Good loans and bad loans – How to use the right loans

Many media outlets often see loans as dangerous and should be avoided.

Of course, if you use the ‘loan’ incorrectly, you may have a painful time under the weight, but it is difficult to see it as an essential problem of the ‘loan’ product itself. 

Depending on how you use it, it can be a golden egg called money or a double-edged sword.

So how do we guarantor loans low apr? Let’s find out how to differentiate between good and bad loans and use them wisely.

What is a good loan?

A good loan doesn’t mean that the ‘loan’ itself has good attributes, but it does mean that you can use the loan wisely.

In principle, having no debt at all may be the safest position, but in the early days when many people, including the wealthy, make a family, they tend to use ‘loans’ to call assets.

This is to use the ‘leverage effect’. When you run a household, one of the important events is your home . Especially for Koreans, it can be said that the meaning of having my home is special.

Unfortunately, the statistics showed that the general public bought my house in Seoul, but it was possible to collect without paying a penny of about 12 years.

Therefore, it has become quite difficult to purchase a house entirely on our own. Since there is no room for trading, you have to rent and live on a monthly rent.

However, charter deposits are also currently accepted as loans, and monthly loans may be more burdensome than interest on loans at low interest rates.

In this case, you can shorten the time through ‘loan’. Using loans as leverage, purchasing assets that are not likely to go down in value as time passes, such as real estate, and rather likely to rise due to inflation, utilizes ‘loans’ to divide the principal and divide it with interest.

This is because the high-risk investment means represented by stocks may converge to a value of zero, but real estate has permanence rather than an attribute of extinction. However, in order to avoid risks as much as possible, the priority should be to adjust the principle to a level that households can afford through efforts such as using fixed rate loan products.

Real estate purchases that cannot be paid for by principal and interest can be turned into speculation, and it is very dangerous when household cash flows are cut or the market is down.

What is a bad loan?

Bad loans are loans for consumption. This is the main culprit of deteriorating household financial structure.

Loans for consumer goods with decaying value will be borrowed. Consumer electronics can also be considered as consumer goods. When many retailers and sales representatives are encouraged to purchase the latest models, they lead to installment purchases .

This shows an optical illusion that reduces the purchasing burden, and it is correct to consider installment purchase as a part of credit loan. In particular, luxury goods for new cars are one of the biggest factors encouraging them to use bad loans.

When investing in stocks, there are cases where credit loans are used instead of reserve funds.

How to use the right loan

First of all, you should try to manage your credit before using the loan product This is because if credit is good, loans can be executed with good conditions at low interest rates. You can check your credit rating for free a certain number of times a year, so always manage it.

If you are reluctant to take a credit loan at a time when emergency funds are needed, you can use a reserve mortgage loan or an insurance contract loan to temporarily raise funds without affecting your creditworthiness. However, if it is difficult to repay within a short period of time, it may be better to cancel the deposit.

Loans are for investment, not for consumption. Therefore, when using emergency funds, it is better to prepare reserve funds in advance rather than loans, or to purchase insurance coverage for large expenses such as medical expenses .


Why Haiti Must Consider Prince Werley Nortreus As Second King?

Haiti had a King before and his name was Henri Christophe. He was a key leader in the Haitian Revolution and the only Monarch of the Kingdom of Haiti. Beginning with the Slave Uprising of 1791, he rose to power in the ranks of the Haitian Revolutionary Military. On 17 February 1807, he was elected President of the State of Haiti, as he named that area. On 26 March 1811, Henri Christophe created a kingdom in the North and was later proclaimed Henry I, King of Hati.

Haiti won its independence on 1 January 1804 and the Haitian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in the Port City of Gonaives by Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Unfortunately, today’s society is asking what exactly the Haitian Revolution did for Haiti because Haiti is in deep misery and poverty now as the first successful black nation after foreigners stole all its valuable things.

Sadly, today in 2020, Haiti is still one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and don’t forget that Haiti had a King before, but these days, the Kingdom of Haiti is no longer exist and the population in Haiti wants to elect another King in 2020 or 2021 to turn the country into a Kingdom instead. Unfortunately, bringing back the Kingdom of Haiti won’t be easy because the U.S. doesn’t want that but another revolution might mention in the history of Haiti.

