Writer Walter Mosley Quits ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ After CBS HR Called Him on Using N-Word in Writers Room

Novelist and screenwriter Walter Mosley has stopped as an writer on the CBS All Access arrangement “Star Trek Discovery” subsequent to contradicting the company’s human resources department over his utilization of the n-word in the human room, TheWrap has learned.

Mosley, who is African American, said in a New York Times opinion piece distributed Friday that he quit subsequent to being reached by HR since somebody complained. Mosley didn’t name CBS Studios or “Star Trek: Discovery” in the opinion piece, yet a person with knowledge of the situation said he left the demonstration voluntarily following a discussion with HR, yet was not reprimanded.

“They have the best deference for Mr. Mosley’s writing abilities and were eager to have him join “Star Trek: Discovery,” CBS Studios said in an announcement gave to TheWrap. “While they can’t remark on the points of interest of confidential employee matters, they are focused on supporting a working where employees don’t hesitate to express concerns and where they feel good playing out their best work. They wish Mr. Mosley much proceeded with success.”

In the commentary, Mosley said that while he had utilized, “He hadn’t called anybody it. He just recounted to a story… He was recounting to a genuine story as He recalled that it.”

“There He was, a black man in America who offers with a huge number of others the history of racism. What’s more, as a rule, treated as subhuman. Whenever tended to at all that history must be rendered in words their employers regarded as acceptable,” Mosley wrote.

Mosley wrote additionally that he quit in light of the fact that “He was in a writers’ room trying to be inventive while simultaneously being surveilled by unknown critics who might snitch on their to an incorporeal voice via telephone. Their each word would be scrutinized. At some point or another He’d be fired or more worse — silenced.”

“There was a time in America when so-called white people were uncomfortable to have a black person sitting next to them. There was a time when people felt uncomfortable when women demanded the right to vote. There was a time when sexual orientation had only one meaning and everything else was a crime,” Mosley proceeded.

Finishing up by saying that “The worst thing they can do to citizens of a democratic nation is to silence them,” Mosley encouraged readers not to “accept the McCarthyism of secret condemnation.”

Mosley, likewise a consulting producer and at some point writer on the FX arrangement “Snowfall,” is best known for hiscrime novels including the character Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins. His 1990 novel “Devil in a Blue Dress” was adjusted as an feature film starring Denzel Washington in 1995.


The Inseparable Bond

It’s said that there’s no loyalty left in the modern game but Bryan Moon- An amateur poker player has disproved everyone. The relationship shared between him and his dog is to die for. Bryan has a pit-bull named Luna. Luna is always seen traveling along with him to the games. Isn’t it cool? He travels all around the world with Luna as she is proved to be a good luck charm for Bryan.

Luna and Bryan are inseparable and both have plenty of adventures and fun together. On the off times of Bryan, Bryan spends most of the time with his beloved Dog Luna. The pair looks adorable together sharing a cool relationship and an inseparable bond. Bryan works in a financial sector and is a hardworking and busy man but he never fails to spend most of his free time with Luna. He spends all of his off time with his best friend and he tells it to the world that Luna is with him coz she has joy into his life. Bryan regularly cuddles with his best buddy Luna and he makes sure that her pride and joy- Luna is most of the time around him.


Fans of Gogol Bordello and Lil Nas X Will Both Enjoy New Genre Blending Song by MusicSnake

Those of us who enjoy listening to hip-hop artists like Lil Nas X don’t usually find that we like the same music as those who like song with traditional instruments, such as the accordion (Gogol Bordello). But, thanks to the debut single of newly formed musical duo MusicSnake feat. Newmer, that may be about to change. 

MusicSnake feat. Newmer, another name for the partnershipof rapper Frea King aka MusicSnake and Gogol Bordello member Pasha Newmer, are set to shake up the music industry by creating an entirely new musical genre. Folk-hop is a blend of the two musical styles that MusicSnake and Pasha Newmer are most familiar with: hip hop and folk, respectively. To commemorate the beginning of their joint effort and the birth of the genre they have developed, the pair has released their debut single, Elusive Light. The song was released on Apple Music and other music streaming platforms on August 31st and quickly earned a spot on the platform’s Global Hip-hop Charts. 

Elusive Light has a groundbreaking sound, thanks to the way the duo have chosen to incorporate Newmer’s dreamy accordion into a song influenced by the beats of Lil Nas X’s Spring 2019 chart topping remix, Old Town Road. The lush female vocals throughout each chorus give the song an additional ethereal quality that fits perfectly with its storyline about unattainable dreams. 

Belarus born musicians who met in New York recorded Elusive Light in San Mateo, at Studio Circle Recordings. “Shape of You” singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has recorded there, as have Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis, and U2. Pasha Newmer is well known for being a member of the New York based gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello. MusicSnake achieved success last year with his song  “No One Loved Me.”



