AB InBev’s Asia business hops 5% in first day of Hong Kong trading

Shares in Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Asia business flew on their market debut in Hong Kong on Monday.

Budweiser APAC stock rose over 5% on their first day of trading what was the second greatest open offering this year after Uber’s $8.1 billion IPO in May.

The brewer of Budweiser, Beck’s and Stella Artois opened at 27.4 Hong Kong dollars ($3.50) an offer, about 1.5% over its IPO cost of 27 Hong Kong dollars ($3.44) an offer, before rising further in early daytime trading.

The IPO raised about $5 billion, which AB InBev (BUD) will utilize completely to square away obligation.

The lager producer’s open presentation comes when other exceptionally foreseen IPOs have slumped. Offers in lossmaking companies like (UBER), Peloton (PTON) and SmileDirectClub (SDC) all dove on their first day of exchanging. Uber fell 7%, Peloton shed 11% and SmileDirectClub, an immediate dealer of straightforward supports, finished its first day on Wall Street down 27.5% from its IPO cost.

Budweiser APAC fared better, taking advantage of speculator craving for built up companies that profit. The brewer booked $959 million in net benefit in Asia a year ago.

Budweiser APAC’s IPO is a major success for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKXCY). The bourse has been battered by long periods of political emergency in the city, the progressing US-China exchange war and easing back utilization China. Its operator additionally had a unsolicited bid for the London Stock Exchange (LDNXF) immovably dismissed. The Hang Seng Index has fallen almost 9% in the course of the most recent three months.

The listing excludes Budweiser APAC’s Australia activities, which the group is offering to Japanese opponent Asahi for $11.3 billion.

Offloading the Australian business, which was experienced and seeing more slow development, implied the company had the option to sell speculators on more quickly developing markets in the Asia Pacific locale, for example, China. AB InBev’s sales in the nation developed 8.3% a year ago, with brands like Budweiser and Corona performing particularly well.

AB InBev turned into the world’s biggest brewer by getting cash to finance a progression of acquisitions. Its latest super buy, of SABMiller, expanded the company’s obligation to $102.5 billion of every 2018. It has just made a few moves to consistent its balance sheet, incorporating slicing its profit down the middle a year ago.

AB InBev had initially wanted to raise $9.8 billion from the Hong Kong posting, which would have made it the greatest IPO so far this year. In any case, it rejected that plan in July, citing market situations, before reviving the deal prior this month.


Cannabis Companies thrive by adopting new technologies

GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) and CannabCo stay ahead of the competition thanks to new cultivation technologies

Since the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis in Canada last year, the companies picked up the opportunity this regulation offers and the market became flooded with cannabis businesses. In order to stay ahead of the competition, they are trying to find their niche, by releasing new products, coming up with irresistible brands or securing patented technologies.

The latter is the strategy adopted by two companies that appear as interesting options for investors, GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) and CannabCo.

GreenStar Biosciences

GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE: GSTR) is an investment company that specializes in identifying local cannabis competitors and helping them succeed. GreenStar partners with several companies that touch in every aspect of the product life cycle.

Through the joint venture with Progressive Herbs Inc. called Capri, the company has licenced access to their proprietary cultivation technology. It allows them to produce cannabis with the highest cannabinoid levels in the market at very low costs, as it doesn’t require cutting edge equipment and can be done in sub-optimal facilities. It is also grown faster than any other harvest. The plants were grown in Cowlitz’s (another partner of GreenStar) warehouse in Washington State and tested by an independent laboratory confirming its quality and cultivation advantages.

The harvest time is also much shorter. The tested plants were grown in about 72 days, which allows up to five harvests per year. Other producers can execute three to four harvests per year.

GreenStar is an exclusive holder of the licence to use Capri’s cultivation technology but looking at its success, they will soon start selling the license to other producers, securing a new revenue stream.

Thanks to Capri, GreenStar positions itself as one of the most promising cannabis competitors in the market with high prospects of growth in the near future. Considering their assets, growth potential and the fact that the company is trading at a low price at the moment, it is a great moment for investment in their stocks.


