Guest Posts – How to create a Bitcoin wallet online?

To buy and use Bitcoins, you need to create a Bitcoin online wallet. You can do it for free. Creating a Bitcoin wallet will take only a couple of minutes. Better to choose popular and proven resources. I will try explain as simple and accessible as possible how to do this using the example of a Bitcoin wallet

How to create a Bitcoin wallet?

1. Go to the website:

2. In the column E-mail we enter a valid email address. You need to create a password and enter it in the Password line. Next, repeat the password in corresponding line. Optional: by clicking the Additional options button you can set the type display address and change the size of the transaction fee.

Check all your details. Be sure to remember them.

3. And click on the Sign in button. Wallet created. You have moved to the next page of the site in your personal account. Here you can buy, sell and exchange Bitcoins by clicking on the relevant links. There is also a Poland Bitcoin wallet.

Brief conclusion

The above method of creating a Bitcoin wallet is the most simple and convenient for all users. There is no need to install additional software on your phone or computer – the wallet is available online in any browser.


Aptitude Test for HR: Should You Use It?

There are many designations and roles in a business that are important. It is vital that the people working on these designations are qualified, able and competent.  Talking about HR, it is an integral and important part of any company or business. Human Resource professionals bridge the communication gap between a business and its employees. It gets important that you pick the right human resource department candidates. You cannot have anyone board. You can use hr aptitude test to ensure that the candidates you are screening are capable, effective and professional. There is no point of spending time, money or efforts on ineffective candidates. 

What does a HR department do?

A Human Resource department or HR department deals with diverse issues such as hiring, compensation, performance management, training and employee retention. HR managers performs different types of tasks such as organization policies, organization behavior, labor relations, personal development and various establishment activities. These professionals do resolve the conflicts related to workplace, employees and take required measures to manage an effective environment in the company or business. 

As the human resources department is so crucial, it is vital that the HR manager is competent, expert and capable. What is the point if the human resource person is ineffective and sluggish? Well, if you are going to recruit a HR manager or HR team, it would be good if you keep yourself equipped with proper screening departments. You cannot pick anyone as a part of your HR team. You should have test that ensures nobody gets unchecked.

You know these important aptitude tests are formed up & authenticated by experienced subject matter experts to measure the skills of Human Resource experts as per industry standards. Such assessment and aptitude exams help recruiting team and hiring the managers to measure the expertise of candidates in conflict resolve, negotiation, communication and much more. If the HR manager or HR professionals of your company are not capable, agile, it might get difficult for you to get the tasks done smoothly. The communication is one of the main ingredients and if the HR manager has low communication skills, it could be not worth it.

A human resource professional must be capable at diverse things like:

  • To measure the knowledge of how to morally deal with individuals
  • To assess how to make a meeting effective by using proper planning and real communication.
  • To gauge the significance of effective speaking

These aptitude tests would give you a peep in to how a candidate performs. You would get an idea about how good the applicant is for the designation or job opening you have.  The presentation skills of an HR also need to be good and effective. The human resource person should be good at:

  • Measuring the knowledge of outline style and plan format
  • To measure the understanding of the behavior of the audience.
  • Evaluating the significance of good presentation

Certainly, if you are interviewing a candidate for the role of HR manager, you would simply ask a few questions, go through his or her ornate resume and have a look at their overall appearance. But when you scrutinize a person with the use of an aptitude test, you get to know about different aspects and facets of the candidate. In this manner the test gives you deeper analyses of the candidates.

Impartial selection 

There are many businesses wherein partiality has been seen. If you want that only the good and effective HR people, make a place in your organization then you should have proper test. The test is always impartial and ensure that there is no sort of partiality at all. The point is, once you have a test, nobody from the business team, recruitment team or staff members can interfere in the results of the test. In this way, whoever performs well in the test, gets through the segment successfully.

The other side to this thing is that you sound responsible here. If anyone raises fingers on you that you have done partiality and all, you can be sure and at peace . You can show them the results of the test and shut their mouths right away. Nobody would be able to doubt the credibility of the test. These tests are always pre-designed and hence, nobody can do any type of shrewdness with them.

