Safest Cars on Sale Now

When it comes to cars, safety is one of the most important components as no matter how luxurious or classy a car is no one would want to invest in it if it compromises on quality and safety. Many new technologies are being introduced that can ensure the safety of people sitting the car at all times.

The safest cars on sale now are mentioned below:

Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz A Class is the safest car that is suitable for small families. It also managed to get a 5 star rating in terms of being adult occupant safety. A ranges of safety features has been installed in it, which includes AEB i.e. autonomous emergency breaking, AAS i.e. Attention Assist System and lastly it also has sensors that can monitor whether the driver is feeling tired or not.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 also falls under the category of being a safest car for people as it stands tall at 98% for being safe for adults and 87% for being safe for children of all age groups. The feature that helps restrict and prevent serious accidents is the feature of automatic emergency braking. The feature ensures that all sorts of collisions and serious accidents are prevented through the use of automatic braking system.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is the best option for large families. It is extremely well-equipped with all sorts of safety features that tend to ensure that accidents are not life-threatening or damaging for the people sitting inside. The safety features installed inside includes automatic emergency braking, lane and speed assistance along with top quality air bags.

Audi A6

Audi A6 scored 93% on child and 85% on adult occupant safety. The car is well-equipped with a lot of sensors, cameras, ultrasonic radars that can help make driving much safer and secure than traveling on any other car. The safety features also includes lane assistance, which ensures that the driver is not changing lanes quite frequently especially on the highway. Active cruise control facility also controls the speed of the car thus making sure that the speed is not increasing to an extent that can be dangerous. Furthermore, it can also detect when any object comes near to your car in a way that it can ultimately lead to a collision. It is a safe option to go for especially if someone loves to travel on the highway.


“The Last American Seigneur” – George Mentz Seigneur of Fief Blondel

Here is an interesting legal story which is a lesson in ancient international civil law. Every few years, there is a sale of the rights to Ancient Fiefs (Feudal Fiefs). At an special auction, Counselor Mentz won the bidding and was able to secure ancient Seigniorial Fief Rights. A noble count recently transferred his ancient feudal title over to George Mentz in the Royal Courts of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  By acquisition of the heritable title, you then have a registered ownership of the territory of the fief and a property right to style yourself as a Dame or Seigneur under the Norman laws of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The Fief de Thomas Blondel of the “Norman Channel Island of Guernsey” is somewhere between 840 years old and 579 years old depending on how you date the grant of the Ancient Norman Fief.  The Seigneury of the Fief Blondel is a small feudal-fiefdom of noble history originally included in the grants to “Rollo the Famous Viking and 1st Duke of Normandy” by Grant of “Charles I” of France to prevent further invasions and sackings of France. By 1205, England had lost most of its French lands, including Normandy. However, the Channel Islands, part of the lost Duchy, remained a self-governing possession of the English Crown.

The Fief of Blondel’s  territorial boundaries are located in the Southwest portion of Guernsey Island.  While the islands today retain autonomy in government, they owe allegiance to The Queen in her role as Duke of Normandy.  Guernsey is not a part of the UK nor the EU; however, Guernsey is a Crown Dependency maintaining its own ancient feudal laws which have a great Viking, English, and French history. Much like Louisiana in the USA where Mr. Mentz attended law school, Guernsey has a multifaceted mix of French and English Law.

The Fief is composed of a scattered territory on the island including several beach areas that constitute a tiny feudal “French baronnie“ or fiefdom. To acquire the Ancient Feudal Norman Fief, a buyer’s lawyers must go to Royal Court and pay the fees of: Conge or Treizième duty direct to the Crown while paying other fees to the HM Greffier /Greffe (Clerk’s) fees, and Jurats fees. This is done to obtain (HM) Her Majesty’s Royal Court’s conveyance permit and registration.

The Fief Blondel is held directly from the Crown historically as a free and noble fief and actually contains within it a dependency Fief called the Fief a Eperon. The territory of the Fief lies in both St Peter-in-the-Wood and Torteval Counties or Parishes of the Island of Guernsey.

The Fief of Blondel has a special history as the legend states that King Richard I was jailed in Germany at the old Castle Dürnstein and held for ransom in 1192 AD. Later, a Troubadour named Blondel found and helped release King Richard to freedom. To this day, the legend stands that the King awarded the Blondel family the Island’s Blondel Fief.