As the Canadian company CannabCo from Ontario announced in a press release, it is working together with an as yet unknown partner on a technology for the production of an almost odourless cannabis strain. The variety would be the first of its kind and, according to CannabCo, is in great demand. After receiving the license from Health Canada, CannabCo has the exclusive right to use the technology in Canada to produce the odourless cannabis strain.

Originally the production technology was developed under the name “PURECANN” for the medical market to make smoking cannabis more pleasant. Usually you have to cough when smoking cannabis, especially inexperienced users have problems with inhaling the smoke, says Mark Novak, board member and manager at CannabCo. The special processing technology makes smoking cannabis much easier. In addition, the odourless cannabis variety should also simplify the application without losing important properties.

In addition, the processing method eliminates the typical smell of cannabis. And not only during smoking, but also during storage and packaging.

Over the last two years, the technology has been further developed and is now in a position to open up a market that does not yet exist, says Novak.

According to CannabCo, PURECANN, the odourless cannabis variety, has various properties:

  • No perceptible smell of the dried product during storage
  • Significantly less cannabis odor when burned
  • Less scratchy, which contributes to a pleasant smoking sensation
  • Weaker “hangover” the next day

The PURECANN technology developed by CannabCo is initially only used by the Canadian company itself. It is still unclear to what extent other companies will gain access. So far CannabCo has the exclusive right for the application of the technology within the production in Canada.


Income disparity in America is at its most significant level in over 50 years

Income disparity is compounding over the U.S. indeed, even as the economy broadens the longest development in the nation’s history. New information from the U.S. Census Bureau demonstrate that the inlet between the most noteworthy workers and every other person is the vastest it’s been in any event 50 years.

For quite a long time, income development among higher-gaining families in the U.S. has far outpaced that of lower-income families, inciting recommendations from certain lawmakers to increment charges on the ultra-rich. The economy has developed for 123 straight months, or a little more than 10 years. That tops the past record extension that kept going from March 1991 to March 2001, as indicated by Natixis.

“When you have a system where inequality is rising – and where some groups are perpetually overrepresented at the bottom of the income and wealth distribution, even when they follow the standard prescription for realizing the American Dream – it’s a recipe for a politically and socially divided nation,” said Cornell human science teacher Kim Weeden, director of the school’s Center for the Study of Inequality.

The Census every year tracks salary disparity utilizing a standard measure known as the Gini coefficient (The number extents from 0, which demonstrates that a country’s pay is similarly disseminated, to a limit of 1, which means a solitary individual gathers the sum of nation’s pay.) In 2018, America’s Gini coefficient rose to 0.485 — that is “significantly higher” than its score the earlier year, as indicated by the authority.

Weeden included that the most recent Census information don’t recount to the entire story, taking note of that riches — which factors in resources like the estimation of a home or stock property — is much increasingly uneven in the U.S. than income, which for a great many people originates from their wages and salaries.

“Many of the major economic decisions that middle-class Americans make – whether it’s to start a new business or to purchase a home in a neighborhood with well-resourced schools for their children – are more closely tied to wealth than to income,” she said.

States with the most exceedingly awful disparity

Around the U.S., income disparity is altogether higher in five states, the Census information appear: California, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana and New York. That hole has been particularly unmistakable in spots like California and New York, with their sprinklings of tech and Wall Street billionaires, separately, just as enormous populaces of poor and homeless people.

Be that as it may, disparity is additionally flourishing in different pieces of the nation. Louisiana, for one, has a Gini coefficient of 0.494, making it more inconsistent than many different states. The explanation: The wages of Louisiana’s most extravagant families have become unmistakably more rapidly than incomes for the least fortunate, past research has found.

Nine states saw an widening of income inequality a year ago, the Census stated:






New Hampshire

New Mexico



A few pundits battle that the new U.S. tax code, marked into law by President Donald Trump toward the finish of 2017, is intensifying the issue in light of the fact that the a lot of the tax breaks go to the rich.

