Herry Nakum promises to bring international fame to Dhollywood

Music is the language of the soul; anyone can communicate with songs even if they don’t understand the lyrics. Young pop stars and singers are revolutionizing their local music industries by adding a flavor of international music to folk songs. Herry Nakum plans to do the same. He is a young and talented singer from the land of Gujarat who is changing folk culture not only in his state but in the country in a holistic manner. Possessing a strong understanding of folk culture and music, Herry is taking the beautiful art of Gujarati folk to a global level by modifying these tracks.

Henry has a huge fan following on his Instagram account as well as on YouTube. This talented singer has not failed to gain the appreciation of the youth of the country. Keeping traditional folk culture alive is extremely important; however adding a little spice of modernity won’t hurt anyone. Herry, therefore, follows this philosophy in his work. His unconventional approach to music has made a place in the hearts of millions. Latest hits like Gujarati Mashup and Gujarati Love Mashup have brought this young singer under the spotlight, which plans to use this as an opportunity to take Gujarati music on an international level.

His pure talent has received more recognition when he sang covers for different songs like Navlakh Nejadi. These tracks are always trending and the views reach 1 million within a few hours. Therefore, it is clear that Herry Nakum has successfully influenced the youth with his music and lives for folk culture. His mesmerizing and tranquil voice has added a new chapter to the Dhollywood music industry. At 20, he has achieved immense fame through his musical skills and talents. The young and dedicated singer has never forgotten his roots and relies on his strong understanding of Gujarati folk music to come up with catchy tracks.


Man of value – Global Entrepreneur Andreas Szakacs

Entrepreneurship is one of the most opted careers in modern times however, becoming a successful entrepreneur is one of the hardest things in the modern business world where the growth is so rapid and the competition is so high. As Roy Ash once said “An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.” this exactly what drives an entrepreneur, his or her ambition. One of these entrepreneurs that learn how to chew it up and digest it as well is Andreas Szakacs. Andreas is the CEO of Forex trading platform who as of now is a venture capitalist and a famous philanthropist and, to add to that he also owns a bank.

Andreas has his origins in Sweden where he is retired personnel of the Swiss army with his well-known idea of growth and doing more to live more he started in 2014 and practiced what he preached, achieving huge success in the financial field. The man now has various names that define him perfectly like- the man of value, an ace in the financial field, and many more to name. He lives now at the top of the mountain that he created in Dubai with an extremely luxurious lifestyle. Szakacs is known for his work with the European financial institutions and is recognized as an expert consultant for European companies.

Life for Andreas Szakacs was not as good as it appears to be now; the journey began after he retired from the army with a dream budding in his head. It all began when he started working extensively with the European and other offshore markets, where he realized the problems that customers face in trading due to the strict regulations. From there, he built his trading platform, and the rest is history. Andreas is a man who always believed in successfully trading and let his work decide his faith.


Big Interview With Farid Zakirov About Money and Uzbek Football

In the world of Uzbek football, which is at the crossroads of its path, there are many things that have always been questioned.

In recent years, reforms, one by one, have changed so quickly that no coronavirus is scary. A big problem in the administrative top of the Uzbek Professional Football League has led to the fact that Uzbek clubs in recent years are simply not competitive abroad. One of the reasons may be called lack of adequate funding. Many clubs live off the regional budget. There are no self-sufficient teams, but there are at least teams that want and can earn money.

Since June last year, articles about the German company AF Sports Reactive have appeared quite often in the Uzbek media. Since AF Sports Reactive burst into Uzbek football, memorandum agreements have been signed with local clubs, and a number of deals have been concluded with football organizations and athletes. “Uzbek cuisine” went to the office of the Representative Office of the German company LAUREA GERMANIA in Tashkent (Zakirov Farid Ravilievich is the founder of the consulting company LAUREA GERMANIA, represented in the Uzbek market by an accredited Representative Office since 2016), and talked with the manager of AF Sports Reactive Zakirov Farid Ravilievich to understand who are they.

And ask just one question: can Uzbek football really make money?

As a result, two and a half hours were not enough for a conversation. And the delicious hot coffee with sandwiches stepped in.

