Journalist & YouTuber Amin Fardin Talks About Providing Credible Content To Have Strong Viewership

Being a freelance journalist is beneficial as one gets to explore every field and cover various happenings around the world. Journalist Amin Fardin has been working as a freelancer for years in Iran. He has worked in different departments that helped him create a strong profile for himself. He also built trust among people who know him.

Talking about the various fields he worked as a freelancer, it ranges from broadcast to social media. Amin has worked as a Broadcast journalist, Communications journalist, Foreign Correspondent Journalist, Freelance Writer, Investigative Journalist, Newspaper Reporter Journalist, Photo Journalist and Social Media Journalist.

All this helped Amin Fardin to understand how every sector works. He got an idea of what kind of content people consume and started his own YouTube channel. Despite the platform being banned in Iran, his channel has a great reach.

Thousands of people watch the content he shared there. Due to freelancing, he has built good contacts and a lot of people know him. Thus, they believe the information and content he shares on his channel. About the same, Amin Fardin says, “As a media person and a Youtuber, it is necessary to understand the demands of your audience. You can make things work out in your own style, but your viewers should be keen to invest their time in it. You should provide them real information otherwise they will feel cheated and you will lose your credibility. So, it’s important to understand your audience, your content and everything that’s trending.”

Amin Fardin added, “There will be also people who won’t agree with you. But that shouldn’t disappoint you. You should keep going on if you are sharing good videos and information with people.”


Meet Eddy Aladin, the inspiring , skilled and successful tax accountant , who has emerged as an accomplished founder and CEO of a mobile application named ‘Tax Aladin’.

It always seems impossible until it’s done and Eddy has made it possible with his 11 years of hardwork and dedication in the field of accounting and finance.

The glorious mind was born and raised in Port- au Prince, Haiti. If anything that Eddy Aladin saw himself highly attracted by right since the beginning, then it was the unusual connection he felt with the accounting and finance work. This early inclination of his got Eddy to specialize in subjects of foreign investments, taxation, banking, patent and trademark, labor law and corporate finance and become internal auditor , controller , chief financial and accountant in Haiti. To level up his knowledge Eddy went ahead to specialize in corporate, criminal and administrative law as well.

Learning through the process and diversifying his knowledge in finance and accounting, Eddy later founded and became the CEO of IslandMundo, Tax Aladin and Door Tax. Eddy’s main goal was to revolutionize the finance industry and make tax work much easier, safe and hassle-free for the clients with DoorTax and Tax Aladin , customers can come at any of its branches and file their taxes and get any accounting services, payroll and access bookkeeping anytime through the secure message center, and track mileage using the mobile app. It is a software package with the newest features for preparation of American income tax returns virtually , competing as a market leader with other contemporaries. When asked Eddy about the usage of his app Tax Aladin he said ” Just Request TaxAladin Pro on your phone,tablet or any other device. Use The Tax Aladin Mobile App for your taxes any time , anywhere on your phone or tablet as we provide Convenience at your fingertip with Tax Aladin Mobile App Taxes are easier than ever, with us you’re not alone , you can have your tax return reviewed by a Tax expert. Get instant access to certified Tax experts, ask unlimited questions, get answers in a minute, get good customer service… and what not “.Roughly 33 million taxpayers using digital technology for their taxes and now this brilliant innovation Tax Aladin is one of the best alternative Tax App you can use any time anywhere on your phone or tablet. Tax Aladin has consistently focused on client care greatness. That’s why Eddy said, ” we help taxpayers with keeping a greater amount of their hard-earned money, with the greatest discount conceivable to us “.

Eddy has also advanced knowledge of bookkeeping and payroll, accounting best practices, laws, standards, and state/national regulations and has outstanding communication skills that helped him find his path to becoming a successful tax accountant.

As a well known , successful and accomplished tax accountant, Eddy Aladin has proved his mettle in the vast finance & accounting industry and inspires many other aspiring professionals as well.



With the business firms encountering more problems as the crisis of the pandemic extends, many have taken to utilising online marketing in order to enhance and promote their sales. Many business firms are consulting marketing coaches to survive amidst the pandemic. Marketing coaches help a firm to expand their business beyond boundaries and help them reap profit from their business using technological assistance.

