Creating milestones in the vast makeup industry as a passionate makeup artist is Sabina Shafi

Sabina Shafi considers her makeup brush her sword, through which she dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming.

Today, when people speak about fulfilling their dreams, how many of them go ahead in making those necessary efforts for getting them nearer their visions and aspirations in life? Well, it is easier to talk than to make consistent efforts to listen to what the heart seeks and follow the dreams. However, some individuals have done that and achieved massive momentum and success in their respective endeavours. Sabina Shafi stands tall as one of these professionals in the makeup industry of India, who has now gone ahead to make her name worldwide as well with her makeup services.

Enhancing the natural beauty of women is what Sabina Shafi has been working for and has, to her credit, incredible makeup looks that have garnered much talk and attention in the competitive industry. It is imperative to know more about these exceptional talents and their journeys so that many others can take inspiration from them. Sabina Shafi worked as a cabin supervisor in the aviation industry. Little did she know then that her job in the aviation space, where she needed to create an attractive look through makeup, would help her develop a passion for makeup and grooming.

Sabina Shafi was born in Kashmir and completed her education in Delhi. From the beginning, with her aim to fly high in the sky with her big dreams and aspirations, she pursued a career in aviation, which ultimately led her to develop a professional knack at makeup. Her makeup experiments kept growing as she travelled more worldwide as a part of the aviation industry. Eventually, Sabina Shafi went ahead to turn her passion for makeup into her profession and dived fully into the makeup industry.

To gain more expertise, Sabina Shafi started learning makeup from London and enhanced her skills by many makeup trials on her friends and family. Sabina Shafi confesses that her journey as a makeup artist has been tremendous and rewarding as she worked upon her personality and honed her skills by meeting a lot of people worldwide. She has so far got the opportunity to work with multiple renowned photographers and designers, where she earned the opportunity to present the portfolio, designer, editorial, jewellery and bridal shoots of her works.

Right now, she is a resident of Delhi and works as a well-known makeup artist in Kashmir, her hometown and providing makeup services all across the globe. She dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming with her makeup brush, which she considers her sword. Even after achieving so much as one of the best makeup artists in Delhi, Kashmir and other parts of the world, Sabina Shafi feels she has just begun. To know more, follow her on Instagram @makeupbysabinaa and visit the website,


Afghanistan Relief Fund – HHRD

On August 25, 2020, flash floods due to heavy rainfall caused devastation in Afghanistan’s Mandi village and City of Parun. Not only these but 5 other districts were affected as well that includes Rodat, Mehtarlam, Alishang, Parcha, and Charikar.

According to the reports, around 100 lives were claimed by the floods, and over 100 people were injured. Infrastructure reports mentioned around 500 houses were either damaged or destroyed as flood waters were too powerful.

The floods created severe problems while the country was already dealing with increasing cases of Covid-19. Not only houses but crop fields and public properties were damaged as well. With them, power and water systems went down as well making the situation even worse.

Place like Kapisa and Panjsher were affected by the floods but no casualties were recorded. A few days later, the meteorological department warned about another fatal flood issue on August 27, 2020. They were specifically issued for the east and northeast part of Afghanistan.

Before more casualties could be recorded, the government deployed its search and rescue teams to the affected sites. Organizations like Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) took the initiative to provide humanitarian relief to those affected by the floods.

Charikar was the first priority for HHRD as it was the area that was severely impacted by the floods.


HHRD had planned their execution thoroughly. In the beginning, their goal was to provide cooked food to 200 families, including water and other essentials as well. As one team distributed food and water, the other team assisted the people in removing the debris and making things better for living.

This took some time but they were successful in their operation. Now, as the homes were in better condition, the families can secure their own food. Hence, it was time to provide dry food to people, and this time, it was distributed among 900 families. Also, for the ones who don’t have utensils or were having problems regarding them, HHRD helped them as well.

Until the water source was fixed, HHRD provided clean drinking water to the families.

HHRD Work:

As a certified International NGO, HHRD conducted many successful projects in the region. They were serving the people of Afghanistan since 2014. They have initiated many projects such as Skills Development and Livelihood, Orphan Support, Water for Life, In-Kind Gifts, Seasonal Provisions, etc.

HHRD was always there for people when they needed serious help.


Afghanistan faced flash floods that resulted in devastation, casualties, injuries, etc. Many people lost their lives and countless were affected. Homes, public properties, crop fields were damaged as well. The government ordered search and rescue teams and deployed them at the affected sites.

To them, organizations like HHRD joined as well. They helped in removing the debris on people’s houses, provided them food and water, and planned everything properly. Once things started to get better, they were able to provide help in other affected areas as well.