Farid, to begin with, please tell us how AF Sports Reactive is organized and what does it do?

On the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland (meaning Russian – February 23rd – E.R.), we are one year old since the de facto creation, which took place on the day of Lokomotiv’s victory in the Uzbekistan Super Cup on February 23rd last year. AF Sports Reactive is a German limited liability company which is registered in the Commercial Register of the Magistrate’s Court of Hamburg and is accordingly tax resident in Germany.

The main areas of activity are sports management and consulting, consulting, support for the career of athletes, regardless of the sport.

I read your interviews with the Uzbek media and almost everywhere the words “high-tech projects”, “internationalization”, “technologies in the development of football” were heard. Subscribers to “Uzbek cuisine” are more resourceful and simple people. Please tell them in ordinary language what tasks are put at the forefront of your company?

Development of sports management and advice to football clubs in the search for possible solutions to achieve self-sufficiency. Solutions can include outsourcing sponsorship and thus building a link between the economy and sport.

Uzbek football, to put it mildly, is not considered profitable. When and why did you decide to enter our market?

In June 2019, AF Sports Reactive entered into a memorandum with PFC Lokomotiv Tashkent and entered the Uzbek market. We decided to develop this industry in the Uzbek market primarily on the basis of our positive experience in attracting sponsors to football clubs. We set ourselves ambitious goals in order to develop the commercialization and self-sufficiency of sports in Uzbekistan.

Jalollidin Masharipov is a midfielder of the national team of Uzbekistan and Pakhtakor. The most expensive footballer of the Super League of Uzbekistan according to transfermarket.

Tell us about the most important features of running a sports business in our country?

Today it would be not entirely correct and not at all professional for us to comment on the subtleties and peculiarities of running a sports business in Uzbekistan. We do not have detailed knowledge yet.
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Entrepreneur and popular makeup artist Richa Dave garners accolades for her creative body of work

Becoming a sought-after celebrity makeup artist doesn’t just happen overnight. The road to success is paved with years of training, assisting established artists, and sometimes pure luck. Richa Dave is one such makeup artist and a successful entrepreneur who is paving her way to success and how.

Proud owner of Jasmine Beauty Care, Richa inherited these skills from her mother Urvashi Dave, who established Jasmine Beauty Care in 1988. The beauty world got hold of Richa at a very young age. Owing to her immaculate talent and skills, she has created wonders throughout her journey. Since her young age, she had been actively participating in the activities along with her mother. She had learned threading at the tender age of two and a half years and she already knew facial and makeup by the age of five.

Richa has mastered the art of saree draping, hair styling, and bridal make up. Her beauty programs are frequently telecasted on Doordarshan, Etv, Zee News, and NDTV among others. She has also received multiple certificates in fine arts, painting, Mehendi, craft, etc.

Richa also owns a Limca Book of Record twice in her name for being the youngest beautician in 2006 and doing make-up and hairstyle blindfolded in front of 800 other beauticians in 2007.

Through her dedicated efforts towards learning and developing her skills, Richa has now mastered all the aspects of beauty. When asked about her take on being so successful at such a young age, Richa says, ‘Proper guidance, genuine commitment, and unceasing hard work invariably lead to great achievements and sure successes.’ She is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for young aspiring beauticians who wants to achieve big in life. She thrives towards constant self-improvements and the development of her beauty salon chain.


Mohit Churiwal is Helping Companies To Grow Their Business With His Instagram Strategies

Starting his professional journey at an early age and being one of our country’s youngest influencers, it is safer to say that Mohit Churiwal is a trailblazer. Hailing from Surat, this sixteen-year-old guy started his career at the age of fifteen by working for Instamax. His experience as a back-end developer helped him gain credence, and soon, he started working on his News website called the Maharastra Republic. The perils of taking risks never scared him away, and because of this, he was able to start his own company called MaxternMedia.  Gaining around fifty clients on the very first day, his company became a huge success. Being a social media influencer, he made sure to engage his audience through his pages that are ‘Time 4 Knowledge’, ‘The Dazzling Facts,’ ‘Fact Gyan’ and ‘ Logic Detector.’

