Arradhya Maan Will Make You Fall In Love With His Charm In New Song Tera Hoon Na

Valentine’s Day must have gone in the past, but one needs no day/date to enjoy the feeling of love. When it comes to love, always trust T-Series to win hearts with romantic songs. One such song that recently has all the hearts fluttering is Tera Hoon Na. Starring the good-looking actors Arradhya Maan and Avneet Kaur, the melody is crooned by the very talented Nikhil D’Souza.

The music video is vibrant and you keep watching it, you will have a bright smile on your face. The shyness and the building romantic tension between Arradhya Mann and Avneet Kaur is adorable. Music composer Tanishk Bagchi has created a tune that will make your heart dance. The lyrics are penned by Rashmi Virag.

Tera Hoon Na is an easy-breezy romantic track that one can enjoy at any time. It’s a perfect song to dedicate to your lover, life partner and if you are willing to take the risk, even to your. After all, who’s going to not fall in love with Nikhil D’Souza’s soulful voice?

Talking about the actors Arradhya Mann and Avneet Kaur, their chemistry is magical. They look good on screen and leaves you wanting more as the video ends. We cannot think of anyone else expressing the chills and jitters of seeing your crush like the duo did in the video.

Both Arradhya and Avneet had a great time shooting for the video. They call it a memorable experience. The actors are happy to collaborate with a huge production house like T-Series as it is one of the top Youtube channel in the world. So far, Tera Hoon Na song has more than 1 crore views. Both the actors love Nikhil D’Souza’s voice and hope that people falling in love with the love song.

But what has caught out eye is Arradhya Maan’s performance in the song. His expressions are on point and the success of this romantic single has made him the nation’s new crush. We won’t be surprised if he stars in more such videos with top production houses.


Omegapro Forex platform changing the finance sector

Businesses have always been a tricky area and a lot of effort and skill is essential for making any venture successful. Forex stands for foreign exchange and these platforms deal with currency conversion, a service that is required by many businesses and organizations. Omegapro made this process simple and easy with their latest technologies and finance experts. A group of finance experts founded Omegapro in 2019, a platform that allows clients to withdraw and deposit currency easily. They provide clients with a prepaid card that can be used anywhere for the purpose of withdrawing money. Accounts can also be opened with Omegapro, with guidance from experts and professionals working within the organization.
Being individuals with expertise in the field of finance, they were disappointed with how banks function and Forex platforms operate. They wanted to simplify the process of foreign currency exchange for people. Omegapro is an excellent trading platform that can be used by both beginners and inexperienced traders as well as by experts. Businessmen and companies all across the world have praised Omegapro and have relied on the services of this organization. Companies have also agreed that Omegapro is a safe and reliable platform that focuses on the priorities of clients.
Omegapro offers different types of benefits for their clients like the process of earning with the help of referrals. Clients can refer potential traders to the organization and in turn, earn some amount for the referral. Another excellent service for their clients is the provision for donating to charities, establishments, and funding the underprivileged. Omegapro also offers financial advice and guidance to clients in order to make their business successful and improve profitability. Many businessmen have agreed that Omegapro is truly changing the system of trading in the finance sector and the organization is quickly becoming popular among people in the finance industry.


In conversation with one of the rising most writers and film-makers of recent times – Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi.

Winning people’s love and respect, the young talent has achieved tremendously in the artistic field.

It is no walk in the park to create a name for oneself in the desired industry. It may even take years for some people to realize what their hearts seek and make pertinent efforts to create that momentum for themselves the way they want. But, all those people who today stand apart from others and have gained great respect and appreciation from others are the ones who have kept on moving on their path no matter what. We met one such high-performing writer and film-maker from Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, whose passion for writing grew as he grew up and then spread across film-making as well; he is Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi, who we had the good fortune to interview.

Let’s get into a quick chat with him to know more about his success story.

• How did everything start for you in the creative and artistic industry?
I developed a close inclination towards writing stories from a very early age and little did I know then that this interest would become my destiny. I studied at the universities, but my passion was only in writing. Also, reading many stories and novels helped me learn many new things and broadened my mindset for the better.

• What do you exactly do and what has inspired you to keep moving ahead in your journey?
I am a passionate writer and love to make films. The quest to do something great and impact people’s lives through my writing skills and films has always inspired me to do better each day.

• So, when did you come up with your first novel?
I was only 18 years of age and I wrote the novel Diwan Al-Orouba, which to my astonishment, went ahead to garner so much love and appreciation from people, I was overwhelmed.

