When To Use Stranded Cable Vs Solid Cable

If you are confused as to whether you should make use of stranded cable or solid cable, you aren’t alone. A lot of people struggle with deciding which one to choose between these two cable types. To assist you in picking the best cabling network for a specific application, we would take a detailed look into these two cables, alongside the use of each of them. 

Stranded Cable

The stranded cable comprises multiple thin strands of small-gauge conductive wires, twisted together to form a thick wire. The small gauge wire is usually copper. The thick wire formed is encased with PVC insulation to build a lightweight, flexible cable. 

Solid Cable 

Also known as non-stranded network cabling, the solid cable is built with solid insulated multiple single-strand conductor wires. Generally, every one of the solid wire strands is built from copper or any other similar conductive metals. These solid wires sheathed individually are joined together and confined into a PVC outer jacket, forming a semi-rigid cable. 

When To Use Stranded Cable

Stranded cables are ideal for those who need cabling for intricate uses, including electronic devices and circuit boards. This is because they remain protected and intact even when bent or twisted when connecting electrical devices. 

They are suitable for usage in applications where a short run of cable is required, mostly if the cable will be flexed or bent repeatedly, such as cables and patch cords.

When To Use Solid Cable

Solid cables are ideal for those who use heavy-duty or outdoor applications, as they might be exposed or subjected to harsh weather conditions, erratic movements, and corrosive particles. For this type of situation, the solid cable is recommended.

They are ideal for use in an application that involves long runs through ceilings, floors, and walls, as its superior signal handling minimizes the risk of signal deterioration, and its semi-rigid feature makes it easier to pull through buildings. Cables that are solid are cat5e plenum cables for example. They have solid cores and are constructed to be ran over longer distances.

The Significant Differences Between Stranded Cables And Solid Cables 

While both stranded cable and solid cable serves the same purpose, below, we will look at the differences between these two:

Signal Capacity 

While each cables’ signal handling capacity differs according to the user specification of the material, generally, solid cables provide a more powerful signal distribution compared to stranded cables, mostly in an application where long network cable lengths are being used. 


Solid cables are somehow brittle and can snap if exposed to reoccurring manipulations, such as either installing connectors or removing them. This is due to the fact that the individual wires in a solid cable are built with a single continuous wire. On the other hand, stranded cables are less expected to snap when bent and flexed during disconnection and connection. 


Solid cables can withstand being pulled through wall jacks and walls, while stranded cables are more probable to distort and shred. 


Solid cables are relatively rigid and can stand up to bending, while stranded cables bend easily and are pliable.

The Advantages Of Stranded Cables 

Unlike solid cables, stranded cables are easier to route. Due to their extremely flexible features, they can resist a significant amount of flexing and vibration without breaking and fatiguing. To this effect, you won’t always have to replace them as frequently as with the solid cables. Stranded conductors are often found in patch cables. They are created to be ran for shorter distances. Usually from a router to computer.

Disadvantages Of Stranded Cables 

These cables are far from perfection. They offer a comparable carrying capability as solid cables upon having a quite larger diameter. Also, they are more costly than solid cables, as their cost of production is relatively higher. They have a high cost due to the intricate production process that is needed to manufacture complex wires. Furthermore, they are more likely to lose momentum due to corrosion from capillary actions.

The Advantages Of Solid Cables 

Solid cables are demanded most times because, unlike the stranded cables, they are cost-effective and more affordable. This is because of their cheaper cost of production. They are more durable and quite simple. As thick single strands of cables, they are effortless to produce and more resistant to threats. Compared to stranded cables, they have a more compact diameter. Upon the reduced size of the solid cables, it doesn’t reduce the current carrying capacity.

Disadvantages Of Solid Cables

Although solid cables have a lot of significant properties, they also have little demerits. One of the major issues associated with solid cables is that they are only sold in small gauges. However, if there is continuous vibrations or flexings, the cables will break and wear down eventually. Therefore, solid cables are not suitable for applications such as vehicles or robotics that require a good number of movements.