Mohit started his journey as a meme marketer, and his strategies have helped many application companies. Strategizing the promotions of apps like Tiktok, RozDhan, and Ampme has given him a life-changing experience. He strived hard and made sure that every person will know about these apps through every Instagram page. It was challenging, but his plan of action was on point. His achievements didn’t stop him from moiling, and soon he has started helping apps, games, and music through his marketing stratagems.

They say that your hardships toughen you up, and Mohit Churiwal is a living embodiment of it. Non-success has been part and parcel of his career, but it helped him gain experiences and learn from it. When Mohit was asked about his success, he said, “ I believe that the choices we make impact our lives majorly. Hence I make sure to make the right choices and learn from my worst ones.” He is working hard to achieve everything he has set his heart on. It will be challenging, especially in a world where competition is growing with each passing day. As a social media expert, he has helped many business people to grow their businesses. He has already started helping various companies to grow their businesses, and we are positive that his Instagram marketing schemes will help the companies to succeed in no time.


Sandeep Agarwal hunts location, set to step into the shoes of a producer for a web series

After struggling for years, Sandeep carved a place for himself and today he is the proud owner of a well-known production house named Balaji Film Line Production, a production management services company providing production coordination support to both national and international feature films, TV commercials & series. Sandeep who is known to have worked on various prominent Bollywood and television projects is now all set to step in the shoes of a producer for an upcoming Zee5 original series. He flew to Rajasthan especially for location hunting and is working on the pre-production

While Sandeep has been busy with the web series pre-production, he is also tied up with the shooting of Jama Raja 2.0 starting Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma. Sandeep’s company named Balaji Film Line Production, a production management services company is on board to assist with this successful show.

The producer is leaving no stone unturned in managing his hectic schedule. Despite having a kitty full of projects at the moment, Sandeep makes sure to indulge himself in a workout session to keep himself fit and fab. He wakes up and kickstarts his day by working out before heading out for the day.

Apart from being one of the prominent personalities in the entertainment industry, Sandeep Agarwal is also a well-established entrepreneur and owner of Balaji granites and marbles which a big name in the marble industry.

He says, “Being an outsider, I have learned a lot from this industry. It has been a brilliant experience so far with all kinds of ups and downs. Getting an opportunity to work with the talented from the industry has only helped me in shaping up my craft and become better with each passing day”


Fashion House Nionila and founder Nianila Bammatova: We strive for excellence.

What can “Anticipation” mean? Handcrafted, exquisite fabrics and … a real peacock on the catwalk. All this was present at the show of the fashion house “Nianila”, which took place this spring as part of Estet Fashion Week. “Anticipation” is a new limited edition collection of exclusive luxe class women’s clothing from Fashion House Nianila. The house, which produces clothes in oriental style, has existed for only a few years, but it is already very popular among Russian stars and socialite. The designer from Grozny Nianil Zabirova proves once again with her creativity that beauty and luxury are a combination of inaccessibility and femininity. FashionUnited spoke with the designer.

What is the history of your fashion house, its DNA?

We are a young brand that strives for excellence and wants to make this excellence available to almost everyone. After all, usually dresses similar to those that we produce are priced from 10 thousand dollars. We sometimes do something, even without earning anything, or even find ourselves in the red, but we work from the heart! I want to create, create, decorate the world with closed and at the same time extraordinary outfits. Ideas are endless. And five lives is not enough to embody all of them!

What collections do you release, what materials do you use?

We use the highest quality, luxury materials. These are silk, velvet, lace, guipure, natural chiffons. We love to work with fur and leather, while decorating with handmade embroidery using Swarovski crystals and natural and precious stones. We try to make each dress like a handmade masterpiece! At the same time, the cost of the dress can be purchased for 1-3 thousand dollars.


Zoha Beig – the strong and independent entrepreneur

Zoha Beig is a successful and independent strong headed lady who has accomplished a lot in life. She currently runs a super fantastic business in Dubai.

Born and brought up in Maharashtra, Mumbai Zoha is a graduate in arts and has always been into her dreams. She personifies a strong and independent lady. To kick start her career she joined firstly as a cabin crew in airways of Kuwait. After years of experience in this she decided to shift to UAE. Her success story took a step forward from Dubai.