“Haiti had leaders like Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, Henri Christophe, and why not a second King for the Kingdom of Haiti”, said Prince Werley Nortreus, the political leader and founder of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti and A New Haiti Before 2045 (ANHB 2045).

“Bringing back the Kingdom of Haiti won’t be easy and we won’t stop fighting for that to take place this year or beginning of 2021”, said Farah, a former student at University Quisqueya located in Port-Au-Prince.

Although Haiti was very rich and beautiful before and after 1804, however, what Haiti has turned into today did not discourage the Haitian population and a political leader like Prince Werley Nortreus from helping Haiti get its respect and dignity back in 2020. Regardless of how risky it is to defend such a country with a lot of powerful enemies, Prince Werley Nortreus wanted to become the King of Haiti in 2020 or 2021 to change the current system into a Kingdom without fears.

“I’ve always wanted to become the President of Haiti but I realized Haiti doesn’t need Presidents and Prime Ministers anymore. Meanwhile, I think Haiti needs a King and a Kingdom to secure its border and to apply proper security to protect its Citizens from the madness that’s coming in the world in the upcoming years”, said Prince Werley Nortreus on Bon Déjeuner! Radio’s live on-air.

Haiti went through a lot in the past few years, and 2017 until today’s protests against the current Haitian Government are proof that the population in Haiti no longer wants a Government run by puppets known as Presidents and Prime Ministers approved by the United States. However, more protests are expected to take place and the Kingdom of Haiti is expected to be back soon.

“King Henri Christophe was the first King of Haiti and if the population in Haiti look into me to become the second King of Haiti, I will be glad to continue what my Ancestors started no matter how many distractions they started and will come with against that”, said Prince Werley Nortreus.

Prince Werley Nortreus is a Haitian musical artist, author, entrepreneur, and political leader. He was born in Limbe, near Cap-Haitien, but he was raised in Port-Au-Prince. He is the founder of a political movement and a political party called Haitians Lives Matter that is fighting against racism and discrimination towards black people and Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti that gets involved in politics. He earned his political leader title after getting involved in activism activities and during the political protests and chaos that happened across Haiti from 2017 until these days. He hopes to inspire many people along his journey to make the world a happier and healthier place to live and he thinks Haiti will get its respect and dignity back before the year 2045 arrives. He defended Venezuela and Haiti during the PetroCaribe scandal in 2018 and 2019.

Haiti voted against Venezuela then joined the United States after the current Haitian Government led by President Jovenel Moise and PHTK waste billions of dollars then leaves the Haitian population in misery and poverty. During the protests across Haiti in 2019, Prince Werley Nortreus said a famous speech and quotation about slavery that still exists these days and the speech had the attention of thousands of people across the globe. How come Haiti is the only country in America that is still poor in 2020 even when Haiti joined the United Nations years ago? The Prince said:

“Haitians are being punished for being the first black nation that helped and Taught many countries how to get their freedom. Through the years, Haiti is being punished for the liberation of many slaves around the world. Unfortunately, that’s why they don’t want Haiti to prosper”, said Prince Werley Nortreus.



In this unique and first of its kind situation after the Spanish flu in 1918, it is a huge wakeup call of nature with around 2 Lakh factories in India being shutdown with at least 5 billion-man days lost until now.

As India along with the rest of the world looks to determine ways to tackle this pandemic some key elements that will determine the way forward will be people, market demand, supply, and cash (liquidity).

 As India moves toward the true essence of swadeshi, the shift & focus will be surely on “Make in India” which will see an influx of capital as companies shift base from China.

For Indian manufacturers who have so far been heavily dependent on China like the rest of world, self-reliance and localisation will be the new mantra for sustainability.

 With restricted movement of people, labour, goods, transport in India and across the world, technology too shall have its own limitations and any setup without an alternate supply will face a massive glitch due to hindrance in the supply chain, although government initiatives like the 20L crores package for revival of the economy will help drive localisation.

It would be pertinent to look at one of the lesser known but an extremely important and interesting technology driven sectors in our country, the P/M (Powder Metallurgy) sector. 