Who is the Supreme Patty’s artist Dracovii?

Social Media and streaming services have really evened the playing field when it comes to getting put on as an artist. Artist like Dracovii have used social media to grow their personal brands and put out quality music. The Florida artist is only 22 and has made a name for himself in the Florida music scene. 

Moving from New York to Florida around the age of six, Dracovii pretty much grew up in Florida. Eventually, leading him to meet A Mills who is Supreme Patty’s close friend and business partner. They all ended meeting around 9thgrade and he stayed in contact with the both of them throughout their process of blowing up on social media. Dracovii said he would constantly send them samples of his music and they really liked it. Eventually leading to his now social media famous friend to sign him and help launch his career.

With over 200k followers on social media Dracovii is no stranger to social media either. Together the three of them have toured and performed around the U.S. Dracovii has been able to spread his music and increase his name in the hip-hop community. Keep a look out for the Shrimp gang artist and his music.


Mikey See defies odds on his journey into the music industry

Long Island native and pop singer Mikey See is taking LA by storm. The indie artist has been making waves with his melodic rhythm and unique sound. The 20-year-old singer is openly gay and transparent about his life struggles in his music. He hopes to hit mainstream success like many other openly gay artists such as Frank ocean, Adam Lambert, and Sam Smith.

His latest project is an EP. The project is only four songs long but a great sample of music you can vibe out too. Song writer & producer, Glenn Travis worked closely on his latest project. The project features beats from Mantra, whose made beats for platinum recording artist Pitbull, and many others.

Many fans seem to connect with the openness of the Long Island singer. Even receiving a co-sign by Wild n’ Out rapper Justina Valentine. Mikey seems to have found a piece of the market that really rocks with his musical style, which he considers to be Pop/Rnb. “If Post Malone and SoMo had a baby … that could be me”, he said. With over 100k followers on social media, its easy to see that his fans are engaged with more than the music. He’s built a brand on honesty and self-love. He’s been quoted saying that he draws a lot of inspiration from one Beyoncé Knowles. Be one the lookout for more projects and check out his single “In My Brain.”


Be on the lookout for the West Coast rapper YungK

Many believe that the west coast underground rap scene isn’t as vibrant as it once was a few decades ago. There is still rapper like Yung k though, who are staying loyal to the west coast rap vibe, and not conforming to the popular sound of rap today. The Bel-Air rapper is making his own wave with his debut single, “Take Me Higher”.

The indie rapper has a very unique flow which is complemented by the up-tempo beat of his new single. The song has a feature from international artist Abella D. The young west coast artist definitely is striving to create his own unique sound. Expect more singles and projects in the near future. As of now, he’s promoting his debut single, and growing his industry buzz.


Brooklyn artist TrifeDrew is next up

New York has a very rich history of birthing some of the greatest hip-hop artists of our time. From Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas to the present-day artists like Cardi B, Sheck Wes, Asap Rocky, and Tekashi 69. New York will always have heavy influence on the rap game and overall trendsetting.

Brooklyn rapper TrifeDrew plans to make his mark on the rap game, which in a way he already has. The Brooklyn native has worked with multi-platinum rapper Tekashi 69 for the past 4 years as a videographer. He’s shot some of his most captivating music videos with hundreds of millions of views. Trife also helped the “FeFe” rapper with producing his debut album contributing vocals on “WONDO” & “KANGA”. The last song on the album “DUMMY” featured a verse from TrifeDrew, which boosted his street buzz and had fans steaming his music.

Yet to release a full project, TrifeDrew recently dropped his debut single, “Baby Mama”. The song is streaming on all platforms and is making its way through hip-hop circuits. Continuing to push the single, Trife plans to keep working on more music and growing fan base.


Indian Army – The champion of Scout Masters Competition

The fifth International Army Scouts Masters Competition has commenced this year from August 5 to August 16 where eight army teams belonging to countries of Armenia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, India, Russia, Sudan, and Uzbekistan have competed with one another in five different stages. The competition is a part of yearly army games conducted to strengthen friendly ties with foreign nations and enhance their overall team spirit. These games are supervised by Russia and for the first time India took the lead to host the competition this year. Infiltration and ambush, scout specialist course, scout trail obstacle course, small arms firing, floatation, and exfiltration are the five stages in this competition designed to test all the eight army teams. For each stage, rankings are determined as per the performance 1 being the best and 8 being the least. From the beginning, Indian army has been undefeatable, winning all the first four stages and was second only on the fifth stage, thereby winning the whole competition. Fifth stage involves a scout trail obstacle course at the military station and teams has to cross 150 meters by carrying arms and equipment. Uzbekistan winning only the fifth stage stood second overall, followed by Russia and China.

