South Palm Beach Police Department Merges with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Dedicating More Resources to Community

In an effort to conserve taxpayers’ money and offer officers a salary increase, South Palm Beach Police Department will merge with PBSO.  Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office promised the full resources of the office to South Palm Beach, Florida, a barrier island town with a population of approximately 1,400 people. 

 “My pledge to you, my pledge to everybody in this organization from the day I walked in that door, you will have the best equipment, the best training, the best education you can possibly have,” Bradshaw told newly sworn deputies. On October 1, Sheriff Bradshaw swore in six former police officers and one former South Palm Beach Police Chief to join the sheriff’s office.

This merger follows concerns about town officers’ salaries. A survey that came out in early 2019 showed South Palm Beach ranking last among 23 agencies, for a starting police salary. Rather than just accepting this reality, Town leaders began to think of solutions. Due to this successful collaboration and partnership, starting officers will now receive a $10,000 increase in their starting salary.

This effort to conserve funds will also save South Palm Beach taxpayers an estimated $1 million over the next five years. 

With 49 years in law enforcement, Sheriff Bradshaw is not afraid to address the community’s concern head-on. Known as a leader who maintains a balance between assertiveness and diplomacy, Sheriff Bradshaw understands how to “get things done.” 

The top priority for the sheriff, though, is ensuring citizens are always kept safe. Sheriff Bradshaw is a former Chief of Police of the West Palm Beach Police Department, a history that will aid a smooth transition. 

Mayor Bernice Fisher remarked that Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office provided policing services in its earliest years. 

The sheriff’s office successfully merged with the Greenacres Police Department in February 2016 and plans to absorb the town of Palm Beach Shores Police Department this November.

Overall, this process solves the salary problem of the officers, as well as saving the municipalities’ citizens money. By working to support and enable this process, Sheriff Bradshaw has proved, yet again, that he is willing to always put the citizens and those who serve first. 


Servanity shakes things up as she goes from a blonde bombshell to an orange Goddess

Artist Servanity stepped onto the scene back in 2018 with a crispy white shoulder length cut.

We quickly grew used to her forever changing hair colour. Having seen her sport a silky straight, back length, red do; a medium length, pastel lilac, water wave style; and even a blonde, green, pink, and blue bob, the artist is known for her bold hairstyles and unique dress sense.

More recently Servanity has stuck to one colour as we grew familiar with seeing different types of platinum blonde styles. The artist took us by surprise as she travelled out of London for a friend’s exclusive golf club party rocking a orange bob!

“I’m team Ronald McDonald hair life” she announced while rocking a long dark green dress with a seductive side slit and an asymmetric slit by the chest. This glitz and glam look was accessorized with a daring gold choker, orange and gold glasses, and gold oversized stud earrings which complemented the artist’s skin tone perfectly. To complete the look Servanity wore nude tights and cream stilettos.

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Indian NGO Encouraging mission improving the quality of living

Encouraging is an NGO in India founded May 2016 by Amren Sahlehs with the mission of improving the lives of the underprivileged in India. Currently it works for children women and poor families.

Encouraging runs school kit distribution drive and provide study material school bags, stationery kit, notebooks to underprivileged school going children.

Encouraging also runs menstrual hygiene for women.

Encouraging also put up medical camps for children women and poor families.

Encouraging is soon to start a slipper campaign for slum children to prevent fatal diseases.

ENCOURAGING mission is to improve quality of the life of the people in India.

– To play a critical part in developing society, improving communities and promoting citizen participation.

– To perform a variety of service and humanitarian functions.

– To releive suffering and protect the people .There is a passion and desire to help.

Website and Social media handles:

Tapping in an Adolescent’s Mind through Handwriting Analysis/Graphology

Adolescence is considered as a very crucial stage in human life, the time wherein the human brain evolves and grows by leaps and bounds. Scientifically, the time when in addition to hormonal changes, the middle region of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for reasoning, planning, and problem-solving, is very much active.

Adolescence creates manifold intrinsic implications in the life; ravenous mind, wayward spirit, infuriating confusions, craving of being independent and the development of a strong sense of self arises.

At times, it also draws stress, depression and other mental traumas with it. The emotional, mindful, intellectual, physical and social transition builds a pressure within, which sometimes is not easy to keep in control and hence one might need help.