• As a writer, what has been your USP?
Being real and genuine with my writing, focusing on writing stories from the reality of people’s problems and concerns, as they are, has what I believe helped me stand apart from others.

• How would you define success and failure?
All those who stop trying and self-doubt their abilities are headed towards failure and success is when individuals win people’s love, respect and appreciation for what they do.

• Any upcoming projects?
Yes, I am super excited about the new story, which I am writing right now about a girl who suffers in an oppressive society.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi has many successful projects to his credit as a film-maker and writer, which has earned him massive numbers of followers on social media as well.


Vaibhav Viraj – The man who changed the ordinary name into brand with his innovative ideas

The more we mention the digital marketing world, the less we expect is spoken about it. The first reason behind this is often that the webspace knows no bounds when it involves growth and this space is merely seeing a surge in its popularity and reach everywhere the planet especially from a previous couple of years. Many of us enter this vast field to carve a reputation for themselves; however, only a couple of getting the proper opportunities at the proper time, filled with zest and enthusiasm, who hails from a little town named Muzaffarpur in Bihar. He not only used his talent in right direction but also did so much of hard work by managing his studies and work with an absolute great balance.

This young gentleman is merely 21 years aged and has already been successful in carving his name together of the young entrepreneurs of India. His humble beginnings during a middle-class family background took him through various journeys in life and together with his passion and determination for his work, even made him reach the various luxuries of life.

It all started for Vaibhav Viraj when he was an adolescent at 19 years aged, where he began to figure as a freelancer for several different giant businesses worldwide. Setting his goal into digital marketing, learning through the method and improving as a marketer through his cleverness and ingenuity made him

Today, this youngster proudly calls himself a successful entrepreneur at 21 who dived into creating many businesses and also turned all of them into profitable ventures for him. His efforts have always been towards growing his clients’ presence within the online world by devising some special marketing strategies and plans that would help them grow and scale their name and businesses. Through this, all his clients also get a chance to earn more from their ventures.

He is mastered in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Website traffic, and other tools for Social Media Management. Just in 2 years he has been into many things and did an adequate amount of hard work in all of these things. He works individually works for his clients for their Social Media Management (SMM), YouTube Promotions, Online Press Release & all digital promotions. The entrepreneurship skills of Vaibhav are increasing day by day and not every day we see such talent. Vaibhav has worked so hard that has set him as a great example for the youth.


Entrepreneur Naman Arora touches new milestones with his company ‘Data Art Information Technology’

The field of digital media is dynamic, and one must stay up to date when it comes to the changing circumstances. The vast field has given endless opportunities to young minds who have made a successful career as digital experts. To boost business growth and sales, many companies take the support of digital experts and consultants. Understanding this ever-changing demand over the digital domain, Delhi-based Naman Arora has made his mark as a superlative entrepreneur. He is the founder of data Art Information Technology’, a digital agency based out of Delhi.

Naman always had one clear vision – to be a bossman. During his stint as a corporate employee, Arora spent his time after office building something of his own. Simultaneously juggling between many projects and gaining thorough knowledge about digital media saw him embark on a journey of entrepreneurship with ‘Data Art Information Technology’. Blessed with creative apprehension, Mr Arora is widely known for unique digital strategies for the growth of any business.

The digital agency offers an ample number of services including social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis. Giving a 360-degree exposure to brands and business entities, Naman has subsequently learned various other aspects like SEO, Google Ads, YouTube marketing, and WordPress. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency has been instrumental in helping businesses grow at an exponential rate.

He says, “The brands and companies today are highly dependent on digital media. Everything is just a click away, and all you need is a smartphone and the internet. There has been a gradual shift from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing methods.” Moreover, the last two years have been a game-changer for this talented entrepreneur. With his out of the box content strategies, Naman Arora has added his name among the best digital marketing influencers of India. Growing at a rapid pace, Mr. Arora seems to have no stopping, and his work has made him an affluent entrepreneur in the digital world.


Mourad Sebky’s extraordinary life journey has inspired thousands of amateur entrepreneurs. Give a read!

The impetus and courage to do something dissimilar must be brought into action by focusing on desired goals and working rigidly towards achieving targets. These are the qualities of success one must possess in life. Innovative ideas and implementation of concepts ensure developments to build wealth over time. Earnings can easily be spent on unworthy things; however, if utilized appropriately, it can turn into huge asset building. Abu Dhabi based entrepreneur, Mourad Sebky had an obvious vision since his childhood to enjoy luxuries in life.