 Other interesting history is that the citizen’s and Seigneurs of the Fiefs of Guernsey held the privilege of neutrality from the Vatican Papal Bull by Pope Sixtus from about the year 1483. The Papal Bull may still be effective today. The Papal Bull says that anyone who harms an islander would be excommunicated.  Further, Guernsey is one of the few UK crown possessions occupied and fortified by Germany during WWII and later liberated by the Allies.

The other fascinating aspect of the “Fief de Thomas Blondel” is that it contains a few areas of beachhead and foreshore. To this day, international law and custom of the Channel Islands states that the Feudal Lord of the Fief or “The Seigneur” still has ownership rights to shorelines, seasted, accretion, fishing, treasure, shipwrecks adjacent to their fiefs, and even seaweed rights. One recent case paid the Seigneur and investors 10 Million pounds for foreshore development rights.

The Fief also comes with the ancient customary right to conduct feudal courts on small disputes. The Fief also comes also with a dinner to be provided by the rulers of a neighboring and famous Fief of Lihou. Since the status of Seigneur has been abolished in France for over 200 years, The Crown Dependency of Guernsey is one of the few places in the world where noble titles may exist and the legal status of a Fief & the legal rights to be Styled a Dame or Seigneur are still protected.

George Mentz JD MBA CILS is an international lawyer and law professor for over 20 years.  He is also a Commissioner for the Presidential Scholars Program in the USA. Mentz has dedicated his life to teaching and helping the most vulnerable.  Mentz is an award winning professor and author. Mentz has taught over 250 courses in the last 20 years and founded accredited certification programs which allow people who take exams and courses from accredited institutions such as Yale and Stanford or the University of Colorado to earn board certifications in business.

The Feudal Dues Law of 1980 Guernsey still allows by law an owner of a Fief to be Styled a Seigneur. See Law:   There is no fealty or allegiance requirements of such a fief, but there remains great courtesy and respect from any fief owner to the Duke of Normany.

When acquiring a feudal title, it is always best to hire great lawyers who have skills in various languages as this Fief was registered in the French language under the ancient customs of local lawyers and of Normandy.

To view the Historical Fiefs of Guernsey on a Map, there was a digital map created recently: To this day, when regular Guernsey property is registered, the description of the transfer would still contain the Fief name in which the property resides.

See Guernsey Fief Maps


Brandoshis Is Giving His Fans Some Of The Dopest Music In Hip-Hop

If you think of Kansas City and Hip-Hop, it’s hard not to think of Tech N9ne’s legacy and its Strange Music imprint–so if Tech has an artist, we’re going to listen. Join the rising star Brandoshis, who takes over the game through catchy melodies and rhymes that crack the heart. 

The KC artist recently teamed up for “No Lukc” with Euro Gotit. It’s not just Tech that sees the star in Brandoshis: along with Yella Beezy, Fat Joe and more, he’s even collaborating on songs. Through songs like the AD-assisted “Tomorrow’s Not Promised” to the more recent “Think Twyce,” Brandoshis has been dropping consistent tunes for a few years now.

Press play and enjoy Brandoshis’ “No Lukc” here.


Will Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Haunt Her Makeup Deal?

Coty Inc., owner of brands like Hugo Boss, Sally Hansen, and Covergirl, will now own 51% of Kylie Jenner’s makeup company. This is according to a joint press release made available on November 18 by Coty Inc. and Kylie Jenner.

This strategic partnership is critical for Kylie as she takes her makeup brand to the next level.

However, Kylie’s consistent rumors over plastic surgery could cast a grey cloud over the deal. Fans mistrust the reality star, given her lies in the past over her lip fillers.

Currently, Kylie now openly admits to using injectables in her face and lips. However, this could be at odds with the objectives of her makeup company.

Fans want to buy her makeup because they follow Kylie Jenner online and want to look like her. However, the fact that she sees someone like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville could potentially be bad for the brand. Perhaps in the future she will sell injectables instead of makeup so that people can actually get the ‘Kylie Look’. 

Kylie’s new multi-million dollar partnership with Coty Inc

According to the press release, Coty Inc. will, “acquire a 51% ownership in the partnership for $600M.”