Then, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are both crusading for the 2020 presidential political election, have taken off isolated riches charge proposition. While they differ on the details, the two of them propose raising expenses on the benefits of the ultra-rich and utilizing the extra income to finance social projects, for example, education and health care.


PieceX new enterprise program for companies willing to sell source code

PieceX, the company that introduced the first AI enabled source code marketplace, Has launched a new service targeting big corporations and companies around the word. It is an opportunity for tech companies to lead the market and improve productivity through reusing source code.

Pieces of software are now considered as important assets of the companies with the rise of development cost the source code written by engineers and tech savvy is becoming one of the most valuable properties to the businesses producing solutions and innovations. For the next few months PieceX is inviting companies from all around the world to collaborate together to tackle the challenges limiting the progress of the software and this by providing the most effective marketplace for business to exchange and reuse the source code of those pieces of software. The way this company view the world through realistic lenses, make them pioneers of a new movement that value sharing the knowledge without devaluating the effort behind building that knowledge. A perfect transactional based partnership between companies. A win win collaboration where companies selling source code and others using it become more efficient, more productive and much more profitable.

Starting from 26 Sep PieceX new services will be offered to businesses and IT engineering teams will be provided freely for the first few adopters of the enterprise program. Where PieceX engineers will walk you through the process of selling source code to the public. Thousands of $ worth of workforce and knowledge will be given for the first companies that are willing to take the opportunity of growing their income while making the IT world a better place. Visit: Companies Sell source code with PieceX


Apple shares new how-to videos featuring iPadOS features on YouTube

Apple today discharged iPadOS 13 for all iPad clients with features like Dark Mode, keyboard gestures, new performing various tasks abilities, an redesigned Home screen, and more. To feature these abilities, the company has likewise discharged four new videos on its Apple Support YouTube channel that show what clients can do with iPadOS.

The first video explains how to utilize the new Slide Over features accessible on iPadOS, which presently permits to get to later and most loved applications with only a swipe rapidly.

In another video, Apple features the upgrades over performing multiple tasks on the iPad. Clients can open two next to each other windows from a similar application, something that was recently limited to the Safari web browser.

iPadOS 13 likewise offers new ways for editing texts with some accommodating gestures like three-finger pinch to duplicate anything and a pinch out with three fingers to paste from clipboard.

The new QuickPath keyboard presented with iOS 13 enables them to swipe their finger starting with one letter then onto the next to enter a word on iPhone. QuickPath is additionally accessible on iPadOS with a floating keyboard, which is advantageous for one-handed use.

There’s additionally another iPadOS publicizing on Apple’s primary YouTube channel demonstrating considerably more features, for example, full-page screen captures in Safari and thumb drive the board utilizing the new Files application.



Quezzy The CEO is an American Motivational speaker, Certified life coach, and Author from Columbia South Carolina. He is best known for his “Ask Quezzy’ video series which can be viewed on IGTV and YouTube. He is also known for his autobiography P.I.M.P. Positivity Is My Purpose and his music album entitled “Listen Carefully”.

Real name, George C McLeod III, he was born on October 24th, 1982 in Fort Bragg North Carolina. He is 5’9” and of African American descent. Throughout his life he has lived in Germany, Hawaii, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, and Miami.

For most of Quezzy’s young adult life, he pursued a career as a rapper. He has produced albums under the names Conquest and Pimpstick Quezzy. He was also the owner of the HR Entertainment and Radi-O-Read recording studio. Quezzy has also done jail and prison time for armed robbery, possession of firearms, and transporting females for the purposes of prostitution.

Quezzy is now known as the “Positivity Ambassador”. After being released from federal prison on July 15th, 2018, he decided to use his past experiences to show people that everyone is capable of changing their life and becoming the person they were always meant to be. Quezzy’s goal is to help people develop and maintain a positive outlook and attitude towards life and to remind people that no matter what you are going through there are people out there who are going through the same difficulties and hardships that you are. Quezzy believes that everyone has the power and ability to overcome their circumstances. After living a life of negativity for so long he now wants to walk in his purpose of helping people live the fulfilling and successful life they have always wanted to live.