And isn’t it absolutely okay to seek help?

It has been observed that Handwriting Analysis is widely used around the globe to tap psychological and other mental issues. Just by probing and evaluating a few handwritten lines, handwriting expert can discover one’s personality and behaviour.

Recently, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Holistic Healing Foundation of India (HHFI) at Gujrat University organized an International MENTAL HEALTH Conference with the theme of “Coping with Mental Health”. The objective of conference was to give a platform to various mental health professionals and to share knowledge and coordinate efforts towards a happier India.

Pooja Saran, a Master Handwriting Analyst, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist (the only Indian Faculty Member of Handwriting University International, USA) and Founder Director Neuroguide presented a research paper in the conference titled “TAPPING IN AN ADOLESCENT’S MIND THROUGH HANDWRITING ANALYSIS/GRAPHOLOGY”. The paper digs into 11 adolescent minds between the age group of 11 to 14. She analysed the intelligence, moral values, self-esteem and more personality traits just by evaluating strokes in their handwriting. She wrote that handwriting shows how the intellect varies with the thinking and understanding patterns of a child.

She has long championed the analysis of psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and suicidal traits and helped to understand the overall personality. She firmly believes that the sensitive stage of adolescence is the most precious time to guide their growth and learning process. The solution to tame the fears and confusions, building self-confidence, nurturing creative thoughts and cultivating optimistic attitude can be catered through Graphology. The new way to heal the young minds can be sought through Hypnotherapy.
Adolescence is the most zealous period, with just a little bit of help one can channelize the tremendous capacity and thrive in life.


Interviewed by:

Bhupesh Advani

PR Waale – Public Relations Services



Darla Cozzarelli The Public Figure We Need

Darla Cozzarelli began her music career at a young age learning piano, guitar, and voice.  Influenced by such greats as Judy Garland, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Prince, and Alicia Keyes, Darla found her ultimate passion in songwriting and vocals.  Her first single, which she wrote, was released in February of 2019 titled “Obsession” and peaked in the top40 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and has been nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. 

Darla graduated with honors from Cal State LA and has performed all over Southern California.  She sang the National Anthem for several charity and prestigious events such as LAPRF, LAWPOA, Twice A Citizen Gala and for the Mayor of Los Angeles and other dignitaries.  Her rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” has been featured in the LA Times and broadcast news throughout the Southland.  

While studying in graduate school at USC, Darla released her single “Oh boy” and plans to release an upcoming ep entitled “Refining Purpose”, which is also the name of the non-profit organization she founded and is president.  Her mission is to help others succeed in their true path and goals while overcoming the challenges millennials face.  2020 looks to be an exciting and productive year for Darla Cozzarelli.



Karen Brill for Palm Beach County Commissioner District 5 Receives Endorsement from Constitutional Tax Collector Anne Gannon

Democrat Karen Brill’s experience, local community commitment and strong record of service earns her the endorsement by Tax Collector Anne Gannon

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL. – October 29, 2019 – Democrat Karen Brill for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, today announces Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector Anne Gannon has endorsed her campaign.

Gannon states, “Karen Brill unequivocally understands District 5. Karen’s experience in representing this area on the school board, fiscal experience overseeing a billion-dollar budget with the county’s largest employer and her track record of solving local issues makes her the ideal choice for County Commission District 5. We can all count on Karen to get the job done.”

“I am excited to have the support of Tax Collector Anne Gannon. She understands my commitment to the residents, neighborhoods and local businesses here in District 5 and Palm Beach County. I am looking forward to working with Gannon on moving Palm Beach County forward,” states Brill.

Longtime resident and Palm Beach County School Board Member since November 2010, Brill has been actively involved in public education, notably as an advocate for students with disabilities. She is also a licensed realtor with over eight years of residential sales experience and has more than 40 years of business experience with an emphasis on business development and marketing.

Brill serves as a Board Member for Community Alliance of Palm Beach County, as well as the Educational Foundation of Palm Beach County. She is a member of the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches, Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA) Delegate, a graduate of Florida’s Partners in Policymaking, and served six years on the State Advisory for the Education of Exceptional Students.