Image Credit – ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY

It is notable that Indian army has participated the army scouts competition for the first time and has won it. 10 months prior to the army games, specific members from Indian Army has been selected and they have been given a rigorous training in several extreme weather condition under the charge of southern command making the team prepared to compete against other international teams.


Neil Nayyar’s 107 Musical Instruments Indicate A New Dawn For Music

“Neil Nayyar can play you literally any instrument that first comes across your mind with his expertise in playing a total of 107 musical instruments with a passion and talent that you’ve probably never seen before.”

Elk Grove, California– Neil Nayyar is certainly not your average 13-year old kid as he is currently a complete master of exactly 107 different musical instruments- a talent that you’ll definitely won’t find easily, and the future only seems to hold all the possibilities in light of his passion and dedication to the musical craft.    

The latest updates about Neil is that he is finalizing his contract with an Acting Agency in Los Angeles, which is a move that will get him to better understand and acclimate with the entire entertainment business. They are considering a number of documents/monologues in accordance with what his talents actually fall, and facilitating that it gets cultivated in the best fashion all across the board. In time, audition tapes and requests will be sent out to a variety of media, which may include TV, movies, and commercials. He already has experience auditioning for such wildly popular titles across TV as America’s Got Talent and Steve Harvey Show, but Neil is showing no signs of the stoppage by any means. Music is present within him as the purest form of passion, and he’s completely dedicated in his mission to be crowned as one of the very best to do it at a certain point of time in the future. He practices for eight hours in total every day and takes classes from 25 different musical experts who are essentially leaders in their genre or instrument, whatever it might be.    

His profile is already at an advanced stage, evident from the upcoming story that the SACTOWN Magazine is going to do upon him in their issue of August. Although the subject remains unrevealed, it is for sure to recount his extremely fascinating story, as well as a greater intimacy and knowledge on how a child prodigy actually exists. However, this is not the first time that Neil Nayyar has been featured in a notable media outlet. Back when he was 12, he caught attention with his then-mastery of 44 different instruments. That story was run by such prestigious platforms and publications as FOX40, ABC10, Good News Network and a number of others. That feat was itself a record in the books of ASSIST World Records, an Indian-based organization, but since then his adeptness has reached to 107, which feature interesting instruments originating from all over the world. Guinness Book of World Records is now showing quite a bit of interest in featuring Neil across their own extremely prestigious record books.

For Neil Nayyar, it would seem that the possibilities are endless, and it will be very interesting to watch what he’s able to achieve over time. People will surely follow his story in greater numbers subsequently, and it remains to be seen what his contributions are for stretching and breaking through all the musical boundaries. You can follow him at his official website at, or through his Facebook social media profile at


Neil Nayyar’s parents attribute his innate musical genius and unique capabilities to the fact that they played him Mozart when he was still in the womb. But, his talents didn’t come to the forefront in the first few years of his life until he was taken to an instructional class to learn how to play drums. Neil completely astonished and impressed everyone present on the very first day with the showcasing of his talents, and he has never looked back since. By 12, he was playing 44 different instruments, and now that count has increased to a total of 107. He practices constantly trying both to increase his expertise on instruments continuously, as well as exploring and finding new ones that he could attempt to play. He also devotes a fraction of his time to his other interests, which include hip hop, jazz and Bollywood music, as well as the movies from Bollywood, especially those starring Salman Khan as he’s Neil’s favorite actor.          

Media Contact
Contact Person: Neil Nayyar
Phone: (916) 385-3784
State: California
Country: United States


Good enough but not best enough – audience response to the movie ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’

When such a distinguished writer-director Quentin Tarantino takes a movie after 2015, it is usual for the audience to have high expectations especially when the film has an amazing cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Timothy Olyphant, Damian Lewis and Dakota Fanning, alongside the director’s repertory players such as Michael Madsen and Zoë Bell. The movie is already on screens in USA from 26th July and has recently released in some parts of Asia and Europe on august 14th.

The film plot is based on a true story that goes back to the late 1960’s and early 70’s bringing back the bygone memories of Hollywood. The film highlights multiple storylines taking place in Los Angeles and is applauded as a tribute to the forgotten era. The two lead characters of the movie are Rick Dalton former star of a western TV series, and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth acted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt respectively. Sharon Tate acted by Margot Robbie has a key role in the story.

Though the movie attracted an overall good rating (>80% on several platforms), there seems to be a sense of dissatisfaction among several audience, which generally don’t happen with the Tarantino’s movies. Higher expectation might also be a cause as pegging this movie as an early 2020 Oscar favorite before the release shows the level of audience anticipation.