Gradually and confidently, he entered into the trading and investment business during his teenage. He knew that luxuries can be attained through smart investing in certain asset classes at the early stage of life. Mourad Sebky would have earned the tag of brand ambassador for any of the world’s best and powerful organisation; rather he viewed himself as a brand amongst the other institutions. Mr Sebky says, “Think big, achieve bigger and serve the biggest. My team has always made sure to serve others with the best offerings and services.”

He further stated that structuring a business model to accomplish unthinkable targets is an actual skill behind his success. “Many hurdles have to be brought down and addressed assertively within the passage of success. Always remember to never give up as the correct path shall take you to the peak of mountain”, he added. Unexhausted travelling to various countries to attend conferences and meeting people to understand difficulties, and finding solutions to their complications made Mourad Sebky a great business mind in the investment and finance sector.

With vast knowledge, he is an institute within himself carrying opportunities to work on resources expansion and mobilizing them in proper business channels to ensure growth and profitability. Charity and education are the basic branches of mainstream developments. Therefore, he has secured one charitable trust and two educational schools for new learners. His work has inspired many young investors, and many have become a millionaire at a young age.


New York Artist Young Dom is Ready to Take His Music Career to the Next Level

Young Dom is an up-and-coming rap lyricist from Long Island, New York. He’s known for releases such as “Domination”and “Live Young Die Rich.” Young Dom has been gaining popularity and a major fan base since late 2013. With his most current release of “Plug,” Young Dom has continued to shock fans with his diversity and versatility brought out on each release.

For him, his music is an extension of himself, his mind, and his life. He tells stories and speaks of the obstacles he’s had to overcome to reach where he is today. Being no stranger to adversity, Young Dom continues his rap career with both his hard work ethic and his no time to fail mindset on his back. Both of which work with him to continue this positive path for him as he moves through the rap game.

Being from New York, a lot of his music and inspirations stem from there. He carries his own unique, one of a kind sound that compliments his New York roots seamlessly. With each release, the bar is raised, and his skill level in both creativity and execution is pushed to the limit. With nothing standing in his way, as he’s faced all odds before, his career continues to move in a positive direction as new releases are soon to come and more success to come even sooner. It’s time we see Young Dom take his career to another level, be sure to keep up to date with him and all of his future releases.

Check out Young Dom’s latest music video for “Plug” on Youtube here

Instagram: @TMO_Dom

Twitter: Dom_TMO



Ekaterina Tregubova: Motivational Fitness Icon In Dubai, From Russia

Never underestimate the power of transforming your life by simply  honouring your true calling. When you honour it, everything just falls into place. Art, writing, photography,  music, web design, marketing, the list is infinite, whatever your calling  is get out there and start showing up into the world with your gifts.  You were born with them for a reason! That is your higher purpose, your  soul path. That’s the key to your happiness, to inner peace, to finding financial freedom. It’s all hidden in your calling. This is what motivates and leads Ekaterina Tregubova to become such a renowned fitness icon.

Ekaterina Tregubova is a very well known yoga enthusiast as well as 

As Rick Warren put it, “Failure isn’t a character quality. It’s just an event. How you respond to failure is your character.”. she has The perfect response to every difficult situation because difficult situations bring out the best of a person provided that they have willingness to go through it. Tregubova has never considered the obstacles or difficulties in her path as a hard time but instead grew stronger with each day as they were thrown at her. To become somebody in international grounds is not something that each and every person in a country is able to do, and she is 1 talented fitness model to have done so. considering the fact that there are a lot of other models all around the world who were competing for miss Russia international, she grew outstandingly amazing among all of them because not only was she a beauty but also she possessed some unique talents which not every person there had. Here we see the importance of beauty with brains. It is important to notice that pretty face and sharp mouth is not going to a earn you respect and fame, a person needs more than all that to prosper.

Normal people have a pretty balanced life and always go about doing the things that they usually have planned. But Ekaterina Tregubova is different, as mentioned earlier. She has refined tastes and enjoys other things rather than just Doing one single thing at a time. She enjoys reading books, going for tracking, water sports, water surfing, And many other things which are actually belonging to a completely different genre. Truly a talented person.