We welcome you to follow Karen Brill at or contact her at

Media Contact
Alex Ring
Karen Brill Campaign


From Begging for acting work to a 150+ Brand endorsments – Kuldeep Singhania ( The Journey )

Kuldeep Singhania , today this name has become a house hold name among people with Television shows , 150+  Brand endorsments and a social media reach of more than 400k along all platforms all under his name

But his journey till date has been a  been no less than roller coaster ride . Kuldeep Singhania comes in from a Middle class banking sector background , where no body had any connections in the Media industry (Bollywood ) . Trying to enter the industry was not easy , he was lean guy age 18  weighing mere 52kg when he first tried his luck .

And as everyone thought , he got rejected over and over again because of his looks , personality and lack of acting skills . Then he started taking acting classes daily and started working out and after 12 months of regular hard work he was 62 ( lean and Muscular ) and got his first modelling assignment for DNA newspaper  and Times of India.

Kuldeep Singhania even got a call from Mumbai for one of the Balaji shows on Channel V and got his first Television break at the age of 20. He thought things would be easier from there and he would get back to back roles after that, but things were about to get even tougher. He did not even get a single role after that for 6 months. He kept auditioning and running here and there begging for work but all he got was a big fat ” NO”. Anxiety and Depression pressure started affecting him and there were days if not months when he cried on the streets of Mumbai because he had no money, no work and no emotional support at all.

Finally after getting rejected in over a 100+ auditions he finally got a break in a Zee tv show, which started to change his career , but the major twist in the tale came when he won a Show on channel v which was hosted by  a renouned Television host Rithvik Dhanjani . From there started Kuldeep Singhania’s  social media following and he got his first social media endorsment with Himalaya .

From there he did over a 100+ brand endorsments with brands like US polo , Wrangler , Being Human , Puma , jaguar , Nike and working day and night for over 2 years , he learnt all the aspects of Film making

Today he has set up his own production house and  he shoots for Brands all over the globe under his Production house , makes video ads for there social media and generates employment for all the new comers trying to enter the industry.

You can follow his journey and work on his social media platforms:-

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Chicago Property Report Explains Chicago Zoning Certifications

When a transfer of sale happens in Chicago you may need a zoning certification. Condos, co-ops, vacant land and commercial property do not need a Zoning Certifications. Townhouses and residential buildings with 1-5 dwellings are required to have a Zoning Certification.

The City of Chicago requires a $120 fee to be paid to the City of Chicago upon submitting the paperwork. Once manually submitted at the office downtown, you will return in five business days to pick up your certified Chicago Zoning Certification. Information required to complete your Chicago Zoning Certification form:

  • Property address
  • Property index number (PIN)
  • Number of dwelling units within the structure by floor
  • Owner applicant information
  • Contract/return mail information

An important consideration to remember, is that only the dwelling units count in mixed-use buildings. Meaning, a street front commercial store with two units above, would be certified as a two unit dwelling.

Chicago Property Report can handle the Chicago Zoning Certification paperwork for you, at nominal cost. We will fill out your paperwork accurately, handle the drop off and pick up efficiently without wasting time at Chicago City Hall.

Chicago Property Report is a highly reputable company known all over the Chicago and Cook County real estate business environment. What makes them a favorite for practitioners in the industry is their commitment to ensuring a proper solution for their customers who need certifications.


Dream to Reality – An Interview with Elinor Levin

Q : Can you please let us know a little bit about yourself. Your background, education, your passion etc. ??
A : The story of Elinor Levin Marketing Boutique is a perfect story for the world of innovation.  Elinor is the employee who was so bored by the routine that one day, she decided she deserved her own business.  “I had a dream, to open an independent business and sell my creations.  I wanted to get great feedback, and mainly to be my own boss.  I work for a very sweet company and I enjoy every moment.  In addition to my business, I’m also a mom and a wife.”  Until now, it sounds like a pretty typical story, right?  Then how has this “ordinary” Israeli woman become a “golden database” of online shop managers for a foreign chain?

