Artist Spotlight: StaJe

Theres so much good music and great artist in todays world. You can truly pick your flavors out of the many new artist putting out new music everyday. We’ve grown accustom to loving our everyday stars and all the music they put out due mostly to our biases.

There’s always something new worth listening to and today that artist is StaJe. Justin Payne, also known as StaJe is a southern raised man with high quality music that he listens to and that he makes. In a previous article interview {Top 5 Great Artist of All time: StaJe} we found out he has etiquette taste in music. Rankings involved king of pop Michael Jackson to John Mayer and even mentioned the Beatles. Not many artist can truly say they have listened to these set of artist. After listening to his smash single “Swedish Tuck” you could instantly feel the combinations of his All Time list coming out. To add to the matter, the rising star also produces and writes his own music.

With so much future ahead for this young talented artist it’s hard not seeing him change the way we listen to music. He blends so many styles into one song. His debut EP “POETRY” was a cluster of vocals that complimented the jazz/blues arrangements which surrounded his story telling raps and staggering vocal range. He carries this tune that just lures you in and brainwashes all of your senses.

With a heavily anticipated single release in May branded “Jimmy Choos” there’s a sense of excitement to hear his confessions pour through his pleasing voice. If it’s anything like his most recent release “Redlight” which was a collab with Elle Loraine, Insecure Actress, we are sitting on the edge of our couch waiting with eagerness. The singer also just opened up his own indi record label Fam Entertainment as well as his cultural clothing line “Black Genes”. It goes without saying but we could potentially be witnessing the next big thing!



Russian/American Rap Artist – SH1LLER

Hollywood is flooded with people, and in turn, people are flooded with talent. There are many famous figures who’ve made their way to Hollywood and then never looked back. One such celebrity is named as SH1LLER a.k.a Sean Robinson. He is a Russian American rap artist, who performs in multiple languages including English, Russian and Uzbek.

Sean is currently located in New York City, United States of America and makes his living there. He earns by travelling to various places to do stage shows and fills people enthusiasm wherever he performs.

You can visit his official website or Instagram ID @Sh1llerOfficial.

As other music artists, Sean has several critically acclaimed music videos on Youtube which are featured on top Russian channels. His one of the first music videos names “Dreamers” featuring another New York Artist Swaizzy is about the lifestyle on the other side of the world where the artist originates from.

This project with Swaizzy became so popular among people of that region that the music video “Dreamers” made its own way to a few TV channels such as “Türk Birliği”, and was featured on Top charts for a significant amount of time, which is indeed a grand mark in the music industry!

After continuing his marvellous and crazy journey, Sean Robinson decided to take a break from his routine of stage shows and gigs. After taking some rest, the artist released his first album called “Dreamers” this year in the month of May (2020), which was much awaited by his fans and followers. Young kids who dream of becoming a rap legend like Sean, often look up to him and follow his style.

Currently, Sh1ller is working on his new album as well as on new music videos which are expected to be released towards the end of this year.


More People Are Practising Gratitude To Help Them Through This Pandemic

During this time of coronavirus, you may have seen on your friend’s Facebook this 30-day “gratitude challenge”: Listing 3 things each day that he or she is thankful for 30 days consecutively. At first glance, you may think that this is a futile exercise, but during this unprecedented period that we are going through, practising gratitude may actually be a useful exercise for our mental health.

With many people leading vastly different lives due to the various levels of lockdown compared to the pre-coronavirus time, there has been a growing interest in advice or tips to improve mental health as more people are living in isolation.

Practising gratitude, whether on social media or simply done quietly in one’s mind, has been shown to help with controlling the stress and anxiety level. It helps people to ponder more deeply and rationalise the difficult situation they are in. This results in a more positive response. For instance, showing gratitude means people do not see their own achievement as totally a result of their own effort; conversely, when things do not go as planned, people will also be less critical of themselves as they start to appreciate of the little things that went smoothly.

Another example is that during the lockdown, many people spend more time with their family members at home. By expressing gratitude to their family members for their support, this results in family relationship growing stronger over time. Without this good practice, family members may squabble over many things as frequent contact in a confined area will inevitably lead to conflicts. 

