pretty much grew up in Florida. Eventually, leading him to meet A Mills who is Supreme Patty’s close friend and business partner. They all ended meeting around 9thgrade and he stayed in contact with the both of them throughout their process of blowing up on social media. Dracovii said he would constantly send them samples of his music and they really liked it. Eventually leading to his now social media famous friend to sign him and help launch his career.

With over 200k followers on social media Dracovii is no stranger to social media either. Together the three of them have toured and performed around the U.S. Dracovii has been able to spread his music and increase his name in the hip-hop community. Keep a look out for the Shrimp gang artist and his music.


Mikey See defies odds on his journey into the music industry

Long Island native and pop singer Mikey See is taking LA by storm. The indie artist has been making waves with his melodic rhythm and unique sound. The 20-year-old singer is openly gay and transparent about his life struggles in his music. He hopes to hit mainstream success like many other openly gay artists such as Frank ocean, Adam Lambert, and Sam Smith.

His latest project is an EP. The project is only four songs long but a great sample of music you can vibe out too. Song writer & producer, Glenn Travis worked closely on his latest project. The project features beats from Mantra, whose made beats for platinum recording artist Pitbull, and many others.

Many fans seem to connect with the openness of the Long Island singer. Even receiving a co-sign by Wild n’ Out rapper Justina Valentine. Mikey seems to have found a piece of the market that really rocks with his musical style, which he considers to be Pop/Rnb. “If Post Malone and SoMo had a baby … that could be me”, he said. With over 100k followers on social media, its easy to see that his fans are engaged with more than the music. He’s built a brand on honesty and self-love. He’s been quoted saying that he draws a lot of inspiration from one Beyoncé Knowles. Be one the lookout for more projects and check out his single “In My Brain.”


Be on the lookout for the West Coast rapper YungK

Many believe that the west coast underground rap scene isn’t as vibrant as it once was a few decades ago. There is still rapper like Yung k though, who are staying loyal to the west coast rap vibe, and not conforming to the popular sound of rap today. The Bel-Air rapper is making his own wave with his debut single, “Take Me Higher”.

The indie rapper has a very unique flow which is complemented by the up-tempo beat of his new single. The song has a feature from international artist Abella D. The young west coast artist definitely is striving to create his own unique sound. Expect more singles and projects in the near future. As of now, he’s promoting his debut single, and growing his industry buzz.


South American Cannabis Investors await Canopy Growth’s arrival

Legalization of cannabis in North America allows companies like West Coast Ventures Corp. (OTC: WCVC) develop in the local settings. Big players such as Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE: CGC) invest in the medicinal sector in Argentina.

The cannabis industry is thriving in North America. Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuna at the end of last year. In the U.S. legalization in ongoing on a state level, with some states allowing medicinal cannabis and others opening doors to recreational use as well. Colorado was one of the first states that legalized it fully in 2012, giving the industry an opportunity to develop.

The legislation is beneficial to both private and public sectors. The government of Colorado has recorded over $6 billion revenue coming from cannabis sales since legalization. Local businesses benefit too. West Coast Ventures Corp.’s (OTC: WCVC) Illegal Burger restaurants that offer a permanent CBD menu, experience an increasing popularity. The IB CitiSet location is on pace to reach $700,000 in sales in its first full year of operations. The IB Writer Square, in Downtown Denver, is also on track to exceed $1 million this year.

The growing cannabis market in North America is searching for the product’s supply, which opens opportunities to South American countries like Argentina.

In the absence of international investment in Argentina, cannabis is one of the few sectors that manages to overcome the fears of foreign companies. In the midst of the run against the weight and political uncertainty that the country lives, the Canadian company Canopy Growth Corporation announced its landing in the Argentine market pointing to the business of medicinal cannabis.

The Canadian firm, which is the first in North America in its field to be listed on the Stock Exchange, has just closed a cooperation agreement with Ubatec (Technological Linkage Unit that depends on the University of Buenos Aires) to promote medical education programs in medicinal cannabis.