The myth of Kindness: Real memories of the life of Iranian dermatologist Dr. Amir Feily

I was a junior in dermatology residency at Imam Hospital in Ahvaz when I was awarded a scholarship by the International Dermatology Society (ISD) to stay in Florence, Italy for a while and gain advantages by contacting European professors.

It was a special opportunity and I had written a lot of articles and worked hard to get it, but unfortunately, it was not possible for me to journey on this trip due to poor financial conditions.

At that time, I could not even afford to rent a house in the city of Ahvaz, and with frugality, I lived in the temporary residents’ living room, and I spent most of the resident’s little income to help my mother in providing living expenses in Shiraz.

Although I was apparently delighted about this incident, I was very upset inside and constantly struggling with myself: where can I get my travel costs? What about my family in my absence? How can I work harder and make more money?

I decided to do work more hours in the emergency room, but the tough residential courses did not allow me to do so … I was almost desperate and disappointed until one day…
Professor Dr. Ranjbari called me to the pathology department, gave me her credit card, and told me not to be concerned about the cost of my educational trip … she said “spend on whatever you need from this card and after you come back, you will pay it back… I was walking on the moon … I no longer needed to worry about providing the money for the journey, God had kindly provided everything so that I could go on that trip … and most importantly when I finished the educational courses in Italy and I returned to Iran, despite my insistence, this great professor did not accept to get any penny back from me and she covered all the expenses of my trip herself…
Till now, no one except my dear professor Dr. Ranjbari and me hasn’t known about this adventure and it remained as a secret between us … but today I wanted to reveal this secrecy to thank my great professor who was truly a myth of kindness. I appreciate what you did for me and I do not know where you found out about my problems, however, I want you to know that you gave me the scholarship, not ISD.

I will never forget your great kindness and I deeply admit that what you gave me with your great heart has illuminated my future forever.


BHN News is Re-imagining the World of Journalism

A cup of hot tea with the newspaper is the quintessential start to mornings in India. Well, the romance of newspapers may soon be a nostalgic memory of the yesteryears. India has over 700 million internet users, which is increasing rapidly due the effect of covid-19 pandemic. With low cost devices and better 3G/4G internet speed, the traditional journalistic landscape is slowly giving way to digital or online journalism.

Digital journalism sets itself apart from the print and T.V. journalism on many accounts. It has catapulted news from a once-a-day product to an ongoing event to be consumed real time on social media and news portals.

The BHN News is one of several portals in the Indian cyberspace which are re-imagining the news world. The website is structured like a multimedia newspaper. It covers latest news from India, all exclusive current headlines and India news live, including hot topics, latest breaking news on business, sports, world and entertainment with exclusive Opinions and Editorials.

The portal is a recognized and unbiased news organization whose focus is on spotless and truthful reporting. The news on this website is written using the most basic reports you have ever seen.

BHNNews has a larger audience politically than many other news media. Even when it comes to very controversial topics, It uses balanced and neutral language in its reports.

The title of the article on the website is true and informative, including the context and views of all parties involved in the debate.

It is a legitimate source of information and an excellent team of people, checking facts and checking the information they publish. They strive to provide unbiased information on various news topics.

As a publication, The BHN News is firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values. Apart from providing authoritative analysis and commentary, the aim, as resources grow, is to build it as a well informed digital society. It is an ideological news channel that delivers unbiased news to their viewers. The commitment towards enhanced readability and engagement is also why BHN News has gained massive traction.

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Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore: An eminent personality in the world of politics

Shakti Pratap Singh famously known as Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore

Politicians are the spokesperson and the frontmen for the masses; they uplift the voices of the people and help identify and bring a solution to the common man’s problems. Politicians are regarded as the public’s minion and we often turn to them to look after the public interests and internal affairs of the state. A good politician keeps an eye on divergent segments of the society overseeing the engrossment and concerns of the youth, elderly, sports, education, economy, science and technology, country development, transportation, health and other departments.

Thereby we present you one of the most esteemed names in the history of Indian Politics, Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore. Born on the 10th of November in the year 1979, he was born in the most exquisite city of Rajasthan called city of Ajmer. He is a highly acclaimed politician who has created a huge buzz by performing some noteworthy deeds for the public. He is a designated Congress representative and diplomatist in Panchayat Samiti as he holds some commensurate authoritative powers in the role of mayor. He is also an effective functioning worker of the Indian National Congress. Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore has excelled in academics with a PhD degree from Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University in Ajmer.

Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore, in his initial stages as a politician, seemed to be very active in student politics in Maharishi Dayanand University which was considered to be the biggest university in Rajasthan back then. He stood and contested for his first election but luck did not favour him. He was defeated but he did not stop trying to attain his level best continuing his efforts in student politics. Soon enough his efforts paid off and he won the election next time on the National Student Union of India (NSUI) ticket and turned up into the first NSUI president of the University. Soon he shifted to the posts of secretary and vice president of NSUI. Mr Shakti came under the limelight in a bat of an eye and emerged to be one of the most remarkable and prominent student activists of Rajasthan.

Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore has always followed the righteous path in his journey of politics. He idolises the principles of his mentor Dr Raghu Sharma Ji who is the Cabinet Minister of Rajasthan. He has been intent in reaching out to the people under his jurisdiction and has deliberately helped the most distressed and needy helpless people of the society. He has always believed that the power of the people is always greater than the people holding said power. Mr Shakti has always kept the public as his first and foremost priority looking after their needs and well-being and improving their quality of life. He has always stood against treachery, malfeasance and unscrupulous practices. He himself has been in many rallies and andolans protesting against corrupt officers and politicians.


Paul Mainieri, LSU baseball coach, will retire at end of the season

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri, who is No. 1 among active coaches in career wins, plans to retire toward the finish of the season.

Mainieri, 63, made the declaration on Friday, signaling the finish of a 15-year run at LSU that incorporates the 2009 national championship and five College World Series appearances.

In 2013, Mainieri was drafted into the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

He will keep on coach LSU through the NCAA competition, should the Tigers be selected.

LSU was taken out of the SEC competition on Tuesday, dropping to 34-22 on the season.

In a statement, LSU athletic director Scott Woodward praised Mainieri’s effect on the university and the sport of college baseball.

Twenty of his previous players have arrived at the significant leagues, including All-Stars Alex Bregman, DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Nola.

Before showing up in Baton Rouge in 2007, Mainieri spent six seasons at St. Thomas (1983-88), six seasons at Air Force (1989-94) and 12 seasons at Notre Dame (1995-2006). His career record is 1,501-774-8.

“I have been the luckiest guy in the world to have lived out a childhood dream of becoming a college baseball coach,” Mainieri said in a statement. “I’ve worked at four wonderful institutions, and it’s been the honor of my life to have served as the head coach at LSU for 15 years. To have carried the torch of a program built by Skip Bertman, the greatest college baseball coach of all time, has been a tremendous privilege. It has always been my unwavering goal to sustain the excellence that was created here.

“I’ve been blessed throughout my career to coach unbelievable young men of great character and skill, and to have worked with talented and dedicated assistant coaches, support staff and administrators. It’s very difficult to leave a profession that I truly love, but I’m so grateful for the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me through the years.”


Apple defers Podcasts subscriptions to June

Apple is deferring the launch of its upcoming Podcasts subscriptions until June, the organization declared in an email shipped off makers Friday (through 9to5Mac). The assistance was recently set to launch this month.

Apple’s Podcasts subscriptions will permit individuals to buy in to taking part podcasts to get additional advantages like ad-free listening or early access to episodes. In April, Apple said the subscriptions would launch in 170 nations, and that initial partners incorporate Pushkin Industries and NPR.

The moved launch comes as certain makers utilizing Apple Podcasts have recently run into certain issues, for example, being not able to sign in to Apple’s Podcast Connect portal or seeing a postponement in the accessibility of new episodes. In its email sent Friday, Apple said it has fixed the “disruptions” that introduced issues.


Costco is returning back free samples, including new things to the food court menu

Following a long 14 months, Costco customers will soon be brought together with their beloved free samples.

In an earnings call Thursday, Costco CFO Richard Galanti affirmed that most Costco locations in the U.S. will probably be offering the free food samples before the finish of June, with some offering the advantage considerably prior. The declaration comes over a year after Costco stopped the mainstream practice in the midst of the beginning phases of the Covid pandemic in March 2020.

“I’m happy to report that over the next couple of weeks, we’re beginning a phased return to full sampling,” Galanti said. The first “wave” of locations to begin offering the samples will consist of about 170 U.S. locations.

“The first wave will actually determine how fast we roll out,” said Galanti, who estimated that remaining U.S. locations will start offering free samples “towards the end of June,” with some exceptions based on specific state or local restrictions.

“Increased safety protocols,” however, have prompted a change in how Costco will be distributing the samples. Foods will now be prepared behind plexiglass and in smaller batches. Samples will also be distributed to Costco members “one at a time,” Galanti said.

Costco’s food courts, as well, will be returning a “bigger way” subsequent to serving just a restricted menu since the beginning of the pandemic, Galanti said. More current offerings, which have effectively appeared at select locations, incorporate a “high-end soft ice cream” instead of its frozen yogurt, as well as an “improved” churro, to be available at most locations by July 4.

Tables and seating, as well, are as of now back at a “handful” of locations, with plans to bring them back at essentially all locations by June 7 with expanded social-distancing protocol in place.