Efficiency and quality 

In case you want that there is efficiency and quality in the recruitment drive, you should use a test. The point is an aptitude test would speed up the pace of your recruitment. The test would evaluate all the candidates gathered therein in a single go. In this way the tests would get you the results regarding the performance of all the aspirants and hence, you can shortlist who should go to the next levels of the recruitment drive. 

Moreover, since the test has assessed the aptitude and caliber of the candidates, you can be sure that the aspirants who are getting through the test are qualitative. Only the quality candidates would make it to the final segments of recruitment drive like interview. In this way, you get quality and efficiency both in your recruitment program. You would have the contentment that the candidates who made it through the recruitment drive are effective, good and have nice potential.


Once you have done the aptitude assessment of the candidates with the help of HR test, you can be at peace. You are definite that you did your part. You ensured that the test targets the skills and knowledge of the candidates.  Later, if anyone tells you that you recruited wrong people, you can be confident in your answer that you did all the measured needed. You used the test evaluate the candidates.


So, it is time that you tactfully carry out all your procedures. If the human resource team of your organization is not picked tactfully, you cannot expect good productivity out of your business. Make sure you use an aptitude test to assess everyone you recruit! 


Forest Hills Get A New Emergency Clinic in The Form of myDoc Urgent Care

MyDoc Urgent Care is a one-in-all medical clinic conveniently located in Forest Hills that covers a wide array of treatments, namely cases of flu, allergies, pains, fever and many more.

Forest Hills, NYC– MyDoc Urgent Care is the latest addition to the emergency care health facility centers in Queens, New York. The center not only offers 24*7 treatment to patients but they make sure that people can receive their treatment within a short time. Unlike any other ERs, this clinic accepts insurance by most companies.

The founder of the clinic, Dr. Nabil Salib, said, “We pride ourselves on the 100% reimbursement of the insurance we offer. Unlike ERs, we are not running our clinic for cash; we are doing it to help people genuinely. We make sure the patients do not have to wait for more than 15 minutes in our clinic. We have Emergency Doctors available at our clinic for 365 days a year.”

About MyDoc Urgent Care

MyDoc Urgent Care is an emergency clinic situated at the Forest Hills in Queens, New York. The clinic covers the neighborhoods of Briarwood, Kew Gardens, Rego Park and other places close to it. The clinic has been founded by Dr. Nabil Salib and is open for 365 days a year. Patients can get treatment for allergies, abdominal pain, flu and cold, pediatric care and
heart diseases in the clinic.

For more information, visit the official site of the clinic

Media Contact:
myDoc Urgent Care
Owner name: Nabil Salib
Phone: 718-401-1510
Address: 116-20 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY 11375


Power Sportz Premier League already flooded with player profiles before process begins

Its just been 3-4 days since Ms Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz talked about ‘Main Bi Star Banunga’, a concept being launched by the Power Sportz League division to capture sporting talent from the nook and corners of India, and showcase it on the Power Sportz broadcast platform. She had mentioned that the technical team is working at creating a user interface on the PS portal for talented sportspersons to upload their videos from the comfort of their homes, while observing the social distancing protocol during the lockdown period

As per information available last evening, before the user interface is even ready, a lot of people have directly got in touch through coaches across different sports and have expressed their interest to be part of the league. We are not clear as to which sports in particular have shown keenness, though we are clear that PSPL will be focussing on mass sports like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Basketball etc. We also have information that the leagues will be held zone wise, and will be beginning with the North Zone. Talent across North Zone will be captured first, to begin with

It is believed that Ms Kanthi D Suresh, will be appointing expert coaches in specific fields to ensure that there is an unbiased selection process for the leagues, and also to streamline the entire process.

Now, with the Government of India publicly declaring that the lockdown period will not extend beyond April 14, it seems like PSPL will be going at a fast pace, April 15, onwards. The selections were hitherto supposed to begin April 15th onwards, but an online selection was decided in the wake of the lockdown.