Quezzy The CEO uses social media to promote positive messages regarding relationships, self-love and the importance of having a positive mind frame. His “Ask Quezzy ” video series is dedicated to helping people find answers to their questions about life’s many problems and obstacles. Over the next few months Quezzy will be traveling around to different cities asking people in the community about what advice they would give to someone that was going through difficult circumstances. In a world filled with negativity, this is part of Quezzy’s quest to prove that positivity still exists and that most people have kind hearts and will try to encourage and motivate others.



High Risk Merchant Accounts and How to Keep Them Safe from Chargeback

Accepting debit card or credit card payments has become the standard these days. Gone are the days when merchants could operate as a cash-only business.  However, if the business is considered to be high risk, it can be difficult to obtain a merchant account to be used for electronic payments.

What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

First of all, there would be costs associated to accepting credit cards as a form of payment. Some of the major card networks such as American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa charge interchange fees for using their network and the Merchant Service Providers (MSPs) also charge processing fees for the connection of the card from the issuing bank to the acquiring bank through payment processors like TSYS or First Data.

Since the processor and the merchant account provider assume the majority of the risk for a transaction, they would charge fees for the services, including the interchange fees which the card networks charge. High premiums are charged on merchant accounts to minimize the risks associated with risky merchant accounts.

Generally, a high-risk merchant account is one for an industry or business which is notorious for fraud, chargeback and is considered to be risky by association.

How to Know if One Is a High-Risk Merchant?

Now that you have an idea of what a high-risk merchant account actually is, the risk level of businesses as determined by MSPs would be examined.  When applying for a merchant account, there would be an underwriting process which the account provider would use to eliminate the risk of adding the account to the portfolio. Here are some of points that are taken into account.

  • The personal credit history.
  • Number of years in the business.
  • The company financials.
  • Merchant category code or type of business.
  • Merchant account history.

The type of business that one operates would have a significant impact on the rates that they would have to pay for each credit card transaction.

High-Risk Businesses

The following are some of the high-risk businesses.

  • Pharmaceuticals: Perhaps, it is considered to be one of the most risky businesses out there. Controlled substances that have an irreversible effect are taken into account. Pharmacies are on the list. The cannabis industry is also a high-risk business. Although, there are many states which have started to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.
  • International Business: Businesses which cross international lines are considered to have a higher risk as the likelihood of fraud increases.
  • Gaming: The gaming industry is notorious for chargeback and fraud. One of the issues is that of betting.
  • Firearms: There is a risk by association, besides just fraud or legal matters in the industry. Due to the stigma on gun ownership, banks are criticize or even penalized for conducting business with such merchants.
  • Adult Entertainment: Adult content is also considered to be risky.
  • Travel and lodging: Hotels and travel agencies are also considered to be high-risk merchant accounts. Unsatisfied customers have even initiated chargeback.

Options Available for High Risk Merchant Accounts

If a business falls within any of the high-risk categories as mentioned above, there is still hope. It is still possible to obtain a merchant account. However, the rates and terms of the contract would be less desirable as compared to other low-risk accounts.

However, there is still good news because there are plenty of merchant service providers which specialize in accounts, that are high-risk. Besides, as the cannabis industry and online gambling makes it way towards national legalization, it wouldn’t be a surprise for more high-risk account providers to prop up in the future. It is even possible for these types of businesses to lose their high-risk category altogether.

Although, most of the MSPs advertise low-risk and standard merchant rates, when it comes to high-risk account fees, they are normally less transparent as there are more variables which need to be considered. However, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that high-risk merchants are expected to pay about 1-2 percent or more for every transaction. 

In addition to the above, it is likely that the account provider would require a reserve to be kept by you if you are deemed to be a high-risk business. MSPs offer three types of reserve accounts.