She did not have it easy though. Nobody came up to her and handed her down all the things that she has today in her life. Nobody even came up to her and handed her the miss Russia international trophy. She has had to work very hard throughout, managing her priorities and putting herself on top of the list. Striving everyday and reaching new goals, setting new paths, making history. Even learning to develop an interest in other things was not that easy because she had to indulge in a lot of things to learn water sports and to read specific kind of books that are valuable to her which will help her in life and in the future. We see how completely self made she’s an unbiased with life and her choices or decisions.


Keshav Mehta: A Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar Whose Story Will Inspire You

People work nine to five jobs each day and have no motivation to actually do the work on a daily basis. Lucky are those who have actually made a whole career out of their passions. Keshav Mehta is a young Entrepreneur from Darbhanga, Bihar, who was born on 9th February. At the moment he is only a young teenager who has developed towards digital marketing and online business platforms. He did not begin with his work until 2019 and in a very short period of time he educated himself that he had to about the various tools of digital marketing. He landed up to pretty good offers from big companies like Amul and T Series. 

Have you ever asked yourself a question, what inspires you? What do you look up to when you think about your future? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Keshav Mehta has always tried to answer these questions. Planning the future path for at least five years and achieving the goals that you have set for yourself as time goes by helps a person to become successful and reach the places that they have always wanted to. To ensure complete guarantee that he will become a good Digital Marketer, Mr Mehta worked very hard everyday learning all about digital marketing. His inspiring Storey actually makes people look up to him and want to work hard so that they can be like him. Success is most definitely about the path and journey rather than the final destination or the job. Because, the journey makes us learn about a lot of things that we had previously not known. Experience and practical real life application of the knowledge on Digital Marketing are two really important aspects in this field of career. 

There are a lot of young people who need proper role models in their life and it looks like Asia is going to be one of them. This is because he is not only a digital marketer but also an underpinning word who has written a book and become one of the top sellers on Amazon. Thus we can see how multi talented he is and the wide range of work that he is capable of doing. He is very young and already learned a lot of skills which are more than enough for him to build a multi million dollar company in the upcoming years of future. His future planning is done with the finest of measures according to the development of the dynamic digital marketing world. After all, he is a future oriented person. Something that has no future value, has no use to him. It is all about the priorities in his life, the main one seems to be his work and his education. 


Sumit Kumar Mishra – The Tech, Food and Lifestyle Blogger | Founder of True Gadgets, Trend Flavors and Trends Column

Sumit Kumar Mishra has merged his creative artistry with his technical and technological brilliance and is emerging as a promising contender in the booming world of Blogging and Digital Marketing.

Money from the starting has run the world, People always fused their skills with some labour to carve out money. The ways of earning wealth and fame have always been a subject to change with the developing world as everyday something new is there is the market.

Nowadays, the Internet is the king’s way to Influence other or to be Successful. If one can research about something on internet related to earning, the one can easily opt few options from them and will start some earning, if he is patient and hardworking. Although each one of us operates the internet, it’s about the ones who run through it and guide themselves toward success. One such name amongst the youngest pacesetters is Sumit Kumar Mishra (known as skmfcb in the digital world).

He is a Tech, Food and Lifestyle Blogger. Sumit owns blogs like thetruegadets, trendflavors, trendscolumn and etc. As a Tech Influencer, he has worked with some renowned brands like Vivo, Oppo, MG Motors, One Plus, Citroen, Coolpad, Hp, Lays, AMD, Asus and many other technology brands. He also is a Co-Founder of PRSN Media. He is providing services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Designing, Website & App Development, PR, YouTube Advertising, PPC Campaigns, etc.

Being an inquisitive and creative kid, Sumit Mishra always tried to find a different angle of imagination, and this very trait of him has lead him to become one of the youngest and most successful in blogging and a digital entrepreneurs.

Sumit Kumar Mishta conveys his message to public that nothing is impossible, you yourself can do it and do not give up on your dreams. He also says to stay positive and stay grounded.

Adding more to it Sumit says life is all about a struggle from a Blogger to a Digital Entrepreneur, he chased his dreams daringly and achieved it. He says, “Why should I look like you, When I am looking like myself” and he also said “That to achieve your dreams taking a risk to switch your career from technology to marketing industry itself is really hard and challenging but something nover comes to you that easy, if comes easy never stay for long. Just take a sip of positiveness and always keep going.”

How to connect with Sumit Kumar Mishra?

Instagram: – Facebook: –