Analysts anticipate this acquisition will grow Coty’s “core fragrance, cosmetics and skin care portfolio by more than 1% p.a. over the next three years”.

Kylie will also get something out of the deal as well. Building from Coty’s expertise in the global market, they will help Kylie Cosmetics to ‘expand globally’ and ‘enter new beauty categories’.

Kylie will still be the centerpiece and face of the brand though; retaining control over ‘creative efforts’. According to the press release, this means she will take the lead on ‘product and communications initiatives’ on social media.

Coty’s Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Laubies, also added a statement in the press release. He said, “We are pleased to welcome Kylie into our organization and family. Combining Kylie’s creative vision and unparalleled consumer interest with Coty’s expertise and leadership in prestige beauty products is an exciting next step in our transformation”. 

Rumours continue to swirl around Kylie and a potential visit to the best plastic surgeon in Louisville

Like all of the other Kardashian sisters, Kylie faces constant accusations of undergoing plastic surgery.

The most recent incident happened at the end of October of this year when Kylie wore several revealing costumes. The public swore that she had a boob job before the occasion. A plastic surgeon even commented on her photos. He said that her breasts “stand up on their own which is normally not possible with breasts of this size without implants.”

Kylie has always maintained that the only procedures she has had are lip and face fillers. However, as she continues to grow her global business, she should make sure that she is completely honest with fans. If she’s caught in a lie, like she was back in 2015, the stakes are much higher now. 

Kylie’s excited about the deal

Despite the rumors she has seen someone like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville, Kylie is obviously thrilled about the deal. She has a ton of supporters, fans, and paying customers, so she definitely has a lot to be excited about. 

In the press release, Kylie said, “I’m excited to partner with Coty to continue to reach even more fans of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin around the world”. 


15-Year-Old Nick Arjomand Creates Non-Invasive Cancer Screening Method

Santa Monica Resident Nick Arjomand Files U.S. Patent For SimpliGene

SimpliGene is the world’s first non-invasive early stage Lung Cancer innovative detection method recently created by a 15-year-old student, Nick Arjomand. The test is less expensive than market standard thanks to NextGen and the application can be used for potentially all cancers and is likely much more accurate due to an innovative method.

SimpliGene is also currently filed under U.S Patent Law and Arjomand is currently working with several groups to get the screening into the market.

“When I originally created this screening I was laughed at not because of the screening idea but because supposedly I was too young and inexperienced. But I never gave up and fought for the screening with every last breath and slowly more opportunities started to appear and this screening is gaining closer to it’s potential of saving millions of lives, where every time I was about to give up fueled me to keep on going,” remarks Arjomand.

The story of SimpliGene is as much the story of Arjomand and how it helped him grow as a human, and now he thinks it is time to show the world that not only is it a new advancement to cancer and diagnostics but to show them that a more diverse biotech and oncology industry is on the way and he is at the forefront to create a more efficient and ethical industry.

I sat down with Nick to find out more:

How did you come up with this new screening process?

How I came up with SimpliGene was that originally I was researching a phenomenon that was found in many early stages 1 NSCLC called “nail clubbing” which was triggered by mutations in the gene 15-HPGD. However, the percentage of people that had the phenomena was quite low, so this led me to believe that potentially a much higher percentage of cancer patients had silent mutations in this gene, and led to create the concept known as a “bi-product mutation”, in which rather targeting the mutations in the gene that would cause the cancer, it would target genes that were mutated by the cancer, giving it a much higher likelihood of more accurate results for it was a bi-product, meaning that regardless of the cancer it would appear in some shape or form, in this gene and likely many others. But there was still one piece of the puzzle missing, why did the early stage cancer trigger such mutations? For many months I was stumped until one day I discovered an article online, which cited oxygen related mutations in hypoxia(a medical condition). Eager to learn more, I quickly discovered another study that cited that Cancer Cells in practically ALL cancers took up MORE oxygen. This was my Eureka Moment, and I was able to connect the dots between the two, that bi-product mutations were caused by oxygen deprivation taken from cancer cells, at least for 15-HPGD, which had a surefire connection due to the nature of the lung, which serves as a passage of oxygen. So quickly I was able to put together by using any sequencing technique and collection method and identifying these mutations, it likely would be able to identify early stage NSCLC and many other cancers and diseases, and could be used for many different processes, and potentially save millions of lives. But, I needed a name? Nail Screening? No. CancerScReeN? No. SimpleGene? SimpliGene! The perfect name for a process that had just revolutionized the entire genetics, biotech, and oncology market, and unlike CRISPR or SELVA it was non-invasive making it the most useful and potent! While this was the scientific reason I created SimpliGene, the moral reason was that too many people were dying, due to their reliance of an industry that needed to change, and just like the tech industry I wanted to pioneer something that the world could use on a large scale, and give back lives to millions of people who have died from these diseases.