“We are coming to Argentina within a process of expansion in the region, which began a year and a half ago with the start of operations in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and now Argentina. In all cases, what we are doing in Latin America is an incursion into the medical cannabis business, although in Canada we also participate in recreational cannabis,” Marcelo Duerto, country manager of Canopy Growth Corporation Argentina, told LA NACION.

Duerto explained that at least in a first stage Canopy’s operations in Argentina will be limited to the promotion of clinical studies on the benefits of medicinal cannabis, although he does not rule out that at some point the company will begin to bring product to the local market. “We understand that what is needed in Argentina is education and science and that is why for now we are going to promote agreements with universities to set up training courses for doctors and medical students, with the aim of broadening the base of people who know the use of medicinal cannabis and promote research,” said the number one of Canopy Argentina.

Duerto acknowledged that the task ahead is no small one. “There is a stigma between recreational and medicinal use, that’s why the development of scientific evidence is important,” explains the executive who came to Canopy after 26 years at Accenture, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

At Canopy, they argue that medicinal cannabis represents a potentially billion-dollar business. “In Latin America alone, we believe that there are four million patients who could benefit from the use of cannabis. Of that total, there are approximately 400,000 who are Argentine and who face different pathologies such as pain, epilepsy, fibromyalgia or anxiety, which could be treated with medicinal cannabis,” explains the executive.

Canopy Growth was set up in 2013 and is currently the world’s largest company in its field, with a market capitalization in excess of US$14 billion. The firm has among its shares the group Constellation, which is the number one international player in the business of alcoholic beverages, and among other companies controls the beers Corona and Modelo.


Brooklyn artist TrifeDrew is next up

New York has a very rich history of birthing some of the greatest hip-hop artists of our time. From Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas to the present-day artists like Cardi B, Sheck Wes, Asap Rocky, and Tekashi 69. New York will always have heavy influence on the rap game and overall trendsetting.

Brooklyn rapper TrifeDrew plans to make his mark on the rap game, which in a way he already has. The Brooklyn native has worked with multi-platinum rapper Tekashi 69 for the past 4 years as a videographer. He’s shot some of his most captivating music videos with hundreds of millions of views. Trife also helped the “FeFe” rapper with producing his debut album contributing vocals on “WONDO” & “KANGA”. The last song on the album “DUMMY” featured a verse from TrifeDrew, which boosted his street buzz and had fans steaming his music.

Yet to release a full project, TrifeDrew recently dropped his debut single, “Baby Mama”. The song is streaming on all platforms and is making its way through hip-hop circuits. Continuing to push the single, Trife plans to keep working on more music and growing fan base.


Online Academic Research Library, Rebrands to

The renowned online academic library in Nigeria, has rebranded to with a view to catching up with the international community. With over 10,000 research works in their database, is one of the largest websites providing academic research help to students in Nigeria.

Speaking at the announcement event, the CEO, Frank Umeadi noted that “this is a move that is indeed necessary to ensure that all tertiary students of other African countries are not left behind. We want to change from a country level domain in order to serve other countries because the demands of Project Topics and Materials guides from other countries are getting high month-on-month. We are a team of young and dedicated professionals with some proven track record of success in research development. Because we believe that high-quality education and exceptional customer service is a right, not a luxury, we strive to provide students with the best project topics and materials along with research consultancy”.

With this new development, we hope to see ProjectsTopic break more records.

Hire a Project Writer in Nigeria


Free Science Event organized by Crazy Science Show for Kids

Back to school! Free event. Hello everyone! New school season coming soon and we really happy to invite all of you to our Free Science event in one of NYC PS! We will do Science discovery with Dry Ice experiments + we will teach you to make edible slime. Family Event for kids and parents. 

Our Crazy mad scientist start this show with a magic scientific trick for a little razzle-dazzle. Your kids party will have science experiments for kids like: fair pressure, tornadoes, Vortexes, aaaaaand Crazy Science Slime! Dry ice experiments and Liquid nitrogen ice cream making.

34 Pell street start at 6.00 pm.
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