Powder Metallurgy ( in short P/M )is an art in the science of making metallic components from the corresponding constituent metal powders. These metal powders produced are   compacted and sintered (diffusion bonded) to make the required machine components called sintered parts.

 Powder Metallurgy is divided into two broad parts, one; manufacturing metal powders of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys and the other; using powders to make the parts.

80% of metal powders used in the P/M industry are Iron based Powders while 20 % are nonferrous.

Almost a million tons of iron powder is used worldwide each year. Around 90% of this quantity is used in the production of sintered components & 75% – 80% of sintered components are used in the automotive industry. The rest can be found in appliances, business machines, bicycles, hand tools and other implements made in large numbers.

The history of sponge iron powders in INDIA goes to back to 350 A.D evidence of which can be seen in IRON PILLAR at Delhi.

However, it was in 1911, that Hoganas A.B. of Sweden, re-invented the process of making sponge iron by a chemical reduction process, using Magnetite Iron Ore as a melting feed stock. In 1931, the process evolved towards the manufacture of sponge iron powder by employing double stage reduction.

While HOGANAS SWEDEN holds the world’s largest market share of sponge iron powder, the rest of the global players as QUEBEC & KOBE make ATOMISED & REDUCED grades, Chinese companies sell a mix of these in India, but their quality remains inconsistent.

India solely depends on imports of Iron Powders that are used extensively for components required for the automotive sector, along with welding, cutting and structural parts. Due to this unprecedented situation, it has become extremely necessary to be independent and start the manufacturing in India.

Here we would like to reinstate that these Iron Powders or any other non-ferrous can be produced in India without any technological import or assistance.

One day in the year 1982, the legendary late Dr. Henry H.Hausner, the International Authority and Father of  Powder Metallurgy ,told our mentor Mr. S. Mohanty, “The basics of Powder Metallurgy, is a game of sizes and shapes of powder particles and is an ART of its class”.

For Mr.S. Mohanty the researcher and inventor in this technology ,it  has been a long journey of more than four decades of persistent efforts of pioneering applied research that led to the development of this technology . It continues even to this day with many proprietary works some of which that are patented vide Indian Patents nos. 154181, 168601, 171892 & 18635.

Our company Involute Metal Powders (IMPT) formerly S Mohanty & Co. been instrumental in setting up many metal powder industries in India for the manufacture of Copper, Bronze, Tin , Diluted Bronze and other alloy powders.

‘Ironically though, even after being the only technology provider in the world for the manufacture of  sponge iron powder by the reduction process other than Hoganas, India  still lags behind significantly in setting up a manufacturing facility which can stand at par with world standards and break the monopoly of the Iron Powder giant of the world.’

An indigenous process for manufacture of Sponge Iron powder has been developed by the erstwhile S.Mohanty & Co registered under patent no. 154181. The process involves two stage reduction of Iron Mill Scales, instead of Magnetite. This process remains unique as no other REDUCTION process has been developed so far nor could a prototype of the Hoeganaes process be implemented anywhere in the world. In yet another first, Involute Metal Powders has developed a high compressibility Iron Powder by the same two stage reduction of Mill Scales (vide Patent no.171292) .


  • Self-lubricating bearings
  • Parts with complicated geometry where high green strength is essential.
  • Shock absorber parts
  • High density P/M structural parts
  • Clutches and pulleys
  • Brake pads and brake shoes
  • Soft magnet applications
  • Welding electrodes
  • Metal Cutting & Scarfing

The Indian Automotive industry is the world’s fourth largest and expected to reach around 18 trillion rupees (US$ 251.4-282.8 billion) by 2026.

While the Two-wheeler industry consumes approx. 90,000 tons of metal powder per year, the

Four-wheeler industry consumes around 75,000 tons per annum.

Thus even though the total consumption of sponge iron powder in INDIA is approx 132000 tonnes/year, we are yet to meet the demand of the market.

The drawback of not having indigenous factories to produce metal powders and the resultant dependence on imports makes for an expensive proposition and depletes market competitiveness.

Foreseeing a future where World economic and technological situations will alter post COVID, setting up captive plants for in -house consumption and huge standalone manufacturing facilities would help cater to the demands of Indian and Asian Markets that are growing rapidly.