Why is the time important now for this type of screening?

Now more than ever is it important to have this type of screening, for the diagnostic and biotech industry, have become over-reliant on their own processes and work, stubbing any real innovation for a very long time hence taking away millions of lives in the process, and making it more and more unaffordable for its clients. Why now is the best time, is that SimpliGene can be used as a beacon of light of how the biotech and oncology industry could evolve too, an innovative, cheap, and life-saving diagnostic process, that’s use can be expanded in many directions, sort of how the tech industry evolved too. In addition, why now is the right time, is due to the fact that since it’s background and creator was young and more diverse, this will make it much more appealing to consumers that change and the future of biotech is on the way and is hopeful

Tell us about your background leading up to your interest in this?

Many members of my family are related to the biotech industry or work in the biotech industry, so for my whole life I have grown up in this industry, I have seen the workings of this industry close up, giving me a lot of knowledge on how to work on what I do. In addition, I felt that these “kids” in the media who have appeared in the media with some medical innovation would turn out fake or heavily fabricated, which made me want to push out and create something TRULY revolutionary in the biotech industry and would save lives not just for some petty scholarship.

How does this screening process differ in past processes?

As mentioned above what this screening targets is different than conventional cancer-screening processes, for it identifies “bi-product mutations” in 15-HPGD(and other genes) which are caused by a deficiency in oxygen created by the lung cancer cancer cells, and which can be expanded to other genes, cancers, and other diseases.

Where do you see this type of screening being done in the future?

Since this screening is non-invasive, cheap, and compatible with most pharmaceutical sequencing technologies it could easily be inputted and licensed into companies such as CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid for any consumer that wishes to know the status of their potential lung cancer(and other diseases potentially too). In addition large Biotech and Oncology companies such as Amgen, Pfizer, Gilead, and Merck and small research companies too will likely want to license this product for research on their technologies and create new uses for it, which are compatible with their technology. Finally, this likely could be licensed to large insurance companies who want to spend less on their consumer medical costs, so they will likely create new plans and insurance benefits to save on cost and gain more traction by using a more affordable technology.

What about costs for this new screening process versus the previous screening types?

The cost to sequence the whole genome currently sits around 3,000 using most NexGen technologies at a 99.9 accuracy rate. The cost of sequencing and identifying mutations in ONE gene will cost around 0.15-0.85, thanks to modern technology advancements and data recognition. Also, thanks to the fact that screening sample can either be saliva or nail clipping sample, the cost of storage will be much cheaper and likely total costs will amount to <5.00 per screening, making it much cheaper than market average, and allowing HUGE markup potential!

Why do you think this has not been done before?

This has never been done before likely due to the fact, that the biotech industry has long discouraged innovators from actually creating their own creations, rather resorting to extensions of what the biotech industry has created and deems innovative!

What went into research and preparing the papers to support your new screening process?

I spoke with multiple professors from UCLA, Stanford, and USC who helped the paper to make it more compatible with modern medical standards. In addition I used sites such as PubMED NIH Archives, and some data that a few companies and university labs let me use to support some of my claims. Finally, I edited multiple times my paper and created a brainstorm section at the bottom to better channel my ideas and thoughts.

What did you have to take into account as you put it all together?

That what I was doing was valuable so I needed a patent to make this thing a possibility. In addition I felt as if I had a moral responsibility to help the millions that could do in the future, gain their lives back, and that it was my destiny to do such.

What is your ultimate goal in getting this new screening process technique out to the public?