As for her achievements, she has achieved various milestones in her life. Currently she is CEO of the 321 Events DMCC and Ali & arwa Trading LLC in Dubai, UAE.

Zoha feels that there’s a unique way that is needed to make anything outstanding. She aims to make her client feel amazed about her work. The main goal in both her firm is to provide the best services. She has hugely succeeded in her end term goal. From organising super famous public events to making their clients satisfied for past 18 years, her companies proved to be a big blockbuster.

With her organised life and her balanced work and family circle she has made it big.


Ankit Chaudhary – a confident young Instagram influencer.

Ankit Chaudhary is a notable social media and Instagram influencer. He grows others page using his creative and digital knowledge. His clients are all mostly foreign ones from Germany and USA. He remarkably manages their business and helps them establish their business platform on social media creating more opportunities and scope for them.

Ankit follows up and brings in leads and clients for people he works for. Since Instagram is a platform with a lot of scope to make a change in different fields, he has chosen this. He works towards bringing a change and impacting people’s business constructively. He grows his clients their business on Instagram. He and his team help these people to skill up their business on these platforms to aid their professional lives. He has successfully made a difference in different businesses. The teams works out a plan before hand for each of their clients. They use strategies and properly plan to help the pages to organically reach people around. Each client and each business is given in different priorities. Innovative and creative strategies and plans are formulated for each client.

With Instagram’s new feature reels, Ankit and his team also use this part for their clients. They also use videos to grow the clients business.He has established a base in Instagram marketing and social media marketing. With his creative abilities and strategically planned ways he has made a mark for himself. His expertise in helping clients grow their business has aided his success. With his dediaction and confidence he is sure to pave his path towards greater success stories. Aiding people in growing their business with his talent and hardwork has been his key towards success.


Social Worker Abdul Qadir distributed ration to more than 1500 families during pandemic.

Abdul Qadir is an altruist, who finds happiness in others’ welfare. This person is a gem to society. Never fails to surprise his loved ones. A 23 years old MBBS student, Social Worker Abdul Qadir is a person with a golden heart. In the world full of egocentric people, where rarely people come out to help a stranger, Abdul Qadir thought out of the box, and stood beside the commoners when they needed them badly.

Abdul Qadir is also a brave doctor with so much kindness. He belongs to a small village named Mahul, in the district Azamgarh, in Uttar Pradesh. When he completed his schooling, he continued his studies for the preparation of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Abdul Qadir shifted to Kota, Rajasthan, for the preparatory phase.

After working hard for two long years, he got admitted to a private medical college to become a good generous doctor in future. Social Worker Abdul Qadir decided his career from childhood. He always wanted to help other needy people by various things, be it medicine, treatment, food, or anything essential.

Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID19) changed the perspective of the world. Increasing unemployment, a crisis in the proper infrastructure of the education system, and an economical crash turned to a dangerous path during the pandemic. Nobody has any idea about how the recovery process will take place, as the situation seems irreversible.

In this critical situation, few people took responsibility to stay beside the poor, and help them because; the life of daily wage workers became devastating due to the widespread disease. Abdul Qadir decided to come out extending his helping hands to them. He distributed basic ration such as rice, pulses, salt, oil, sugar, medicines, and other essentials to more than 1500 families in the locality. Staying in the village area, and working for the mass is actually a difficult process, but his willpower did not get dim by any kind of obstacles.

Abdul Qadir is an inspirational figure to today’s youth. During the lockdown period, schools – colleges were shut down, people were doing work from home, many people lost their jobs, the transport system was shut down, it seemed like life had been taken out of the cities.

Abdul Qadir is very kind hearted, and he utilized this horrible situation to fulfill his long awaited dream. Social work was always his first priority, and he has been helping the needy people since college days whenever he gets a chance. Being an altruistic in the midst of egotists is just a miracle, and Abdul Qadir is a live example of this phenomena.

Abdul Qadir says, “If our tears do not lead us to act then we have lost the reason for our humanity, which is compassion. Our human compassion binds us one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future. Be certain that you do not die without having done something wonderful for humanity.”