With emphasis on MAKE IN INDIA initiative & ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT by our honourable Prime Minister, the Indian government will incentivise the industry and its end users to go for indigenous products, processes, and innovative projects.

 An initiative by a local giant or a start-up to go for an indigenous process to manufacture Iron Powder would go a long way in taking India towards being a game changer for the Powder Metallurgy industry and a market leader in the field.

Soumya Vilekar, entrepreneur,  a joint patent holder in metal powders,



The music industry is evolving and Brian Young is the Catalyst

Brian sets a great example of a young music sensation with his fresh & quirky music.

What would be a world like without music? Well, like a body without a soul. And, since we are aware of this fact, we also know how much dependent we are as humans on music for many reasons in life. Every individual in this world has his/her own particular reason for listening to particular tunes & songs. It is like a soul food which can transport an individual to a different world altogether & make them feel alive, even amidst a stressful life. That is how powerful music is. With the emergence of many different styles of music, we also come across a lot many talented artists in the world that serve their music to the audiences in their own unique style. One such unconventional young guy who eats, sleeps, drinks music is Brian Young from Baltimore, Maryland.

This 25 year old young gun of the music industry is an upcoming music producer who is popularly known for his producer tag called “Shout Out Young”. Brian is amongst the very few people from his city who started out with producing music from a very young age. So far, he has produced music for several artists not only from his city but also from many other different states. What’s even more interesting & special about Brian is that he is a self-taught pianist. Many even after learning an art can fail to impress the audiences, but Brian stands out amongst the rest because of his strong inclination towards music & his passion that has made what he is today.

He innovatively uses his piano skills to create different styles of melodies so engaging & tuneful that it can fit any rapper style. Brian is known for providing upbeat music & beats to local rappers in Baltimore, where he grew up. He helped all those local talents who at that point did not have beats to use & Brian with his music skills helped them by making custom beats for them that could easily fit their style.

Born on May 1, 1995, in Baltimore, this under 30 music producer is here to stay for long in the music industry because of his creative touch on music & also for the melodies he produces that never fail to hit the right chords with the audiences.

Brian is already a famous name in his city & is gradually increasing his fan base in other parts of the world as well. He is already known popularly by his producer name ‘shout out young’. He also hopes to work with many other prominent artists & producers of the music industry in the coming years.


Know more about shipping cars to Germany

Did you know? The first TNT shipment took place in 1946. But it was perhaps different than you would have imagined. Because like with many well-known logistics companies, the history of TNT started with a dream. In this case, the dream of a single man with his truck. It is the story of Ken Thomas. The then 33-year-old founded KW Transport in Australia with just one truck. Thomas initially specializes in trips between Melbourne and Sydney. The company grows quickly and so in the 1950s not only the offer for nationwide transports changed but also the name. With Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT), companies now have a contact for logistics across the country. The transport company All-trans, which was founded almost simultaneously, also benefits from the rapidly increasing inquiries in the logistics sector. Both companies merged in 1967 under the name TNT. By merging the logistical network and the customer base, the merger created a competitive company that could continue to grow up to 90 years.

Simply use Shipping a Car to Germany for a better overview! Due to the wide range of options when shipping with TNT, it is difficult to make blanket statements. The selection of different shipping methods, time slots, and destinations is much too large. In addition, additional tariffs such as a TNT International Express or a pickup from home can affect the prices of a shipment. So if you want to convince yourself of all the offers of the carrier TNT and the shipping with them, you have the option of individually matching data in the shipping cost calculator to enter and receive relevant offers in real-time. The live price preview also enables quick comparison of additional options, since offers adapt automatically and you do not have to start over from the beginning. With these innovative features, jumping would also like to help frequent shoppers with the selection of suitable tariffs as well as with shipping preparation. Is your shipment already on the way? With our TNT tracking, you can easily check where your delivery is.

For the exact measurement of postage costs

A shipping scale is a letter or parcel scale that is used to determine the postage due in the outbox. Letter scales are usually designed as bench scales and have various attachments, for example for standing envelopes. A parcel scale, on the other hand, has a higher weighing range and is usually designed as a platform scale with a separate control panel. A shipping scale can basically also be used in other areas.