“I decided to learn jewelry-making  as a hobby.  While I was taking classes, I met independent Etsy shop owners who were selling jewelry abroad, and that’s where the magic began.  For those who aren’t familiar with the site, it specializes in selling handmade goods of artisans, vintage goods, and creative materials, as opposed to the site that everyone orders from – eBay.  It didn’t take long to decide that I, too, could open a shop!  I imagined everything I’d have to do: take pictures, upload items, translate it all in Google and presto!  Advertise and wait for the money to start flowing in…”

Just to refresh your memory, Levin was still employed, and that’s where her ambition started to run even higher, leading her to invest even more hours searching for guides to operating a shop on the site:  “I believed that if you’re talking about a virtual storefront online, the investment shouldn’t be that great and the profits should come quickly.  I started small: I uploaded items I’d made with my own hands, and offered them for sale even though my English wasn’t all that terrific.  In my free time, I surfed around Etsy and tried to figure out what I could do in order to bring sales into my shop and what tools I should use so that owners of other shops would recognize mine and order from me.  It was very important to me to track the most successful shops on the site and to learn from what they did.”

Of course, Elinor encountered some difficult moments throughout this whole period in which she’d made the decision to open a shop on the site, and more than once, people around her didn’t understand what she was actually doing in front of the computer:  “My husband claimed I was wasting my time for nothing, that I’d never make real money, and that I shouldn’t be putting in so much of my precious time.  Of course, today, he’s singing a different tune.”

As Elinor continued on Etsy, she came across the Israeli forum within the site and even though she was certain that things would be easier for her there, with lots of help from others in the same boat, she discovered that actually, the opposite was true.  “I entered the Etsy Israel forum to consult with experts.  I publicized my site in the group and asked for criticism (constructive, of course!), and suddenly, they were tossing potshots at me with absolutely no reason.  They basically told me straight out that I should close my shop and that I had no chance on the scene.” 

Since their advice was largely unhelpful, she kept on “browsing” through different sites, researching in-depth, until she discovered the possibility of promoting her shop through the “Etsy Free” group.  This was a group whose only purpose was for members to jointly promote each other’s shops.

Keep in mind that Elinor was working with an extremely tight budget, and aside from creating her items, she couldn’t waste money.  But with the right foundation and insightful investment of time, slowly, the orders started coming in.  “I didn’t want to pay a site builder to build me a site or photograph the items I’d created.  For a long period, I felt at a loss for good advice, but I still didn’t give up.  I started to participate in promotional group games and realized one small thing:  in order to start to sell, my shop needed to stand out.  I started to like other owners’ shops on social networks so they’d follow me back.  And that’s how I managed to grow my follower count significantly.  I believed that every follower had followers of their own – and thanks to that, I’d manage to gain exposure to other people and potential customers.”

This mom who loved to lead and make decisions believed all along that she could transcend challenges:  “I opened my first group, started to invite other shops, brought in a good friend who helped me at the start with translating my posts into English, I recruited leaders (assistants) who spoke English fluently, and they also helped me develop new promotional games and maintain order and organization in the group, including kicking out shop owners who didn’t play fair.  The number of fans of the shop grew, the number of followers grew, and things began to accelerate.  People started to see me as the ‘captain.’  I became important.  I stood out.  I worked in every legitimate (and free) way possible to stand out – and it all started to bear fruit.”

This year, Elinor manages four groups with more than 16,000 Etsy shop owners who promote one another at no charge through the site and outside of it on social networks.  In addition to the groups she manages, she’s adept in social networking and has found that outside of Israel people love to promote their goods through social media.  They enjoy uploading beautiful pictures of items, and investing in the products’ appearance.  To this, she responses, “And it’s really nice – and even fun.  Not long ago, I started pages on all of the social networks.  One of the most important decisions I’ve made is that I created followers in every location (almost).  Most of my followers are from abroad and the number of my Israeli followers is relatively lower than those from the U.S. and from Europe.  That suits my goals perfectly – virally growing potential customers overseas.”

On the landscape of business owners, Elinor’s story is proof that investing pays off and that the rewards will come:  “I put in whole days to bring in followers, I set up pages on social networks, communities, groups, boards, and I’m happy to tell you that today, I’m considered an opinion leader, I have thousands of followers on almost every social network.  I chose to invest in networks I like, the ones I enjoy using, and that are simplest to work with.”