Michael Dallas-Petersen is one of the most notable business automation coaches who helps in building better working and management of businesses through online sites and social media. He has the ability to build and automate business systems that help business organizations in cost reduction and promotion of accountability.

He helps his business clients through a system called automation. He has a special skill at building systems around businesses and automating them. This automation enables him to drive down cost as well as create accountability for the businesses. His system that takes care of online marketing fully automates the prospecting phase of a business all the way until it becomes a sales call. He therefore, effectively automates the income and expense part of the business in such a way that the final numbers are accurate to date. He analyses each and every data that comes and goes out systematically and accurately.

His systems enable the building of a sequence from advertising platforms such as Facebook and ensuring that leads receive up to 12 touch points in 5 days. He takes specific care that he is always updated and uses highly advanced new generation technologies in his marketing procedures. His systems include Artificial intelligence tools that confirm appointments, cancel appointments, and even book appointments for some of his clients. Something of a rarity that only a numbered few makes use of. This increases the quality of the work as well as reduces the time required for getting a work done.

For works that require human interaction, Michael employs a large number of virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are employed to handle the complex tasks that cannot be automated but that are too important to be neglected. With this, he ensures that every work is completed without delay nor imperfection.

Apart from being an excellent marketing coach, MICHAEL is a complete family man. He has been married to Hunter Dallas-Petersen and is father to two children, both boys. Even with his tight schedule refraining him from engaging more into his personal life, he ensures that he spends quality time with his family, therefore having a proper work-life balance.

With his hardwork and passionate approach to his job, he is one of the major social media agency experts today. 


Diouldé Barry’s journey to becoming a hugely successful entrepreneur within the fitness industry

Diouldé Barry doesn’t believe in giving up. He didn’t and he doesn’t let others. After years of grooming his own life, he has learned how to turn around his mind. He agrees life isn’t fair for all but getting defeated is totally not an option. In his exclusive online course, “Your Human Potential”, he teaches his clients to be a better version of themselves. On being asked his secret to success, Barry shares, “I just show them who they can be. And trust me, once you see what you can achieve, there’s no going back.” He designed this course to help people gain confidence and achieve success in life.

Diouldé Barry was the first influencer in France to begin online brand promotion. The response was amazing. The audience connected and his approach grew. There was also a section of people who wanted to learn how to go about it. Recognizing the requirement, Diouldé exclusively created another course called” Brand Mastery”. It’s a brand new course that is set to roll on December, 13th. The course covers the guide to creating a successful brand and also promoting it.

Being a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry, Diouldé Barry knows what it takes to create and sustain a successful brand. He has been in the fitness industry for five years now. He launched his Fitness Brand called “Health Nutrition” in January 2018. The brand has been well received by consumers. And his business house, Barry Empire now has a large team of 30 members catering to the flourishing market. The company made over 5 million pounds in a year post its launch.

Diouldé Barry doesn’t want to stop here. He is ambitious and wants to serve society. He plans to expand his nutrition brand in the near future and open offices across the major cities. On a personal level, Diouldé wants to keep learning. He says that only when he learns, can he share valuable insights with people. Nothing drives him more than filling people with motivation and enthusiasm for building a better future.


Maria Jones on her passion to help people maximize their hidden potential

Ambition is the fuel that runs the engine of the world. It has made great men of ordinary men, extraordinary women of regular women and in general, given our world ideals that can be mirrored and admired. Sure, there’s a dark side to ambition, like there is to everything else in life. But it’s the bright side of ambition, the ambition that numinous, that strives to make the world, richer, better, and altogether beautiful. Maria Jones is a woman of deep ambition. Her ambition has helped her soar to great career heights. As ex-Vice President at Cointelegraph Media Group, and a worldwide special guest and public speaker, Maria is often in the limelight for her courage, positivity, and insight. It’s only befitting that she has made it her mission to help others reach their full potential.

A self-made woman in a field where women are yet to carve a niche, Maria is full of ideas, suggestions, and hope. In her many years as a working woman, she has created a list of self-help ideas that every man and every woman can apply to themselves to bring out their hidden potential. First and foremost among her suggestions is to “invest in yourself. You can be your best or worst creation. To become your best you must come to possess qualities like discipline, self-love, self-knowledge, self-respect. Without these fundamental realizations, you will not be able to break free from your insecurities and unnecessary fears.”