Shipping scales are optimized to weigh letters, parcels, and parcels so that the user can reliably and accurately calculate the postage costs. After all, nobody likes to pay too much. Quite apart from the fact that under-franked shipments do not reach their destination. Especially in larger companies with inevitably high mailing volumes, shipping scales are increasingly used due to their speed and precision. Due to the flat design and the low weight, shipping scales can be used easily and conveniently in different locations in the company, e.g. in the warehouse or office. Furthermore, most models have the choice between mains or battery operation, which increases the flexibility in the installation location.


Kendall Joshua aka KJTheRevolution is Changing How Her Fans Look at the English Language

New York artist Kendall Joshua, also known by her stage name “KJTheRevolution,” has started making a name for herself as a lyrical hip hop artist with a healthy dose of fresh and original sounds. Paired up with her poetic lyricism and unique instrumentals, Joshua hopes to help her fans to look deeper at the way we perceive the English language.

Joshua told us, “One of my things is that I believe in the power of words.” The example she uses is the common phrase “Good Morning.” While many use it as a greeting with a positive connotation, with the addition of a single letter, the phrase becomes “Good Mourning,” changing the meaning to be filled with grieving and sadness. “As a rapper and as someone who writes, I notice things about language all the time, and want my listeners to pay attention to it as well.”

“In English there are so many double entendres and double meanings that when we think we say something good we can flip it. And realize it could have meant something we didn’t mean to say.” Joshua has used her examination of the English language in her lyricism, and she encourages her listeners to be mindful of nuances in everyday speech, and see how subtleties could have impacts on one’s mindset.

Listen to Kendall Joshua’s music here:

You can find Kendall Joshua on Instagram here:


Tuesday Knight’s “FYS” Passes 200K Streams

Tuesday Knight’s last project “FYS” or “For Your Soul” has passed over 200K streams on Spotify alone. The project is 8 songs long and features Tuesday Knight’s unique style throughout the duration of the album.

Tuesday Knight has been gaining traction for just simply being himself, and focusing on the music.  He said, “My music is just me being honest with myself, loving myself, and the greatest accomplishment would be to inspire others to do the same.  Cut out all the unnecessary from your life. You don’t need a bunch of shit to be happy. You don’t need to stunt for strangers or live above your means. Just be real, be you and love yourself.” 

That type of energy has kept listeners coming back. Tuesday Knight’s style pays tribute to the hip hop kings of old. While many of today’s rappers are using auto tune and samples, Tuesday Knight still prefers to place his 16s over a boom bap style beat. 

The energy coming from Tuesday Knight is refreshing to say the least. With new music on the way, expect more quality tracks from the Atlanta creative soon. 

Listen to Tuesday Knight here:

Follow Tuesday Knight here:


Meet the Nextgen Tech Entrepreneur Parmarth Mori making his home town Wadhwan Surendranagar Proud

The Founder of leading IT company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat PM Communications – Parmarth Mori, comes from a small town called Vardhman Puri(Wadhwan), Gujarat. Parmarth started his Company PM Communications in 2010 with a one vision making Gujarat next IT Hub of India. In 9 years he has proved his skills by taking his company PM Communications to the top in the race of Top IT Companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

Coming from a small town with no background of IT, struggled for more than four to five years in Ahmedabad for work, not sure what to do in life and to become an IT Company Head is not a small achievement. 

Parmarth understands that NO Risk – NO Gain; you have to take the risk in life to fulfil your dreams. Parmarth knows that life of Entrepreneurship is not easy. You have to cross many hurdles in life to gain success in life.

He has given his expertise to many Top Companies which are visible on the website His USP is his UI/UX(User Interface & User Experiences), which is a class apart than other companies. Very few know that he is a Master in Multimedia. Parmarth Mori’s PM Communications is highly recommendable for Web, App, Branding & Promotions work, and his company is ranking on Google as “Best Website Designing Company in Ahmedabad.”

Parmarth has worked with topmost artists of Hollywood, Bollywood & other Influencers across the world. He has also shared his views on Information & Technology with Gujarat Government on Skill India Development Programme & helped employment for Youth in rural areas in Viramgam, Ahmedabad district. 