So why and how does Elinor’s tale connect with the idea of “Success story – making a dream a reality”?  As the “captain” answers:  “I don’t know if I’d describe myself as a success story – I’m just somebody who didn’t give up, who smashed down a wall with the Congo… I love the work I do, and I really enjoy the great feedback I get.  I feel wonderful when I meet the same customers again and again.  And my husband doesn’t complain anymore about the fact that I’m ‘wasting’ my time.  Also, I decided that I should help other shop owners to promote their items.  Because they don’t have time, they usually prefer just to create and not everybody has the time, the know-how, or the connection to computerized systems in order to promote their shop.  Some people try to go it alone, and some prefer to transfer the ‘dirty work’ of promoting and marketing to someone else.  I raised my wand and today I promote some of the top stores (mostly abroad) on sites like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and private sites (for English speakers) on social networks at reasonable prices for every single person.”

Q : Tell our readers about your new shop?
A : As one who knows the Etsy world so well and promotes many stores around the world, I decided to open another store! I have one vintage store (thevintagecinderella), but I wanted so much to make art myself so I decided to open a store with a brand that I love and enjoy making handmade pieces from. All the products in the store are recycled, and I love collecting garbage and producing new stuff from it! Because the world needs to be maintained

Q : What’s the reason behind choose this name “BrideofchuckyStudio” for your shop ?
A : i am a fan of chucky ! And I started making an art collection in his character , And that’s how the most amazing holiday is approaching …..

Q : What has been one of the most exciting achievements of your career so far ?
A : Marry, two children
Leave a permanent job after 16 years and start an independent job

Q : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?
A :To open a physical space for Israeli artists – a big place in tel aviv
And that the site I founded for artists will be very successful in my country and the world at Etsy level

Q : What motivates you to do your best work ?
A : Good reviews , Compliments, recognition

Q : Your favorite quote?
A : Imagine that you are working and enjoying every minute of the way !

Q : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?
A : Handmade Art , sing , Performances , theater

Q : How can people find you and follow you online?
A :


Why Growing Your Personal Brand is Beneficial to Your Business

Personal branding is one of the most powerful and pivotal strategic actions that one can take when it comes to marketing. It’s a growing process of establishing, developing and managing your profile in the mind of your target audience positioning yourself as the ‘expert’ go-to-person for a particular area of interest. Personal branding is most effective when building connections, trust, and networking in different industries. As Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

What Platform is the Best?

Picking the best platform solely depends on your target demographic and what’s yielding results for you! Pinterest is statistically female-oriented, Snapchat has a younger demographic, and Facebook has a broader reach with its audience- at the end of the day, testing initially on one or two platforms at a time is highly encouraged when choosing your own best platform.

How Can You Improve Your Personal Brand?

1) Figure Out Your Purpose!

Brand purpose is essentially deciding how you’re going to add value to your target audience. You have to build yourself up as an authority in your Industry. Some of the ways to achieve that are genuinely providing value, being honest and transparent, engaging, and translating all of that to content on social media platforms.

2) Develop a Social Media and Content Strategy

A personal brand is only as big as the audience who recognizes it. The ultimate goal is that high brand recall just from seeing your personality; social media strategy and content strategy should always go hand in hand. Most of the best content will be based on your experiences, knowledge and your expertise. A plan will help you through this strategizing process. Building your social media personal brand can be time-consuming, so there are tools like Hootsuite that can be implemented to automate your social media posts and ultimately save you time and money.

3) Start Talking Even When Nobody is listening.

Start posting content even if your followers or friends count is zero. People want to see evidence that you’re worth engaging with before they engage. It’s a full process remember that testing through this gets you data of your future target demographic. Keep on going!

4) Grow your network!

Your personal brand will attract like minded people which ultimately can be very helpful for your brand and your business. Remember that you need to hang out with the right people. Networking and socializing is all about helping each other! It doesn’t matter where you stand on the ladder, always remember that putting time into building your personal brand will help you stand out from the crowd in your industry. Given, a personal brand will take time to implement and execute; when you start delivering consistently, you will see feedback from data and from there have the ability to pivot to launching your campaigns in a better position. Your name is your greatest asset and will stay with you for the rest of your life. The stronger your personal brand, the better chances you have for a stronger demand for your services. BLVCK Sheep Media, based in Beverly Hills knows the power of personality branding first hand after working with some of the biggest brands across industries and growth hacking their way to multiple figures in revenue for these brands and personalities.