Information on Costco bringing back its free samples follows an update to its mask policy, declared recently. Following the CDC’s most recent guidance, Costco loosened up its veil prerequisites for completely vaccinated visitors, yet just at locations where state and local laws permitted.


80 Hour Work Weeks and 3 Million Hands Online: The Story of Marc Kleinman

While success seems to be a sweet word for everyone, not everyone is willing to make it happen. But for Marc Kleinman, it took a completely different path to arrive at his destination of success. He forwent the carefree youthful lifestyle to hone his craft of poker. He began playing poker and achieving huge wins online even though the majority were fake chips with no real value.

Successful Poker Career

Marc began making a good name for himself in 2017. He started making viral poker content which went viral. His range made him be recognized, and people were able to discover him easier. When people began noticing his skills, they became intrigued by his content. He started gaining more followers and watchers, which allowed him to get more recognition, which helped his other content go viral. But what is the secret behind this poker champion?

80 Hour Weeks

One week has 168 hours. If you are to subtract the number of hours one rests or sleeps, then you will know what 80-hours per week means for Marc Kleinman. In short, he spends most of his time on poker. The long hours of play have defined his success, work ethic, and self-disciplined character.

These prolonged hours of working have made him become a professional poker player. For Marc, luck never worked. It was pure hard work that has now made him go very far in the poker industry, and his content gone viral. He is one person who never gives up readily and knows how to work his way through life with confidence.

Can you imagine that Marc Kleinman has been doing this activity for the last seventeen years? Incredible! Not only does he spend eighty hours a week playing, but he has also played a total of 3 million hands on the internet and won every month for 12 years straight. He has played a total of 15k hours in casinos.

Beating The Odds

Marc has overcome many obstacles in his quest for success. He has a mindset where he sees challenges as stepping stones to the next level. Marc appreciates them when they come. He was able to conquer all his challenges by becoming much better at poker and having an advantage over other professional players. Even though these obstacles were challenging for him, he needed the insight to overcome them. And guess what? He made it. Overcoming challenges has helped Marc a lot, as it is a critical point for poker.

Marc is very successful. He has learned to plan ahead and set goals. Marc then works hard to achieve the goals set. Persistence is something that has also ensured he prospers. For 17 years, doing the same thing can only bring more meaning to the term ‘persistence.’ Also, Marc tolerates nothing that sidetracks him from his goal, which gives him a very great sense of motivation.

You can connect with Marc Kleinman here.


Taking the art world, a notch higher every time with her timeless paintings and artwork is Syrian Canadian artist Lina Faroussi

She astonishes people with what she creates and continues to do that as a leading visual artist and painter.

It is always very surreal to learn about all those people who strive to attain excellence in all that they wish to do in their lives and careers. These individuals showcase the hunger to get to the top of their respective fields and create momentum for them to become established names in their niches. Very few people have been able to attain this success and the ones who have done it are those that worked with determination, resilience and commitment. The world of art produces many such talents every day from different parts of the world, but one name that has been buzzing high is Lina Faroussi.

Who is Lina Faroussi, you ask? Well, she is one of the most dynamic visual artists and painters in the world. Her art speaks for itself, and that perhaps is one of the reasons why it has struck a chord with people and art lovers. From being born in Syria to moving to Egypt for her studies, to Dubai and then finally moving to Toronto, Canada, over the years, Lina Faroussi studied visual art from different art institutions.

Her art has helped her gain the respect and recognition she truly deserves today, where she has also got the opportunity to exhibit in several groups and solo shows across the Middle East, Europe, Canada and the US. Her paintings became the talk of the town for their ability to emerge a spiritual vitality, creating universal connections spanning cultural divides. Her paintings combine abstraction and figuration, depicting human figures stretched, tinted and textured in immensely beautiful and exquisite creatures, making people see real emotions in her dream figures. Such is her art that exudes high levels of emotions, capable of inciting many emotions in the person watching the same.

What has allowed her to create her unique niche is her effortless use of acrylic that is mixed with mixed media like clay, sand, Japanese paper, photo transfer and fabric on canvas or wood panel. In 2018, Lina Faroussi originated her new line of business named “Lina’s”, a brand she believes in will take the art world to the next level. With Lina’s, she prints digitally some of her original paintings into different forms of fabric. Initially, she started with scarves/ Wearable art and then she developed the idea into interior and home designs.

Her ideas on her new brand, which exhibits her brilliance in art on fabric and printing art, has further thrust her forward in the art world. Her paintings convey an emotion so deep that it goes ahead in mirroring a different state of mind, and many moments from the past reflecting her Middle Eastern background, taking it a notch higher on authenticism on many levels.

All her paintings and visual art are a treat to the eyes and has earned tremendous recognition because people could connect deeply with them.
You can connect on