Gujarat, as we all know, is India’s best place to live, so many top business people come to Gujarat and Gujarat to has given big names to the world in various fields. According to Parmarth Mori, Gujarat has the potential to become India’s next IT Hub in the coming years.

Parmarth recently launched an app called, which is going to be an excellent earning platform for the writers & publishers across the globe. 

He is coming with another project shortly, which is going to change the way Online Shopping has down the Local Sellers, is going to help small businesses grow through his platform called Sale/Sell in my City.  

He is also working with Best freelancer content writer in Gujarat, India, Best PR expert and Best digital marketing expert in Gujarat Jigar Saraswat and Monish Solanki in their dream projects,,,,

Here’s wishing Parmarth Mori, a leading IT Entrepreneur of Gujarat all the best for his upcoming projects and we hope his dream of making Gujarat, a next IT Hub comes true in the coming years.


Xbox one versus Xbox 360

The year was 2005 and the product was Xbox 360. Since then the world of gaming has changed completely. Xbox 360 revolutionized this arena with its noteworthy speed. It delivered cutting edge gaming experience which was the result of marriage between motion-sensing technology and astute graphics. 

Now after enjoying a successful run for more than a decade, Xbox 360 is ready to bid adieu. Microsoft has ended support for this legendry gaming console and has focused its attention on Xbox one which runs on better technology and delivers a superior gaming experience. 

But even then Xbox 360 has managed to hold on to its place as numerous gamers still regard Xbox 360 as one of the finest gaming products ever. But is Xbox 360 actually good enough to lock horns with Xbox one? Which among these two is a better gaming product? We find out the answer to this debate in this article. 

1. Cost-

The Xbox 360 with 250 GB space is available on the online market at around 75 pounds. On the other hand, the Xbox one costs around 240 pounds. Codes can be purchased at or for free from  xboxcodes

Although it appears that Xbox one is costlier than Xbox 360, the former offers more features and delivers stunning performance. Hence, several gamers consider the price difference between Xbox one and Xbox 360 as justifiable. 

2. Design-

When it comes to appearance, Xbox 360 looks minuscule in front of the giant shadow casted by the massive Xbox one.

The Xbox one is 33.3 cm wide, 27.4 cm deep and 7.9 cm tall while the Xbox 360 is 27 cm wide, 26 cm deep and 7.5 cm tall.  The bigger size of the Xbox one is the result of Microsoft’s decision to give the console more breathing space so that it doesn’t incur the overheating issues which became common with the Xbox 360. 

Similarly, the Xbox 360 Kinect is slimmer than the Xbox one Kinect. 

3. CPU, RAM and performance-

The Xbox 360 is powered by a triple-core 3.2 GHz processor while the Xbox one is armed with the mighty eight-core processor. This processor is based on AMD Jaguar chip series. These specifications make it clear that Xbox one is three times more powerful than the Xbox 360. 

The differences in efficiency become starker when we focus on RAM. The Xbox 360 has RAM of 512 MB while the Xbox one has RAM of 8 GB. 

4. Games library- 

The fact that Xbox 360 is in the business for more than a decade ensures it has an expansive collection of games. And taking into consideration its compilation, it is sure to withstand the changing gaming arena for at least a couple of years more. 

The current games library of Xbox one may look limited but we need to remember that this console is going to be in the market for a long time. This ensures that as time passes, Xbox one’s games library is only going to get bigger and richer. 

Infact, since its inception, the list of exclusive games for Xbox one is increasing every day and several developers are focusing on creating versions of games that are effective for this console. 

5. Multimedia Features-

Xbox one is been projected as the ultimate entertainment console and its features back this claim. The Xbox one app is equipped with several entertainment channels such as Amazon prime, Netflix and YouTube and it is also armed with Windows 10 operating system. This gives you the liberty to enjoy a plethora of applications on your device. 

Add to it the Xbox media player app and the Xbox one UI, you have a clear winner. Although Xbox 360’s media skills are impressive they are no match to Xbox 360’s multimedia features. 