But, now, either which way, teams are already beginning to be put in place. We are not sure as to how long  Ms Kanthi D Suresh wants to keep the talent identification process on, before starting the league. Would they want to have the Pan India talent pool ready or are they looking at just the North Zone talent pool ready, before they launch, is what we are awaiting clarification on. The initial plan as we understood was to have the talent identification process on, for a minimum period of 45 days, to get 8 teams ready


Ahmad A. Najar, the originator of CatchFood

Ahmad A. Najar founder, the website-specific in buying prepared foods online in the Middle East, named CatchFood, their goal is to connect people with different restaurants while sitting at home.

Ahmad sharps out that the popularity of the combined restaurants on the place is the ones who control the development of requirements directed to them by clients through the site through their Dashboard, allowing them to include prices and menus, images of food, controller periods and obtain requests.

And on in what way the place can create a profit, Ahmad spoke: “I would like to highlight here that the values of meals acquired through the site are similar if bought directly from the restaurant though additional charges are made of transport and transfer to the house which is approved by the city and by the region within the range from where an order is placed. So, the site does not take any advantage from the buyer, or the restaurants, as this facility is free of cost in the Middle East to fulfill and match the food needs for both clients and restaurants. ” He included: “We are thinking of earning income in the future by charging an annual subscription fee for the restaurants just to give these restaurants technical support according to the plans discussed”. Any restaurants owner he allowed to rigister his store for free.

Catchfood presented its app in the Middle East. Catch Food is regarded as a worldwide clever apps that goals to link restaurant holders with clients for demanding meals online and supports keeping period and calls cost to persons.


Gaurav Chhabra Digital: Young Entrepreneur working on different projects

Gaurav Chhabra Digital offers free SEO tools and articles on improving traffic on your website, generating leads and increasing revenue.

Gaurav Chhabra, popularly known as Gaurav Chhabra Digital, is a Digital Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, and SEO expert who has worked with several businesses to expand their reach online and bring organic traffic through tried and tested methods.

He is also the founder of the digital marketing agency and the website He is working on multiple projects and runs a digital marketing agency to help business.


CatchFood app launches early as a public service during COVID-19 crisis

A new five free mobile application has been launched to help Middle East to get pick up ordering during the coronavirus emergency. The app, CatchFood Online, will help restaurant owners manage online orders and dispatch deliveries food.

The app has been developed for the restaurant and Small Business in middle east as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan,and Iraq, on-demand technology service provider.

“We were planning to launch our app this summer, but the current coronavirus crisis has pushed our team to an early release,”catchfood Online Founder and CEO Ahmad A. Najar said. “The service will be free during this crisis. We only ask the public to stay at home and check the menus to order through the free service.”

Catchfood Online has an active of registering 500 restaurants in three weeks.

“The app is a public service in the Middle east,” restaurant and Small Business. Founder catch food. “ We encourage restaurant owners to contact the team of catch food Online ordering, upload their menu and start using the app and website. It is an easy way to bring all restaurant to the digital on-demand world and the safest way is to order food online from home”

Restaurant owners can register for free by visiting the website by the register a new merchant. People can download the catchfood Online mobile app from Google Play or the App Store or by visiting catch food.

“We are happy to help the restaurants  to active this service,” Ahmad A. Najar Founder and CEO. “catchfood seeks to become a partner in solving on-demand ordering pick up and delivery issues during this moment of crisis.”


Bag&Bones Neons: Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

Between Pinterest and Instagram, it is now easier than ever to enter a seemingly endless loop of looking for the latest trends in interior design. With all this variety of ideas, though, for most of us it can be difficult to find the time and money to do a complete overhaul of our space to change the mood or style. 

In 2016, the London-based company bag&bones, ran by sisters Gigi and Cavanagh Foyle, introduced a true game-changer: affordable, sustainable, and stylish neon lighting. 

bag&bones was the first company in the UK to specialise solely in LED neon for private customers. LED is the key word here: the bag&bones’ lights use LEDs rather than neon gas, and flexible tubing instead of glass. This solution renders the lamps more affordable to purchase and use, more durable, and more sustainable – the plug-and-go LEDs are far less harmful to the environment than conventional neon lights. 

bag&bones is more of a neon art label rather than a conventional retail company, and their lamps are created specifically with interior design in mind. Gigi Foyle says that the aim of her company is simple: “we want to ignite people’s imagination through our illuminations and we want to create illuminations powered by imagination.” 