The universal rule in choosing the appropriate cabling network is that constructions require the durability and rigidity of solid cables, while applications involving multiple re-wiring and re-routing of networking cables are suitable for stranded cables.

Business Technology

Facebook has a ‘VR headset’ model that resembles a pair of glasses

Agreeable, gorgeous VR headsets probably won’t be accessible sooner rather than later, yet that doesn’t mean they won’t be accessible by any stretch of the imagination. As per VentureBeat, Facebook is investigating a holographic optics plan that would thin down present-day VR headsets from their massive, block structure to something increasingly like a thick pair of glasses.

This reverberations back to early May 2020 rumors that Facebook’s Oculus division was making a slimmer Quest VR headset, just this glasses-like VR headset model is a lot of little and a lot lighter.

Facebook talked about its exploration in a Siggraph 2020 paper, “Holographic Optics for Thin and Lightweight Virtual Reality,” specifying how it’s been trying different things with what it calls “pancake optics.” It’s a kind of plan that joins a few slender layers of holographic film to make a VR show just somewhat thicker than the vast majority of the present advanced cells—9mm to 11mm.

The model structure likewise utilizes a laser projection system (like homeroom projectors that show pictures on a screen or divider) and directional backdrop illuminations to show either 2D or 3D symbolism.

The model VR glasses additionally have a practically identical goals to the Oculus Quest, 1,200 by 1,600 pixels (16-crawls by 21.3-inches), and a field of view that is either a 93-degree circle or a 92-by-69-degree square shape, as per VentureBeat. The VR glasses would just gauge 10 grams, while the Oculus Quest weighs 571 grams, or 1.26 pounds.

The VR glasses are as yet far from getting something beyond a proof of idea, however Facebook’s proposed stoop appears to be truly persuading. As the company subtleties in its research blog, most VR shows utilize a refractive focal point made out of a thick, bended piece or glass or plastic, which is the reason VR headsets are so cumbersome.

There should be the best possible measure of room between the glass and the eyes for a picture to show up effectively. Be that as it may, utilizing holographic optics in a focal point thins down that space in light of the fact that as opposed to moving light straightforwardly through a regular focal point, a holographic focal point will ricochet the light back toward the showcase board before twisting it like a focal point.

On the off chance that you have a charge or a credit card with a rainbow-esque logo that jumps out at you, that is the thing that Facebook is attempting to do with its holographic lenses.

As of now, the exploration group has had the option to create a concise, evidence of idea video, which is featured in the blog, yet the pictures are just green. Facebook says it’s “currently working on achieving full color on the smaller research prototype.” No good reason for utilizing a VR headset if all that you see is hued like The Matrix code.

Facebook is mindful so as to take note of that its work at present is “purely research,” yet holds a ton of guarantee for what VR headsets could resemble later on.

In the event that you need to bring a profound jump into the research itself, you can peruse the full paper here. In the event that anytime VR headsets’ structure factor transforms into a wiped out pair of Ray Bans, they envision they’d be restrictively costly to begin, yet hello, at any rate VR as we probably am aware it presently would get less expensive.


Samsung Galaxy S10: Top 10 tips to turn into an pro on your Samsung telephone

Go past the nuts and bolts with these stunts that go from supportive ordinary stuff to instruments for power clients.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 arrangement may have propelled in March 2019, yet the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E are as yet accessible and more reasonable than any time in recent memory. It might be enticing to get the fresher Galaxy S20, yet there’s very little the S20 can do that the S10 can’t.

In the wake of unpacking your gleaming new telephone, there’s a mess to find out about the gadget. First of all, they all run Android 10 with Samsung’s most recent One UI custom skin, which blends Google’s enhancements in with Samsung’s. The update includes signal based route and better security controls, however there’s a great deal more to learn.