Investing in one’s self is a long-term plan as it helps you “become more self-aware and thus more responsible in your attitude towards yourself.” Says the visionary leader. Another aspect of self-fulfillment, as per Maria is to “Keep learning. Take your time to get to know yourself (your dreams, your career desires, your family goals, what do you want, your fears, your strengths) and listen to your INTUITION, listen to your HEART.”

The world of business is a great place to learn and grow as a person. And therefore it helps to have a “creative business plan. Step back from boring business planning and confusing financial statements and step forward to a very simple ONE-PAGE document that allows you to dive into this creative planning process and make it your own visual style. Use your RIGHT BRAIN IMAGINATION, to fully embrace your creative nature and become more successful!” Her mission is a product of her own experience. As she experienced a refined sense of self, she understood that it’s not success that makes a person but the person who makes success. With 600K followers on Instagram and 4K fans on Twitter, it’s safe to say that her mission is underway and going strong.


Renowned Jeweler and Diamond mogul Ori Vechler’s meteoric rise to fame

The world’s biggest diamond players in the billion worth of diamond industry are glittering stronger and brighter as the demand for their products is beaming with joy. Each of these stories spans the world’s diamond hearts: from the Mediterranean capital of cool, Tel Aviv, to the dust of lands, Surat, from New York city’s glittering showrooms, to the Belgian city of Antwerp. Among others, the one to leap out in million-dollar style is Ori Vechler of Gemma Fine Jewelry, who comes from a lineage of traditional clutters, creating not just custom bespoke fine jewelry but also high-end one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with rarest and finest diamonds.

Portraying a fine crafty eye for detail, the diamantaire has dressed many celebrities, industrialists, and other high-profile individuals with an elegant sparkle. But Vechler’s own inspiration comes from a close source – his own family – who’s built a prominent status in the industry as world-renowned diamond traders. In fact, the trader still continues to import raw materials and other essentials through his family connections and others from the network that he’s managed to create throughout the years.

So, what makes Vechler and his brand, Gemma Fine Jewelry, stand out from the rest? He explains it’s a simple matter of rarity, uniqueness, and elegance in the designs, quality, and service. “All the jewels found at Gemma are our own creations. At present, we have our own productivity and creative centre. So, we provide a complete guarantee of our pieces in terms of the finish. In fact, our diamonds go through extensive quality control so as to make sure that each diamond that enters the vault is thoroughly graded by top-notch labs in the world. Not only that, our team of in-house jewelry designers, who come with years of experience and expertise, are adept at designing fine jewelry pieces as per clients’ requirements. Whether they are looking for a luxurious selection of rings or pendants, necklaces or anklets, earrings, or bracelets – there’s nothing we do not personalize.”

In terms of his future plans, the diamantaire believes, there’s a limited time each one of us has, and thus, he wants to continue specializing in his works of art, whilst mastering the understanding of big-sized diamonds – both white and fancy – something, that his brand specializes in. Having majorly catered to the Asian market, so far, Vechler aims to spread his base throughout North America, the Middle East, and more.


Weddopedia & Fashiopedia Founder Naman Tyagi is gear to launch a new TV show soon

Planning a wedding today has become very flexible and one can take the entire charge sitting at the comfort of their homes. While wedding planners are responsible for finalizing the entire wedding, Naman Tyagi’s ‘Weddopedia’ has brought tremendous change in the wedding industry. The wedding portal was founded in 2016 and this platform is an ultimate place for all the couples who want to plan their dream wedding. Be it planning the wedding, finding a suitable vendor, choosing the venue, picking the best makeup artists and photographers; everything is just a click away. The best thing about the portal is the fact that the clients have complete freedom to plan their wedding according to their preferences.

Making the portal customizable, the clients are entitled to become their own wedding planners. Besides this, ‘Weddopedia’ was selected as one of the top startups by FIED at IIM Kashipur for offering the best wedding planning services all over India. Tyagi who is based in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh was earlier honored with the Karamveer Chakra Award by the Global Fellowship Award instituted by the United Nations and International Confederation of NGO (iCONGO) at the ReX ConcLIVE at IIT Delhi. With tremendous exposure, ‘Weddopedia’ has received on the digital domain, Naman is all set to explore the electronic media.