Gigi suggests a five-step process for working neon into your space. Firstly, start with the neon – rather than adding it in as an after-thought, it’s better to make it the focal point and then work on everything else around it. 

Secondly, pick the colour carefully – colour psychology plays an important role in designing an interior that suits its purpose. Adding a neon light of a specific colour can change the mood of the entire room. 

For instance, blue and green are recommended for office spaces – the colours have a calming effect that fosters productivity and clarity. Red, meanwhile, is among the top choices for kitchens and hang-out spaces – it’s a high-energy colour that induces a party mood. 

Thirdly, make it personal to you – ideally, it should reflect something that’s important to you. While there are plenty of designs in various colours to choose from on the bag&bones website, the company also offers the option of designing your own custom neon. Think of the possibilities! It could be a motivational quote, a symbol that’s significant to you or your family, an abstract shape to go with the design of your apartment – just about anything, as long as it doesn’t make too complex an image. 

The fourth piece of advice is to go for a neon sign if you’re working from home – it’ll make your home office an inspiring and creative space. 

Lastly, the most intriguing tip: the mixed media route. One of the latest trends in incorporating neon into interior design is overlaying art prints with neon. When done well – taking the neon, the print, the space, and the combined effect into account – this is sure to be the talking point in any room. 

Check out the bag&bones website to see the designs, and follow the company’s Instagram for some truly inspiring, stylish interior design ideas.


Flute Spotlight Artist of Week: Tien Long Nguyen

Ex Greenwich University student Nguyen Tien Long, widely knew as Long Water (12/12/2000) is continuing a family tradition by playing the flute as a talented and highly ambitious flutist, Spotify artist and a YouTube content creator.

“I liked the way my mom was playing the flute so I just started playing a little bit”, Long said. “At first I couldn’t play it that well, but I finally got a sound out of it and I was like, ‘I can do it. I can do it.’ Then I just loved it, so I kept playing the flute. But my dog does not like it. He tries to jump up. He thinks it’s a stick. So I just go into another room and play it.”

Tien Long loves the different sound that a flute can make and enjoys the challenge of learning all of the different buttons. He likes learning a new flute fingering and then connecting it to a new sound that he can produce. One of the first things he learned to play was the “Happy Birthday” theme song. Now after only a few short months of school lessons, he can play a full scale and beyond.

“Tien Long is energetic, inquisitive and has established a good practice routine at home that has allowed him to become a standout in the band program,” pianist Cao Son Nguyen said. “He is a flutist I can always count on to have a positive attitude in making music and is willing to be brave and take changes when working in new materials. Performing in front of others can sometimes be daunting to young musicians, but Long is confident in his abilities and enjoys playing in front of his peers.”

Tien Long also helps other musicians in his section, making the “Long Water Flute, Vol.1” a great experience for all. The guys in this lesson enjoy working together and challenging each other to make great music.

 In addition to playing the flute, Long also collaborated with Cao Son Nguyen many of his first releases in the first season of 2020. For instance, “tong hua” a song by flute has been released under the behalf of CamNhisincenow, a record label owned by Cao Son Nguyen. And surely, he will be making more great hits in the future.


Local celebrity fighting the bullies through his organization – UNITED AGAINST BULLIES

Manu Dhaumya is the face behind the organisation called UNITED AGAINST BULLIES who deal with kids who are getting bullied at school. He has organised loads of charity tournaments to bring all communities together in his fight against bullying. This cause is aimed to raise awareness for the bullying epidemic that’s so prevalent in our local schools.

Manu has won the Reading Inspiration Award, The Mayors Award,The Roll of Honour,The Reading Retail Award,Wokingham Council And Reading Council Award for his services to Reading Town and lots of Pride of Reading nominations for his work.

Manu also sponsors the Shinfield Cricket Club and the Girls under 8s football team at Shinfield Rangers FC. He is just organizing the online Reading Art Festival for kids.

There a FB and Insta page with over 10k followers.