My ultimate goal is three things. 1. Giving lives back that would not have been taken away had SimpliGene not been created, and two creating an expandable and affordable healthcare system based off of it. Finally, to be the initiator of a new biotech industry that is more diverse.

What do you see in your future for other discoveries you are interested in?

Well this is not only my only creation, I have also created (partially coded) a innovative video streaming and audio streaming site called PLATFORM which I hope to level it up (It already has received some angel investments), after SimpliGene becomes a success. In addition, I am excited in my future to potentially research nuclear energy and how that can be used from Space Launches to car manufacturing, and to create a more sustainable shopping and consumer company.

What are your other interests in this same field?

I am quite interested in CRISPR and SELVA and I believe they are both compatible with SimpliGene. In addition, I am very interested in CAR-T Cell Therapy and where that goes, and finally immortal cells such as Henrietta lacks to see the potential in those. Those are definitely some of my other interests in the field.


Check Out The Latest From Toronto Star KHEM

In the event that there’s a worldwide city that has verified their toehold on Hip-Hop, it’s Toronto, who – much to a limited extent on account of Drake, clearly – has created a large number of star artists and producers over this whole decade. Another craftsman hoping to add to that history is none other than KHEM, who recently dropped off the future classic 25 To Life.

The new task sees 13 melodic, irresistible cuts, including “D.S.A.W. (Try not to Say A Word)” and “Cost Up” – the two of which have artistic recordings to coordinate. Adding to that, individual Toronto peers Pressa and Tory Lanez likewise give help on the tracks “Commas” and “Brand New,” separately.

Stream 25 To Life here; the collection is accessible on every streaming platform.


AMAs 2019 : Selena Gomez Performs Live for the First Time in Two Years

It’s been a long time since Gomez has done a broadcast live execution—the last time she performed at the AMAs was in 2017 when she sang “Wolves”— at the same time, on Sunday night, the 27-year-old made a triumphant come back to the American Music Awards with a mashup of her most current singles. Reproducing the recordings to both “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” Gomez showed up in a black turtleneck dress singing a stripped down adaptation of the previous melody as clasps from the video played on a highly contrasting screen behind her. After the main section of the tune Gomez disappeared behind her backup dancers, just to reappear in a sequined silver bodysuit as the stage transformed into a colorful techno amuse, suggestive of her “Look at Her Now” music video.

The main thing more spellbinding than the fast movement and neon lights? Taylor Swift and Halsey’s responses to the entire thing. The vocalists, who were situated beside one another in the group of spectators, energetically cheered on Gomez, bouncing around as the presentation proceeded.

Gomez likewise took to internet based life to praise her huge night. “Feels good to be back. Thank you to my entire team and to my fans that stand by me. All of this is for you and because of you. excited for this chapter,” she subtitled a display of red carpet pics.

Gomez had removed some time from people in general eye as of late. While she wasn’t releasing new films or music, she concentrated on creating show like 13 Reasons Why, loaning her voice to movies like Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, and giving great toasts at her friend’s weddings. Be that as it may, prior this fall, the vocalist ventured again into the spotlight, dropping consecutive singles flagging an arrival to her musical roots.

Fans promptly inferred that the two melodies were about Gomez’s wild association with Justin Bieber. While Gomez has not referenced Bieber by name while advancing the new melody, she has been getting very real to life about her exes.

“Yeah, I think, you know, I’m really grateful too because I’ve actually experienced that [exes moving on to another relationship quickly] a million times before,” she said when addressing Ryan Seacrest. “And that’s the unfortunate part about what I do. So it’s all very real to me, and I’m sure it’s just entertainment for other people, but I think I had become numb to it, and it would be stupid of me if I didn’t acknowledge what I had felt because it would be inauthentic, and that’s everything I claim to be and do.”

“These two songs were me wrapping up a chapter in a pretty little bow, and the rest of the album is just all about where I am now and where I’m going so, in my opinion, these are great songs, but I’ve saved the best for later,” Gomez included.

The artist recently announced that the full, up ’til now untitled album will be released on January 10, 2020.


Activision Announces Battle Pass For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Activision recently announced that the Modern Warfare Call of Duty does not have a season pass system. It also does not possess map DLC, it comes with a battle pass system unlike the previous games of Call of Duty. Activision revealed that the company will be launching this new game in December 2019. They have not yet announced the date.