Underneath you’ll discover 10 hints and deceives we’ve thought of to assist you with taking advantage of your Galaxy S10 telephone.

1. Save your eyes and battery with night mode

Exploit the devoted night mode on the Galaxy S10 to help facilitate the strain on your eyes and spare battery life.

Night mode turns framework applications and different territories of the interface dark, making it simpler to take a gander at your telephone’s presentation around evening time or in faintly lit conditions. Night mode can be empowered in Settings > Display > Night mode. You can set it to on consistently, or make a calendar for the gadget to auto-empower Night mode dependent on your area.

2. Change these settings… trust me

They gathered together 12 settings you should investigate switching in the wake of setting up your Galaxy S10. There’s an extravagant new signal route highlight you’ll definitely need to investigate.

3. That new message can pause

You can nap cautions, expelling them from the notice conceal for a set measure of time by stopping them. Gradually swipe in either bearing on a caution until you see a settings symbol and a chime. Tap on the chime, at that point select the measure of time you need to rest the alarm for.

4. Power close applications

The S10’s application exchanging interface has been changed, with application cards put evenly. Tap on the application switcher catch to see as of late utilized applications. Power close an application by swiping up on the review. In contrast to iOS, you can’t swipe on various applications simultaneously. Fortunately, there’s a Close All catch along the base of the screen.

5. Utilize two applications simultaneously

To utilize more than each application in turn, explore to the performing multiple tasks view and discover one of the applications you need to use in split-screen mode. Tap on the application’s symbol, at that point select Open in split-screen see.

The first application will limit to the head of the presentation until you dispatch the second application you need to utilize.

6. So long, Bixby

Gracious, did you hear? The Bixby button on the S10 can be utilized to open some different option from Bixby. This doesn’t mean you totally jettison Bixby, yet you can in any event get some utilization out of the catch.

7. Transform your telephone into a remote charging cushion

The Galaxy S10 can remotely charge another gadget by means of a component called Wireless PowerShare. To transform your S10 into a remote charging cushion, open the Quick Settings board and tap on Wireless PowerShare. Simply ensure your telephone has more than 30 percent of its battery left.

8. Advanced Wellbeing monitors your gadget use

Google’s Digital Wellbeing activity has extended past the Android creators’ own Pixel ($125 at Amazon) telephones. Open the Settings application and select Digital Wellbeing from the rundown to empower and alter the details tracker. This should assist you with curtailing the measure of time you spend gazing at your telephone.

9. Utilize a Secure Folder for included protection

On the off chance that you have certain applications, contacts, photographs or messages you need to have behind another layer of security, empower Samsung’s Secure Folder. To make your protected envelope, open Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Folder and follow the prompts.

10. Utilize more than one record with informing applications

For the individuals who need to deal with an individual and business account in an application like Snapchat or Facebook, you can utilize the S10’s Dual Messenger include. Open Settings > Advanced highlights > Dual Messenger, and afterward select the application you need to empower the component for. In the wake of noting a couple of prompts, you’ll have a second establishment of the application that you can utilize.

Since you have those highlights down, study what Android 10 brings to your telephone. Somebody urge you to do the change to motions, which truly are better than utilizing on-screen catches to get around your telephone. Hush up about your own information by exploiting the new security controls.

Guest Posts

Misael Guerrero’s CulichiTown: The King of Mexican Sushi

Misael Guerrero grew up around food, working in restaurants and grocery stores up until moving from his hometown in Sinaloa, Mexico to California 12 years ago. Once he made the move, Misael stuck to his food roots and got his start selling tamales outside of a swap meet. With dedication and a passion for food, Misael would work hard and catch a major break.

Misael came to a realization that one of his home’s specialty dishes, Mexican-style sushi, was nowhere to be seen in California. So, with this in mind, Misael took it upon himself to bring Mexican-style sushi to the area. He started off small, selling the sushi from his garage. Fans of his swap meet tamales came to taste his new dish, and the news of the new food venture spread quickly by word of mouth. As the business increased in popularity, Misael moved into a small restaurant in Rialto, CA, and CulichiTown was born.