Grateful reflection help us not to be self-serving individuals – we do not think the world owes us a living. This results in more acts of kindness and deeper relationships are fostered. With countless frontline healthcare workers working tirelessly to control the coronavirus, there have been numerous stories of strangers expressing their appreciation through many kind hearted gestures.

There have been many unsettling news due to the pandemic. Staying positive and pretend that nothing drastic has happened is not easy. We can start with being more aware of the various little things and think beyond our four walls for things we can also be grateful for, for example, the worker who is busy disinfecting a mall where you use to visit frequently or the doctor who is testing your relative for possible infection.

It may be sometime before our lives resume normally, constantly practising gratitude can help to stay positive and improve our well being.


How Hip Hop Artist Trust’N and His Lost Boy Entertainment Start Up Have Doubled Profits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While many companies have taken a hard hit during the COVID-19 global pandemic, one start up that has been able to grow 200% is Lost Boy Entertainment. The company, started just months ago by hip hop artist Trust’N and 3 of his close friends, has been taking advantage of the large online traffic by working with their clientele to get the most out of the situation.

Lost Boy Entertainment has been able to leverage the massive amount of online traffic by publishing their clients in heavily trafficked news sources, setting up social media live sessions for their fans, interacting with social media followers, and marketing on music platforms like Spotify. So far the company has set up and held over 20 different social media live sessions with a broad different range of clientele. From musicians, all the way to celebrity financial advisors, the goal is to get the audience engaged while they are already on line.

The company gained footing early by offering Public Relations services to independent artists but have now grown closer to being more of a digital marketing and music management firm. After gaining the trust of a vast amount of entrepreneurs, musicians, businesses, artists, public figures, and celebrities, the company has built a large clientele that spans across many different industries. With the pandemic causing the world to operate online, Trust’N knew he had a huge opportunity.

By strategically interacting with millions of online users through ads, press campaigns, and social media interaction, the company has been able to produce results at a never seen before rate, allowing Lost Boy Entertainment to double profits in the past month. One way the startup has helped musicians is by curating specific playlists for listeners who are stuck in quarantine. This marketing strategy has brought a large amount of following to their carefully curated playlists and has allowed musicians to reach new fans more efficiently.

The physical, in person world is shutting down quickly, and most entrepreneurs and businesses will be looking for new ways to get their products in front of customers. Lost Boy Entertainment is exemplifying what it might take to continue to grow business during these unknown times.

Follow Trust’N here:


Young Dancer Kameron Couch Already Impressing the Dance World

Kameron Couch has starred on hit mainstream TV show Dancing with the stars, won national dance titles, and has starred in music videos for top-level music artists like Kesha and DJ Snake. What’s even more impressive is that she’s done all of this at just 13 years of age.

Making an incredible name for herself at such a young age, Kameron has already kick started her career, moving to Los Angeles, California and working jobs dancing and modeling through a talent agency. Through her exposure to mainstream TV and other endeavors, she’s amassed a following of almost 70,000 people on Instagram alone, many of which are young fans who look up to Kameron.

While already taking opportunities most people never get, Kameron is already looking to the future. She hopes to continue her hard work juggling her intense dance training and schooling to make it into a prestigious dance college, where she wants to double major. For all of her young fans that look up to her, she says that dancing is a lot of hard work, but if you want it, focus in and don’t worry about what other people think of you. “What is meant for you, will find you.”

You can find Kameron on Instagram here:


World Laparoscopy Hospital has opened its Branch in Florida, USA

When we talk about the world-class academic medical center which provides the best training, treatment and research in laparoscopic and robotic surgery; World Laparoscopy Hospital is the name that tops the list. After India and the UAE, it has opened its branch in Florida, United States of America. The Laparoscopic surgery training course in Tampa is created and designed in a very scientific manner. In other words, after the laparoscopic surgery training program is done, surgeons and gynaecologists get the opportunity to do all the taught laparoscopic surgery on their patients.

World Laparoscopy Hospital is a NABH accredited hospital which has been doing the best laparoscopic surgeries for more than 20 years. The laparoscopic training given to the students is totally candidate centred and the training session is aimed at imparting basic in addition to advanced theoretical and practical experience. More emphasis is given on daily laparoscopic surgical problems encountered while operating on patients. Besides this, it is the government recognized university course and diploma certificate will be issued by UGC recognized university. Giving the students a complete exposure about laparoscopy, the institution is endorsed by many international organizations including WALS and ICRS.