The verdict-

The features and the gaming experience quality indicate that Xbox 360 is no match to the mighty Xbox one. The legendry and one of the most popular gaming products ever made in the history, Xbox 360 is now showing its age and is lagging behind to adapt to the evolving gaming world. 

The future belongs to Xbox one which is armed with cutting-edge processor that pumps terrific power and high-quality graphics that deliver the finest gaming experience. 

The only that that goes against Xbox one is its high price. Gamers who are on budget can embrace Xbox 360 as it is still a steal at this price. However, if you are looking forward to a better and more integrated gaming experience then Xbox one is the ideal option. 


Internet Insurance Lead Providers Get the Boot!

With all the hype surrounding new internet insurance companies, what once was an age-old tradition, has now become a price war.  Two decades ago, you would split open the yellow pages, look under “Insurance”, and thumb your way down to whomever was going to potentially earn your business.  Then came the internet.

Since the dawn of the internet, digital business listings, social media marketing, and online paid ad space became a huge industry for the small business owner.  Local insurance agents were no different.  However, the industry being as saturated as it was, led to many agents getting lost in the world of digital marketing.  Agents began to turn to sites like Yelp and Facebook for more “local” advertising.

Once those “local” outlets became not enough, the Insurance Lead Provider became a thing of joy.  Insurance Agents would partner with internet companies that built a business out of aggregating insurance shopper info and sell that info on a per lead basis to the local agent.  What a great concept!  We can connect with a person in our zip code, actively looking for insurance.  All at a minimal cost of what we could potentially get in return once we earn their business.

Now here is the catch.  The factor that insurance agents failed to recognize is that since those shoppers are online, they are incredibly price conscious.  Most local insurance agents cannot compete on price and price alone.  While 83% of insurance online insurance shoppers agree that they have no understanding of the coverage, terms, and true cost of their insurance policies, one thing they do know is “they got the best price.”

Internet insurance companies and local insurance brokers know that if your shopper is only educated on price, that is the only game they need to win.  Insurance agents now understood, they were playing the wrong game.  That is where Insurance Lead HQ has revolutionized the insurance lead sector.

“What we find is that most insurance agents who are buying leads, are doing so because they don’t know what else to do.  To them, it is a number’s game,” says the CEO & Founder of Insurance Lead HQ.  “It’s like a game of darts where the only goal is to hit the bullseye once, and you have endless darts to do so.  However, if you are not very good at hitting the bullseye and each dart costs you $25, unless the prize for the bullseye is over $1,000 what’s the point?”

Insurance Lead HQ recognizes that a lack of sales training and agency development leads insurance agents to spend countless dollars on insurance leads, which then pan out too little or no ROI.  Where Insurance Lead HQ is changing the game is by providing a platform to not only train agents and their sales staff on how to source more leads, but also close more deals.  In addition, their Agency Development Platform helps insurance agents increase their annual insurance premium revenues and earn more customer retention.

“Only 32% of insurance agents feel they have a solid sales process and training in place.  We have found that the difference between an insurance agent buying costly internet leads and only producing 25 policies a month, and an agent who does not buy leads but produces over 100 policies per month, is simply that.  Training & Process is such a key development to business, and most agents think having an agency is answering a call at midnight for a client whose car was broken into, or fielding customer calls in the office, but it’s quite the opposite.  Our most successful partners spend more time working ON their business instead of IN their business.”

Insurance Lead HQ was founded in 2016 as a comprehensive sales training program, but in the last 12 months has grown into a full-scale platform as a service (PaaS) for local insurance agents.  They currently work with over 250 partners across the USA and have hopes of expanding rapidly in the coming months.  “Coronavirus has presented us with an interesting challenge.  A lot of insurance agents will be experiencing a loss of insurance premium renewal revenue due to the 10-25% discounts insurance carriers are providing their current customers.  We feel many agents will reach out to us to learn more about our partnerships, how we accomplished the goals we have for those partners and determine if we can help them as well.”

Buying internet leads was once the future but is now past.  The current model for insurance agents is finding a partner to help develop their agency, train their salespeople, and allow the insurance agent to focus on growing and scaling the business.  If you are interested in learning more about Insurance Lead HQ click the link below to their website to get more info today!