Over the years, CulichiTown has seen incredible growth. Now, in 2020, the restaurant has become a full-on chain, with 15 different locations across the US. Misael has succeeded in his mission to bring authentic Sinaloan flavor to his franchise, taking great care to thoroughly train staff to prepare the food the traditional way. One of the brand’s biggest focuses is to make the entire experience a taste of Sinaloa, and so far, CulichiTown has seen nothing but success. With more locations already planned, this restaurant franchise may become a household name in the years to come.

You can find Misael Guerrero on Instagram here:

You can find CulichiTown on Instagram here:

You can visit CulichiTown’s website here:


Lenney Leong On Making It Right by The Customer

WIth all the different ways to market a product or service it is a large task to transition over from the traditional marketing strategy. Just a couple decades ago a billboard, a commercial and an ad in the paper would be all the marketing necessary for a company to succeed. Now that we have the internet which has made every product and service available at the push of a button, marketing has changed drastically. Lenney Leong saw this problem as a chance to create a way to help companies change from their outdated marketing strategies over to more effective modern ones. Lenney did not start in the marketing industry, he started in entertainment. When he was 17 he created an online cooking foundation and started creating videos for it. Once Lenney created a video in half a day that delivered over 7.2 million views and more than 48,000 shares, he knew he had the potential to expand. Getting to be a marketing expert was frightening for him but he encourages his followers to not be discouraged by scary tasks since they are all doable. 

In addition to making Mamasfuel, a lactation cookie company he also began Get Clients. This company was started to extend his wonderful abilities in promoting technique, advanced marketing business strategy, advertising and numerous other areas. Lenney has been included in numerous articles where he expanded on his skills and how his services allow clients to perform at their full potential. To overcome the ever advancing and extremely confusing ecosystem that is the web, Lenney stresses search engine optimization to his clients. By having an understanding of search engines and how they operate he is able to  lead individuals to his client’s websites to maximize traffic. Another expertise that he uses is his content creation. Lenney uses his skills in content creation to teach his clients how to produce media that showcases value rather than something that will make a sale. Instead of creating a video that is meant to close a sale, Lenney teaches them to make media full of value. By doing this it has been proven that a company will end up making more sales.  

Lenney is fairly new to the industry and his story is truly inspiring but his abilities are without a doubt unmatched. He has shown time and time again that he can turn a company around and bring them into the 21st century. 


Ideal Push Presents for Dads To Consider Now

Push presents for dads have been gaining popularity recently.  Push presents are given to mums to thank them for ensuring the baby is well taken care of during their nine months pregnancy and thank the mum for the efforts in pushing.  Push presents are given to dads to thank them for providing support for their wives during their pregnancy and being there for their wives during the delivery.

The list below contains best push presents for dad which he will be delighted to receive.

  1. Engraved Watch

A watch is a gift which represents a special moment in time, which best marks this occasion, arrival of their new bundle of joy.  A watch engraved with the wife’s special message for dad is one of the most sentimental gifts to consider, to thank her husband for being there during the pregnancy and after birth.

  • Stroller for Jogging

Stroller for jogging is suitable gift for husbands who are sports fanatic.  The husband will be touched by his wife’s thoughtfulness, for ensuring that he does not neglect his fitness schedule though they have a new-born.  The wife is helping the husband to save time, as he can bond with the baby while having his jog.

  • Photo Love Book

Receiving a book filled with fond memories that the couple went through from the day the wife finds out she is pregnant, to expectancy and delivery is the sweetest push present gift for the wife to thank the husband.  It is one of the most popular push presents for dads as this gift gives the wife creativity space to express her love and thanks for her husband, the proud father of their child.

  • Parent and Baby Matching Bodysuit

Parent and child wearing adorable matching clothes is a great way for the dad to show his “mini me” to his family and friends.  The “twinning” pair make great photo shoot as well.