  • Rolling Reserve:  It is a risk management strategy which is used to protect the account provider from chargebacks, potential fraud or any other incident. It is like a buffer or even an insurance policy. A certain percentage of the daily revenue would be withheld by the payment provider and it would be released later.
  • UP-Front Reserve: It is for new businesses.
  • Fixed or Capped Reserve: A certain percentage of every transaction is withheld until the cap amount is reached.

How to Keep Safe from Chargebacks

The following methods should be used to prevent chargebacks.

Be Transparent and Upfront

Whichever product that you sell, it is important to describe each component of the product in complete detail. Although, this seems obvious, many businesses fail to completely disclose the information about their products. It is advised to show interactive demos, images or free trials. It offers customers with plenty of information. Chargebacks can be mitigated by allowing customers to make more informed decisions.

Have a Clear Merchant Name

It is the name which appears on the customer’s bank statement or credit card. You would be more likely to receive chargeback if the name is listed other than the business name when the transactions occur. The customer would question their transactions if they are not able to recognize the company name.

Learn to Spot Fraud

If you run a local shop, then there would be regulars. It means that if they use their spouse’s card or parent’s card then you might not be as alarmed. However, if you use an online storefront, then there would be extra legwork involved.

Pay attention to suspicious details such as a mismatch between shipping address and billing, or incorrect credit card codes.



If you are reading this, you might have asked someone or at least your own self about the right cables for your small business. In this blog post, you will understand as to why Cat6 plenum cables are perfect for small business. Businesses either small or big need to be efficient in their work process, and what better way to improve efficiency and overall yield than through enhanced connectivity and reliable Ethernet networking. For the purpose, the Cat6 plenum cables are the perfect solution.  They are ideal when you are looking to set up reliable connections that feature smooth signal transmission, high bandwidth capacity, high data transfer rates, better conductivity, high data integrity and so forth. However, cables with plenum jackets provide you with an added benefit: they give you fire-retardant characteristics as a result of which they become safe to use in places where ordinary cables are declared unsafe to be used by fire management authorities. To explain it in simpler terms, plenum cables are used in spaces that are hazardous for regular non-plenum jacket cables for such cables have fire ratings that are not strict enough.

To understand anything about plenum cables, you need to have some knowledge about plenum spaces. Now, plenum spaces correspond to certain spaces in between floors in a building through which air circulates for the purpose of ventilation, heating or cooling. As a result of this constant socialization of air, what essentially happens can be referred to as ‘the concentration of oxygen’. Plenum spaces are full of oxygen, and because of the high oxygen levels, such spaces are highly sensitive to fire. It is, therefore, you must install cables that are in accordance to the standards laid down by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Such cables are more commonly regarded as ‘plenum-rated’ cables. Plenum-rated cables are made of fire retardant materials that repel off flames, and they help hindering fire progression in an event of fire. Moreover, plenum-rated cables are low-smoke cables that do not burn off like a regular plastic emitting injurious-to-health fumes.

That is just one of the many benefits of a Cat6 plenum cable. Apart from it being a fire-retardant plenum rated cable, it is designed to provide you all sorts of good when it comes to connectivity, reliable transmission of data, remarkable conductivity, and low bit error rate.

For starters, Cat6 plenum cable is a high performance cable that can conveniently be used to fulfill your cable-related needs for any small business. The specifications it is designed with are particularly aimed to provide with exceptional rates of data transfer, high bandwidth capacities and so much more. It is always considered a good practice that you invest in the right cable for your small business because you need everything to work with efficiency. Most of the Cat6 plenum cables produced nowadays exceeds the minimum laid down industry standards. Typically, such a cable is recommended for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 1000BASE-T (IEEE802.3), 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12), 550 MHz Broadband Video, Voice, T1, ISDN, 155/ 622 Mbps ATM and ATM PoE (Power over Ethernet). Apart from that the data transfer rates that they tend to offer are simply perfect for your small business. They allow for data transfer rates of 1 GB for a maximum distance of 100 meters. Likewise, they allow 10GBASE-T and all other LAN applications to be run for a maximum distance of 100 meters. As for the bandwidth frequency, they can readily support up to 550 MHz.