There have been a couple of leaks related to the Call of Duty video game on Twitter since the announcement of the release of this game. The company has shared a few details about the new additions of the game. The good thing is that there is going to be free content available for the players. There will also be a premium steam available. If you want to take your game to the next level, you can use the premium steam. You’d be able to unlock the weapons and accessories in the free content steam.

To make the launch more exciting for the game enthusiasts, Activision has announced to provide free content to its players. Players will be able to use the multiplayer map. They’d also be able to play the Hardpoint mode.

During their 3rd quarter earning call, the President of the company Robert Kostich announced the battle pass system of the game. He stated:”feel it is the right thing to do for the game and how its designed and more importantly, we think it is right to do for our players”

A few details of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are as follow:

  • Activision is going to release the battle pass system not the loot box system
  • Simply by playing the game, you can unlock all the attachments and weapons in the free content steam
  • The battle pass system will make it clear to the players whether they are earning the content or buying it.
  • The premium steam allows you to buy advanced and unique weapons and attachments to play the game and make it even more interesting.
  • Just by playing the game with the new battle pass system, players will now get a chance to earn COD points.
  • The battle pass does not impact the balance of the game. The items you ear or buy will not affect the game balance.

An important point to be noted is that the battle pass will not be available for the players at the official launch. The developers of the game are still working hard to provide you a standard quality game with the battle pass system. If you cannot wait to explore the new addition to the game, you can enjoy the free content available from 8th November. You’ll have to wait for the launch of battle pass system till late December or beginning of January. The game is also going to have a Battle Royale mode. You’d enjoy playing the game in this mode. It comes with amazing features. You can expect to see the latest changes to the game.


BigBenInteractive’s Werewolf The Apocalypse: Earthblood

Official announcement has been made about a wonderful game based on the White Wolf’s role playing. Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood shares the story of werewolf known as Cahal. It is a fact that this is not the first game that is based on White Wolf hitting the market. Company has traced success in the video game world enabling the developers to access their vampire: the masquerade franchise.

The announcement has been revealed during the spookiest time of the year i.e. last month October. The game has been developed for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

It has been a fact that White Wolf’s adventures being in the role plays have seen positive experiences. These games have harnessed the player decisions in the role playing games. At the same time, these games have maintained the gritty and sexual realism that is found in the vampire: the masquerade world.

It is an established fact that all of the White Wolf’s games have been easily accessible in to one another. People who own their own copies of Vampire can mingle with the mages, werewolves, and last but not the least Shapeshifters. Each of these games has focused on one of the primary aspects. However, humans have not been on the highest on the said food chain.

To be particular, if we talk about the vampire, humans have simply been the source of food. The games focus has based upon the battle that is between the warring clans of the dangerous vampires. The game has seen werewolves to be going in the different direction. We all know that werewolf has stronger tribal nature to feel and the campaign will be continued to the said trend.

Cahal has been on the quest for the redemption battling against the strong PentexCorporation.This is a human company driven by avarice and greed, threatening to cause a certain amount of damage to the Mother Earth. It is only the true devastation of the nature that achieve its goals of riches and being powerful.

There is a lot of shapeshifting flesh tearing fun to be accessed in interpretation of Cyanide studio of the werewolf franchise. White wolf has put a lot of trust in this studio in order to keep the trend of these wonderful games up. Also it ensures that white wolf reputation is not ruined.

If you are in love with the idea of being a werewolf, or you are an already fan of the table top game, then this game is the one meant for you. You will be able to access a full release that has been planned to be released in 2020. It has been designed and developed for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The trailer gets the fangs glistening, blood pumping, and howls being heard all across the world. It is because the fans of werewolf fans will be united under the same moon of digitization. Have patience and wait for the release of the BigBenInteractive’s Werewolf The Apocalypse: Earthblood. Also we wish all the best to the developers of the game for its success. 


Fast Visa Run – Dubai To Oman

Fast Visa Run is the newest and coolest solution for your Dubai to Oman Visa run. We have expert and friendly guides who will take the stress away. You can sit back relax, put your headphones on while we take you to Oman and back in a flash and in the cleanest and most comfortable vans in Dubai.

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