Therefore, the wife giving the husband a parent and baby matching bodysuit is fantastic as a push present for dad.  He will be excited to carry his baby around to show his bundle of joy to his friends and family, giving him.

  • Coffee Mug

With a new-born, her husband’s sleeping hours will be severely disrupted.  Hence, he will need loads of coffee to keep him awake.  Presenting him a coffee mug with the funny word to indicate his new fatherhood role will give him a boost when he drinks his cuppa.  

He can also fill up this mug with water, which is also critical to ensure he stays hydrated, so that he is in tip top condition to look after the baby.

When the husband receiving a push present, he will be touched by his wife’s sweet gesture and thoughtfulness, celebrating the milestone achievement of pregnancy and childbirth.


Jesse Paul Smith: Breaking Through The Noise To Succeed In Entertainment

What are some sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are?

To be able to afford to attend conferences, buy coaching programs, and invest in business mentors, I’ve given up a lot of vacations and new toys. I’ve also given up a lot of my time over the years. In my 20’s, I stayed home to practice dancing while my friends were out partying.

It’s a trade-off — you sacrifice small things now to enjoy finer things later on.

What has surprised you most about running your own business?

I don’t think I really understood how challenging it was to stay innovative enough to break through all the noise. I’ve always been able to get traction on something, but running your own business takes a new level of commitment and more work if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Getting signed as a dancer with MSA without any training or guidance, and working with celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Channing Tatum. It was a huge milestone in my career and gave me the opportunity to hone my skills and really find my passion.

Be sure to follow Jesse on Instagram, TikTok , Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Saharan dust cloud hits Southern states in U.S. previously the battling with coronavirus surge

A residue cloud that floated over the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahara Desert hit the southeastern piece of the U.S., with Florida expected to be generally influenced on Sunday.

The residue contamination will probably cause debased air quality, murky skies and diminished perceivability, as per an update from the National Weather Service. Florida will most likely be hit the hardest as the primary wave comes in over the Atlantic and follows the breezes to the Gulf of Mexico.

Residue particles are required to ease on Monday before another wave is probably going to come back to the Gulf later in the week, the National Weather Service said.

Specialists revealed to NBC News that individuals with respiratory ailments could see their conditions irritated by the residue particles, conceivably putting a strain on medical clinics as of now overwhelm with coronavirus cases.

Florida specifically faces a more serious hazard as the state encounters a record-breaking flood in new coronavirus cases and it’s grown-up emergency unit is at around 24 percent, as indicated by state information Sunday. There are more than 141,000 coronavirus cases in Florida as thousands test positive every day.

There might be a connection between air contamination and COVID-19 indications, however the information is still early, Gregory Wellenius, an educator of ecological wellbeing at the Boston University School of Public Health revealed to NBC News Wednesday.

“Things like the wildfire season, hurricane season and extreme weather events, including this dust storm, may be magnified this year because resources are already stretched thin,” Wellenius said. “Just because we’re in a pandemic world doesn’t mean that other hazards that we tend to worry about aren’t happening.”

The National Weather Service said Sunday that the residue cloud could likewise add to vivid dawns and nightfalls, with more profound oranges and reds contrasted with ordinary.

Georgia’s Department of Public Health gave a warning Saturday to occupants, particularly those with constant lung conditions, to restrain their time outside in the event that they notice dim skies.

“Keep windows and doors closed,” the advisory said. “Run an air conditioner if you have one, but keep the fresh-air intake closed.”

The state likewise exhorted wearing a veil while out in the open to lessen both the danger of spreading coronavirus and furthermore the danger of breathing in dust particles.

Internet based life clients in the South started posting photographs throughout the end of the week demonstrating the cloudiness over horizons in spots, for example, Texas and Florida.