With continuous quality assessment, World Laparoscopy Hospital has a dedicated and hardworking team of highly qualified surgeons. They provide the best minimal access surgical care by using the latest techniques and technologies. Established by Dr R.K Mishra in 2001, the medical institution has an outstanding team of doctors, scientists and researchers. They are nurturing all the aspiring surgeons with providing the right knowledge about laparoscopy and robotic surgery. More than 11,000 surgeons and gynaecologists have been awarded Government Recognized University Fellowship and a diploma in laparoscopic surgery by this international institute.

To know more, check the website


Hellraiser Series In Development – HBO will host the new saga of the cenobites

To date, there have been at least nine Hellraiser movies, not counting the various spin off shorts and video games.  The vast majority have been forgettable straight to video offerings, with arguably only the first two films making a lasting impression with fans.  With a remake in the works, the ongoing horror fantasy will also be getting the HBO treatment.  From what is known thus far, the series will not be a remake of the 1987 movie or revisit the events of the source material, Clive Barker’s short novel The Hellbound Heart.  Rather, it will take up an unrelated narrative that draws from and expands the Hellraiser mythology.  The first few episodes are confirmed to be directed by David Gordon Green, who helmed the 2018 Halloween film, and will be shooting at least two more sequels in that series.  The iconic “pinhead” character of the series (a named which was not given or appreciated by Barker, the monster’s creator) is expected to appear.  If the series manages to jump off of the source material while creating something genuinely new, much like Westworld, has, expect it to be a hit with fans and launch another barrage of merchandise.  

To our Hellraiser fans:  Most people rarely go deeper into this franchise than the second film; Hellbound.  Are there any other Hellraiser movies you think have been underappreciated? Studio 35 is a leading news, views and reviews website covering all aspects of film and gaming industry.


Mabelle Prior the Switzerland-Ghanaian multiple award winning Broadcast journalist says her daughter Lina Prior is just fine and doing well

Lina Prior, the Hollywood award winning kid actress
won Hollywood Kids Best Commercial Look in 2018 in the Celebrity Experience TV Show in Hollywood LA.

She also performed at Théâtre Beausobre in Switzerland in 2019 in the presence of over 5000 people.

Lina Prior played her first lead role in TCE London UK at the age of 4.
At the age of 5, she played another lead role in TCE Hollywood LA California.

Mabelle Prior says her darling daughter will continue her activities when the world pandemic is over.
‘She is safe at home with us her parents. We are protecting her, and she is doing just fine. She will go back into acting when this Covid19 world pandemic is over.’

Lina Prior is the daughter of Denis Prior and Mabelle Prior. Her brother is Delase Ephraïm.

Mabelle Prior Facebook
Lina Prior Instagram :


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CD Leganés | David Pérez Doval leaves the doors open

Young left-handed winger David Pérez Doval has acknowledged that he would be delighted to return to Club Deportivo Leganés at the end of this season. Of course, the player has also insisted on indicating that he feels very comfortable and happy in his current team.

Among the many decisions that Cembranos must make for the coming year is to determine what happens to “Doval”. The youth squad is taking advantage of his loan, but it is still unclear if the accumulated merits are enough to earn the full confidence of the current coach of Club Deportivo Leganés B. Furthermore, it remains to be seen what happens to Avilés, since in In case the man from Madrid packs his bags, his options to return to Butarque will undoubtedly be greater.

During his conversation with the media close to the club, the striker did admit that, in one way or another, he would like to end the season with his current team. Although it remains to be seen what happens with the players on loan and the players who end their contracts in the event that the competition extends beyond June 30, the Spanish youth squad has already made his position clear. “Unless someone from the management of one club or another tells me, I would love to end the season on July 30 or August 30 with my current team. It is my team and that is my idea. I have not talked about legal issues. I have no idea, “he acknowledged.

In the current academic year, the left-winger has played a total of 3 official matches with the CD Leganés team, but due to his transfer he has been left, for the time being, the opportunity to participate in some clashes that seemed vibrant.