It is believed that Naman Tyagi is very keen to launch a Fashion reality show on Indian television. With the TV industry growing, it has made a place for many shows besides the mainstream soap operas. When asked about the concept of the show and its launch, Naman did not reveal much but stated that he always wanted to explore the television world. “With building a strong presence on social media, we have found our audience which is majorly the youth. I believe that television will help us find the right target audience”, said Naman.

Well, things are still in the development stage and Naman’s team is in talks with several channels for the same. The entrepreneur most likely wants to launch a fashion reality show on a youth channel. He feels that it is time to bring innovation from different routine shows. With many reality shows, Naman is hopeful that his tv show will make a place amongst the audience. We are keen to know how and when the entrepreneur will bring things on TV and we wish this talented man lots of luck for this new project.


Shubham Singh Dhanda’s Unfulfilled Dreams as a Sportsperson

Shubham, from a young age, had an inclination towards sports and physical activities. His competitive nature and healthy sportsperson spirit made him stand out among his teammates.

While growing up, he played many sports and participated in different competitions, but his most favorite sport was basketball. He was extremely passionate about basketball as a child used to imagine himself playing professionally.

His rendezvous with basketball started when he was a wee lad of 16 years, in Kashmir. At that young age, he would train himself for 4 to 6 hours daily. His dream to play at a recognized level came true when he got selected for zonal basketball matches.

Later, he got selected as vice-captain for the team to participate in the state-level basketball competition, representing Kashmir. Even though the team did not win the championship, Shubham got a selection in the National team based on his outstanding performance for the national championship.

The national championship for basketball in 2015 was held in Delhi by the Ministry of Youth. Shubham’s team did not make it past the semi-finals, but the experience still was something worth cherishing.

In 2014, Shubham was selected for State Tournaments but got rejected for the National championship. Shubham believes it was that rejection that made him work harder towards improving his game. All the hard work did eventually pay off when Shubham got selected for Nationals in 2015.

Shubham did not restrict himself to basketball. In 2014, he also played badminton representing his school in the inter-school competitions and won against most of the schools. Ministry of Youth selected Shubham for State Level Badminton Tournament, held in Kashmir.

He played against several districts all around the state and won a silver medal in the State Level Badminton Tournament. He did not apply for the National Level Tournament in Badminton because of the approaching board examinations.

In his teens, he was as attracted to sports activities as a moth is to light. In 2015, he participated in a national competition for sports and athletics held in Gurugram by an organization called Harmony. Only a handful of students got selected for each sports category from every state. and Shubham was one of them.

The tournament did not have a category for basketball, so Shubham tried for Chess. He got selected after a couple of matches against some top players from the state. Unfortunately, he couldn’t win a medal in the nationals.

The devastating reality of sports and sportspersons in India is truly heart-breaking. The increasing corruption, lack of infrastructure, and sponsorship in the field of games and athletics have left many sportspersons estranged.

In 2016, when Shubham shifted to Delhi for further studies, his friends, family, and peers talked him out of sports. They made a good argument about how a career in sports is frowned upon and is unstable in India. Having a strong passion for basketball, Shubham had a childhood dream of being a professional player. But if truth be told, basketball has a bleak future in India. Unlike the USA, where there are organizations and associations like the NBA, and an enthusiastic audience for it, India has absolutely no future scope for basketball as a career.

Players who have represented the country in various international sports events do not get any recognition for it. A lot of former Olympic and Asian Games winners have left sports to pursue any other career that would help them support their family and would meet their financial needs.

With a heavy heart, Shubham moved on from his shattered dreams of being a professional player and looked out for a more conventional career. At that time, he believed that all his years of hard work and sweat towards his goal went in vain.