HOLLYGOLD global launch in July: A New Generation Public Blockchain for Film & TV Industry

As we all agree, film and television are the first choice when it comes to nourishment for the mind in the modern world. Not only can film and television meet people’s spiritual needs, but leave also the most immediate image legacy to cultural heritage. Recently, there is exciting news in the film and television industry — a new generation of public blockchain for film and television companies, HOLLYGOLD, will be launched globally in July, which thrills the whole industry.

HOLLYGOLD was founded by a number of professionals with decades of experience in international finance and entertainment industry. With the features of openness, transparency, non-tampering and decentralization, this blockchain technology ought to lead the film and television industry back to healthy growth, solve the problems of inferior content due to endless expansion of the market, capital monopoly, as well as aid fundraising, inadequate creative income and deal with frustration caused by nontransparent data.

As HOLLYGOLD’s success in introducing blockchain technology and integrating the film and television industry, Base FX from the world-renowned VFX company, CEO Chris Bremble, expressed optimism about the strategic partnership with HOLLYGOLD, hoping to empower Hollywood and the global film and television industry by the help of blockchain. In the congratulations video recorded by Chris Bremble for HOLLYGOLD, we got a peek of the new film “Wish Dragon” by Base FX. Although Chris did not specifically mention the cooperation between “Wish Dragon” production and HOLLYGOLD in the video, it was not difficult to feel his jubilation about this cooperation in his words.

Base FX is the leading visual effects and animation studio in Asia. Anchored by its Strategic Alliance with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Base has more than fifty Hollywood theatrical film credits, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Pacific Rim, Star Trek into Darkness, Looper, Identity Thief, Mission Impossible 4, and Super 8. In China, the company has worked with directors Zhang Yimou (Flowers of War), Chen Kaige (Sacrifice), Jia Zhangke (A Touch of Sin), Lu Chuan (The Last Supper), Xue Xiaolu (Finding Mr. Right), and Ning Hao (Breakup Buddies). Base has also provided visual effects for the TV series/mini-series The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire, Black Sails, True Detective, and The Last Ship. Base received Emmys for its work on The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire, and Black Sails.

HOLLYGOLD is set to be launched globally in July and will be introduced into the major film and television industries around the world for its further empowerment.

This move represents a formal gesture of traditional film and television industry towards digital film and television, but more significantly, people around the world will be able to experience the impact of decentralization on an industry and the world through HOLLYGOLD and its blockchain-based application platform for film and television. After the film and television industry eliminate the influence of centralization of capital, all high-quality content and great actors shall come to light, and decentralized digital film and television is beneficial to prompting a healthy development in the entire industry. In the near future, HOLLYGOLD plans to open a unique community market in Hollywood, so that film and television will no longer be a tool of capitalists. As a blockchain-based decentralized project on the verge of transforming traditional film industry, HOLLYGOLD is bound to set off a new revolution in the global film and television industry.


Facebook is presenting a ‘dark mode’ for mobile

After launching a dark mode for its desktop interface, Facebook affirms it is trying a dark mode for its mobile applications too. As first noted by SocialMedia Today, Facebook has made the dark mode accessible to a little level of individuals comprehensively, a representative revealed to The Verge in an email Sunday.

The mobile rendition of the dark mode Facebook presented a month ago for desktop is “meant to cut down on glare,” especially in low-light conditions, the representative said. There’s no course of events yet for when the dim mode will be accessible to every single mobile client, nonetheless.

It’s somewhat astounding it’s taken this long for Facebook to reveal a mobile dark mode; its Instagram, and WhatsApp applications have dark mode as of now, as does Facebook Messenger.

Twitter has had a variant of night mode for its Android and iOS applications for quite a while, and even Google revealed a dark mode for its application prior this year.

Low-light and dark mode assortments — which permit clients to change the background shade of an application window to dark—are mainstream not just on the grounds that they make applications simpler to see for certain clients and are more stylishly satisfying, but since most dark mode variants can help protect a gadget’s battery life also.