As for its internal composition, a Cat6 cable contains 23 American Gauge Wire conductors, four twisted pairs and eight conductors. It is made up of 8 wires twisted together in 4 pairs. Each of the twisted pairs is usually color-coded so that it can be distinguished from each other. The twisted pair design used in this cable is another essential feature that makes this cable a go-to choice for any small business. This twisted pair design helps in cutting down cross-talk and other electromagnetic interferences and keeping them at a minimum acceptable level. This means that the transmissions are guaranteed to be smooth. There is no undue disturbance or signal bleedings when you transmit your data, especially at higher frequencies.

Please visit:


iPhone 11 Alert: Apple Accident Reveals Fresh Upgrades

The new iPhone 11 (guide), iPhone 11 Pro (guide) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (guide) have arrived and there’s a great deal to like. In any case, on account of a mishap by Apple, they presently realize this isn’t the end of the company’s iPhone upgrades.

Spotted by 9to5Mac super sleuth Guilherme Rambo, Apple has incidentally left references inside the most recent iOS 13.1 beta discharge affirming the company is planning to dispatch new iPhone 11 scope of keen battery cases. What’s more,they presume they will change a great deal.

“I can confirm that there are references to three new Smart Battery Case models that can be found inside iOS 13.1,” said Rambo. “The model codes are A2180, A2183 and A2184, presumably for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, respectively.”

Given iOS is currently just for iPhones and the iPod contact, that assumption is sheltered. In any case, for what reason would Apple need new keen battery cases given the iPhone 11 structure has scarcely changed since the iPhone X? Since the new models are thicker and the back cameras have an a lot bigger distending bump.

The other side is the additional thickness is fundamentally because of the range getting a lot bigger batteries with far better battery life thought about than the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and even the durable iPhone XR. Accordingly, Apple should create a second-generation case that is essentially more alluring than the shockingly ghastly plan it has been utilizing for quite a long while now.

With the original savvy case, iPhone battery life – especially that of the 5.8-inch iPhone X and iPhone XS – left a great deal to be wanted so clients still (maybe reluctantly) made it a runaway hit. However, presently they’ll should be wooed with something that doesn’t make their iPhone resemble The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Client surveys are entirely condemning.

Meanwhile, Apple needs to put its everything center around an increasingly quick upgrade: iOS 13.1 on the grounds that iOS 13 – while pressed with cool new includes (also 25 extraordinary secret ones) – is a carriage, shaky wreckage which clients are being warned off installing.


JDaGr8 Is Ballin Ballin Ballin On New Track Stay Established

How many times does JDaGr8 say he’s ballin on his new single? 50 Times! Now let’s take a deeper look at the correlation between ballin and the number 50. One of Hip Hop’s biggest ballers goes by the name of 50 Cent. In Super Bowl 50, the over-under score was exceeded when Von Miller and the Broncos beat the Panthers and the average ad cost over $5 million dollars for 30 seconds!

Ok enough ballin, but let’s get back to JDaGr8 and his new single. Clearly, he is a baller, right? I mean it all just makes sense. Bentleys, taking girls, and taking care of your friends when they get in a jam, sounds like some baller stuff to me. But anyways, he shines bright on his new single and delivers with confidence.

JDaGr8 hails from Houston, TX where some of Hip Hop’s biggest ballers are originally from. You have Slim Thug who was the self-proclaimed biggest boss. You have J Prince who is respected everywhere and also brought to life the biggest label to ever come out of Houston, Rap-A lot-Records.

JDaGr8 is in great company. What will make him in even better company is the consistent release of quality music that he has shown over the years. From working with internet star, Chris Sails to Baton Rouge all star, NBA YoungBoy, he has shown that he can do it all. Make sure you stream “Stay Established” on Apple Music and Spotify.