Anchor And Emcee Ankit Shaw Creates A Rage In Kolkata, Says “Once I Am On Stage, I Completely Own It”

Kolkata is rightly called as the city of joy which has got some of the most happening events all over India. The voice of all events, Ankit Shaw has been enthralling the audience with his signature ‘Swagatam’ introduction at every event. This Social and Corporate host has hosted some of the most Prestigious live events across the world with his charismatic and exquisite personality. He is an emcee, Tv Presenter and a lifestyle influencer who has hosted more than 1000 live shows till date thus setting a benchmark in the industry in less than 3 years. He has been a face of various Tv cultural channels and has covered nearly 500 programs across west Bengal. Ankit is a staunch social server and works for public welfare. With having worked with some of the biggest brands and names, he recently hosted and also delivered a speech at TEDx Vikramshila. He plans his outfits and event look prior with his team and makes sure his outfits and style compliments with the decor and theme. His drool-worthy looks have made him one of the most stylish emcees in Kolkata.

Few of his notable works include Pro Kabaddi Junior League of Kolkata Chapter and Red carpet of Bhojpuri Cinema Screen and Stage Awards 2019 where he played the perfect host. Since the last 4 years, the 24-year old artist has been rigorously working in the TV industry with Zee TV, Sahara India, Taaza TV among other channels. With having graduated in media and journalism, he has the vision to leave a legacy. “The stage is where I belong. Once I am on stage, I completely own it. I am here to conquer and fulfil my dreams and nothing makes me happier than performing in front of thousands”, he said. Not just in Kolkata, but the emcee is going to places in India and has also hosted many events in overseas.

He believes that opportunities that come the way should not be wasted. “A yes can change your life. Make that yes a life-turning decision of your career”, he added. Over the years, the emcee has won several accolades for his work. He was awarded journalism award for contributing as young media personnel for reporting, press conferencing and moderating. In 2019, he bagged the ‘Anchor of the Season Award’ and was also conferred with the ‘Best Anchor Award’ by Wonder Mega Show. The pace at which Ankit Shaw is going has made a thing clear that he is one of the best names among the top emcees of the country.


TUNES & WHIPS Brings the Best Taste for Cars and Music Together

Omar Adnan is no stranger to the world of digital media. He has a unique talent for building and monetizing digital brands. From building a successful jewelry brand to founding one of Western Canada’s fastest-growing media companies, Technik Studios, his latest venture is even more bold and ambitious.

It goes by the name of TUNES & WHIPS. Born out of Adnan’s love for cars and hip-hop music, he created a community and brand where both worlds collide. Every week, Adnan handpicks artists from around the globe to feature on the brand’s social media and website. TUNES & WHIPS also showcases artists’ car collections ranging from Drake’s exotics to Post Malone’s custom trucks. “The inspiration for the concept just came from nights spent cruising around the city with friends, playing music, and vibing together,” Adnan explains.

Omar Adnan’s eye for capturing automotive content has earned him a reputation that’s hard to ignore. When he was 17, a video campaign he created, featuring $1,000,000 worth of BMW M cars, went viral – amassing 26 million views to date. He has since gone on to collaborate on projects for brands such as Ford, Porsche, and Lexus. It is this very talent that’s allowed him to gain traction for TUNES & WHIPS.

While his goal for Technik Studios is to become one of Canada’s leading creative studios, his ambitions for TUNES & WHIPS are even grander. Adnan hopes to take the brand to the global stage, collaborating with artists and car manufacturers to produce original content such as music videos and branded content piece. “I have a crystal clear vision of where I want to take this brand, and there’s no reason why I can’t achieve those goals. I’m willing to put in the work,” Adnan states. TUNES & WHIPS has already gained the appreciation of well-known artists such as TJ Porter, Pressa Armani, Houdini, YSN Flow, and TOB Duke. “I think TUNES & WHIPS has the potential to be up there with some of my favorite brands like Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, or even Motor Trend,” Adnan continues.

With the music and digital scene rapidly growing, Omar Adnan is ready to take TUNES & WHIPS and Technik Studios to new heights. He plans to introduce a YouTube series, podcast, and music videos; the sky is the limit for TUNES & WHIPS. Technik Studios also continues to expand by attracting larger clients from across Canada and a growing talent roster of creatives.

When asked where he sees himself in ten years, he said, “I want to continue to use my creativity and craft to inspire the younger generation and show them anything is possible. I see Technik Studios as a major force in the media space with influence in different markets from automotive to music to advertising. It’s as simple as that.”

If you want to learn more about Omar Adnan, TUNES & WHIPS, or the Technik Studios family, click here: